Windows Phone Radio 44

Windows Phone Radio 44

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Here we are again for another Windows Phone Radio episode! Exciting week as Mango started to make to phones all over, we are excited to hear what you think. This week we talk about the update, new pricing for the Zune Pass music subscription service, updates to apps for Mango, launch of the suggestion box and much more! You can find Windows Phone Radio in the Zune Marketplace, in iTunes and streaming direct here.

thanks for listening!

Brian (@brianseitz)

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  • SJPratt
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    Guys;  Just got back to listening with Episode 43 after missing the summer stretch.  Heard in this 'cast that you had added a "Suggestion Box", but can't find it, and the site you named ("") just redirects to the MS  page: "", where a search for "windows phone radio" does NOT find you!

    Anyway, after using Google to locate THIS page (com'on, Bing couldn't find you either!?!)  I now cannot see any way to submit feature requests or suggestions as you described in detail in the episode.

    A link to the correct page would be appreciated, since my search fu seems weak.


  • @tsrblke

    I think that means that the consumer user doesn't know what they want.  Which is probably not something that any sort of software magic can help. :)

    In all seriousness, I'd really like to be able to better manage my podcasts on the phone side.  I like to listen to oldest first to newest.  The big problem with this is that there is no way (that I can find) to establish a starting point other than the oldest podcast available.  Some shows I listen to have hundreds of episodes on the Zune Marketplace.  Is there a way to group-select on the phone and mark podcasts before a certain point as already listened to?

  • tsrblke
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    @CRC Kenshin

    I think the concern was what happens if the settings themselves conflict?

    As an aside the way it's set up now works quite well.  I subscribe on my PC, manage there. if I want a new episode while I'm out and about I can just tap the "marketplace" tab and click the ones I want to download.

  • You requested feedback on how the podcasts should be handled.  I think that there's a pretty obvious solution - when you subscribe to a podcast, provide an option to be automatically subscribed to the podcast both on the Zune client and the Windows Phone device.  That way it will download on both devices.  You can listen to it either on through the Zune client software on a PC, or on your Windows Phone.  When the two devices are synced, the most recent usage is automatically transferred back and forth to bring both into alignment.  

    Here's the scenario - I leave my WP plugged in overnight to charge, but still connected to WiFi.  New podcasts automatically sync down while I sleep.  I start listening to the new content on the way to work.  While at work, new podcasts are released, but not downloaded because of size and not being connected to WiFi.  I finish listening to the podcast on the way home and delete it.  When I get home and sync my phone manually with the Zune client, it receives the history of what I played on the phone and only downloads the new podcasts that I haven't had on my phone yet.

  • I have a cuestion about msn, can we select the account "windows live" to chat? Or only the main account by default. Because I have two account and only can see the principal account contacts

  • As a long time listener of podcasts starting on itunes and moving to zune with the release of windows phone 7, I can say that the recent updates are a good move in the right direction.  I sent you a long email some time ago when you asked for podcast comments and would be happy to discuss some of the pieces that I think are missing if you like...

  • tsrblke
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    Well I use twitter solely, so I'm thinking FB problems aren't my problem, I think it's just slow at collecting things like @mentions and putting them on the me tile. ;)

  • @woodbane and @tsrblke, could the issues you're seeing be tied to the newly discovered changes to Facebook's security settings?  Apparently, now your contacts in FB have to go into THEIR FB settings and allow 3rd party apps to access updates to their status....FB evidently needs to change how their software sees WP7's interface (it treats us as apps rather than semi-native).  I've actually seen everything updating on the Me tile quite well---as long as my contacts have made those changes (which for my most important contacts I've already asked them to do).

    @dezrah, you mentioned the disappointing iPhone announcement.  I didn't see anything new or groundbreaking there (mostly rips of Android or WP7).  But care to share what specifically you found disappointing?  I'm just curious what folks' expectations were.

  • @brianseitz

    Any info on the Me tile and how quickly it should update? It certainly doesn't seem to show true 'push' notifications, which would be the ideal situation I think.

  • @ tsrblke Yep, when I checked this AM it was showing some notifications from Facebook. Maybe just takes a while to get it going? However, on a glum note I also read about the Facebook notifications issue via the People hub and presumably the Me tile - something to do with privacy settings and Facebook seeing People hub as a 3rd party appp rather than integrated service therefore people who have certain privacy settings you won't even see their updates in people hub. I hope MS ca sort this out with Facebook (particulalrly given they OWN a percentage), it really would be cool to have total FB / Twitter integration via the People hub. @brianseitz ?

