Recap: Windows Phone 7.5 “a breath of fresh air”

Recap: Windows Phone 7.5 “a breath of fresh air”

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What a Tuesday. In case you’re just tuning in—good morning, Hong Kong!—let me catch you up.

The day kicked off with an eagerly-anticipated post from Windows Phone general manager Eric Hautala: The Mango update was officially out and gradually making its way to phones around the world.

Tweets and blog comments poured in.

“HALLELUJAH!!!!!” wrote DreilingStL, the first to comment on Eric’s post. “You guys are spectacular!”

Hey, thanks! Of course, the Windows Phone 7.5 update is just getting underway. And, as Eric noted in his post, it will take several weeks before the majority of our customers can download it. But some blog readers already noted a sea change in how we’re delivering and talking about software updates.

“Wow, wow, wow,” reader Entegy wrote. ”Talk about learning from the NoDo experience. Good job!”

Added jschroedl: “I'm impressed with the engineering feat of a simultaneous start for all these phones/carriers/countries.  Also, I appreciate the transparency and honesty [of the post].”


Eric’s post was quickly followed by two from Ben Rudolph, who spotlighted some of the cool new phones on the way and posted a nice video tour of the new web Marketplace and more details about the Internet Sharing feature we’d been keeping under wraps as a surprise.

Tech bloggers and journalists, meanwhile, started publishing in-depth reviews of the release version of Windows Phone 7.5. Like any proud parent, we could prattle on all day about the new features we love best (here’s my favorite highlights reel). But it’s always more interesting—albeit nerve wracking—to hear what others have to say. And let’s face it: It’s not what we think, but what everyone else does, that matters.

So it was gratifying that many reviewers largely agreed with our own assessment. I’ll close with a smattering of my favorite quotes. Meanwhile, stay tuned—because we’ll have lots more to say about Windows Phone 7.5 here on the blog in the days ahead. What’s your take on the day?


This is my next: Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ release details and updated review by Chris Ziegler

“Windows Phone remains a breath of fresh air in an otherwise-entrenched mobile landscape. It’s fun to use in a way that iOS and Android are — to put it bluntly — not.”

“Put simply, regardless of your preconceptions, Windows Phone finally deserves an honest look the next time you’re ready to buy a phone — particularly as we start to see new devices come to market over the next few weeks.”

Mashable: Microsoft Unleashes Windows Phone Mango by Ben Parr

“Apps are getting the bulk of Microsoft’s love, though. The upgraded OS is designed to make Windows Phone’s 30,000+ apps more discoverable, useful and accessible.”

Engadget: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango review by Brad Molen

“With Mango, WP7 has caught up with Android and iOS in nearly every way, and in some areas it's even surpassed the other two in functionality. Despite a grim first year, the bright future of Windows Phone is forcing [Microsoft CEO Steve] Ballmer to wear shades.”

CNET: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Review: Up to speed by Jessica Dolcourt

“With version 7.5, Microsoft attempts to build on its metaphor for simple, straightforward features that get you in and out. This time, though, the goal was to make everything smarter and more social, now that Windows Phone must graduate from simply being something new, to something different. In this, Microsoft largely succeeds.”

“…keep an open mind and you just might be pleasantly surprised by Microsoft's elegant, daring, and simple take on smartphones.”

Wired: Mango Is a Fresh New Flavor for Windows Phones by Christina Bonnington

“….the Mango upgrade presents Windows Phone owners with a more complete package than the launch version. Interface details have been well-thought-out and executed. I see no reason not to upgrade. And if you don’t have one, consider checking one out.”

Pocketnow: Windows Phone 7.5 Review by Adam Lein

“All the analysts are predicting Windows Phone's imminent success for a reason, and this is probably just the beginning.”

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  • ugg55
    23 Posts

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  • westv555
    17 Posts

    Microsoft is ahead of schedule, Windows Phone Mango is already pushing out to 50 percent of users

  • @Matt   Yes, things look much improved.  I'm sure I'll feel that even more so once I receive Mango.  It looks like the Windows Phone team has learned to coordinate testing between all of the carriers and (most) of the manufacturers.  That's a really good thing.   The iPhone really has more than one model -- it probably has three models they support plus the iPod touch models.  Microsoft only supports phones that meet some strict hardware guidelines-- so the variety in Windows Phone devices is probably less than some would think (I think having restrictions like that is good, btw).  

    Another poster mentioned that I was ludicrous in thinking testing could be accomplished during the beta period,  but it could be done.   Microsoft, after all, releases Windows to everyone on a single day--  and that to a staggering variety of devices.   The Windows Phone team would require only a small amount of those superpowers to release Windows Phone to everyone at once. :-)

    I probably overstepped a bit in my development statement -- i was disappointed with the pace of the updates (and not getting the update personally).   it is true, though, that I can't look at developing for Mango until I have the release myself-- the simulator isn't bad, but it isn't the same thing.  

