AT&T announces new Windows Phone lineup

AT&T announces new Windows Phone lineup

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Hey everyone. This morning AT&T took the wraps off their expanded phone lineup that will feature the next release of Windows Phone, code-named Mango. They also announced they will be among the first carriers to start updating existing AT&T Windows Phones with the Mango release this fall.

AT&T said they will carry three brand new Windows Phones this year including the HTC TITAN, the Samsung Focus™ S and the Samsung Focus™ Flash.

The HTC TITAN was unveiled to the world last week as a global phone and we are excited to share that that an exclusive version of this device will make its way to the U.S. at AT&T. If you missed the post on the TITAN last week go check it out. It features a giant 4.7-inch display which makes movies, music and gaming incredible. It also includes front and rear facing cameras for video chats with friends and family. The AT&T version will be unique, but we’ll have to keep you in suspense for a while longer on what it looks like and final specs.

The Samsung Focus™ S takes the success of the original Focus to the next level with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, a 1.4 GHz processor, 4G speeds and a super thin profile. It also includes front and rear facing cameras to capture a moment or connect with friends.

The third phone in the lineup is the Samsung Focus™ Flash. The Focus Flash is a great pocket phone with a 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, but still packs a speedy 1.4 GHz processor. This phone is great for people looking for a high performance phone at a value packed price.

Look for more information on these great phones in the near future as we march to launch!

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  • conser
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    Does anyone know if  T-Mobile will be announcing Mango phones?  And which ones?

  • @ gahbmwm5 and ScubaDog2011 – Thank you for the links! Yesterday when I went home, I found what it’s supposed to be the official download (, it provides good descriptions and instructions for the 3 types of download available (I assume they are the same files as the ones on the other links).

    Now, have any of you tried to:

    » Convert the ISO file to a media installation file saved on a flash drive? Or, would it be better to save it on a DVD? FYI, I want to install Win8 on a laptop running Win XP Pro – SP3.

    » Install Win8 on a separate partition on your hard drive? If so, how big does it have to be to take the whole installation? If so, does your PC run both OS without a problem?

    Bottom of line is that although I want to install Win8 on an old laptop running Win XP, I don’t want to get rid of this OS.

    Any opinions will be welcome!

  • KR
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    Finally i was able to sign in to this blog on the Windows 8 developer preview,all i had to do was to to turn on compatibility mode

  • I wish more carriers would take Windows Phone more serious. The carrier I purchased my focus from look at me funny when I asked for one. Then went to the back room to see if they had stock.

    Best Buy hadn't heard of the model, and then said oh no we don't carry that one...

  • LOL, @Kenny Rawlins, I had to laugh......I'm not sure we needed to know that you were touching your 47" TV ;)

    And, @BuckeyeTico, you can go to the following link at Neowin for the download of Win8 Dev Preview:  

    Just follow their links for the version that's appropriate to you.  Basically, there are two "vanilla" builds that don't include all the developer tools, a 32bit and a 64bit version.  The full-blown one with dev tools is 64bit only.  If you have a spare machine or a Win7 tablet to try it on, I think it's worth it to play with it.

  • gahbmwm5
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  • Where do you get the W8 preview from?

  • KR
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    Yeah i noticed the desktop was treated as an app  i like it.and also wish everything was fully metrolized

    lol i spend all the time touching my 46" tv to which i plug my PC forgeting my tv is not touch

    hell i want  a tablet so badly now thinking of getting the samsung 7series when its released in october and install this on it

    let me know if u can login to this blog on ie10

  • @Kenny Rawlins, I installed the Win8 preview on an older HP desktop, 2GB of RAM and dual-core 64-bit processor.  One thing that kind of hobbles me is I only had an old CRT monitor to work with so some of the elements (the automatic window alignment, for example) don't work (this was warned about).  The install only took 30 minutes and the only glitch I ran into was that after the first boot at the end of install none of the tiles showed up.  If I hit the Windows key they appeared for half a second then disappeared.  I rebooted and everything was fine.  I chose to let the install connect to my Windows Live account and I have to say I LOVE THAT.  It brought my profile picture down and it also sent my Focus a message to let me confirm I was authorizing an addition device to use the account.  Very cool.  This thing boots FAST.  It took longer for the BIOS post than it did for Win8 to actually load up.  Subsequent reboots seem to go even faster (I'm guessing because it uses sandboxing, etc. to make it more efficient).  So far, I haven't run into metro apps freezing, but I haven't tried everything.  I turned on all administrative tiles, too, BTW.  I haven't tried logging into the Windows blog via IE10 yet, I'll do that tonight when I get home.

