The Weekly Wrap: YouTube on Mango, app making 101, Rugby World Cup

The Weekly Wrap: YouTube on Mango, app making 101, Rugby World Cup

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Here’s the latest from the world of Windows Phone. See something cool I missed?

YouTube on Windows Phone 7.5

YouTube this week launched a new mobile version of its website that’s designed to work better on Windows Phone 7.5. As some of you know, Mango ships with a browser based on Internet Explorer 9 and supports web standards including HTML5. If that geeky fact means nothing to you, just take a look the screenshots below. On the left, you see what YouTube looks like on a current Windows Phone. The shot on the right shows YouTube on a Mango phone.  The new site is obviously spiffier and better organized. It also now offers search auto suggestions and high-quality (HQ) video. But the most exciting change (to me, at least) is that, because the site supports HTML5, you'll no longer need a stand-alone app to watch YouTube on Windows Phone 7.5.

YouTube shown on Windows Phone 7YouTube shown on Windows Phone 7.5

New Mango how-to videos

Speaking of YouTube, if you haven’t visited our official Windows Phone channel on YouTube lately, make sure to check it out. We recently did a little redecorating and think you’ll like what you see. We’re constantly adding new videos showing off the forthcoming release of Windows Phone—including, most recently, a batch of new how-to videos on Windows Phone 7.5.  If you’re waiting to get your hands on a Mango phone—or just curious how it works—these brief tutorials (like the one below) give you a great sense of what using it is actually like. What do you think?


“This one time, at app camp…”

Heads up, UK developers: Microsoft is hosting free all-day camps to show you how to make Windows Phone apps from scratch. These hands-on workshops and short tutorials, taught by experts, are a great opportunity if you’ve ever wanted to build your first app. To attend, register for the London camp (Sept 17)  or the Manchester camp (Sept. 24). Space is limited, so sign up soon. Here’s more details on the event.

How to Mango-fy your apps

And what if you’re not in the U.K.? Fear not. Microsoft MVPs Rob Miles and Andy Wigley just kicked off a new video series on Channel 9 called Mango Jump Start that’s designed to teach developers how to make apps and games for Windows Phone 7.5. So if you’ve been wanting to starting making Windows Phone apps, here’s a great place to start.

30 days with Windows Phone
Tony Bradley from PC World recently began a new series of articles called “30 Days With Windows Phone 7” where he gives WP7 a month to win him over from his old mobile platform. He updates the series every day and discusses particular facets of the WP7 Mango experience that interest him. It’s a good read. His latest installment focuses on threaded messaging in Mango. Check it out.

Roundup: Apps, apps, apps

If you’re looking for new apps to download, look no further. Our very own Laura Foy has the skinny on her latest 5 favorite hot apps: IonBallEx, Relaxify, Speed, NightStand Clock, and Fastball 2. If that’s not enough for you, take a look at PocketNow’s latest weekly app roundup.

And finally….

Most of the US is excited about the start of the NFL season this week. Elsewhere, though, it’s all about a different ball sport: rugby. The Rugby World Cup 2011 kicks off this weekend, and its official app recently hit the Marketplace. The free app has lots of info about the event and includes news, video, team stats, and even stadium info. Check it out.

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  • @Sogeman the tag app has become bing vision(like the live app before tag it has qr support aswell)

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    Oh hey, the the app is back. Only took over a month :/

  • Mantvydas
    15 Posts

    Can't wait for Mango any longer. Can you please share a date at least?

  • This is pretty cool. Definitely improves the YouTube experience on WP7.

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    @tsrblke yep, outside the US. Only a few countries though. The MS Tag app is gone too for example. Haven't heard one beep from Microsoft on the issue. If it was gone in the US, they probably would have fixed it the next day :/

  • @ anshu2000

    You have the IM Plus app that is a decent messenger. Its slow, but not unusable. And, after the recent update, it has improved a lot.

  • Thumbs for that Manchester allday session. I will be there to check it out. Am yearning to start developing for wp7. Also, it would be great if you can drop hints on when Mango will be released...

  • @ Kenny Rawlins i too agree in the last 3-6 months android has pennatrated our market here in canada. also i have seen even some bb's being sold unlocked @ national retailers online. would be nice if we could get wp7 device that way as i dont want to be in contract nor do i use sms(only issue about unlocking aside from warrenty support). but i would rather have a phone with a keyboard & support for the upcoming lte(rogers/fido using AWS version initialy) support

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    Is the missing youtube app something outside the US?  Because inside the US I see it fine.