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment...  I appreciate it.

  • daafies
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    go here for instructions to force the update:

  • daafies
    6 Posts

    sigh still didn't get the update. samsung focus v1.3 on ATT west coast. hello? it feels like i'm in Zimbabwe. still a lot to learn about this upgrade process. And stop bragging with accolades like being better than iOS or android. cause you're not. it is better to be modest and learn from them. they're light years ahead.

  • Matt
    3 Posts


    I think that WP is a great platform, and i agree with some of the improvements you were talking about.  Letting the technical group download Mango on their own volition could greatly appease the techie group.  

    What i will say, is it seems like they have made great strides between update 1 and update 2.  Except for the Nexus line, i have never seen an update pushed across multiple devices, multiple carriers, and multiple countries...and even the Nexus doesnt count cause they dont have to deal with the carriers.  The iPhone doesnt they have one model typically and they control the update process themselves.  Some would say the MS should do the same...but when  your starting at the lowest segment of the totem pole...there is only so much strong arming that they can do to the carriers.  

    So to summarize, i think the tech group should be able to download the newest code on their own...but if i didnt get the update, i wouldn't stop developing for the platform...because they are listening and trying to make this better.

  • abm
    268 Posts

    Nice job done. Finally!!

    Win-Win WP7!

  • wljh28
    11 Posts

    @ Darren and Dave,  Thank you for the reply..  Last time we waited 3~4 months to get update on omnia 7 at T mobile.. And at that time, some news shows MS will solve this update problems.. However, this time we still need to wait.. I only hope the update will come to us soon..

  • @wljh28

    See my earlier comment. T-Mobile brand the phone so we get t-mobile bits in the release, which is essentially a bit of branding in IE. It takes them longer to do this, thus we have to wait, but it is coming. I've no idea when though, T-Mobile seem reluctant to keep us updated.

    I've heard the Zune network trick works if you don't want to wait; Mango definitely works on the Omnia 7. I might well do this, which also gives the advantage of not having the T-Mobile bits; there seems little point in having the t-mobile favourites during search and the t-mobile banner taking up valuable screen estate on the browser screen.

  • @wljh28

    Obviously I cant 100% say that you will get the Mango Update for T-Mobile Omnia 7, but I cant see why not, I'm on Orange UK and I managed to get Mango Update on my Omnia 7.  So the phone is not the problem, it must be a carrier issue that requires more time.

  • Yes,  @jreihsen, you are missing something.  If you re-read the other thread in this blog you'll see that only 10% of users are getting the update notifications right now, and if that goes smoothly, they'll open it up to 25% next week.  If that goes well, they'll open it up to 100% two weeks later.  Now, having said that, if you hit sites like and several other WP7-centric sites, you'll see that people have posted a little trick you can do with Zune and timing the disconnection of internet and reconnecting to convince Zune that you are supposed to be in that 10% and you'll get the update.  Some people have reported having to try the trick several times before it works, others found they hit it right the first time.

  • @turtlebreath, that's just lidicrous.  You can't actually believe that the "months of testing" are in a static environment, can you?  They have all but said that they were dropping things in practically at the last minute.  And I just can't believe anyone uses iPhone as a comparison here.  THEY HAVE ONE FLIPPING DEVICE!  Microsoft chose to go somewhere between Android and iPhone regarding devices and, given they have many different devices, there's a lot more to getting mass updates ready.  I'm sorry, but you make no sense.

  • AnZ
    12 Posts

    @ Michael. Can you please have some how to videos uploaded for Facebook, Windows Live messenger?

    02. Can we Have multiple live ID's to be logged in at the same time?

  • wljh28
    11 Posts

    In fact I just want an answer: when will mango come to Omnia 7 on Tmobile UK?  Should we wait for several months?  Why these update delay problems happen again and again?

  • looking to see more great features in coming appolo mango rocks

  • Conny
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    Ya know, now that many of us have Mango, there's really only one thing missing...

    Where's that awesome Windows Team Blog app we're all waiting for??

    Just wondering =D

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Phil W,

    FYI, I own two windows phones,a focus and an HD7,when ever I type in an address to get directions to,Bing maps tell me couldn't find,it works only with postal codes on my two phones.if I try to search for a street ita returns me results none of which are Canadian streets

    I have friends with Windows phones and they have the same issues

    As for Bing search I have no idea and don't even care about whatever MS does with it co, i use the best search engine aka Google

  • Got the mango update today and it is awesome! Thanks guys!

