Windows Phone Radio–42 (Foursquare video)

Windows Phone Radio–42 (Foursquare video)

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On Friday we published the 42nd episode of Windows Phone Radio. During the show we chatted a bit about the Foursquare app, and how it will take advantage of the upcoming Mango update to Windows Phone. We shot a quick video to show of how you can not only pin the Foursquare app to your start screen, but also specific locations where you check in most. You can find Windows Phone Radio in the Zune Marketplace and iTunes in the podcasts section, or stream direct from here.

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  • No unlock necessary in Mango - I use my phone in the car as pretty much my only source of music / entertainment.  When I need to switch tracks, it's Power (to activate the screen), then the lock screen has the track/play/pause buttons at the top, and I just hit whichever one I need.  

    The only thing that KINDA bugs me is that on Podcasts, the buttons don't work the same way - they're only rewind / ffwd, but to switch to the next episode of the P'cast, you need to actually unlock, go to the music player app, get to now playing, and swipe left or right.  Or just navigate through the folders (Podcasts, Windows Phone Radio) and select an episode from there.  It would be nice if the buttons worked the same on Podcasts as they do on regular audio tracks...

  • tsrblke
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    Mango is changing the entire UI for that whole action now.  IIRC, The track skip buttons will be static on the lock screen when you're playing music.  So track skipping will be as simple as "Unlock, Skip Track"

    (But maybe somone whose actually seen Mango in person coulld comment on that ;) )

  • Nick
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    Long time listener... first time commenting. I have a suggestion to make wp7 better... at least for me. Been trying to spread it hoping it gains traction somewhere. I use my wp7 as a PMP a lot ... while jogging with headphones or plugged into an aux cable in my car. I would like it if there was an option to have fast audio track changing by pushing and holding the volume buttons. While driving I sometimes find it distracting to try to change tracks by turning on the power to my phone, unlocking it, hitting the volume rocker to bring up the controls and then hitting the change track button.  Think about it.

  • @ ScubaDog2011

    Hey that "Mobile Print" app works only with Samsung wireless and network printers only. That's what it says in details of the app.

  • Yeah! Now I know why we don't get responses, from MS employes, about certain types of questions, particularly ones about anything up and coming.

    Somebody  "Joe Marini" did a bit to much tweeting about a Nokia Device and some of it's features. It kind of makes me feel bad for him that he would have to resign from his job, but MS has a strict policy about disclosing confidential information. They have made their point clear and now I know not to bother Brian, Michael, Andrew, Juliette or any other MS employee with questions about future features or products. They are just as exited as we are so when it's safe for them to tell us I'm sure they will be all over it.

    Nevertheless, I'm sure that they still are interested in our feedback, ideas, and opinions so keep on posting!

  • the_fly
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    @ScubaDog  The Mobile Print app only works with Samsung printers, I believe.

  • Doing a little more research, it seems that Samsung quietly released an app called Mobile Print for the Samsung WP7 devices.  Interestingly enough, it doesn't show up in the Samsung Zone, but in the general Marketplace.  It claims to be able to discover wireless printers and print to them.  I've installed it (free) on my Focus and when I get home I'll test it with my HP Photosmart printer, which is wirelessly connected to my network.  I'll report back on what I find.

  • @newbuddies98, I had to Bing "AirPrint" because I'd never heard of it.  AirPrint is an Apple-proprietary technology, so your chances of seeing AirPrint on a Microsoft phone are not great. There are a couple of print solutions, but they involve installing a small server app on a computer to which a printer is attached.  Also, HP has the eprint thing where newer printers are also, essentially, email enabled, so they can receive emailed print requests directly.  I believe there is only one app in the Marketplace that claims to allow printing directly from WP7 to a wifi printer--iPrint & Scan for SUPPORTED Brother printers.  The reviews seem inconsistent, so your mileage may vary.  If Brother has done it for some of their printers, then it's probably just a matter of time before other OEMs do similar.  I consider these workarounds, really.  As far as I know, there is no built-in print capability in WP7.1.  I've not seen much written on the subject in the various forums & blogs, so this is probably a low-priority issue for them right now.  As for me, it would probably be convenient to print something via WiFi, but I have yet to run into a "doh!" moment needing to print something directly from my phone.  It would probably only be something I used at home, since our work network is so clamped down that you have use a CAC to do ANYTHING (including print or copy) and WiFi is prohibited.

