Now available: Windows Phone 7 Connector 2.0 for Mac

Now available: Windows Phone 7 Connector 2.0 for Mac

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The next release of Windows Phone 7 Connector landed in the Mac App Store today. The software, which requires OS X 10.6 or later, makes it easy to sync media files from your Mac to your Windows Phone and vice versa. It’s also how Mac users update their Windows Phone software.

Highlights of the 2.0 release include:

  • Full sync and import support for Apple Aperture software
  • Drag and drop import of files from Browse Device
  • Ringtone transfer support (for phones running Windows Phone 7.5 or later)
  • Improved video conversion
  • Support for Windows Phone Marketplace (for phones running Windows Phone 7.5 or later)
  • Localization support for 13 additional languages
  • Improvements to backup and restore operations
  • Improved configuration for podcast sync and photo import
  • Improved iTunes import support in certain languages
  • Improved metadata support for videos

Windows Phone 7 Connector 2.0

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  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    Zune doesn't handle contacts either, so that's the same capbility for both platforms.

    The way to handle this is to use the Live connector.   That's what we have for now.

    I've not got a problem using Exchange for work contacts and using Live for personal.    I think that's what most people think, but I have thoughts that a contact import cap will come in time.

    In short, most of the things that I think I needed without a doubt, I find that I can do better without.  The phone experience is much smoother and much more straightforward when I try to solve prolblems, instead of use the solutions of the past as the "only way" to do things.

  • @Michael Stroh

    Do you have any clue about why the WP7 Connector for Mac does not hande contacts at all?

    This is the one show stopper feature preventing people I know that use an OS/X ecosystem to jump to WP7.

    Are you aware of any workaround?

  • when relase mango update for all windows phone???????????

    please type a date!!!

  • Great application guys! I've only one problem: when synching from iphoto, album names are not preserved, instead it creates an album for each date of pictures inside albums.

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    @riz699 if you have your browser and search language on UK you already have real Bing. Try changing it to german to see the differences ;) It's no Google but on US and UK settings it at least finds stuff. For example when I search for windows phone blog, it won't find it on my usual German settings. It's the first entry on US and UK language settings, like it should be.

  • KR
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    the "contacts" i'm talking about is at the top of the "all" page in the people hub

  • KR
    503 Posts


    As for making a phone call i think you are right,there should be a phone icon right beside a contact as it is in the call log,so u can call someone quickly instead of having to tap first on the contact then choosing to make a phone call

    Also regarding the pasting a number in the dialing log i think its something microsoft really needs to implement ASAP

  • KR
    503 Posts


    open the people hub,go to contacts,there tap and hold "contacts" at the top of the page,you'll see a dropdown dialoq box on which is written settings,from there you can choose to not include facebook contacts,idk about email contacts

    P.S. i am stilll running post NoDo (7392),idk about whats up in Mango

    hope this helps

  • riz699
    5 Posts

    Thanks Sogeman and blex..

    Sogeman.. I am unable to find the filtering option in people anywhere in my phone.. In people there are main menus  1-All , 2-What's New 3-Recent.. With only few options to add new people and search etc.. I have looked in main Setting tab of the phone but I could not find it there as well.

    I am in UK.. Is there any option to change setting in Bing to make it better?

    Thanks for your help.. I used Streets Maps 2 Go app in iPhone a lot. It gave me search option for streets in city of my choice and it was really fast. On first day I bought WP7 phone, I thought I have alternative but I was disappointed that it could not download maps to fine resolution as the map size would be too large. I had Greater Birmingham which included adjoining councils with Birmingham city in iPhone, why could my WP7 phone not have even smaller version of Birmingham let alone Greater Birmingham. Microsoft is much bigger Company than Apple, how could it miss simple and important things that were necessary in phone. It looks like a banana software company to me now.. I am very disappointed. I told my friends that Windows phone will be much better than iPhone and I had blind faith in Microsoft. How will I face my friends when they will see iPhone 5 in my hands?

  • @Michael Stroh

    OK, back to the main subject...This thread lost focus.

    Do you have any clue about why the WP7 Connector for Mac does not hande contacts at all?

    Like I said before, this is the one show stopper feature preventing people I know that use an OS/X ecosystem to jump to WP7.

  • blex
    2 Posts

    @riz699 select more cells - tap and hold on a cell and "select cells"

    hide keyboard - hit the back button, or tap anywhere else on the screen

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    @riz699 Regarding Bing: I guess you're not in the US? With any settings but US, Bing is pretty useless and doesn't find anything. Even when I know what I want it still doesn't find it. It's still Live Search with a new coat of paint and Live Search is awful. If you're in the US and still complain...Bing is ok, it's no Google but with US settings it actually finds stuff.

    And if you don't want all your contacts in the list, filter them out. Should be somewhere in the people options to not show Facebook people and don't sync contacts from your email address. Problem solved.

  • riz699
    5 Posts


    What about copying and paste function in received text messages? Copy paste function between different applications? At the moment it is not possible to copy phone number from web and paste in dialler to make a call.