    Did it seem to you like the legacy desktop almost runs like an app itself as opposed to being "underneath" the metro UI?  When you move the cursor to the left bezel to select apps it just pulls that desktop up as if it was an app.  Which is fine.  I'd much rather stay in the metro UI the whole time.  It will be a while before everything's rewritten for that UI---and it will be great.  I wish I had a tablet now to load this on.  It's going to take a bit for me to get use to using keyboard & mouse on this because it really BEGS me to touch the screen.  I know I would be able to fly around this OS with a touch interface.  I think I might get brave enough this weekend to load up Call of Duty: Black Ops or some similar game just to see if A) there are issues and B) if it runs better/differently.

    Oh, and on the metro apps, I did read that those are treated exactly like they are in WP7---the OS decides when to kill an app because of how it's handling multitasking.  So, as you discovered, you can only force them to close via Task Mgr.  Because I have no problem with this in WP7, I just have to wrap myself around the meme on my desktop.  The only thing that is slowing me down on accepting it there is the way the apps sit off to the side---so far, I have only figured out how to cycle through background apps via the bezel access.  This would seem to be an inefficient way to pull back up and app.  There's probably a better way to grab JUST the one you want, but I've only played with this thing for a couple of hours.

    One last thing....I think I'll load up Zune and see how THAT works;)  I'm anxious to play with that and the Skydrive to see how well things integrate with WP7.  I really think Microsoft is onto something here.  I WISH I HAD A TABLET!!!!!

  • @ Nater

    Yes, I see you. I came from WM6.x so it's pretty cool for me. Although, my WM6 device did seem to be more sophisticated. Your coming from a well established platform, so the UI isn't going to be your main selling point.

    I hate to admit it, but my sister was forced to switch to Android, from WP7, because it did not have the support she needed as far as apps. And T Mobile didn't have a large enough selection of WP. We're trying to sell her Focus, which kills me.

    Do you still have optimism for WP?

  • I am really excited for the titan, but i want more information on the release in the united states, and stuff. I want to know what the special version of the titan is going to be for AT&T, and if its coming out in the US on october 15th like it is everywhere else....i thought windows was made in the US so why would other countries get it first?

  • Nater
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    @Rodney:  Also, I can care less about ICS.  The only reason FroYo updates were that big a deal is because FroYo added Flash Compatibility to Android devices.  The thing can come and stay with Gingerbread for all I care, as long as most popular 1st party apps run on it, I could care less about updates.

    The reason the Mango update is a big deal is cause WP7 is pretty terrible right now for someone moving from iOS or Android to WP7.  It's too bare.  I can barely do anything on this device and to add salt to an open wound HTC put the smallest battery, weakest sound/external speaker, and weakest cell radio I've ever encountered into this device.

    On top of only giving 16GB space..  The 4 Podcasts I subscribe to only synching 3 episodes each is almost a gig, adn the phone only has like 12 gigs on first boot.  See where I'm going here.

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    @Rodney:  I own an HD7 and a Vibrant.  I use my Vibrant 90% of the time, and the HD7 10% of the time.  The HD7 is just too damn bad to bother.  I'm not on AT&T, so these phones would warrant a carrier switch and with AT&T's data caps that's simply not gonna happen (I'd switch to Sprint if the Merger Goes through, though).  The phones aren't good enough to warrant an upgrade.  The Galaxy S II phone actually does run like a Flagship, so I'm going with it when it gets released on T-Mobile.

    Mango is nice but Microsoft acts like I'll just forget the horror that I've been through using this OS for the past year, which is why I'm still using an Android phone that runs like an 8088 instead of the WP7 device.  I'm not one to give many chances.

    The only reason I am indecicive is cause there are so many ridiculously spec'd Android phones coming out and it's hard to choose which one to get.  I'm pretty much over WP7.  Mango is like Win7 to Launch's Vista as far as I'm concerned.

  • KR
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    after spending some hours with the windows 8 dev preview,i can say its gonna be amazing at release.i installed it on my Gateway NV53 laptop and i bet u guys the booting speed is lightning fast,the metro UI is amazing,the live tiles work flawlessly and in one click  ican switch from metro to regular UI.the IE10 is amazing,from its new touch-friendly UI to the performance.

    i also encounted some annoying bugs and some dumb drawbacks

    1-i can't sign in to this blog,both on the metro IE10 and the regular UI IE9,idk why!so now i only comment from my phone.