  • cm3763
    37 Posts

    Mango is so cool....Oh Oh wait a minute I have Samsung Focus v1.4 which should have been recalled on the Nodo update... I guess i ll have to wait till 2012 to see how good mango is....

  • no.. no.. NO.. Not again :( Why am I left stranded on NoDo when rest of the world are enjoying it :(...

    As always, Omnia 7 T-Mobile UK user

  • Phil W
    3 Posts

    @Kenny Rawlins Do you even own a Windows Phone? Bing maps has ALWAYS worked. From day 1 I was using it to locate address. And voice to text also works. The only thing that Canadians didnt get was Local Scout and Zune/Music intergration yet. Oh and Bing Traffic.

  • Am I missing something?  I have an ATT Focus V1.3 and I haven't received the update.  Nor have I received any text message.  I made sure that my Windows and Zune installations are both up to date.  I thought all Focus 1.3s were supposed to be updated yesterday.

    I ATT and they sent me to Samsung.  Samung was closed for the day so I chatted with MS tech support and they told me to be patient.  It's hard to be patient when you're waiting for something this good.

  • VictorWPB
    47 Posts

    Excellent job Microsoft.


  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    @Carol Chisholm

    Is there not a way to move the location of your old account?  I always get confused on these type of things.  That may warrent a "call support" thing to get the account straightened out.  Given the level of internet fraud, I understand the reasoning behind it.

  • ONE VERY UNHAPPY USER: upgraded  everything and STILL cannot use a Swiss credit card with a UK Zune account. So I still cannot buy anything on my phone. I live in Switzerland but want to keep my old LiveID with all my history. I also want Microfoft to talk to me in English.

  • rlintw
    13 Posts

    Mango is as good as I had hoped and has even pleasantly surprised me with a feature I hadn't read about: When I connected the phone to my car and started up the Zune player, I was delighted to see the phone now shares artist, song title and album information via Bluetooth so that it shows up on my car audio system.  WP7 did not provide this data. Thanks again.

  • Hi Michael,

    I figured I'd post this here since none of the forum inquiries have received any feedback. There is an issue that many including myself have been having with Live Messenger contacts not showing online in Mango. There is also no "chat" option on their card in the people hub. There are many forum posts with no answer to this bug, here is one:

    Some users have been sucessful with a hard reset, but can you confirm if there is any official way to resolve this issue without losing all of our data doing a reset?


  • I just got update. It seems the messenger have little problem, there is no one online, why?

    I expect Skype will rolling out with Mango, however no Skype yet...

  • @ScubaDog2011: Asked a few, two replies; neither can remember versions before hand. Afterwards though, we have:

     Vodafone UK, carrier & developer unlocked:

    OS version: 7.10.7720.68

    Firmware revision number: 2424.11.8.3

    Hardware revision number:

    Radio software version: 2424.11.7.2

    Radio hardware version:

    Bootloader version: 5.8.11

    Chip SOC version:


    Orange UK

    OS Version: 7.10.7720.68

    Firmware Revision Number: 0222.11.8.5

    Hardware Revision Number:

    Radio Software Version: 2424.11.7.2

    Radio Hardware Version:

    Bootloader version:

    Chip SOC version:

    My current firmware is 2424.11.2.3. I'll let you know what it changes to if T-Mobile get the update out before we've all forgotten 8)

  • Thanks for the review roundup Michael

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    Now that multitasking is available, when in the heck are we going to get a Pandora app???

  • Mark
    11 Posts

    Thanks for mango, finally. It's really amazing. a text came in whilst i was listening to Zune on my bicycle on the way to work. wp7 asked if i wanted it read to me. i agreed and it read it to me. i was too awestruck to read a reply. all the apps used the most, integrated into the phone. i love it.

  • @ScubaDog   I am being realistic-- things look improved but not perfect.   There's still a lot of work to do to fix the update process.

    Apple does what I mentioned with the iPhone -- anyone can update to the newest release the day it is released.   Microsoft should live up the same standard.     If there is testing to do before the rollout, they should do it, slowly, with beta testers.   They have had *months* of pre-release versions and tests...  All of the phones have to go through carrier and manufacturer testing before they are released, too.  They should know by now whether or not the release is going to go smoothly.  

    Things look much better than they did for previous releases-- but not perfect.    That's why this blog entry -- one that was saying how great everything is...  was a bit frustrating, because things are not great for all of the people here that want the update but are either (1) resorting to hacks or (2)  not getting the update while hearing how great it is.

    Why jump to defend Microsoft?   I'm not "bashing" them,  but simply saying there is still work to do to improve the process.   And I'm sure they know that already.

  • @DaveSussman, I noticed a LOT of Omnia users getting updated as well.  The question I have, though, is are they getting the whole thing or are they just getting the vanilla RTM, minus carrier or Samsung bits?  Can you find out from your friends if their firmware versions changed?