    It also makes sense that embedded videos still need it, since IIRC, Youtube doesn't allow HTML5 embedding yet.

  • @ anshu2000

    yes. You will have have Facebook chat integrated into your phone when you update. As for current apps I'm not sure. Keep asking around and look here to see upcoming features.

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    Embedded youtube videos still need the application, which has been missing over a month here btw. Would be nice if someone brought it back or at least acknowledges it's gone...

    When time comes to buy another phone (won't be for over a year probably), I'll reevaluate WP7 and probably go with Android unless there are drastic improvements and great phones.

  • @Rodney...Thank have given me peace :) My last pain - I use to be on Google Talk when I was on blackberry, people tell me there is no GTalk for WP7! not even anything like eBuddy etc. Can you pls suggest me alternatives for getting on to GTalk?!

  • @ Dell Venue Pro Guy,

    Yes, you most definitely will get the update. Just hang In there. ETA? Late October, early to mid November at the Latest. Guaranteed if everything goes right.

  • Continued,

    All this to keep the employees payed and us happy. The cycle of modern-day society if you will. Greatness, competition and the hope for major recognition. That's what we want, that's what we Invest in and support. We will succeed! We will survive, we will be great. Have faith my people for we shall rise above the ashes of WM.6.5. A new day is coming. I can see the horizon. The light is upon the device! I see a sea of smartphones begging please, please let me surcome to your greatness WP7.X!

    And a new day was born...... Hallelujah!

    Lets pass a offering.

  • @Michael Stroh..I am new to blogging and just purchased a unlocked Dell Venue Pro with Windows Phone 7.0.7392 from Please tell me if the Dell venue Pro will get the Mango update? If yes , then when? I am very confused going thry pages of google trying you understand if or not Dell Venue Pro will get this update

  • Writing code takes time people! Patience. MS is a corporation and has high standards. They actually test software to make sure it's at lest fit for everyday use. Many variables are considered, and questioned. Many departments have involvement, demands and checks and balances. They acctualy work hard on products from development to marketing, well well you catch my drift. Every MS employee deserves credit. Windows, Windows Phone, XBox ,Zune, PC, Hardware, Sales, R&D, Corporate  Infrastucture and consumer relations?

  • WP7 could have better synchronization with Windows Live services. For example, Windows Live mail has a To-Do list in Calendar. Windows Phone 7 does not.

    How can such a basic and useful organizer feature (a to do list) be missing? Even Windows Mobile had a to do list!

  • @ Willis Usry

    Willis, we are all dying to get Mango, so in your opining, on a scale with 10 being the highest how much better is Mango 7.5 vs NoDo 7.0?

  • Bill
    14 Posts

    Without a USB direct sync to Outlook, additional folders in Contacts, a REAL File Manager and drag, drop of files...its just a toy.  All the social crap and movie fanboy stuff is simply annoying.  Hope we can disable all that when its time for real phone business.    Got an email from Joe Belfiore after I wrote and complained about the disabling of the USB sync and he said it was coming sometime after Mango....anyone have a handle on when it will be coming.

    And why is the Outlook Connector not being updated to handle TASK sync now that Mango includes TASK only syncs to Hotmail....and not to our Outlook Connector desktop.   Nonsense.   Many use POP email to their company or ISP and will NOT be using Hotmail or Live for email   We are using Hotmail simply because MS is forcing us to to sync.  We have to use Hotmail for Contacts and Calendar, but will put email on phone via POP.  

    Lets get the USB sync thing written....or open the API up so 3rd parties can write one.    OR at least update the Connector so we can sync TASKS from the Desktop Outlook  

    Then someone make a professional level PIM or put a full blown Outlook on the Phone as an app.  But again, you still need the USB sync to desktop for that to work well.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    For a while Youtube was requiring opt in for HTML 5.  You may have to do that on your phone.

  • I am a developer, and have been using the dev release of Mango, but I have to wonder why there are no TV ads!  As usual, the talk is about iOS5.  Mango is a real winner, so tell everyone!  The Japanese ad was fantastic.  Where are the ads for the rest of the world!

