HTC unveils their new global lineup of Windows Phones

HTC unveils their new global lineup of Windows Phones

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HTC just unveiled two new Windows Phones that will be landing in stores around the world later this year, running our latest version of Windows Phone. A lot of people ask me via Twitter “what phone are you using now”. I’m delighted to say in rotating through various phones and helping our partners finish them with high quality, I’ve spent quite a bit of time carrying one of the prototypes of these HTC phones and it’s terrific. For those of you who haven’t read the press details—here’s a quick recap. HTC introduced the phones in a series of meet up style events in London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid, and they’ll be broadly available from October 2011 globally, beginning in Europe and Asia, with pricing info to come later. In the meantime, let’s dig into what makes these phones awesome.

First up, the HTC TITAN features a big 4.7-inch screen with a slim 9.9mm brushed aluminum shell, and a front facing camera, is a great device for working or for playing. Movies, music and your favorite apps will really come to life on this big screen. Sometimes I hear feedback from some users that “fonts are a little small” on WP7—absolutely not the case on the TITAN! As designers, we love seeing the wide variation of phone sizes so that our customers can find one that’s the perfect fit for them.


The second phone announced today was the HTC Radar. The first thing you notice with this phone is the unique design, crafted with an aluminum unibody shell. The Radar also includes a front facing camera so you can video chat with your favorite people. I am really excited to see phones like the Radar, because it’s a great marriage of beautiful software and great hardware design.

OMEGA_front HTC Start Screen

A lot of you have asked us whether Mango will support front facing cameras—and now that these HTC phones have been formally announced, I can confirm officially that Mango does support these. We’ve included support for “switching to FFC” for photo/video shooting into the native camera experience and we’ve added API support to the application platform so ISVs can build all kinds of interesting apps using the FFC. We’ll have more announcements on some of the specific apps that will take advantage of this capability a little later on.

The announcement of these new HTC phones is a big milestone in our march to Mango, with many more exciting things still to come!


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  • Please launch any windows phone in india by this i can buy and know the features of mango

  • As I lay on my bed twitching in the wee hours of the morning, wondering what has become of humanity. With my doors shut tight and weapon by my side, a high caliber assault WP7 HTC HD7. I couldn’t help but peek out the little hole I drilled on my wall to see the infected humans by the deadly androidy virus and worst of all IOSapplecon strain virus that goes after the elderly folks. I am still functioning and not yet infected because of the WP7 NODO anti- virus that was launched to protect humans. I have tried to survive all these while living on expired can food and have been waiting not so patiently for the Mango 7.5 antivirus to be launched and bring redemption. I have been waiting, its September 15th today last I heard it was rumored to be lunched today, heard some people already have the WP7 Mango anti- virus running in them and are living safe in the Microsoft empire that “put people first” in their productions. I hope I am not the only survivor with WP7 NODO strain waiting so patiently, I hope someone gets this radio message and get back to my frequency HTC- HD7. Lol is a fictional story where is mango I got up at 4am to check for update please give a date or something to hold on to!!!

  • @ BuckeyeTico - That's right. I appreciate it seems a little lame. Basically my site is which covers a few things including a different phone model and platform. I would love to have a Nokia Windows Phone flagship device section and popular Windows Phone apps section to rival the other sections. I'm happy with my device and 2 year contract, so a Windows phone isn't worth me buying at this stage (plus I'm only interested in the Nokia when it comes to Japan). If Microsoft send me one - I'll put all of my energy into showing it off. This is a hobby - so the energy seems endless. Anyway take care and all the best.

  • @ Grant Barker – You are right, dude! Your post could be seen as a joke… But just in case, hey MS, please send me the HTC Titan for free too!

  • For any Microsoft representatives out there - please get in touch via my login email address. I'm looking for a very recent free Windows phone to be sent to me so that I can have a Windows Phone section on my site. I'm looking to show off Windows Phone and have as much info and as many resources for Windows Phone as I can.  I won't put the url here as it would probably be considered spam at this point. If I can show off Windows phone  - I'm sure that might change. I'm in Japan and I'd love to make the site a lot more popular and well known with a decent Windows Phone section. (If I had a choice - I'd go with large screen and fast processor. I'm not into slide out keyboards.) The phone model itself will be represented in its own section (hence why a later model is desirable) as well as a Windows Phone apps section. I'm sorry if this seems like a joke to some. All the best everyone. Grant.

