Have a new Windows Phone feature idea? Try Suggestion Box

Have a new Windows Phone feature idea? Try Suggestion Box

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Here’s your chance to play engineer and possibly even influence the future of Windows Phone.  Introducing Suggestion Box, a single, official repository for all your Windows Phone feedback and feature requests. No idea is too crazy—or small! Try it now

This is something I know many of you have been clamoring for. Now you don’t have to wonder whether your tweets and blog comments are getting through to the team. Suggestion Box not only lets you steer feedback directly to the folks who actually design and build Windows Phone—but also vote on and debate other people’s pet projects.

Anybody can use Suggestion Box, which organizes ideas by category and shows which are gaining the most traction or sparking the most chatter. But heads up that it’s a moderated forum and only for phone-related ideas. We’d prefer not to see your unpatented inventions, movie pitches, favorite pizza toppings, or strategies for jumpstarting the economy. If you post them, we’ll have to remove them.

Here’s what’s trending now on Suggestion Box. Is your lightbulb moment next?

Suggestion Box is our official repository for Windows Phone feature suggestions.

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  • 4 major issues/concerns I have as user after using Nokia 820 for 6 mths:

    1) Outlook:  Why only can attach photos in email, but not files such as word, powerpoint, pdf & etc?  If WP8 want to fight it out at both consumer and enterprise space, this is critical.  Even though there is skydrive available to share files, but why not allow user to attach files as it is?

    2) Web-browser:  there is no back button when using the in-build WP8 web-browser.  Again, Microsoft should use it's strength in this area, to  ensure user have the best experience (both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8).  iOS and Andriod already well-established in the market.  Microsoft need to minimise mistakes, as user/customers nowadays are not forgiving and impatient, will jump ship quickly.

    3) Windows Explorer:  User should be allowed to see all files being saved in the phone or in SD card.  Example: currently to see pdf files, need to use word or pdf reader.  User should also be allowed to view files in their phone directly or thru' PC.

    4) Banking/Finance Apps:  There are lots of banks/finance institutions created apps in Andriod & iOS, to allow user to access and easily perform simple banking transactions thru' Internet Banking on smartphone & tablets.  But till date, WP8 banking/finance apps are either non-existence or very very very few.

  • xloren
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    I can only "copy" my contact addresses, but the feature does not work when trying to "copy" places/businesses addresses using Bing.  Instead, I have to use Google to copy businesses addresses.  FIX THIS PLEASE

  • Rik
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    Left Android after 5 years to join W8P revolution and got a HTC 8X Phone!

    Absolutely brilliant platform! Yes still needs a few things added, but looking very very very promising!! Credit to Microsoft they have nailed it this time with Windows 8 Phone (and Windows 8 on desktop and Server 2012)

    Dumped Google and it feels good!! Very good!! :)

  • Rik
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    Show connection speed somewhere of WIFI connection, small but necessary sometimes :)

  • custom message tones, email, voicemail..etc

  • In theory, this suggestion box was a great idea--except that very few of the suggestions WERE ACTUALLY TAKEN.

    Too little too late. It's been almost 2 years since this platform debuted and it's still too clunky and limited. I'm going to the other side, trading in my Samsung Focus for an iPhone 4S since the much-anticipated Nokia Lumia 900 blows.

  • RuBiAkO
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    Today is there are a poor collection of windows phone. HTC & Samsung said they will not release another WP handset ultil apollo at end of 2012...

    If you want Windows Phone reach a good market quote... must get negotiacion with manufacturers to build much more WP handsets to be available at carriers and people choose his favorite one....

    My actual carrier offers only 3 WP: HTC Radar, Nokia Lumia 800 & 710, but offers about 20 android phones!!!!

    If people don´t see WP in the carrier collection shop.... people don´t choose WP.

  • Hello

    Windows Phone 7 is a refreshing platform ideea and a big step in the right direction , but (and it's a big BUT) there are a few kinks that have to be ironed out before the platforme can become truly competitive.