    2-the news app goes frozen after lunch

    3-the weather app has trouble updating

    4-noway to close a metro style app without opening the task manager(ctrl+alt+del)

    i know and hope all of these will be fixed in the final release,but even right now its already amazing

  • KR
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    i'm currently installing the W8 dev preview and i can't stare away from my screen,i'm just so excited to the point i'm looking forward to  buy a w7 slate and install this on it

  • Anyone else see @joebelfiore's tweet a few minutes ago? "Hey devs-we'd love you to get your apps updated to V7.1 and in marketplace *quite soon*!"

    It's kind of like smelling rain in the air ;)  In the meantime, I'll be playing with Windows 8 Developer Preview tonight!

  • vieya
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    Bring more phones to sprint and verizon. It doesn't help that the places that lack options you give even less options.

  • So that should answer those annoying old questions about when the update is coming.

    The real question?  When is the official app for this blog coming to the marketplace. It was confirmed that a app was being worked on a few weeks ago.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Rodney E. Jones

    Q4 starts in October,so for sure IMO you wouldn't see the Update until November,because the phones are planned to be released in Q4

  • In the AT&T press release it says that the update is going to be released following the new phone release. This means that if it's September then the phones won't release until late October early November. That means we won't see our update until late November early December, and you can count on that.

    Look at how long it took for the HTC HD7S to come out after it was revealed; 5 months! I hope I'm wrong, but it's not likely.

  • Im absolutley in love with the HTC titan and i can't for it to be released, but the one thing that annoys me the most, is why cant they just tell us the release date and special specs for the phone already. Im hoping it comes out in october because thats when i plan to get a new phone....hopefully WP7.5 doesnt fail me...:) haha im sooo excited :D great job! and WOO HOO its on at&t :) LOOOOVE IT.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    WP7 Mango has been Carrier Approved already in Australia - Vodafone let the cat out of the bag this morning: :D  Woot!

  • gahbmwm5
    16 Posts

    Although I'm on AT&T US, I just reviewed this 'little tidbit' on one of the blogs:

    7 Trophy* Windows Phone 7.0.7392.0 Windows Phone 7.10.7720.68. Testing for Windows Phone “Mango” firmware update has been completed and approved. Awaiting deployment from

    Let's go AT&  :)

  • @ Nater

    Quit playing and just wait and get the WP galaxy version. You sound indecisive, not sure, and about to settle. Never a good combo. You know the plus side of WP over Android so how could you go back and fourth. Android / Gingerbread is going to piss you off sooner or later because it's old and based on software not optimized for a phone. How long do you think it will be before ICS hits the epic? The answer is clear so just choose already. :-)

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    I think I might end up getting the Epic 4G Touch.  These devices are anti-climatic, and it's like paying for a FW update, TBH...  The Galaxy S phones always come with 16 GB internal + SD Card Slot, so I don't have to deal with Microsoft's crap.  And there's Spotify ( + Amazon MP3) now, which takes care of my Music itch.

  • Here's the link.|mobile-devices

  • Read the entire press release. Its under the site map and under news.

  • According to the ATT website these new phones are 4G devices!

  • Please, Microsoft, make WP7 LTE ready. Not because I need it. I don't. But it's the only way that Verizon is going to push your product. I love my WP7, but if it means signing a contract with AT&T, I'm out.

  • @ Connie,

    Yeah, I'm probably going to try something. I was just thinking that If I wait until my contracts up then I would be closer to the release of fourth generation phones. Because May is between generations I always have to get a "old" phone or wait forever for the next Gen phones to be released. I got to change that.

  • Conny
    60 Posts

    Rodney, if you bought your phone in May, I'd suggest checking in around this time next year. I've never yet had to wait the full 2 years for a subsidized phone on AT&T, usually more like 18 months. Thankfully we have a total of 4 lines on our plan. I'm about to update my son's line, who will get my Focus and Mommy will get something new...

    Thankfully he doesn't mind. He's just glad to have a phone of his

  • Conny
    60 Posts

    Loving the new phones, but I definitely agree with a lot of folks. We simply have to have more storage. 16GB are used up so quickly, it's ridiculous really.