  • Thomas B
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    One of these on Sprint please!

  • Any word on the battery life on the Titan? It looks great, but with that kind of screen... half a day? We don't want to put it in "save my life mode" after 2 hours obviously. :-)

  • Kazzan
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    I would like to see the HTC Radar in black color too and in the Czech Republic.

  • @Rodney E. Jones  I think your idea is great. A special place for WP7 users would definitely add to the cachet of the phone. If only we could get our OS updates directly from Microsoft. *SIGH*

  • Could you light a fire under AT&T and give me some mango love for my HTC Surround? I really don't want a new phone, but might change for more memory. ;-)

  • Does the dawn of front facing cameras mean there will be a video chat app in Windows 7? More important to me is additional memory. The absence of a storage slot is really annoying.

  • WP7 is very fast,has a great interface and devices are exciting like HTC Titan...Developer tools are amazing and make something via c# on Visual Studio more comfortable than other platforms  but i'm from Turkey and there is not turkish language packet in Mango update... Most of  user in turkey still  prefer Nokia  devices ... Yes,most of european countries are better than my country in tecnology but if microsoft doesn't support to WP7 about turkish services,we can't use great devices and must use android ...I hope you remedy the problems in a short time...

  • Michael! Brian! Joe! For God’ sake, please help mjcity0076 and release Mango already…! If anything happens to him, it will be in your conscience! ;o)

  • @BuckeyeTico for real I am not joking I never seen a phone that got me so involved one thing I never do is buy games on phones like when I used the andriod and I phone I just play it free and scared to use my card on them but belive me I found my self buying games on windows phone 7. This phone is so good that only people with little imagination are not on it, it even hurt me when I told a business partner of mine to invest in making an app for his company on WP7 and he said he likes Andriod, Andriod!!! well please get us the Mango update so I dont have to start pulling out my computer to try to explain to people. This is my first Windows Phone 7 and I thank my Luck I made up my mind when I was hunting for a New phone last month, I wish you allowed pics here you will see where my Iphone and Blackberry is laying to rest in my shoe box. Please give us a date, or something to hold on to I beg thee, thou merciful WP7

  • @ mjcity0076 - LMAO! Dude, you made me laugh so bad.  Not that I don't believe you but it seems to go a little bit too far.  Dr. Michael, please help this patient, help!

  • When are we getting the Mango update been waiting so hard now I stalk all the computers around me with Zune  Software checking every mini sec to see if id be luck and on twitter and other blogs waiting for news on it. Please Update please I am having sleepless night, Please i want to use it on my HD 7 before the Titan get to USA My Fiance wants the HD7 so Id give it to her. Please Help I am a starving Mango user, fan and I try to convince anybody even a homeless guy to get a windows phone 7. Save me from waking up periodically at night to check for updates please.....

  • Hawk
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    @Nikhil...the answer to your question is Yes, the OS will rotate to landscape when the phone is tilted to landscape (horizontal).  However, it will not do this when you're on the home screen or on the app list screen.  Those remain in the potrait/vertical position.  You can text, email, use Office all in landscape.  

    Now I have a question...I have a Samsung Focus.  Had it about 3 months now and I'm already getting tired of it.  There's one main reasons why...the keyboard is way too small.  I have pretty big hands but had zero problem typing on my iPhone.  My wife also has a Focus and she has the same complaint.  Since the keyboard is a WP7 OS design, is this being addressed in Mango?  

    I've looked at other WP7 phones but the size is pretty much the same from phone to phone.  Since I'm locked into a 2 yr agreement on this phone, I can't buy another phone without paying a hefty price.  I'm hoping Mango will come with keyboard improvements.  Only if the keys were a little larger. You could gain some realestate by getting rid of the stupid emoticon!  I think we can all type :-) when needed.

  • I am a newbie to the Windows Phone series, never ever having used one. However, the WP 7.5 "Mango" seems to be a great effort. The Metro UI seems really fresh, and the concept of Live Tiles is really refreshing. Great Job, Microsoft.

    I have got a question, which might seem laughable to some of you guys. However, here it is.