    First on the list is a simple and efficent file explorer that NOKIA has in ther Symbian deviaces that is systemwide and capable of USB-on the Go

    Second problem is the Mass storrage capability that can solve time consuming problems when you want to simply download a file to the phone from the computer.

    Another problem is the lack of codec suport in the video player that is complicating the video uploads to the phone ....to get rid of transcoding and no more loss in movie quality .

    And in last place you consider the platform as a glance and go .... but how can symbian be a more glance and go platform then windows ? the problem lies with the lack of the clock and notification in standby mode (more accurate is the failuare to use the AMOLED screens to delever time and notifications like NOKIA's Sleeping Screen that uses the great power saving propierties of the screen to show all the time the clock and other notifications .)

    i hope that you can understand what the limitations are and you consider them for future updete pack's they can put windows phone in first place and kick some android but.

  • There are a lot of good ideas an must have on the suggest box.

    My question is how lot it takes to decide if a request will be realized?

    Is there any possibility to see the progressive of decision, programming and release of a feature?

    We need more features in WP7, like:

    mass storage

    phone backup

    bluetooth data transfer

  • Andyt8
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    really nice, but less points for voting - however hopefully new features will come faster...

  • implement more actions and searches for voice and dictation in Word

  • @Thom, please read my post on Multivoting.  Keep in mind that if everything is a priority then NOTHING is a priority.

  • @cdm3763, you're not making any sense.  You seem to believe that ALL of the WP team CAN be focused on this ONE issue.  Not everyone who is on the team has the expertise to be working on the TESTING PHASE of this issue.  Plus, have you considered that at the moment it's either Samsung or AT&T that's actually doing the testing?  And, I hate to point out the obvious, but setting up a website that simply records inputs from users doesn't mean that ANYone at Microsoft is actually applying resources (people, money or materials) to implementing those inputs.  I just don't get some people's thought processes.

  • Thom
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    10 votes is not enough! Please increase to 25 or more.

    Limiting it means I have to make a compromise of whether I create a feature or vote on others.

    I'm having to comment on the Features I want with the message below but that kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

    "+1, I would love to vote for it but have already used up my 10, sorry :("

  • Thom
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    This is brilliant stuff.

    I think it's a great idea to get public feedback to see what the most popular improvements would be.

    We need one for Windows 8 too!

  • tsrblke
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    Question, I'm on a 1.3 focus, haven't cheated to get any updates, so I don't have it yet.  If you get it merely a week (or possibly a few days) after me (because that could be the timeline the way things look) does that make you feel any better.  It's not as if you can say "Well easy for you to say, you already have mango."  Because well...I don't.

    People have posted the "trick" works on 1.4 foci (which makes me wonder if some of the device specific updates don't make it in the process.  So we're effectively even.  (WP central's timelines have been on so far, no reason for them to be wrong now.)

  • I like how you guys are really reaching out to us users for suggestions and ideas. Huge improvement from a couple of months ago.

    BTW Mango  runs super smooth on my LG Quantum, love the speed tweaks done to the final version (I previously had the Beta 2 installed).

    Now it's up to developers to start using the SDK tools for Mango and make the OS shine!

  • cm3763
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    @scuba we all see that v1.4 is in testing and if you have 1.4 you would also be complaining. Are suggestion is work on getting that update out be worrying about other features that's all.