  • @ Vieya

    Yes! Here in Dallas one day late last year a bunch of WP adds played. That lasted for just a few weeks with a few "Bones" and other primetime show cameos. Still, the phones only showed up at the very end of the commercial leaving the audience with a few laughs, not "hey that's a new kind of smartphone"

    I am a business owner an if I had millions to spend on advertising you're damn right it's going to make a impact!

  • abm
    268 Posts

    Nice to see youtube supporting HTML5 on WP7!

    Would there be support for in-browser Silverlight in Wp7's IE9?

  • As has been asked many times:  Why isn't there an update on the Mango update?

    The official site for this covers only updates long since gone.  It is pointless and frustrating.

  • Great in theory but the youtube site launches the Mango video player.  Problem with that is the video player doesn't allow you to control the progress slider like the player from Lazy Worm.  Come on guys...add some features to your player.

  • stefan00
    11 Posts


    when do you add new business-features like VPN?

  • vieya
    44 Posts

    I am not a fanboy or anything of that concern but I really do want to see windows phone succeed. However it seems it is going down the same path as my beloved zune hd/zune players. They never expanded beyond U.S. they started somewhat supporting Canada when they wanted to phase out zune which is sad because I love zune hd and the players infact I hope they make more. But the problem was there was never any ads. I had never seen a advertisement for zune. Not that I remember so even if there was it was sparse and forgettable. Apple I see it all over all the time. Always in the consumers mind. Zune was also never expanded beyond U.S. which didn't help themselves. I mean U.S. is not the only country who liked zune but they sure were the only to receive service to zune and ability to use it.

    I hope they really learned from their mistake which is to have more updates and faster. They don't have that much time to catch up before they lose the race. They also need to expand just like they should have done with zune to begin with. It was always based in U.S. what about international? Not only that their campaigns never aired. No ads. Same with windows phone their ads as of late with the windows me series does not promote the actual features found in the phone. Too much emphasis is placed on the user. It's more like an advertisement for the people in the me-series than it is for the phone.

    They have 1 phone in sprint and verizon? Come on. Those were the markets they should have sent MORE phones to. Att&t has iphone and plenty others to begin with sprint and verizon not so much. But with iPhone coming to sprint I don't know how many people will pay attention to windows phone. especially when it's already september and it mango hasn't even launched yet.

    I really hope they launch mango asap and rollout tango quickly and hopefully do not try to waste time making cheaper phones that will only make the OS fragmented.

    Please launch mango already and work on more features and updates.

    Also I'd love to see you guys expand zune outside of U.S. internationally Canada, Europe possibilities are endless. A new zune HD or zune player would be nice as well. Working on the UI of zune software a bit more to make it more usable as well.

  • @ Kinney, sorry Kenny lol

    I don't want to be a sour apple, but I have to agree. I think that now is the time to be advertising and building up suspense with those dark, covered up product, something big is coming type commercials. Where are they at? But then again it might be to early depending on when the first Mango phones are released.

    I think a flagship Nokia phone would be the best thing to put up against the iPhone every year. I think it should have a catchy name and be strictly marketed as that only, with very minimal Microsoft and Nokia badging and association. The iPhone is a symbol of modern, popular technology in most peoples eyes, and right now they don't see MS or Nokia that way. These peoples opinions do matter.

    And just for the record I do see Microsoft as a ever evolving and modern company myself, I'm just referring to the sheep because their numbers are so great. And the Nokia N9 is flawless hardware.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    just as i am talking about,lets face the reality and forget the fact that we are all fanboys of microsoft and can spend the whole century singing how windows phone is the best(people out there wouldn't care because all they'll here of is the iphone 5 and Honeycomb which 95% of the general population will be singing)

    Mango coming mid october(hopefully),Iphone 5 released probably early october:now tell me who will look into mango or whatever windows phone???

    Worst case scenario,mango comes early november,Iphone 5 fever getting closer to its climax+Honeycomb phones released=RIP Mango and looking forward to the revolutionary Apollo and Windows 8(which might be what will even pull some folks attention to look at WP)

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Rodney E. Jones wrote Kenny as Kinney :)

    thats what i'm talking about,Iphone gets a special spot in all retailers shop,whereas windows phone is always submerged with a sea of the door of every retailer you see a huge poster of an Iphone,almost 6 feet tall and it has a display table just to itselfs,Here in Canada blackberry also has a smaller spot for its phones and then the left over spots is filled with a ratio of 20 androids to 1 Windows phone.