    I am thinking of buying a WP7.5 phone (model undecided as yet, probably HTC Radar). Depending on the model I decide to buy, the phone (hardware) may/may not have the ability to "know" that is was tilted or reoriented to landscape mode (I'm not sure, but think it's called a gyroscope, is it?). What I would like to know, is whether my the OS will "know" that the phone has tilted w/o the phone hardware having the gyroscope? Will my messages, PDFs, Docs, Slides, IE9 et al will reorient if I hold my phone horizontal?

    I think this point is crucial for me in deciding the model which I may buy. Reading, editing capabilities in landscape mode are crucial to my requirements (along with watching videos :)

    Would appreciate any help on this.


  • Bill
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    Joe, where are the big RAM storage phones.....or at least SD support......and where is the  4G LTE phone.....lets get the hardware guys on top of this.

  • wil2200
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    I was waiting patiently for the 2nd gen Win 7 phone before getting one. I expected these new ones to have the latest and greatest both in terms of software and hardware. Least to say, I am disappointed in the hardware. That is a deal breaker for me right off the bat.

  • Bill
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    Well, where do we start.....Where is the SD card slot for additional gigabytes of storage....what is up with this 16 gb stuff....and the screen resolution is what again?  on this size of screen ?  Needs to be much higher..   Then we can get into the USB sync direct to Outlook on the  desktop.  When will it be announced and what is the timeline.

  • piaqt
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    "Sometimes I hear feedback from some users that “fonts are a little small” on WP7". SOMETIMES? A LITTLE small? Try illegibly so. Make them scalable throughout the UI.

    And #FFS, provide full file system and registry access, at (the very) least to dev-unlocked phones. Else what's the point? Might as well just use a land line.

  • ESAD
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    Why all the excitement? No mention of whether WP7.5 will be released anytime soon and whether it address the fundamental issues with WP7: no file manager, no drag and drop (get rid of zany Zune), no zoom on month view Calandar, PDFs not stored in Office, no ability to email PDFs, etc etc etc

  • vincent_g
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    Please release any new phones for Mango before your strongest competitor announce their next iteration of the phone. If Microsoft releases only after that, there will be not much momentum to catch, and it will be another round of Windows Phone going from "very little" to "very little". I really wish WP7 can gain some significant market share with Mango, but the way thing has been moving is too slow.

    Love Titan..

  • Yeah, so I tried the mango beta on my HD7 and switched to polish live account and language (as it finally, after a year after release supports it..) and guess what - half (if not more) the sweetness of new mango features doesn't work in Poland. Also the PL marketplace is a joke, missing most of the content that's of any actual quality as compared to US one. Not really looking forward to official release, it just brings me down to be in the WP7 world B. And now reading JB excited about new phones - yeah, really happy for You man..

  • VictorWPB
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  • jjbowles
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    @Frankwick, thanks for posting a link to my blog yesterday.  Joe Belfiore himself actually responded. For the record, I didn't finish the posting until today.  So, you found the article when it was half-way done. Check it out now and feel free to add your items.

  • Auto-rotation for landscape on the home screen was standard on the Blackberry Storms and for whatever version of the Storm they're still selling I expect it still is. There are third-party utilities that do the same for Android and there was one for the Iphone but I don't know if that's still out there. There's a funny/sad thread out there by Droid users who had native auto-rotate home-screen when they first got their units, and then it started disappearing with Android updates. I think the upshot was it was in beta but then not intended for release. Rending of garments and gnashing of teeth followed.

    When you read gripes and kudos about smartphone usability, you quickly see the amazing number of decisions and tradeoffs developers and designers are facing. But let's face it, with a feature like auto-rotating a home screen, we're not talking about some bleeding-edge innovation. It's not rocket science and it's not even barely computer science. I think they've cracked the code on auto-rotation.

  • KR
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    I personally wouldn't like to see my star screen in landscope,I just don't get the point why it should be implemented.

    BTW which phone has a landscope start screen?

  • KR
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    yes the radar is 8GB,but I love big screens,so I can type without problem (I got big fingers),I don't see my self going with any phone with a less than 4.3" screen

  • Curtieson
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    Curious...what phones do have a landscape front screen?  My wife's iPhone doesn' Androids?