    The concept of driverless printing is, of course, very attractive (given how many problems most of us run into from time to time with printer drivers on the desktop), but even AirPrint has only got a few supported printers.

  • @Rodney E. Jones, my experience so far with the Mango Beta is that IE9 is definitely smoother and faster.  HOWEVER, there's no helping poorly designed sites.  The Windows blog site does load faster, but then sites that are more heavily text are the most obviously faster.  When a site is image-heavy it's faster, but for my device it's not as dramatically faster---I suspect this is because I switched my Focus to use 32-bit color (using a hack, of course), which makes images shading MUCH smoother, but even with the hardware acceleration it means images and video won't load as fast as the stock Focus.  That's a performance hit I'm willing to accept, though, because pictures & video is just that much more beautiful.

    There is absolutely nothing that I can think of that I don't love about Mango---and the version I have isn't even the RTM.  Oh, sure, there are still some pieces that won't be fully implemented, but if I was able to convince my Android-fanboy friend to consider WP7, you have to think this is pretty sweet.

  • Mango have AirPrint? If not, do I have to wait another year to get AirPrint?

  • @ a688 and @ djmikebrady

    Thanks Mike! That also helps and is good to know.

    And a688 that's what worries me to. Don't you think that it would be smart to release the update before the new devices come out just to get more word of mouth advertising. The only reason you would wait is so that it wouldn't ruin the hype factor. The problem is that the only hype factor exist in this circle and with the few unbiased editors that report on WP7x.

    Maybe they are trying to encourage current owners to by a new WP7x device by showing the new hardware and holding up on the update. I know once I get my update I wont care about the new hardware anymore.

    But I doubt that and know they are simply testing and testing to make sure another pre NoDo meltdown doesn't happen again.

  • a688
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    Fall starts on Friday the 23rd [], not tomorrow. Also, they said the update would come "Fall", not the start of Fall. Starting Friday, they have 3 months to release Mango according to their publicized release "date".

  • @Rodney E. Jones

    I just loaded this page, and am typing this response on my mango beta 2 phone...

    The browsing experience is possibly the best I've had on a phone, speed is good, rendering is accurate.  The video on this post, as was already stated, plays full screen when clicked.  

    Logging in to the site went off without a hitch, and copy/paste to address you at the start of this comment was simple.

    Hold out a little longer, it really does work like its supposed to!  Plus, "Fall" starts tomorrow, and I'm really hoping to get off the beta and into full baked mango goodness...

  • @ ScubaDog

    Sorry, more questions.

    Does this blog and other pages load significantly faster on yours? I want to get a everyday users opinion.

    Sorry,  I'm just going crazy over here waiting. I'm pretty good with waiting for things when I know when I'm going to get them. The fact that I don't have a more specific time frame makes me impatient. Considering the fact that " this fall" is a 3 month period just adds fuel to my inpatients, but thanks for replying back. It helps me settle down for a moment. I might be one of those who MS should have had test a beta version just to keep me from doing something!

    Rhetorically,  why do we feel like were getting something material? LOL

  • leifage
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    Baah, I'm so sick of reading about "do this and do that with mango", some hairdresser does this, and others do that. Can't you just freaking get the update out!!! WP7 is quite amazing, but now i'm really considering to simply ditch my phone....

  • @Scuba Dog

    You're getting toast on Facebook notifications??  How's that set up?  I've been running the Mango Beta 2 for a while also, but I only get toast on SMS...  Hoping I just missed a checkbox somewhere!

  • @Rodney E. Jones, it plays right from the browser.  When I first tried to do this kind of thing after loading Beta 2 I'll be honest in saying I expected IE9 to just launch the YouTube app, but to my surprise it just immediately went into full-screen mode and played the video.  Also, it's still hit or miss as to what videos will play within the browser.  I think that IS a function of that YouTube wrapper.  Clearly, though, if it's just plain old Flash it won't play.  Which is fine by me. Now, obviously, on 3G it loads a bit dodgy, but on WiFi it was smooth.  Now, in fairness, I can't tell how much of this has to do with HTML5 wrapping or other more native things going on, but, to be frank, I don't really care.  Nor should we, really.  Ultimately, if I browse to a site and click on a video and it just runs, do I really care how?  Nope.  And, mind you, I'm only running the Beta 2, which has quite a few of the bits not even implemented yet.