    That said, the Sammy Focus S and the HTC Titan definitely look appealing, especially the screen size. I use my Focus all the time to read (thank you Kindle app), and the move to a larger screen when I switched to Windows from iOS was amazing. Still waiting to see what Nokia may have in store for us, or if it's even coming to AT&T.

    Two quick notes... Brandon, how do you like your Focus S? (I have to admit I giggled when you were busted!!)

    And Brian, what was that festival you guys were talking about? I couldn't figure out what you were saying, only that it was German for Umbrella? (Which would be Regenschirm, but I don't think that's what you were

    Can't wait until Friday and the next Podcast. Always a pleasure listening to you guys. It's my dirty little secret, and dammit, I'm proud of it. =)

  • They are really good at keeping devices secret nowadays. I don't know why I care because I got 1.5 years until I can upgrade, so...I don't want any stupid new AT&T 7.5 phones anyways! Yeah, my Focus is better than those new ones. I'm not jealous. All those stupid upgraders. They don't know! I'm gona get a third Gen. device, yeah that's right!

  • King
    32 Posts

    Good to see ATT customers (myself included) will be well taken care of. As a proud Focus owner I'm glad to see the Focus S and its nice spec bump there. I was hoping for a few more GSII goodies (2mp front cam, dual core processor) but for the vast majority the specs will be more than enough (especially if the sales reps are knowledgable). Brian do you know if the micro-usb port on either samsung device is MHL compatable like their GS2 big brother? not break or break since there arent in TVs that support it yet but would be nice to know. The Focus S is very appealing and the only thing that would keep me from snapping up one is to See what Nokia has to offer.

    Also I really really hope more than one phone is coming to Verizon. And hopefully one of those will be LTE equipped.

    At any rate, looks like great devices are on the way now we need some kick ass marketing to hype them up and get people asking about WP  and more importantly) purchasing devices

  • Bill_G
    12 Posts

    Please get verizon to get on with it. They still haven't released 7892

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    OK - new Aussie Editorial on WP7, Mango, Nodo and lessons from the past :

    Will Telstra offer the same service committment re: update timings? Did you know Nodo is the italian word for knot or tangle? And more.... :)

  • I never come close to using the 2gb data a month, and i use my phone often! i usually am logged into wifi and that doesnt count towards your usage! there are over 20,000 wifi hotspots in the u.s.  Bring on the mango att! im hungry !!

  • I'd like to see the specs of the Focus S.  If it's really a big step up from the original Focus, I'll have to call AT&T and see if I convince them to sell it to me for the "upgrade" price.

  • DAMN! It's all coming together. Go WP team! Don't stop.....Yes. The only bad news is that I have to wait until May 2013 for upgrade. We need a early upgrade / trade In program for WP.

    Oh well, at least I have a current Sam. Focus, which is going to be great real soon.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    This is great news for us Windows phone fans but i'm really sceptical if it will increase the awareness of Windows Phone in the general population,reason being that this is planned for Q4(Both the new phones and the mango for old phones),i think Q4 here sounds to me as around early November,by then the Iphone5 will be what will be on all TV commercials,Retail store posters and what everyone will be talking about,then also the honeycomb for Android will be out with some new phones to and as usual the hardware specs will be insane.As i have said before by then there will be no attention for Windows phone,I think the OEMs should have released each at least one phone for Q3(right now) and then bring the rest later in Q4 and then probably start planning for some to come in 2012 Q2 or Q3

    I have a feeling things will just be as last year,One major release in Q4 and then some Nokias in Q2 2012 and that will be it

  • Opus5001
    10 Posts

    These phones look good.  But after reading recently about the Samsung Galaxy S II phones coming out with Android, I'm a little disappointed.  Regardless of how smoothly we know WP7 runs on a single core, I'm afraid the public perception is going to be that WP7 isn't getting Samsung's top of the line product.  The Focus was a modification of the Galaxy S, I expected the next Samsung WP7 to be the same with the Galaxy S II.

  • I lvoe my Focus, so the thought of having an even better version is very exciting! Love to see new hardware flowing,e specially with front-facing cameras and 4G tech. I've tried to convince friends to switch to WP7s and these were a couple of sticking points. The only thing better than this is 7.5 on the way!!!!

  • Really happy to see this news.  I just hope Verizon will get with the program too.  I will not switch to AT&T because the coverage in my area is terrible.  Please, Verizon and Nokia, have a baby and I'll be one of the first in line to adopt it.  :)

  • Wow!  I'm pleasantly surprised by this announcement.