    I do not think it is needed at all...would be a waste of $$ on programming it into the phone for the 5 vocal guys that are complaining about it...

    Also, 8GB works fine when you have 25 gigs sitting in a SkyDrive waiting for your use, haha.

  • @Krush You, thanks for that info. How about the font size on texting? Also, fwiw I agree the tiles should landscape. This kind of stuff is 100% subjective, but when it didn't landscape I thought that was kind of pathetic. (Not a deal breaker though!)

  • @Krush You....I'm with you on this.   But, since landscape is supported in the pivot of apps, it seems like it would be fairly easy to implement similar rotation & pivot for the start screen.  I would have no use for it, but it seems like it should be doable.

  • @Kevin Li, though it's a diverging topic, I have to agree.  And there was some discussion over on TWiT about the possibility of Microsoft rethinking the "Windows brand".  I totally get wanting to keep the "Windows Culture", especially if Microsoft is trying to make the platform more ubiquitous (desktop, tablet, phone).  On the other hand, Windows carries so much baggage as a brand when it comes to the mobile world, and WP7 is so very different, I think going with Metro should have been more strongly considered.  It sounds cool, is sounds modern, and it's NOT "Windows".  Again, a totally subjective perception.  They must have weighed the pros & cons of a name change.

  • @frankwick, you won't see Skype yet.  Microsoft says that the APIs are out there to support developers, including Skype, to write apps taking advantage of the FFC, and the Skype app being readied will definitely support the audio side of things.  But, at the moment, it will be a separate app.  The word on the street is that it likely won't be available at launch (but we could get surprised), but shortly thereafter.  If there's a delay past that it may be because they are writing in the camera coding.  But you won't see this day 1 of the Mango launch, by all accounts.

  • Ouch, @Kenny Rawlins!  I have over 250 songs on my phone right now!  I only about 8 games right now, but I expect to have more once the full version of Mango surfaces.  I also subscribe to a number of podcasts, most of which are video podcasts.  I've been holding off on loading movies until Mango comes out.  I do a lot of travel, so sitting for hours on planes twiddling my thumbs isn't my idea of an enjoyable flight ;)  Seriously, for those who don't need as much storage, there are (and will continue to be) plenty of 8GB phones out there.  I think the HTC Radar is an 8GB phone, by the way.  I'm holding out for more storage, though.  My 40GB Focus is still the apple of my eye.

  • This is a off subject post, which is why I'm posting it.

    I hear that a formal app for this specific blog is in the works. I'm guessing that it will be optimized for Mango , but will It have sections for random rants or post for users to communicate? I think this will be a good way to keep new users posted on what's up. You know, the blog has actually been a big part of my WP7.0 experience, so much that I think a WP community hub should be added in a future update. The WP community hub could contain this blog, a forum, news and tips, MS specific apps, and free stuff for users. This could also be a good selling point that store associates could mention....Does anybody out there think this is a good idea?

  • I'm partially with @EricSch.  Not enough memory.  I AM excited, though, about the new hardware.  The FFC and some of the other specs.  A 4.7 inch screen just seems a bit TOO.  The 4 inch screens seem more like the sweet spot to me (subjective, I know).  But, still, the Titan looks great.  For that price ($885), though, I'm surprised NFC wasn't included.  Love the HDMI output.  But, it looks like it will be a while before I abandon my Focus---I am addicted to having 40GB on my device.  Plus, my Focus (& contract) aren't even a year old, so I won't be looking at a new device for another year (unless I fork over the $$ for a non-contract device).

  • Krush You
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    @Chris - you can make the font bigger in email

    @vieya - landscape support for tiles would defeat the style of the phone

  • BliTz7
    6 Posts

    @Joe : Stop with teasing and give us a date for MANGO!

  • Gaploid
    6 Posts

    OMG another phone with these ugly touch buttons on bottom. PLEASE change them to hardware ones.

  • vieya
    44 Posts

    Oh also landscape intergration in the OS would be nice. Such as landscape tiles. Landscape panorama for phone OS intergrated apps such as e-mail, photos, music, etc.