  • As a side note, I have seen on other websites that some Focus 1.4 users have been able to get the Mango release on their phone.  The one thing I couldn't tell was if they also got the Samsung-specific bits, too.  And you haven't been left out of the loop.  It's just delayed until Oct, which is also when many others will eventually see it as this slow-rollout progresses.  Microsoft seemed to indicate that it's still being test on the 1.4 devices, which leads me to believe that if folks HAVE gotten Mango to load on the 1.4 Focus it's just the final RTM and not the Samsung bits.  When I upgraded the Samsung bits were the very last pieces of the update on my machine...when I looked on my device it showed 7720.68, but not the latest firmware.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    Apparently my big comment got eaten by the tubes.  the TL;DR was "Stop calling each other names!  Really?  Suicide? Trolls?  Seriously?  I didn't know this was a blog populated by teenagers."

    I also commented on how it was pretty stupid that MS can't get the proper liscenses for their stuff straight and made a crack about the EU legal troubles.


    I wonder if the disconnect trick was just to low on their list of things to fix.  As Raymond Chen is fond of saying "Every feature starts with minus 100 pts" (I'm fairly certian he extended that to Bug fixing as well.)  It's apparently mostly harmless.  (Although I still haven't seen confirmation that you get updates for everything yet, so I'll still wait patiently.)

  • @Ark-kun, my goodnes, how many more ways can we SAY this?  Microsoft made a number of changes to their update process, most of which are behind the scenes, and it would be STUPID for ANYone to think that trying to just firehose the update that has essentially been untried would be a good idea.  I look at processes all day, finding ways to improve them, remove waste, etc.  One thing you absolutely don't do is change a process for the sake of change and any changes you make need to be tested to make sure they A) work, B) don't create a cascade of unintended consequences, and C) are sustainable.  I'm not a developer, but I'm definitely geeky.  I've been frustrated nearly all year with the fits and starts going on with this update mess.  But I'm also sensible enough to temper my enthusiasm and angst in the context of the enormity of this process.  You know, when GM re-launched the Camaro it took them a very long time---a number of prototypes, teaser marketing, etc.  When they finally put them into production they did NOT create a glut even though research showed a LOT of people were anxious to get that car.  People ended up paying INSANE markups on the first ones that came out.  However, they couldn't guarantee the production model would be successful nor could they guarantee surprise issues wouldn't show up in this new version.  Fast forward a year later and I see them all over the place (included  used car lots) and the prices have come down.  I've heard of some complaints about the new version, but largely it's a success.   This is pretty much what's going on here with Mango.  New version using updated method with a customer base that they can't guarantee is going to like it.  How much angrier would you folks be if, on top of Mango not giving you what you want, that the update process was truly available to 100% of the customers and a third of you ended up with bricked phones?  And and overwhelmed Microsoft not able to help YOU out IMMEDIATELY?

    In the Leans/Six Sigma world you make improvements to a process, you carefully apply them and allow the new process to stabilize.  You find out what changes worked, what didn't and you continue to improve.  You speed up your processes or broaden their scope as the validity of the process is proven.  I have not doubt future updates will be accelerated.  This one already seems to be moving better than I think they anticipated if only because quite a few people have been using the Zune disconnection trick to update their devices ahead of the rollout schedule.  I'll be the 10% first-week target turns out to be effectively 15-20%.

  • a688
    27 Posts

    @ ScubaDog2011

    "He states because everyone didn't get it when they want to (which is, in reality, happening via the disconnection trick)" Is this method actually supported by MS? I've never seen anywhere where they said it was supported or where they ever (officially) recommended it.

    "...process and you have to develop MULTIPLE versions across many devices running DIFFERENT versions of the OS." Are you talking about WP7 here or Android ;). Android developers don't HAVE to do any of that. Even WP7 developers write stuff that works well on one phone but not another.

  • I completely agree with @Zartan.  Well said!

  • The problem with complaints like those from @turtlebreath is that they are simply ultimatums that have very little realistic context.   He states because everyone didn't get it when they want to (which is, in reality, happening via the disconnection trick) he's no longer going to develop apps for WP7.  Of course, Android most notably has an even worse process and you have to develop MULTIPLE versions across many devices running DIFFERENT versions of the OS.  Yep, that sure is a fun platform to develop for.....NOT.   What people like him don't seem to get the clue on is that the update process for Mango was different than it was for previous release.  This means, given the scale, that a NEW process had to be executed with a MEASURED approach.  If this method turns out to work very well, then future updates will very likely go even faster (as far as execution, not necessarily the development in between).  But it is insane for anyone to insist that a company vomit out an update that's significant as Mango and just hope that it goes smoothly.  As I posted elsewhere, it's much easier to recover from a small trainwreck than a large one.

