The Weekly Wrap: Apps for Mango, a hot deal, Guardly for Windows Phone

The Weekly Wrap: Apps for Mango, a hot deal, Guardly for Windows Phone

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What a week. It kicked off with new Windows Phone handsets from AT&T and ended with our friends over in “big” Windows taking the wraps off Windows 8. Still, there were plenty of Windows Phone tidbits to go around. Here are a few of my favorites.

Apps updated for Mango start to arrive

Here they come. New versions of the official Foursquare and Flixster apps tuned for Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango) landed in Marketplace this week—and they weren’t alone. Wondering what new and cool things you’ll be able to do on your phone once Mango—and apps designed to take advantage of it—arrive? The Foursquare entry offers a good taste, tapping new Windows Phone 7.5 features such as fast-app switching, extra Live Tiles, and App Connect. Watch this new YouTube video for a quick look at what these new features are all about.

Hot deals: Buy a Verizon HTC Trophy, make $49.99

Attention savvy smartphone shoppers: Amazon Wireless is offering a hard-to-resist deal on the Verizon HTC Trophy. You can now buy the phone for a penny. If that’s not good enough, you’ll also get a $50 Amazon gift card with your purchase. The deal expires at midnight on September 27. Check out the Amazon Wireless site for the full scoop.

App spotlight: Guardly for Windows Phone

Safety is one big reason why carrying a smartphones is so comforting—and why more parents are handing out phones to their kids. When it comes to my own family, I’m a chronic worrier. So the new Guardly app in Marketplace immediately caught my eye. Billed as a “personal safety service,” the app is designed to quickly connect you to friends, family, or authorities during an emergency and includes a bunch of other safety-related features. Check out the company’s website to see how it works.


App roundup: 5 apps, 30 seconds

The latest video review from our friends at Pocketnow features Bandwith Test, Geocaching, Got News, Prime TV, and the game Danger Wing. What new Marketplace arrival caught your eye?

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  • I have to say, if I actually find out that any lawyer or doctor I deal with is really keeping all that on their phone or even a notebook or tablet, I'm definitely disassociating myself from them.  And, I might just sue them.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    Scuba has a point, cloud or not HIPPA for example prevents docs from putting patient information on their phone period, so it's really a non issue.  AFAIK, there is no HIPPA approved phone, and I highly doubt there ever will be, since the major security flaw (from the HIPPA perspective) is loss/theft, something that can't be prevented.

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    Then you're a fool to keep that on your phone.  Simple as that.

  • Hi Scubadog,

    very simple: If you are a lawyer, an accountant, a medical doctor, etc., all your client data are privilged and subject to data protection and professional secrecy. You don't want those data "in the cloud".

  • I'm not sure that's the Focus S.  I was playing frame-by-frame and I don't detect a FFC.  It does look a lot like the current Focus from the front, but not from the back.

  • The first Mango app video, shows a new device, I think it's a Focus S. Does anybody know for sure?

  • ScubaDog
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    I still don't understand why some absolutely cannot live without syncing to Outlook on the PC.  Well, supposedly it's coming with a later update.  I don't need it because the current process works much better, as far as I'm concerned.  Besides, if what's being said about WP8 and Windows 8 is true, they will essentially be the same OS, so full-fledge Office will be on their anyway (or available).  If that's really expected to be out in late 2012, those who can't seem to live without being enlaved to their PC will probably have to wait until WP8.

  • tsrblke
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    Perhaps not just for country or company but a multifield search. I have a lot of nicknames stored in my phone, which is great because the voice commands recognize said nicksnames (provided they don't contain any odd spellings that don't comply with normal spoken word.)  This is neat, because I've known my friends by their nickname for long enough that it's easier to for me to say "Call Funkmaster" than "Call John Smith" (Those are niether my friends real name or nickname).

    Anyway, point is search doesn't find said nickname, which creates confusion for me sometimes, as that's the first thing I think to type.

  • Bill
    14 Posts

    How about while you are waiting for the Mango to hit, getting all the API's open that are needed for the developers to make a Direct Sync to Outlook on the desktop so we can have a professional level sync app.  If MSFT is incapable of developing one then allow others to do so.  We need a professional level PIM like Pocket Informant or a full version of  Outlook on the phone for Contacts with folders, Calendar, Tasks, Notes etc.  And eventually a full fledged File Manager .

  • jerry63
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    Will Mango allow us to sync phone directly with non-exchange Outlook?  I have never seen a direct answer to this.  the workaround with hotmail connector just has not worked for me.  this, with the iphone 5 coming out, is a deal breaker for me.  We know it can be done-just ask blackberry

  • elmojh
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    loaded Mango on my HTC HD2; looking good!  waiting for next Windows phone with large screen + key pad + NFC!

  • stefan00
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    Dear Developers,

    here in Germany is one of the best Apps/Games I have ever seen:

    This Game ends in a few days and Windows Phone is not supported.

    Can you create such a Game, where I have to collect something with augmented reality?

    Best regards :)

  • vieya
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    Roll out mango already. Or hopefully come up with better marketing. Also hopefully the new Update tango will arrive faster. Bring more phones to sprint and verizon! we only have 1 windows phone!

  • One more thing I'm missing (and I don't know whether this will be part of the imminent mango update): One should be able to search the contacts not just for names, but also for company names and places. E.g., I want to find out which Microsoft people I know in Munich, hence I would like to search either for "Microsoft" or for "Munich". Right now, this is not possible. This may not be missed by consumers, it is missed by more business oriented users.

  • While I am a very happy customer of wp7 (using a dell venue pro - which is a phantastic device), as I had been with wm6, I am still waiting for an app that let's me do an offline snyc of my device with outlook (calendar, contacts plus subfolders and tasks). I am sure such an app would also remedy Steve Ballmer's dissatisfaction with the current wp7 sales figures. Thousands of more business oriented customers are just waiting for this functionality (which unfortunately does not seem to be part of mango). Let's hope for one of the next updates. Best regards!

  • abm
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    MSFT please confirm: Whats the ETA on ManGo update?


  • BliTz7
    6 Posts


    Well it might be time to release Mango now! Especially knowing that September 15 was "Mango day" !


    And would be nice if you update the page "Where's my phone update?".

    It's really boring to have no communication from Microsoft ...

  • Okay, Okay,

    Any word on the Windows Phone Blog official app?

  • Hi, just wondering if we are any closer to hearing about when, if at all, we'll be seeing the addition of the Zune music service in Australia. The lack of it is a real bone of contention for me as it leaves a real gap in the Windows Phone experience. I'd be lying if I didn't say that it's going to be a major decider on whether I continue with WP7, especially in light of similar (ish) competitor services. Cheers.