  • @ChrisLynch and others, with the concept of Multivoting, which we use quite frequently in working Lean events, you get past a point of effectiveness when you have too many votes per person.  I'm actually surprised it's more than 5 votes per person, given how many people are potentially going to respond.  They have to have a reasonable way to prioritize the work going into the next update to WP7 (or WP8, if that's really where these are going to end up).  Believe me, I hear a similar complaint when I'm facilitating an event where the selection of ideas on the wall (we use post-it notes on a wall) that some participants want more votes.  But if the intent is to let Microsoft focus limited resources within a limited timeframe on the TOP issues from customers, they've chosen an industry-proven method to do it.  To be reasonable, you, as the "voter", need to choose your priorities and vote accordingly, even though there may be more candidates than you have votes.  You simply have to ask yourself, given all the options, which are MOST important to me?  Let's face it, if you only have so many people, so much expertise and so much time, it would be senseless to waste effort on things that have relatively few votes, compared to ones that have overwhelming votes.  BTW, I'll be surprised if the WP7 team isn't also using a tool called a PICK chart.

  • @jburch, did you not see where the V1.4 update is in testing, to be rolled out when it's done?  I believe the target was end of Oct.  <sigh>

    Anyway, I think the suggestion box is a great idea.  The voting mechanism used is similar to what we use in working Lean events---Multivoting.  Hopefully word about that site will get out to more users.  It seems to me that Microsoft would do well to make sure the carriers all have links to whatever Microsoft sites are the best avenues to discussing the platform, getting assistance from other users, and the suggestion box.  Just a thought.

    BTW, does everyone see the icons for texts and emails on the bottom of their lockscreens along with a count of outstanding messages for each?  Based on some comments I've seen elsewhere it almost seems as if not everyone has this.  I find it very convenient to not have to unlock my screen to see if I have any messages waiting for me.

  • Typhoon87
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    Why was it chosen to use a custom platform for this and not to use the Microsoft Connect?

  • @Maciej

    I'm in Poland too. Tried it just after update and it didn't work. But I just checked today and both locating and ringing works great. Didn't try the lock or erase features but I'd guess those should work too. So maybe give it another try?

  • tsrblke
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    Those features (Find Ring Lock) do rely on Text messaging, I dunno if that applies to you but when I accidently shut off Texts on my phone (AT&T mistake) I couldn't use those features until I got that fixed.  So if for some reason you can't get Texts, that may explain your problem (or it may not.)

  • realy gd thing ^_^ i voted for arabic language support and B transfer

  • Maciej
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    Here's my question: is this WP feature idea, or general idea -

    - I don't have Zune in my region, so Bing can't search for music (why!?)

    - I don't have Zune in my region, so Zune doesn't show backgrounds while playing music, which looks plain ugly

    - Maps will find smallest park, but won't find longest street (that's particularly mind boggling)

    - Although it should work, find my phone, ring my phone and all others wont. Same as above - windowsphone.com in Polish states it works, it's translated nice and all, but doesn't work for no apparent reason.

  • nitro52
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    Oh i forgot to add its good to set Hot Ideas as the default tab so new and popular idea's  can get some coverage. I wish there was a random ticker you could use to help this as well but there wasn't

  • nitro52
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    I Agree with Tiago, a year with only 10 points we found was not enough, People had loads of ideas and if they aren't logged their not very useful. One aspect that will be better is the feedback, Microsoft has the inside scoop and should be able to report when something is planned/reviewed/accepted alot better than having to wait for news about the next update.

    To give some insight we were averaging 2 - 5 new ideas  and about 5 - 8 comments each day. With a total of 821 ideas. Due to no inside view 94% were still awaiting response though. There was 15,692 votes in the last 60 days alone. Yes there was unlimited votes but this was the only way we could ensure ideas were not being missed. The longer it takes to give feedback about an idea to the clients via status update the more votes you need as a buffer.

    There is no doubt that people want a great alternative to other smart phones and they are willing to help make that possible. By listening to the great ideas MS will defiantly achieve that. I am already impressed at some of the new features mango released (Text to Voice blew me away) and a big chunk of the added features were also user ideas

  • @Michael Stroh :) thanks for the update.... i know its not easy and it should be more difficult to mantain this new site since there will be much more people submiting ideas. The worst aspect is duplicated ideas that users submit without trying to see if there is already a similar and creating ideas like please fix my phone, my phone is broken, etc....

    i hope there is more then 1 admin or at least this admin is a full time Microsoftie...