    I think that, compared to NoDo, this update is going much better.  I don't know if Microsoft intentionally "overlooked" the disconnection trick in Zune (which many of us used to upgrade back then) or if they had more pressing issues, but given their 10% initial roll, I'd venture that the percentage will be significantly higher when you factor in those who used the trick.  That it seems to be working so far speaks well of the improvements to the process.  

    Well done, Microsoft!

  • I LOVE MANGO...oh wait I don't have it because I have a Focus 1.4.  I'll let you know how it is in 3-4 months.

  • I think the decisions that were made co concerning IE9 were because of screen real-estate. Come on people you can't fit everything on a cellphone screen.

  • jburch
    45 Posts

    When is V1.4 Focus going to get the update and why once again has it been left out of the loop?

  • @Michael Stroh Who do you have running marketing for the WP7 in the UK as it is totaly none existant. Im with T-Mobile (DT) in the UK and they dont even carry the wp7 phones anymore (ive looked around there site and no wp7 devices are offered anymore) or even know anything about the phones ive had them trying to push me a Andriod phone to replace my Omnia 7 what i love its a amazing phone. You guys have realy dropped the ball in the UK with what is a amazing phone when the mobile networks tell you we supply you with andriod phones now cos there more easy to get updates for and coustomers and coustomise them more. Even in the high street its nonexistant i have freinds who have tried to get a WP7 device when they had there upgrades and due to there networks no supplying the phones and staff in stores saying the WP7 platforms a bit dodgy when they know nothings about them or not even getting the phones in store even the largest highstreet retailer of phones CPW ive never seen a store carrying a single WP7 phone. who ever you got in the uk dealing with marketing please take them out somewhere and shoot them and hire some competent apes to repace them as they would do a better job.

  • OK, so I've just had a tweet back from UK T-Mobile support, who say:

    " Hi Dave, there is no block, branded handsets get different versions of the ROM, these require more testing occasionally."

    I read that as "we add branding to things like IE which means we have to test it more and you suffer"

    I'd love to know exactly what the ROM changes are and if it really is just branding.

    It just seems that DT are very slow.

  • Yes, this is the issue I have; UK T-Mobile customer (DT) where the schedule site says "Except for Omnia 7". We know it works on the Omnia; I've friends with developer unlocked Omnia's and I've seend reports of others using the network trick to isntall Mango. So it works; we know it works, you know it works, no one seems to have told DT; why lack of information? The site, for example, doesn't imply there's a delay for the Omnia, just that it's not being delivered; will it be?

    The real problem I have is that there's a clear lack of communiation. DT have are destroying the WP7 brand expereience because of their poor customer service. T-Mobile UK seem clueless; they know nothing.

    It would be really useful if you could give us some details on the problems with the Omnia; why it's happening, why it takes DT so long, and why you feel it's OK to keep us in the dark.

    BTW, I love WP7. I'll wait for the update; I just don't want to be treated like I'm not important.

  • Im provement over the Nodo roll out but you dropped the ball with the Omnia 7 sorry to say should be all or none if one carrier is behind or oem force the update out leave them to sit there twiddling there thumbs. IMHO there was no reason to delay the omnia 7 updates as i got it installed on my DT/T-Mobile branded handsets by using zune and the phone works perfect.

  • Ark-kun
    18 Posts

    Truth! :

    If someone has a supported device and *asks* for an update that is available for that device,  allow them to download and install that update.   That should be a small percentage of the users... mostly more technical users at that.

    If Microsoft used this solution,  Microsoft would make the more technical people happy by providing prompt updates to them... and it would also allow the update to be staged a bit, which is something that seems important for them to do as well.

  • It saddens me that any perceived slight against WP is seen as some trollish act and met with very inflammatory responses. And there also seems to be this level of elitism on this blog and in the Windows Phone community in general in the sense that if your aren't a developer or a techie, then you are somehow naive in understanding WP. It isn't everyone.

    As I said under a previous post, I am enjoying discovering the features of 7.5. But I can completely understand the frustrations of those who have to wait and who may feel cheated.

  • Ark-kun
    18 Posts

    Good for them.

    I got no update though.

    Seems like they are more equal than me. I don't think thaey had to wait til June to get their "January-February" update either.