  • dezrah
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    After the huge disappointment from today's iPhone announcement, I'm happier than ever that I cheated and got Mango early. Best OS I've ever used, desktop or mobile. Great job folks!

    So, anyone know anything about a port of Myst to Win Phone 7? It would make this geek very very happy. ;)

  • I haven't listened to this episode yet... because my phone, after upgrading, is "Pending" on 8 podcast episodes.  It's been doing this for a week now...  There's one that I subscribed to via the Zune desktop client, and it still worked over my WiFi Sync at home, but the rest of my podcasts were subscribed directly on the phone, and have worked great until just now...  Anyone else heard of this problem?  In the past I've had the "Attention Required - Tap Here" where it would tell me that my network connection was too slow, and to try again, but now it just says "Pending" on all of them, with no actual activity taking place.  

    I've rebooted and re-rebooted, but nothing's making a difference...

  • tsrblke
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    I've noticed this for twitter too. I think the "me" tile just doesn't refresh remarkably often. Panning to "Notifications" forces a refresh (which could explain this behavior).

    Also I've noticed that tiles seem to flip over on their own schedule, which is simultaneously cool and disconcerting.  Cool because..well..because.  Disconcerting because it means if I miss the flip, I can't tell when it's coming back.  I need to work with Mango a bit before I get the hang of it.

    @Scuba2011: Sidenote, Got mango, no cheating ;)

  • @brianseitz

    I was pretty sure I heard at least twice in this podcast that the 'Me' tile is supposed to show notifications from Facebbok / Messenger on the live tile yet my 'Me' tile does not do this. When pinned to the start screen it will animate the picture I have as my profile picture but no notification updates appear - my Facebook and Messenger accounts are linked correctly. If I click the tile annd go in to 'Me' hub, then scoll right to 'Notifications' then any new notifications are listed.

    Did I hear this wrong? Because if this is the way it's meant to work then I can almost dispense with the Facebook app altogether.

    If this IS supposed to work, then is there a setting somewhere I haven't picked up on? Any help, much appreciated.

  • arrow22
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    Also no artist art so far, either on Zune or the phone. (always wondered why this is absent where Zune Music isn't available, but maybe it's still strictly a US feature?)

  • arrow22
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    Hey guys, Canadian here now with Zune pass!! Thanks for the nice explanation of the service. Didn't know about the unlimited streaming devices!! Good to know.

    I've having some fun with the service on my computer, but it seems that my Windows Phone still doesn't know about it. There isn't any option anywhere in the Music+Video hub to sign into my Zune Pass. Clicking on "Search Marketplace" from there just searches "Apps and Games". Kind of at a loss. Unless of course I've just jumped on a bit too fast and the service is still being deployed to our phones.

    Anyone else have trouble with Canadian Zune Pass on WP?

  • @ ScubDog

    I Have a Sansung focus. Mango is definitely faster, it seams to have less animation switching between applications. I don't know, maybe I'm tripping and just being paranoid. If I notice it being a problem in the future I will ask again. It's just that I have played with some Android devices and they are really jumpy at times, and that's not what I want to see.

  • Got the 7720 update today - great work, especially the Office improvements! I can't find anywhere to submit 'bug' reports (functionality not as expected) other than MSDN or the 'suggest a feature' site - which is a great idea by the way but probably not the place to say 'why does it (or doesn't it) do this?'

    Not wanting to attempt a queue jump but after six hours, two things stand out

    1. in Internet Explorer, the 'flick down' from the top of the screen no longer displays signal strength & battery status

    2. I am no longer able to view attachments on sent emails (no icon to download). I'm connected to exchange server 2010, all other exchange connectivity & functionality works well. If I forward the email to others, the attachments are missing

    To be honest, although the above are issues to me, they're fairly trivial and a testament to the hard work done by the Windows Phone 7 team in getting this significant upgrade out to us.