  • vieya
    44 Posts

    Do you guys have any new sprint windows phones in line? Besides HTC arrive. I like the keyboard but I want 4G support and please add flash support soon asap. But mostly bring more windows phones to sprint! Get the manufacturers to make colorful phones like fujitsu and you guys have to get someone to make commercials like KDDI commercial for windows phone. Your windows phone me series needs to focus more on the features people use instead of an advertisement for the people who use the phone. More keyboard phones as well. Skype integration soon? I'm gonna be psyched. I can finally upgrade from my samsung please bring more phones to sprint!

  • KR
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    @Kevin Li,

    I don't mind the current name,but the metro-phone sounds cooler


  • seriously we need better name than "Windows Phone"  Windows - it sounded uncool and old school desktop.

    why not call it Metro Phone, in short - mPhone, myPhone.

  • KR
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    I hope there will be a 8GB version of the Titan so it will be cheaper and i personally don't need large storage,On my 16GB HD7 i've never used up to 2GB since:

    i am not a mobile gamer so no games on my phone

    i am not a fan of the app approach of doing things(having many apps installed),and luckily mango just makes the WP intergration approach even much more better

    i rarely carry more than 80 mp3 songs on my device and i,ve never carried a movie on my phone and i don't i will at some time

    just had to outline this before people go wild on me for requesting lower storage

  • Sidath
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    C'mon  guys stop messing about & give me some mango love for my htc Surround

  • Please tell me there's a way to increase font size other than *buying a bigger phone.* I loved the Trophy but had to return it because I couldn't read emails and other items without squinting.

  • Wait a minute. Did the title of the article say " global lineup" Yes it did, so shouldn't we be seeing more devices? Verizon has like ten Android devices on there network alone! How can this possibly compete with that? WP is great but we need power in numbers to pull in the folks.

  • Joe,

    I'm certainly glad to see new hardware, just like everyone else is.  However, you STILL HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING WITH STORAGE!!!  16GB?  8GB?  Are you kidding us?!?  Where are the devices with more local storage?  Please whip your ODM's in shape and FIX THIS!!!

  • these smartphones will be that Microsoft will offer to competitors of Imagine Cup?

  • frankwick
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    And I read this Mango blog today.  thought it was fair:

  • frankwick
    37 Posts

    So, we have now have The Skype Phones.  Will Mango users be able to Skype with other Skype users on day 1?  Will Mango users be able to video chat with Kinect owners on day 1?

  • jarilla
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    Please, give us the mango-update now!

    Thanks in advance.

  • xabbott
    3 Posts

    I've been getting more annoyed with Android. Think these new phones might get me to switch. I love the software already.

  • @CAMurphy has made an important posting about the state of WindowsPhone marketing and media exposure in the UK at it is a little of topic to this post but nevetheless important for the success of these amazing HTC devices and the WindowsPhone ecosystem in general.

    I think it is important that folks at Microsoft and the wider partner ecosystem can turn this situation around  I am sure you will!

  • Oh and thanks for the info Joe! Now I can enjoy my weekend.

  • @ Jack Tomberlin

    If you aren't on Windows Phone yet then trust me its worth the wait. You know you don't want Android and the iPhone is just to old! Just wait a little while longer and it will be worth it, I promise.

    We are all about to explode in this long wait to get Mango, and it's even worse for those of us who already have a WP7.0 device because we know how good it is and MS is promising to make it even better! Even better??? Oh I cant' wait!! Yes, Yes, Yes, Fu-see-k Yes.

    So-Anyways,,, Let me calm down...... Ok,,,,, what I was saying was that by not waiting and going with the "eyephone" you are not doing yourself justice as an educated consumer, and I know you're smart because you found your way to this blog.

    It sure feels good to be outside the box, looking at all the other sheep, being the first to know, feeling hip, thoroughly informed, always ahead of the curve, to cool and innovative!

    Please join us!!!!

  • I am the very proud owner of an HTC HD7 and I have to confess that it is the best smart phone I have ever owned. I am a previous owner of Nokia Communicators, iPhone, Motorola Droid and now the HTC so it has been up against some stiff competition. These new HTC phones look fantastic. It’s great to see the innovation going on in the Windows Phone space.