    In one day your first top idea has more votes then the unofficial site in 1 year.


  • really its great idea to add  improvements in upcoming upgraes..

  • Awesome news Michael!  I do hope you folks will concider increasing the number of votes from 10 to say 15 or 20.  With the number of features people will request, 10 is just too small.  Anyhow, this is great to see!

    Also, can you tell us if Matt Akers and his team will see these as well, since Zune is also tied into Windows Phone?

  • nitro52
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    Hi Michael, I original started the following feedback site when there was no official channels.


    now their is an official channel I'll be closing this forum down. If you guys are interested in somehow transferring the ideas what is the best way to get in contact with you?

  • @ Tony Cedric

    You should put that down as a suggestion. Maybe the MS-Nokia MS-Samsung friendships will sprout some major ad campaigns.

  • Don't know if this is the right time or place for this. But I just had to share with someone. Its unfortunately a too common story with WP7.

    So my fiancee's Maid of Honor had been due for an upgrade and of course I went to work showing off my Focus and WP7. She had an iPhone 3GS, loved it and I suspected she was gonna upgrade to a iPhone 4. But I figured I at least let her know WP7 was out there. She ended up getting an Android (don't know the particular model). So far, she loves it.

    Well, this evening my fiancee' and I got together with her and her boyfriend for dinner. We started talking about phones cause her boyfriend is also due for an upgrade and said he may wait for an iPhone 5 (as well as my fiancee'). So again, I begin touting WP7 features and the fact that Mango with 500 new ones was just released. He's a gamer, so I really pushed the Xbox Live features. So she (her MOH) told the story of when she went to get a new phone, she had looked at an HTC WP (I'll assume the HD7S) because she had remember my pitch for the WP7. Well, she said when she asked about the phone, the AT&T sales person flat out told her the phone was crap and to go with an Android or iPhone 4.

    At this point, I really think MS needs to ramp up the marketing for WP7 for the regular consumer and they better do it fast. I almost had this problem with a salesperson trying to push their Android phone on to me. I wanted to try something new (I had a 3GS I had destroyed on accident prior to getting my Focus) so the tactic was not gonna work on me. But her story really had me worried. I'm not a techie in the sense many on this blog are. I love technology, but more on the consumer side. I know many tout the platform on the technical side. And that's all well and good. But clearly, that's not enough to get people to take the platform serious. Its at this point all about brand recognition, no matter how well thought out and put together the WP7(.5) is. And I feel with the iPhone 5 looming, there just seems to be this lackadaisical attitude on MS part to change this and that is not a good thing for those of us invested in this.

  • @Tiago, et al. Sorry guys, I thought I had posted something earlier, but looks like I forgot to hit Post (ever do that?). The team that manages Suggestion Box is still doing a little housecleaning and organizing, so some of the issues marked "closed" might change in the days ahead. As Tiago points out, managing something like this isn't trivial...especially now that so many people will be contributing. But I'm sure everyone agrees it's a great resource--for you and us!

  • I tried signing in with my live ID, but it then asks for access to my contacts list; why?? otherwise, this is an EXCELLENT idea. I REALLY REALLY hope MS actually takes onboard many (if not most) of these ideas

  • Brilliant work guys , USB Storage and Device Backup gets my first vote

  • @Michael you could make an wp7 vote app! It would integrate with this new site.

    That would be nice!

  • arrow22
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    Best Mango feature yet! Nicely inspired from many community feedback websites, and well implemented. Thank you!!

  • well there is a decline tab option... maybe MS should just enable it...

  • tsrblke
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    @Tiago Fouto

    Ok, that's a particular one.  When I looked at it I saw many things that were already in WP7 (like being able to set the background/tile picture for the Pictures hub).