    Microsoft should encourage carriers and OEMs here in Canada to develope apps which can substitue the basic inbuilt functionalities of the phone which work only in the US,just as what the European carriers are doing because carriers tend to sell the phone here with only one extra app(the Mobile TV app) and expect us to use the inbuilt functionalities which 60% of don't work here.since we are kinda cursed to be Canadians(From microsoft's point of view)

  • @ Kinney Rawlins

    Speaking of iPhone 5, just now the lady on the news confirmed it's being released next month by reporting that its coming to Sprint, next month, with unlimited data plans.

    Apple is most definitely going to tear the roof off the sucka with advertising as they have always DONE A GREAT JOB PROMOTING All there products. I also just saw a awesome Droid Bionic commercial that looked like it was directed by Steven Spielberg

    I agree MS will have to beat these two at advertising. In a secret studio somewhere Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie better be in front of the green screen with Mango in hand or we are in big trouble!

  • Any chance for .WAV support in Windows Phone?

  • KR
    503 Posts

    BTW,IMHO,I think windows phone mango can only have its time to shine now,cause from what i am noticing in the streets here in Calgary,what everyone talks of is iOS5 and Honeycomb(which is funny because 90% of android phones wouldn't be updatable to honeycomb lol).Even the Windows phone users i know(most of which are not even aware of Mango),have their eyes more focussed on iOS5

    So Microsoft its now or never

    And as for what Calgary is concerned i think it's over,mango wouldn't change anything,reason being that i just had the privilage to talk with some carriers and they said for Q3 there's no windows phone planned,and they showed me a least of Q3 phones(some of which are still to be released) and it was all full of Androids.they said they are definitely bringing the next generation windows phones around the Christmas period,but they don't know which yet,since for now only HTC has presented some next generation phones

  • KR
    503 Posts

    Just sold my HD7 and return using my Samsung Omnia 2 running windows mobile 6.5 and so far the only thing i miss is the large screen of my HD7,the Keyboard and the smoothness of the OS and Metro UI,On the other hand i am enjoying the google maps on  Omnia,the 5MP camera,being able to save my contacts in my SIM card,tethering,attaching PDF's,music,photos,videos to emails,file system,USB/wireless sync of my music,videos,Documents and contacts with my PC,SD card,and so on. You name it i do it :) hehe

    I still have my eyes set on the Titan,hoping it the mango features impress me,because for now only the hardware of the Titan got my Attention

    Now Microsoft,you can keep your mango bags to yourself till they even get rot

  • tN0
    41 Posts

    Those How-To videos are disappointing! They are boring and why don't they show what is unique to Windows Phone? Why do you show a fake phone and a fake interface that isn't well done and smooth as the real product?

    You say "people first", but those videos don't even show a human, not even a finger! I'm sorry, but they seem very unprofessional. Why don't you show how you can send and respond to text messages via voice? Why not show that you can pin more on the Start screen? What was shown is available on every other platform. You will not win customers by not showing the real product in action on inspiring videos.

  • @ Michael S.

    Will Mango support MPG files?  Is there any chance in the future?

  • This is great news! The fact that the new Mobile YouTube uses HTML5 ends any concerns I had as far as Flash support. Most videos I want to watch online are YouTube format. Now IE9 is perfect! After 5 years my browser is finally fully functional, and thanks to MS.

  • vieya
    44 Posts

    You guys should have started with verizon and sprint where they didn't have a iphone yet. Now all carriers have iphone they probably will not be promoting windows phone plus verizon has 1 windows phone and so does sprint. I am on sprint and the lack of selection is not a good idea for users. The update still not being here doesn't help either. There needs to be new mango phones all over but especially on verizon and sprint with 4+ phones probably more coming soon on both att&t and t-mobile, it leaves users in sprint and the #1 verizon lacking phones.

  • vieya
    44 Posts

    This is good but mango needs to arrive already. It's only so much longer users can take seeing/hearing updates they cannot use yet. More phones on verizon and sprint would be nice. Better marketing and expansion outside of the US. The windows-me series is a poor marketing tactic.

    Time for more updates, in a speedier time.

    A new zune hd/zune mp3 music player would be nice as well.