    Speaking of notifications, I love getting all sorts of toast from SMS and Facebook---but one thing I sort of wish worked was toast for email.  I get the audio notifications, but I don't see any toast for emails.  Not a big thing to me.  It's just nice that when my screen is dormant and I get either a FB or SMS message the screen wakes up show me the toast.

  • the_fly
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    Glad to know it works with Mango.  I'm still running 7390 waiting patiently for the Mango release.

  • Amen to that @abm! When? Soon isn't an answer BTW! Most of the carriers have ok'd the release and if they haven't, well tough! They've had time. WE WANT IT NOW!!!! We have an app to release but can't for support reasons (eg. if the instapaper sign-on mechanism changes, we can't fix it for nodo users).

    We know there were delays in the NoDo release in getting it to customers by some carriers but that shows who is serious and who isn't. We, the consumer, can choose a carrier who IS serious. This artificial delaying to have a "big bang" launch is Apple crap - we thought you were more serious MS!

  • Just noticed the Blog has been updated with the new WP moniker.

  • @ Scuba Dog

    Really? Does it play in the browser or on the player? And, what does it look like in the blog? Also, is that a video that shows as one needing flash, but IE9 is using HTML5 to render it? And how does IE9 perform with other videos around the web?

    Sorry for all the questions, but Information regarding video playback in IE9 is hard to find.

  • ScubaDog
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    @the_fly, I'm here to tell you that the video DOES play on the Windows Phone.  I just watched it on my Focus, which has Beta 2 of Mango.  It works just fine.

  • @ The Fly

    !!!!!! Exactly !!!!!! .... So when the slate version of Windows 8 comes out this is the screen we're going to get? I wish the Link to upgrade from Adobe worked!

    I can't play 80% of the videos inside websites, and if Android CAN play 80% then that's a serious advantage over WP. I use the browser the most out of any other feature on my Focus, so it's important for me to have as close to desktop performance as possible. Actually, after using a Samsung Blackjack and Epic with WM 5.0-6.5 for years, I think I deserve the best web experience MS can offer. I mean WM 6.x was so frustrating it's amazing I'm still here.

    I imagine a future version of mobile IE will be a mix of IE9 and IE10, but don't start any rumors.

  • @WallMan  I agree, I think it would be awesome to check in via the Me Tile

  • the_fly
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    Why post a video my phone can't play on a Windows PHONE blog??

  • WallMan
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    Foursquare needs to be added to the Me tile check in.

  • vieya
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    More phones to sprint and verizon and bring us mango already.

  • (Copied from the WPR40 Post - think it has a better chance of being seen here on this new post)

    Hey Brian,

    Been using (and loving) my HTC Arrive since the day it came out... Love the podcast, love almost everything about WP7!

    Until last week when I got authorized at my new job for a health care company, to connect my phone to the Exchange ActiveSync server.  

    And it failed.

    My employer, like many in this field, require device encryption.  WP7 apparently doesn't, though iOS and Android do.  After evangelizing about my awesome WP7, and then finding that it's not compatible with our Microsoft Exchange email system, my love for the platform has taken a serious hit.  

    Please tell me this is being addressed in an upcoming update??

  • Likewise, I've noticed that since Facebook integrated messaging into chat, I *NEVER* get notifications of messages sent to me on FB through the People Hub.  After not using the official app much for a while, it's been coming back because it's the only way I can see these!

  • You said that you barely used the twitter and Facebook app since it is so integrated into the Os , like the people hub. I hope that the people hub not showing all updates, unlike the official Facebook app does, has been fixed in mango. I am running nodo on HTC trophy and have seen that this is an issue that is prevalent on the forums with all users. Has this been addressed in mango and fixed ?

  • jonemo
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    It sends a pretty mixed message to independent developers when apps by big brand names such as Foursquare get promoted heavily through various channels including this radio episode, when there is an equivalent (or better?) app serving the same purpose that has been around much longer (called 4th and Mayor) receiving little to no promotion.

  • abm
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    ... and what the ETA on this "ManJoe" update?