  • Albert
    94 Posts

    I installed. I think I shed a tear of joy. Simply: beautiful work, guys. Little bit: I'm glad HTC didn't block keyboard languages too! So glad I can type messages in Spanish to my mom without a hassle now =) Such a small thing, and it pales in comparison to all the new Bing features (Vision and Audio are AWESOME!), SkyDrive integration, ALL of the new swishes and animations that make the OS feel even MORE alive and fun to use, and just all the of the detail's really come a long way. Now, I just hope the best for the platform; it truly deserves an audience :)

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Phil W,

    My question in my last post referred to the usability in Canada not Worldwide

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Phil W,

    You rightly said a few,and my previous post I also said a couple of other minor features which I didn't list.all what you have just listed are useless to me and I think if we had to compare how important what u have just listed to how important finding a address is I think the later will be more Important,but try searching an address or anything else in Bing maps,it gives you results in the USA,try voice to text,it doesn't work and so on.

    I wasn't complaining i was just sharing my impression.i had my premature windows phone for 10months without mango and i learned how to live without all the basic features mango brought to the USA.

    Simple Question for,is Windows phone more usable than the 3 other guys(IOS,Android and BB)?

    My answer is no

  • Gary
    12 Posts

    got the mango update, and it works fine, just not a lot new for my usage. one thing that didn't change and that i don't like is in the email client. my phone is not the central repository for my email. outlook on my server is. when i'm away and get an email, read it and delete it, the next time windows phone syncs it deletes it from my server, before i ever get it downloaded into outlook.

    this is not how a pop3 email client works. and even if it was, there is always a setting to leave the email on the server for x number of days. not in windows phone. why not?

  • KTGiang
    34 Posts

    HTC Arrive updated to mango just fine. Keep up the good work.

  • wljh28
    11 Posts

    Again..  just like what happened before, Why Omnia 7 cannot receive update like other phone?  When can omnia7 users get update? Last time we wait for several months, I think MS should release update to us on time!!

  • @cbjohnky   Thanks for the suggestion.  It doesn't work for me-- I tried fifteen times or so, and it seems a waste of time to continue attempting the unplug the network cable & turn off wifi technique. .   I'll check for an update next week and hope I'm part of the next round that gets Mango.

    I hope Microsoft  reads my earlier suggestion and gives  a response.   It would be nice to have an email address to send suggestions-- especially one where I can send feedback without being subject to name calling by others.

    I want Windows Phone to do well because I do like the interface more than iOS and Android.   The fact that I'm flustered about the rollout process should be proof of that.    i also think it's fair to expect that the Windows Phone update process will someday match or exceed what is present in the iPhone.  I do think one month is too long for a rollout period.

  • Conny
    60 Posts

    I'd rather MS take their time with the release of Mango then run into the same debacle that seems to hit every single time Apple has a major OS update, namely the incredible amount of bricked phones.

    Did I sync my phone earlier to find an update waiting? Nope. Am I geeky enough to find out how to get it? You betcha.

    But, that puts me into a bracket other then 'casual user'.

    I have to agree with the previous poster(s) who suggested slow rollouts with the option to update when I feel like it.

    Considering that most users don't follow tech blogs like we do, it shouldn't make the update process any more complicated, and issues, should they arise, should be able to be taken care of the the same way MS is hoping to with this type of staggered release.

  • Phil W
    3 Posts

    @ Kenny Rawlins theres a little more available to us Canadians. Bing maps works with turn by turn navigation. Bing Music search works aswell. Also the search function where you type in a restuarant like mcdonalds or something which was available at launch to the USA now works....stop complaining.

  • rlintw
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    7.5 is a delight. The original OS was the most innovative OS on the market, but with 7.5 on top, it is not just the most innovative, it is flat out the best. Thanks for this free update, for the improved update process, for the much better transparency.

    And BTW, for the poster who claims to be a developer and who doesn't appear to know that there is a reliable way to get the update on demand, I suggest you spend less time venting here and more time on Bing looking for the instructions.

  • A couple of serious trolls here (@turtlebreath and @kennyRawlins ...please ignore) ...  to the guys on the windowsphone team:  Job well done under serious pressure.   The "table stakes" are getting bigger and bigger and with the iOS 5 updates and new iPhone due next week it will be back to trench warfare soon enough.  So enjoy and give your Marketing team a boot and get them promoting the snot out of this fabulous acheivement.  Congrats.  Now back to work!!

  • KR
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    Lol.facing the same lack of features you've listed do Windows phone supports Canada's two languages

  • KR
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    IMHO,the consistency in the Windows phone UI which I enjoyed on NoDo has been destroyed by Mango,all the aesthetics is gone

    Thank you Microsoft for releasing mango this early,it has helped not look forward to any Gen 2 device and hence saving me some money

  • KR
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    I have mango loaded on my carrier unlocked focus in Canada,as I've said in another comment,I'm not impressed at all.