  • @vincent_g.....I'm not sure I get you.  Mango hasn't even fully deployed yet, and you're already singing gloom and doom?  Also, if you read the various Windows Phone websites, you can already see what new phones are coming out.  The one that I think most are waiting to get details on is the one Nokia is going to first launch with (expected at Oct 26-27 Nokia event).  But, more to the point, what do you qualify as a "killer phone"?  That topic is so unbelievably subjective, how would anyone be able to make a claim?  I heard someone say that if you have to reduce device comparison down to "speeds & feeds" then you are basically saying that your OS is stagnant and the only way you have promoting your device is only on the hardware.  I have to say I agree.  WP7 is such a tight operating system that it outperforms devices with more cutting edge hardware.  All you could really argue is the need for a device that has some of the additions that WP7.5 supports (gyros, front-facing cameras, etc.)----which, most of the new devices already announced will actually have.  Personally, the moment someone starts regurgitating the dual core issue, I immediately tune them out as not being credible.

  • tsrblke
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    @Peter Kremzar

    I try.  That was standard behavior for the Zune player, which is why I thought to use it in the WP7 in the first place.  Glad I could help!

  • vincent_g
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    I really hope that Microsoft (or partner) will at least announce 1 killer Windows Phone (something like Galaxy S2 or new Nokia super phone) before Apple announce their next gen iPhone. But Mango has been released, the excitement was built up, and slowly fade away.. With this kind of marketing push, Mango will be just another from being small to small AGAIN.. VERY DISAPPOINTING..

    Come on Microsoft, kick your marketing engine and push beyond limit.. You really need it badly..

  • @tsrblke: Thanks, you were right.

  • @Rodney E. Jones...what device are you using and where are you seeing the jittering?  I've got the Focus and it's actually even smoother than with NoDo on my device.  I had noticed a lot of jitter on the start screen when I first got my Focus, and it improved with NoDo....but with Mango it's absolutely tight.

    @tsrblke, what are you using XBox LIVE Extras to do at the moment?  I think most of the features moved over to the Games hub, but I'll reinstall Extras to see if anything is still useful there.

  • @Conny, that's actually a good suggestion.  Unfortunately, I had to hard reset my phone after the core Mango update and before the Samsung-specific update (there literally were two back-to-back phases of my update).  As advertised, the Mango update did separate the OS bits in its backup (apparently not touching my media content).  But when the Samsung bits had to install it tried to do a COMPLETE back up and crashed at approx 22% every time.  I tried removing/deleting everything and it still would crash a different points.  So, although it was firmly updated to 7720.68, the firmware (obviously) wasn't the latest, I had to hard reset the Focus.  Once that was done the Samsung bits updated quickly and smoothly.  I then set about the task of reinstalling apps and syncing the phone for the media.  I suspect this speedbump was due to the fact that I'm rocking the 32GB card and was nearly full (remember, WP7 treats a card as a single memory platform with any internal memory).  So, bottom line: the update process was FAR AND AWAY better than NoDo, very nearly brilliant--but if you have a card installed and/or have a ton of media, you can speed up your process by removing that from your phone so that that hardware-specific part of the update will be faster.

    Anyway, I was very impressed with how well this update went.

  • tsrblke
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    People not in the US trying to add WP Radio: Manually create a podcast using this link:

    (Yeah, it's strange, and possible a little stupid, dunno why there are restrictions on things like this.)

    For people in the US too lazy to search:

  • My phone seems to have a little screen jutter, and stutters just a little when scrolling, and especially on the start screen. This seems to have come about after installing Mango. It's not a major issue, but it does take away from the fact that this OS is the smoothest flowing out there, a selling point that I may have to stop using. This issue needs to be addressed.

    Is anybody else experiencing this?

  • Hi Brian, I cannot find Windows Phone Radio in the Zune Marketplace in India. Is it another US ONLY application? And can you suggest another method to listen to your episodes as podcast on my WP7 device?

  • For those of us trapped in the pre-mango status, is there any idea how the release schedule is going to continue?  Are the updates rolling out daily?  Weekly?  If I don't get it Monday, should I bother checking before next week?

  • vieya
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    A new zune player/zune hd please. Bring mango in more colors besides black as well, or have a talk with manufacturers to make other colors besides black. That makes more variety among the phones.

  • tsrblke
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    @Peter Kremzar

    Holding the skip buttons makes them rewind (or fast foward) so those buttons aren't actually missing.  Although you raise another interesting point which is: we have audio bookmarks for Podcasts (Which I love, start listening to it in the player and finish with my WP7 on the way to work.) but not for anything else.

  • I’m sorry. I’m a little bit late. But I usually listen to your podcast during my Saturday/Sunday hikes.