    Yeah, dunno.  My guess is that's a polite way of saying "here's your votes back, we're not doing flash."  Which has basically been stated elsewhere?  But yeah, it probably shouldn't be done like that.

  • @Michael What's up with admins closing ideas as "available in 7.5" when they're clearly not - like main screen background image or flash support?

  • Xchat
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    Contacts: There should be more ways to add a contact to a group, for example, from the contact context menu, or the contact view itself, search contacts and add all of them to a specific group, etc.

  • I'm confused by some of these suggestions. Some say complete and are included in Windows 7.5 such as live tile for settings. Are these jokes or am I missing some features here???

  • @tsrblke I was talking of this idea:


  • @ Michael Stroh – Hello Mike, I have a straight-forward question for you: Can we add Yahoo and/or Google chat to Mango messaging? If so, how? Thanks.

  • @tsrblke yes, but what is this? Mobile Guru (Admnistrator)  created that idea itself and then made it completed? Is Flash on Mango, or Mobile Guru using Windows Mobile 6.5?

  • tsrblke
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    @Tiago Fouto

    More than a few of those "completed" existed in 7.0, people just didn't find various things.  But nothing is older than a month ;)

  • Hi Michael! I am the one of two admins who run the windowsphone feature feedback community:


    Its up almost since the begining of wp7 and now i dont know if it will be closed or remain as an unofficial idea site.

    The site came up because MS failed to give users the space they needed. 1 year later you got it. Good.

    As an admnistrator i can tell you that 10votes is really low. There's too many ideas people want to share and vote for an OS which is yet in is infancy. Besides there is hardwork in trimming and merging duplicate ideas. From what i have seen on your suggestion box, there is plenty of duplicate ideas.

    I have some questions:

    - Flash is completed? WTF? I mean are you going to manipulate ideas, or just the the admin 'mobileguru' doesnt know what Flash is?

    . When did this site born? There are already 99 completed ideas?

    that's all. Many Thanks...

  • @Diego Torres, DavidK, etc: You're always welcome to comment here...but I suggest putting  those great suggestions in Suggestion Box, so the feature teams see them! That's why we created it.

  • pcbliss
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    There are several items in the list that are marked as complete that don't seem to actually be there. For example:

    -Custom hubs and folders to prevent long application lists.

    -Start Screen Background

    -Custom sound tones for phone, text, email, etc.

    -Html 5, Silverlight, Flash support

    There are others that I am not sure about. Perhaps they have been enabled but I don't know how to use them? :)

  • DavidK
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    How about the ability to attach things to emails. Not ust one photo at a time. Go into email, hit the button and be able to attach a Word docs, excel, pdf, etc. That has to be done fromt he office hub now, except pdfs that can only be forwarded from an email.

  • A screencapture function would be nice. I miss it a lot when I want to share some funny sms conversation with others friends or even to show them how a specific App looks in WP7 when they ask me. To be honest, this is the only thing I miss from my iOS days. Sometimes is way more easy and fast to only "printscreen" something than favorite, copy/paste or any other way.

  • Heh, may not be too much of an issue to some. But it was a feature on the previous IE, that seems to be removed on mango. The in-browser file uploading is gone! Was very useful for sharing pictures from the phone to an image hosting site, then on a forum/message board.

    Other than that, I'm loving mango! Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you so much for this feature.  

    I'm not going to have anything to add until I am chosen to get Mango.. but having something like this is a really good idea.

  • cm3763
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    oh and at least Microsoft and Samsung could of done was recall a product if its a problem which it is.

  • cm3763
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    How about getting me my dang update on Samsung focus v1.4 before worrying about new upgrades....kind of pathetic that I have to wait yet again for another update why everyone else has access to it... more reasons why I probably wont upgrade to another WP over iOS, Yes it might be a breath of fresh air but at least Apple delivers its products.

  • jburch
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    Update V1.4 Focus phones to Mango?

  • Good idea! "Put people first."