    Office is crap in WP7. I had office in my windows mobile 6 and it was much better than this so called newer version.. It looks like Microsoft has stolen this office from low level software company. This office is absolute rubbish when you want to edit word or excel document. No option to select a range of cells in excels or being able to drag a formula down the col. It looks like it is incomplete office and released in haste. I shall be disappointed if this is not improved and I would go back to iPhone which is so better in getting things done. It was only the office which attracted me to buy WP7 phone and I regret why did I gifted my iPhone for WP7 to my brother.  Now my only hope is that is Mango update would solve these problem or I shall have to buy iphone 5  and forget about office.

    Why there is no option to minimise the keypad in editing mode? This makes it annoying when you want to review while editing especially in excel and composing email.

    Why hotmail fails to sync when on cellular network? Dont tell me that this might be insufficient signal strength. I am able to watch youtube video and browse websites but still hotmail will fail to sync.

    Bing search is crap. It does not give the results that I want and I have to use google.

    The biggest problem of all. I was trying to download maps in app called OfflineMaps. It takes ages to download maps. I was blaming the developer of the app but found out that it is Microsoft that has put this developer in shame. Microsoft does not allow downloading map data over Zune and it takes forever to download directly on phone on wifi. You can image how disappointed the developer would be on this restriction.

    I do not want my 500 contacts in email and facebook in my phone book (People). There should be option to put email and facebook contacts in separate section. Do not forget the main purpose of phone is to make and receive calls.  Making call is not easy as well. First you tap on a contact that you have found then another screen will open then it give option to make a call or txt or email etc etc. In the end you tap again on call button to make a call. It is very annoying. When I go to my phone book, (which is not a phone book actually) and tap on contact it should be calling there and then straight away. There is no need for these options. I hate this lengthy procedure. MAKE IT EASY TO CALL FROM PHONE.

    I would like to see some explanation from Microsoft team on these issues. I would like answers on point by point basis on every issue that I raised.

  • Yay...I think. I don't care at all about Mac though.

  • @JBundyLive -  Did you download the free YouTube app? the videos should play fine from the Windows Phone. In Mango, this site also is displayed properly and not chopped up on the edges like it was pre-mango. I'm running an LG Quantum with Mango Beta 2 (7712) and it runs smoothly!

  • It seems video can't even be played on Windows Phone from this blog.  Short-sighted programming efforts, no?

  • Fixing the browser so that it properly renders would reduce the requests for an app.  Or maybe it's how your developers coded the web page and how Microsoft's own pre-Mango IE Mobile browser handles it?  You guys always seem to have something that should be well integrated but never connects.  It's like the programming of this blog and IE Mobile are two separate magnets that repel one another.  I hope going forward this is not the example of "ecosystem" that Microsoft would allow to be set for itself.  Eliminating Trident and acquiring Mozilla would be a great start.  How competing browsers on competing handsets handle your own web pages BETTER is embarrassing, and you guys are considered leaders?

    Long post short ... your stuff should work on your stuff before you release your stuff.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Michael Stroh

    Thanks for the Info

  • Hey guys. Thanks for the questions and comments.

    A Windows Team Blog app for the phone is, in fact, in the works! :-)

    No timeline yet, so stay tuned. But it's on our radar. When I know more, I'll pass it along.

  • Guys! I know it's not the same thing but until MS offers an official Windows Team Blog app, just try using any RSS Reader to get all posts on your WP7.  Just a thought...

  • KR
    503 Posts


    I have the same problem on my HD7 and I have been requesting a app for this blog over and over

  • Conny
    60 Posts

    @ Michael, not to totally change the subject, but I have a wee bone to pick with you (well, not you personally), something that's been bugging me for a while.

    Now it might just be my phone (Samsung Focus), but this website doesn't display well on my phone. I usually end up losing about 3 or 4 letters on the right side in comments. Which really got me wondering....

    Why is there no Windowsteamblog App???

    I'd love to see a live tile that updates when a new post was made, as well as maybe adding comment count, so you can see at a glance if a new comment was posted.

    If I wasn't just starting out on reading my way through the tons of info on creating a WP app, I'd be all over it, but as it is, I still haven't even ordered Adam Nathan's book(s), and there is just so much info. (Hey Adam, toss me a private message if you absolutely have a copy of both books lying around and no one to send them to. I'll definitely take them off your hands =D )

    Surely someone in MS's talented Developer Pool could be bribed to create an app just for us?

    Hm? Whatcha say? Will chocolate do?

    (I'm not opposed to begging..)

  • Why in the world isn't this tools handling contacts at all?

    This is the one show stopper for some people having an OS/X ecosystem to jump to WP7.

  • BliTz7
    6 Posts

    MANGO going to be deployed... :D

  • Cizzy
    4 Posts

    Would love to see actual Zune support for a Mac!!!! :)


  • uydguy
    2 Posts

    That I recommend to see here!