    The only new features in Windows phone in Canada are:

    All the Facebook integration

    new Zune Player design

    App switching

    The new marketplace layout

    IE9 which now has a lag when flipping the phone to browse in more smooth as post NoDo IE

    And a couple more minor features not worth listing,overall the only improvements we've got from mango in Canada are the UI tweaks


    I'll never blame Canadian carriers for not marketing Windows phone here,its just not worth it,compared to the functionalities the Other guys offer to the Canadian market

  • jblobner
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    Nice work Microsoft!!!    Love Mango love the phone.

  • Mango update - it's great! So many new features!

    local scout - displays this awesome popup saying it's not supported in my location

    improved bing search - that opens bing website in a browser because it's not supported in my location

    text/speech2speech/text - just great! the way it doesn't support my language is just awesome

    turn by turn navigation - that isn't supported in my location is a life saver!

    multitasking - for all those great great apps that aren't available in my localized marketplace, yay!

    new display languages - finally my own language! .. that is available only on new devices so no go for my HD7

    tethering - wow, the great feature I missed so much after WM6.5.. that isn't enabled on my existing HD7 for whatever reason

    imroved artist art and on the lock screen now! - that doesn't show 'cause it's not supported in my location, yeah!

    podcasts right on the device! - those are great, especially the way they're not available in my location

    facebook chat - sweet! displays this great text saying it can't connect righ now. But "we're trying"!! so still awesome!

    let's also not forget about the great great supporting soft - Zune! that now let's me use my local language and click on the "show profile" button only to do nothing, because it's not supported in my location! or the great "account settings" button that displays this beautiful "page couldn't be found" page in my browser.

    Oh, and did I mentioned? It now displays this great "Orangeyyyyyyyyy"  text as my carriers name (Orange) right on the front tile! so I gues it's a sweet easteregg - thanks guys!

    My phone is now fully loaded withe awesome awesome stuff that I can't use because they're not supported in my location. My friends will drop their jaws when I show them all this goodness!

    Thanks MS! I knew You could do it and boy, did You!

  • Zartan
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    @Nater Those are some crazy nitpicks. You can get your recently opened tabs just by holding down the back button. It creates a new card for every tab you open in IE.

    In Office, there is an up arrow to take you up one folder level. The back button is convenient to bounce you up all the way to the top without having to keep hitting the up arrow. And what is wrong with sorting your content alphabetically and putting folders on top? That is how it should be done.

    I get no lag in WLM between and phone and about a 2-3 second lag between WLM on PC and phone. To say that the IM is worthless is idiotic.

  • Nater
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    Microsoft made a mistake only giving the Beta out to Developers.  There are severa areas where it's obvious no one tested the user experience.

    WLM/Facebook chat is terrible.  I just tested it.  BeejiveIM on a Vibrant, with WP7 mango (Official Update), and WLM on my PC.  I sent messages to the translator bot.  Beejive on Android got every push Notification/Message near instantly.  The WP7 device only got a notification for 10% of the chats I sent, adn those it did get, it was 45 seconds to 2 minutes later.  That type of Lag in an IM application renders it unusable.  You're better off just using SMS if that's what you're going to deal with.  SMS is 3x faster than WLM and I only have 1-2 bars of GPRS here (I have two smartphones with Active SIM cards in them).

    This is embarassing, considering Microsoft had IM+ remove WLM from their application so they can push the native Mango [non-] functionality...

    The Contextual Search button being molested and ravaged...  I don't understand that change.  It's contextual on Android as well, Customers don't find that confusing seeing as how they're buying them in Droves.  Why would you remove that.  It makes the phone harder to use...

    Office Hub, SkyDrive...  Sorting everything Alphabetically and put putting Folders on top.  Sending you to Office Hub when you back out of a folder instead of one folder up...  This could be seen with one 30 second use of the integration...

    Removal of Tabs shortcut in IE9 and moving it to the menu...  A tabbed browser where you have to go into a menu to get to tabs...  Contextual search button wasn't confusing, but this type of stuff is?

    Next WP7 release, reach out to real users and ask them if they want to Beta the application.  Real users, who will actually use the device fully and report bugs for things even they don't care about.  I don't want another Developer-Beta'd OS update.  Apple would never let these types of things happen.

    Wait and see if their iMessage application takes 45 seconds to 2 minutes to get a push notification/recieve a message, or their iCloud storage integration mixes folders in with Files and sends you out to the app main screen when you back out of a folder.  That just won't happen.

    Details matter.  I think the update was fantastic, overall.  However, to have the IM functionality be so utterly worthless after going a year without any decent IM apps on the platform, and seeing the apparent lack of attention to detail in many places.  It puts a very bittersweet taste to it.

  • @tsrbike  No, it's not the end of the world.  I have no choice except to wait.   It is disappointing, though- posts everywhere are reviewing and saying how good Mango is, and I am unable to get it because I wasn't randomly chosen.

    And I do know that the update process seems better.  I said that. Twice-- congratulations to Microsoft for those improvements.  

