HTC TITAN + Tango video chat

HTC TITAN + Tango video chat

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Last week on the Windows Phone Radio podcast, I mentioned we had some fun on campus shooting a quick peek at the HTC TITAN. Well here it is! As you can see, the TITAN’s big screen will make movies, gaming, and in this case video chatting really cool. Aaron Woodman, from the Windows Phone team shows the TITAN, featuring the new Tango app for Windows Phone. Take a look and let us know what you think!

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  • Looks Amazing! You guys are Killing us Titan II Owners, When should we see Tango! Heard its being pushed out by Zune now to "limited" users. Can you give us a HINT? pretty please? 8D

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    The way Aaron keeps pointing to the device in a interesting(rock on) manner is distracting (0:14-0:16). Also, why does he keep raising his eyebrows? I feel like he's being sarcastic or something. I feel that MS should care enough to review their PR with scrutiny(coming from an average Joe). Or do I read too much into body language?

    Other than that, great app, great lighting and a nice looking place to try the seamless application. Keep it up WP7!

  • Very cool. I look forward to replacing my Verizon HTC Trophy with something like the Titan (didn't I have one of those....oh, wait, Windows Mobile 6 device, yes)

  • ecr80
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    I'm almost sure you will be to chat between a WP device and an iPhone since both have Tango app now.

  • The phone looks great.

    Unfortunately, ATT connectivity is terrible.

  • tsrblke
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    @ ScubaDog2011

    Got it, sorry, I thought you were speaking in reply to my comments, and we were talking around each other.

    Totally understand now.

    Tango as an HTC only app‽ (Yes, that's an Interrobang, and it's needed here!)  That would be aweful. AFAIK, it's Tango and Skype as the 2 cross platform Video chat programs, and unless skype comes out day 1 this would be very bad.  A few exclusive apps is OK (Photo editors and such where multiple varieties exist).  But taking a major app out of circulation isn't exactly going to sit well with me.

  • Marek
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    Hey! This is so cool! What about instead of recording video on youtube release mango update and we will try it itself.

  • Gang, I just watched the video on my Focus with no issues.

  • No, what I was saying is that based on the video the Tango app must work with both a front camera and a rear camera because he does switch between the two.  What is unknown is if the Tango app will function with ONLY a rear camera (like all us early adopters have).  It's conceivable that upon loading the Tango app we might get the dreaded "your device does not have a necessary feature: Front Facing Camera".

    @Techs UK, don't confues the application with the update package.  Tango is an app like Skype, and is available on all other platforms right now.  There are rumors that it will be an HTC-exclusive app in the Windows Phone platform.  There is also a Tango UPDATE to Windows Phone 7, that has nothing to do with the application.  In fact, the word is that there will be a Tango 1 and a Tango 2.  Since I have the Mango Beta 2 on my Focus (LOVE IT!) I went searching for the Tango app to see if it would load.  Unfortunately it's not in the Marketplace and I can find no sideload version.  Sigh.

  • Curtieson
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    BIG TIME Agree on MS's sites not working on the devices to which they are aimed.  I love the MS sites that yell about upgrading my Silverlight also.  Even if you keep the flash to embed the video...give us a really easy to click YouTube link right underneath it!

  • tsrblke
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    You lost me, the Titan has 2 cameras, front and rear.  When teh movie starts it's front facing, (you see him in the preview screen).  At some point (unclear where) it switches to rear facing (I'm assuming there was a button push that wasn't seen on screen).

    To me this is cool, and something I couldn't figure out how to do with Skype on my cousin's iPhone, but it is something I could find useful in at least one situation.

  • @ Kenny

    Yes "Kinny" If so many applications require it and it's such a popular and necessary tool then how can we be denied it and not given a PROPER SUBSTITUTE THAT'S RELEVANT NOW that we can use. If it's a resource consuming / power consuming issue then let us have it with the option to use it or not, and with the warning that it may hinder performance. Just let me choose for myself please. Something can be worked out for now until HTML 5 video becomes more popular than flash.

    Please don't leave Kenny, please don't go!

  • Mark
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    Isn't Tango the code name of the release after Mango? give me Mango first.

    Agreed, dump the flash

  • Umm, isn't Mango supposed to include Skype?

  • @Brian Seitz The tango app, does that only work between two windows phones? LIke Facetime for ex. works between iphone to iphone. Or are you going to be intergrating skype contacts, windows live messenger, etc to the tang app for just one place to video chat?

  • KR
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    No ièm certain my next phone is the Titan,but please just as @Rodney E. Jones, said i hate not being able to view this video on my phone or on IE10(metrostyle) because it needs flash

    How do you guys wan't us not to request flash when you yourself keep on giving us content which needs flash

  • Napit
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    @Sven while that is possible, an external webcam would be neat. I don't want to change phone just to make use of ffc n vtc

  • Can't see the video, says I need flash to view it. I'm sick and tired of that message, especially on a WP In a WP blog.

  • I was listening to the WPCentral Podcast 124.5 and one of the hosts got some hands on time w/the Titan @ a event.  He seemed to indicate that Tango would only be available for HTC devices.  Does anyone know this for a fact?

  • Actually, I think it must work with the rear camera, at least judging by the video.  Watch as he makes a point about the pastries.....he didn't turn the phone around, he swept the rear of the phone along the pastry counter.  So, unless that was a faux paus, he switched temporarily to rear camera, showed the pastries, then switched back.  NOW, the question is, will Tango run only when BOTH cameras are present, and allow the swtich back and forth.

  • vieya
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    Rolling out Tango soon with more features and flash support would be nice. Tango video chat, not so much.

  • tsrblke
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    I've never used Tango, and I'm unlikely to replace my 3 month old Focus so quickly, so I may just skip this generation of Windows phone (plus Mango gets me most of what I wanted anyway.)

    That being said, it seemed pretty interesting that he was able to swap back and forth between Front and back camera easily.  This is a handy thing.  My family was at a wedding reception last week trying to skype with my Sister in the Domincan Republic.  Even if Skype had successfully worked on teh iphone (we never could seem to get it to go well) it seems clumsy swapping between cameras (maybe that's just becuase I don't use an iphone and was inexperienced).  Swapping cameras would have been nice to be able to video chat and show her the dancefloor without havin to turn the phone around.

  • Sven
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    @Napit probably not any external camera support, but there are tricks with mirrors that can enable VTC with just the rear camera. I would assume you can select front or rear camera to send.

  • @CristobelP - Yes, Tango works on 3G/4G and Wi-Fi, and works cross platform so you'll be able to call your friends with Android phones or iPhones from your Windows phone.

  • hysonmb
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    I get excited for handsets that never make it to Sprint all of the time. I'm looking forward to seeing what makes the cut for this generation but I'm not expecting much. Luckily, I'm very happy with my HTC Arrive so if the pickins are slim I won't feel pressure to give them my $$.

    I used Tango a couple of times on my Epic 4G and it is pretty cool. The fact that it worked well on 3G automatically made it better than that other app that other phone has....

  • Does the Tango app work over 3G/4G (ie without being connected to wifi)? I know that is a pretty significant drawback to Apple's FaceTime.

  • Napit
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    Sorry if i missed it but will other WP7 phones without FFC be able to utilize video call using external camera or something :/

  • Hey @NPetfish - it was great to check it out. Nice industrial design and the Tango app is really slick!

  • This makes me even more excited for the HTC titan. i cant wait for it to be released, if only they would give some new information so i can see what waits for me :)