    First, if AT&T can actually be early among carriers to push out the Mango update to existing phones, that will go a LONG way to repairing some bad credibiilty.  AT&T handling of NoDo was a fiasco.

    As for the new phones, they sound like some exciting options.  But we need more details.  In particular, will they support microSDHC?  I've been a Focus user since the beginning and love it.  But 8 GB was never enough.  I'm really intrigued by the Focus S, but we need storage space.

  • You know, I don't think it should matter how we originally acquired an app (cell, wifi or via Zune), it makes sense to me that if we got a new device (or had to factory-reset our current device), as soon as we sync to Zune it should have a mechanism for detecting a "mismatch" and ask us if we want to automatically reinstall the apps (or let us check/uncheck specific apps to be sync'd).  Of course, it could be that this function already exists and we just haven't discovered it.  ;)

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    On AT&T 4G always means HSPA+ that's all there is an their ain't no more.

    Meanwhile, I hope MS makes phone transfering a bit smoother.  It's not aweful, but it could go a lot easier.  When I jumped from my Surround to my Focus, it felt the need to download every app I had ever downloaded (regardless if I had deleted it or not).  For the Win: It downloaded it using 3G since my Wifi was turned off at the moment.

  • Any news on the storage capacity???

    4G speeds means HSPA+??

  • gahbmwm5
    16 Posts


    I too have been very impressed with my overall Focus 'call quality'...No issues at all, with extensive traveling!

    The Focus S does look quite appealing, but (I still have @10 months or so on my current AT&T contract), and have always liked the build quality of Nokia (had several in the past), and their sleek Euro

  • <sigh> WP7 is faster with a single core than other phones with dual core.  That's a tired complaint, in my book.  And, if given the choice of paying for dual core or paying for the many other hardware things currently lacking in WP7 devices, I'll vote for waiting on the dual core and getting the other stuff--like FFC, NFC, gyros, higher-res cameras.  The Titan just is too big for my purposes--I might as well go to a tablet.  But, the Focus S is intriguing.  The only thing that will cause me to hold off on that one is the presence of a microSDHC slot.   That it's got 4G support is a big plus, although we probably won't see 4G in my area for another 3-5 years, so it's not really important to me.  I've never, ever had the service issues that some people complain about, though.  No dropped calls so far in any of my travels.  Thankfully, I don't live in San Francisco or NYC.  However, I'm completely doubtful that AT&T will actually deploy Mango at the front of the pack.

    BTW, anyone seen the rumors spreading that Samsung is dropping WP7 by 2013?  Yikes, huge mistake, IMHO.

  • Great news!  I have been waiting for an AT&T announcement for a long time.  I will be leaving Sprint for AT&T and the Focus S the moment it releases.

  • vincent_g
    19 Posts

    No dual core phone yet? Or is it not supported in Mango??

    I still look forward to Nokia first WP7, hope it will be unique to current phones..

  • I really wish they would have included a new slider, so far the only WP slider on ATT is the Quantum, for me a Focus with a good slide out keyboard like on the HTC Arrive would be golden.

  • Sven
    54 Posts

    @tsrblke  Well, I do have a 16G microSD in my Focus. Remains to be seen if the new Samsung devices will have 'expandable' memory, given the 'support' provided that 'feature' by both Samsung and MS. Neither officially acknowledging any 'approved' memory cards, and MS all but denying the option should exist. Absolutely agree that they better get some more memory. Especially if WP7 is the mobile Zune player, or streaming data prices better come down and caps go up. Zune is a great service, but my PC and X-Box aren't particularly pocketable, and it is tough to listen to Zune on an airplane if you have to be streaming it. (Not excited about paying airline WiFi fees to listen to music I already paid for).

  • vieya
    44 Posts

    SD slot for windows phone please! And bring more phones to sprint. We have 1 windows phone. Come on microsoft!

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    I wonder what Among the first means when there are...maybe 3 carriers in the US offering WP7?

    Also, do we get any specs on Focus memory size? I'd hate to see it be a 8gig phone again. 16 I can deal with, 8 not so much.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    Hmm, WP7 us going 4G eh? I wonder about that, I've heard battery power is just south of aweful on 4g phnes. If the Focus S is half the fun of the Focus now, I may have to break my "1 Cell phone every 2 years rule" and run out and get one.  Maybe (I'm blowing my money on a kinect first.)