    However, that doesn't mean the upgrade process is perfect.   So I give this suggestion to Microsoft if they are listening.   Change the update process so that :

    1.  If someone has a supported device and *asks* for an update that is available for that device,  allow them to download and install that update.   That should be a small percentage of the users... mostly more technical users at that.

    2.   if someone does not ask for the update,  inform them of the update on a rolling basis (that is, keep things how they are now).  This is probably the majority of users.    Windows Phone is good enough that i don't feel a need to sync it to my computer on a weekly or monthly basis   If I do, it's usually because I'm looking for an update.

    If Microsoft used this solution,  Microsoft would make the more technical people happy by providing prompt updates to them... and it would also allow the update to be staged a bit, which is something that seems important for them to do as well.

  • tsrblke
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    In theory, if you didn't know about this blog, you wouldn't know the update was being deployed over time.  You'd get a message on your phone and you'd update.

    My wife seems to get iPhone updates at incredibly random times (and I don't hear big news that an iOS upgrade is coming).  Is apple throttling updates too, we just don't know because we never know when they're going to release an update?

    Is this different because MS released a half baked OS that needed a huge overhaul?  Yeah, probably.  But that doesn't change the fact that the update process has been improved.

    *Disclaimer, I haven't gotten the update yet either, I'm up there with the most eager of them.  I won't die.

  • Hey if your zune software isnt recognizing a new software update, try it again but disconnect the internet connection from your pc/mac a second or two anfter it starts searching.  Thats what it took for me to get the update. focus on att, updated my phone at 1pm cst, no visual voicemail or tethering through att.  I was looking forward to visual voicemail too.

  • @Aaron   I'm a troll for saying that the process is much improved?   I definitely see improvement over previous updates.

    If someone has an iPhone, all they need to do is plug in the phone and check for available updates.   Windows Phone should work the same way.  There shouldn't be an arbitrary referee telling us who can get the update on day one and who needs to wait a few weeks to get it.    I don't have a problem with Microsoft not telling people there are updates available for their phone for a few weeks to stage the process a bit.  But if someone *asks* for an update that has been released for their phone, they should get it.

    I use a Mac (and windows in a virtual machine and at work), and the hacks to get it immediately aren't working for me.-- either from Zune or Windows Phone Connector for Mac.  So I need to wait.  I've been waiting for this for a long time because (1) this is a my first smartphone, and (2)  I can't do one of the two major things I bought my phone for because a website requires html 5.  That site is not accessible to me until Windows 7.5 comes out.

    So I'll have to wait up for a month to get the update.  That means that there is much improvement that can be made in the update process.  I also feel bad for the people that own Focus 1.4 models, Dell Venue phone, and Samsung Omnia phones.   They all have to wait longer than I do.

    I'm also a long term windows developer and do that for my day job-- do you personally know what registration free COM and embedded manifest files in C++ mean?

    I have a few ideas for applications to make, and would like to write them for Windows phone.  However, they require APIs that were not available until Mango.   My personal time is valuable to me, and I wanted to see Mango first before deciding to spend the money -- and more importantly, time -- to join the developer program.

  • Great new my HTC HD7 gonna be HTC HD7.5.. ;)

  • "All of the accolades mean nothing until I (and everyone else) can get Mango on our phones.  The process looks like a big improvement, but it still has a lot further o go.  Anyone that wants to download the upgrade after its release should be able to do so without waiting.    Anything less than that means that the update process is a failure.

    Personally, this failure means that I've decided not to develop apps for Windows Phone.  I decided to not join the developer program earlier because I thought I would need to roll back my only phone-- it's good to know that's not the case. I'm sorry about that because I really like the phone and the operating system.  Best of luck with everything."

    Somebody call the wambulance, you are just unbelievable. The mango update is rolling out to people over the next 4 weeks and that's still not good enough for you?

    Then are  you complaining because you didn't have to roll back your phone?

    Mind telling me how the update process is a failure?

    Microsoft pulled the switch

    You get a notification on your phone when the update is available

    You plug in and get mango, its really that simple

    You honestly sound like a troll to me.

  • Its official, Windows Phone. One word. WINNING.

  • All of the accolades mean nothing until I (and everyone else) can get Mango on our phones.  The process looks like a big improvement, but it still has a lot further o go.  Anyone that wants to download the upgrade after its release should be able to do so without waiting.    Anything less than that means that the update process is a failure.

    Personally, this failure means that I've decided not to develop apps for Windows Phone.  I decided to not join the developer program earlier because I thought I would need to roll back my only phone-- it's good to know that's not the case. I'm sorry about that because I really like the phone and the operating system.  Best of luck with everything.

  • I couldn't post to any blog all day. What???