    As someone who suffers RSI from pressing too many buttons, the capacitive buttons are for me an absolute godsend. Granted, it is occasionally possible to mishit one of the capacitive buttons, but the speed and fluidity of the Windows phone operating system makes it very easy and quick to recover from any errors which may have been made. For me the capacitive buttons and the additional functionality that they bring offer an overwhelmingly positive experience, much better than the single button experience found on an iPhone.

    I have also found my reading experience on my HTC HD7 to be very compelling indeed and I have found myself reading much more on this phone than I did on my iPhone. The major difference is that the slightly larger screen size makes the device just that little bit more comfortable.

    I recently updated my operating system to Mango, and I have to admit that I have been very impressed. I can't wait to start building applications on this exciting platform. In my experience the Windows Phone operating system even before the “Mango” release was the best in the market. The innovation going on in this ecosystem both from a hardware and software perspective make it extremely exciting times. A rising tide carries with it all boats, I get the feeling that the ecosystem is about to go from strength to strength! Please keep up the good work and congratulations.

    I am coming to //BUILD/ and can’t wait! The excitement around Windows Phone and Windows 8 is awesome.

  • KR
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    from the way things are moving i'm sure the next generation of Windows phones will reach North America mid october earliest but don't quote me on this it's just my humble opinion

  • I guess I have been misunderstanding news about upcoming Windows Phones because i had expected some to be available today or in the next couple days.

    I have been waiting to use my ATT upgrade for months now and hoping to avoid giving Apple anymore of my money. Being very near to the point of having to settle, I've got to ask: is there an estimate on how much longer the wait is for Mango and the next generation of Windows Phones?

  • For the love of God, PLEASE bring the Titan to Sprint!!

  • That Titan looks like a beast . . . like the cool kind of beast. . . like the one from X-men.  I think it's a little too big to be my next phone, but I'm eagerly waiting for my contract to expire and for Verizon to carry some more WP7 goodness.

  • You know what? Titan is the next phone i get. Time to put my Schubert  into "Custom OS Build Test Phone".

    Time to renew my contract!

  • Vedichymn
    10 Posts

    Phones look great, I especially love the fact that there's a dock available, but I agree 100% with the other people who have said that there needs to be models available with more than 16 gigs of storage.

  • what about Brazil? What manufacturers are planning devices for our territory this year? Nokia? HTC?

  • A340-600
    13 Posts

    The TITAN looks nice! Will have to pay close attention to it and the reviews.

  • KR
    503 Posts


    just bring us mango and stop teasing our patience,because some telefonica omnia users in spain are still running 7008

  • KR
    503 Posts


    Completely agree with those too points you've outlined,though i heard mango devices might have better resolutions but well,lets keep waiting.Another thing is HTC usually have the worst smartphone cameras and i don't know if they made the Cameras on these devices up to standards,if so then i'm looking forward to the Titan

  • @ Joe Belfiore – Please quit teasing people around with Mango release.  You might think it’s funny but after everything we have been through with NoDo, most people are still upset about the whole fiasco.  We all know that you can swap phones like you do with your underwear, therefore it will be more informative if you help those fellas here who are still asking for an update on the UPDATE SHEET.

  • I see two severe problems here:

    - First, capacitive buttons. Let me be clear: They *destroy* the complete user experience. And effectively that also means the Windows Phone brand.

    - Second: Resolution / PPI density. When you have a 4.7" screen and only 800x480px resolution small fonts become blurry. And this isn't so problematic for parts of the OS like menus, but it is extremely bad for reading experiences. And lets be honest, reading is a core part of using smartphones. Texting, browsing the web, reading ebooks probably... you name it.

    I realize that those problems might not be as decisive for other people, but for me they keep me from buying a Windows Phone, at least a HTC one. I hope that Microsoft exercises even tighter control over the hardware so we see higher quality handsets in the future.

  • I want my MANGO on my Dell Venue PRO :) ASAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  • bartw78
    5 Posts

    Well excited which apps we can expect! Besides Skype of course ;) Anybody with more info?

  • Zartan
    22 Posts

    The Titan looks great. Any word on memory card support? I have a Zune Pass and I need lots of storage space.

  • EricSch
    2 Posts

    I'm not excited. Front camera? nice, but .. Still waiting for a phone with enough memory, at least 32GB. So difficult to put some more memory in it? It sucks.