  • Sven
    54 Posts

    "They also announced they will be among the first carriers to start updating existing AT&T Windows Phones with the Mango release this fall."

    Somebody archive that statement.

  • Notice AT&T mentions they will be one of the first to roll out Mango to their customers. Very Exciting.

  • I'll believe it when I see it.  Too many promises have been broken by AT&T, Samsung, and Microsoft for me to put much stock in press releases.  I'll pass judgment when actions backup the words.

  • What about Europe, will we be getting an Omnia 7 S?

    I am an Omnia 7 user, and am due an upgrade in February, so along with Samsung and HTC offerings, there should be some nice Nokia and maybe more phones for me to choose from!

  • Expandable like the current Focus? Yes I put a 32GB microSD card in my Focus but as far as I know there is no support for it, luckily I have not had an issue with it.  I think I will be hesitant to get another Samsung device considering the grief that comes with every update.  Since I still have a year on my contract and the rumored prices for the HTC Titan, I will be getting another year out of my Focus and then see if Nokia devices start to show up then.

  • I'm liking the new lineup. Not a total fan of the front facing camera on the phone. Is there anything else on these new phones that's going to push me to get rid of my Samsung Focus?

  • Can anyone clarify the rumor about Samsung abandoning WP in 2013?

  • jfaigan
    1 Posts

    Great job guys! Any news on what models will be available in Canada?

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    If these phones are supposed to double up as Zune HDs then there need to be 32 GB options and they really need to use NAND.  Also, HTC has a habit of putting weak cell radios and terrible sound hardware in their phones.  Really, the HD7 is embarassing on those fronts.  WVGA on a 4.7" screen?  Thanks, but no thanks.

    Also, AT&T is a showstopper for many people due to their data caps and overages.  I do a lot of Netflix on the go.  AT&T is useless to me because I'll be constantly going above 2GB in one month...  Need at least a 4-5GB plan at a competitive price.

  • gahbmwm5
    16 Posts

    As a Samsung Focus Rev1.3 owner on AT&T...was so nice to review the article:

    •AT&T will be among the first carriers to start updating existing phones and all Windows Phones already sold by AT&T will receive the Windows Phone 7.5 update this fall.


    "Our customers love Windows Phones which is why we've sold more of them than anyone else," said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "We're taking our leadership to a whole new level by getting the Mango update to all existing customers and rolling out awesome new Windows Phones."


    btw since I have had the Focus, I have  had very, very limited 'call quality' issues (traveling extensively throughout US), as I did with my ole Samsung BJ I and Blackjack II (WM6, WM6.1)

  • Curtieson
    12 Posts

    @rightisray...sure...because that was proven with the failure of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPhones that were release date exclusives on AT&T...

    *sarcastic* for those with a broken meter.

  • Can't wait for that Samsung Focus S. I love my Samsung Focus and know that Mango will take things to the next level!!!! Keep up the great work guys....

  • the_fly
    8 Posts

    Looks like AT&T might finally be ready to start acting like the "premier partner".

  • Curtieson
    12 Posts

    Love to hear this!  Can't wait to see price points economic is the economic phone going to be? $50 w/ contract???  Samsung has really bolstered their lineup with now a 3.7, 4.0 and 4.3 now AT&T has an option of 3.7 to 4.7 and everywhere in the middle!

    Add this news to that news of MS actually working on the training of sales people to start to push WP7 and we might get a great push this fall!!!

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Awesome news.  <hands Focus to wife to make room for Focus S> lol :)

    Also - found the AT&T full press release and have linked over at my site:

    You might like to add that link to your Blog post!

    Very cool.  C'mon Build and Mango release! How amazing if official Samsung Mango update starts to get staggered release later this week !!! I wish! lol

    Signs are good that MS are all over the mistakes of NoDo and are going to deliver the awesome WP7 update process we all wanted first time round with NoDo!!!!

    Woot! Woot!


  • So sick of AT&T getting the good hardware.  Their network is atrocious.  Can you guys please push Verizon to get off their ass and get some decent new hardware!  I absolutely refuse to go with AT&T just for a phone that will be useless due to their network.  I love my WP7, but lack of hardware on a network of choice is something that will keep people from getting one and will keep me from getting another one.

  • Samsung Focus is awesome....waiting for it to come in Singapore....


  • Well I like the Titan but the storage is too low at 16gb (unless the american version is higher). So it looks like the Focus S will be my next phone as long as it either has 32gb or expandable like the current Focus.