    A few things you were asking for.

    1. Podcasts

    What I would like to have is to have all the podcast info stored on the SkyDrive. This would be just links to the podcasts that we are subscribed to. But there would also be info which podcasts we already listened too and other information like which podcasts were downloaded already.

    But because we are not always online all the info mentioned before would be stored locally and as soon we would be online it would synchronize.

    Why is this important? You can have one Zune installation at home on a desktop PC, another one on laptop, the third one at work or somewhere else. And there is one installation on the phone. Now I have to manually add all of my podcasts on each computer. OK. I usually just copy the database but it is not useful completely.

    My idea is very close to what Live Mesh offers to sync files between computers.

    Oh yes. A good idea would be (like Live Mesh) to have an opportunity to select which podcast goes to which Zune installation because I don’t have enough place on my phone to store large video files on it, but I can watch them on Zune.

    2. Application bar at the top

    I’m sorry I probably didn’t hear this well but I think someone mentioned he would like to have the application at the top. The applications mentioned were Internet Explorer, mailbox, etc.

    I completely disagree with this. I think that what Mango has now it is good and I would never put the Application Bar to the top.

    What I would do with the Internet Explorer is that I would hide somehow the Application Bar / Address Bar when browsing. This would give more space for the web page. I currently have no idea how to achieve this, but I remember the Opera web browser for Windows Mobile has such a feature.

    One thing I don't like at Mango are the Zune controls for playing music, Pause, moving Forward/Backward. I think the previous version had that better solved. But I still think the Zune HD device has the best UI solution for that.

    But when I'm at the Zune player.

    I sometimes listen to the books. I have them on my phone as mp3 files - like music. When I would like to move a little bit further within the same mp3 (Forward button) it moves to the next mp3 file which is not good. Why? Sometimes I stop listening to a book and I start listening another thing. And then I’d like to the book again but I can’t because I cannot move to the previous location the other way than to listen the whole file again. A solution would be two new buttons.

    - Button Move to the start of the file

    - Button Rewind back

    - Button Rewind forward

    - Button Go to the end of the file

    The middle two buttons are missing.

  • Ok, so here's a stupid one, maybe... How to I add the WP Radio to my Pod's in Zune?

  • Can you share the details how to get this app. ? Thanks!!

    <a href=””>Robert Benwell</a>

  • tsrblke
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    I'm guessing that's not a problem.  I have a zune, which sounds like a random aside, but...I keep the vast majority of my music on there (i.e all), and only a "out and about" SmartDJ playlist on the phone (and maybe a new release CD).  Music/Vidoes/Podcasts are less than 500mb on my phone. (Funny, I spend the extra on a 32 gig zune, but have yet to get the music to fill it, I need to better leverage my ZunePass)

    Apps however....yeah lots of apps (well not that many actually.  I've got a foucs with an 8gig card in it, so not an incredible amount but it's measured in "Gigs")

    Can someone with mango tell me though, should I just delete the Xbox Live extras thing?  Is that now completely redundant in Mango (or just mostly)?  If I don't delete it now, can I delete it later or does it get hidden (and thus wastes space).

  • Conny
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    Mango is so worth it.  Only thing I would suggest is that you delete movies/movies/pics from your phone before starting the update. It makes the update process much faster. (Yeah, found that out after the fact..

  • Conny
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    Hey, that's how I found you guys and got interested in Windows Phone in the first place. Listening to your podcast on my iPhone 4. I'm sure Steve Jobs would have wept had he known.

    Great Podcast again, as usual. Happy to now be listening to it on my Sammy Focus, sporting Mango (yup, cut in line). Can't wait to see what you two (and hopefully Michael again soon) will talk about next. Maybe some new hardware?

    I have to admit, with Mango, every day is like it's Christmas. I'm finding more and more stuff that makes me giddy.

  • tsrblke
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    This podcast seems to have provided confirmation that even if you "Cheat" that you'll still get all the important phone specific updates for Mango (something that was my concern before now.)  That's kinda nice, now I'm just combating with my laziness in doing the upgrade (My network cable is kinda in an awkward spot.  :sigh: Choices choices.

    Meanwhile, for roll out two (possibly happening Tuesday if "1 week" was taken literally) may I suggest that you choose people who have subscribed to Windows Phone Radio :P.

  • "186 apps are updated on average each day. In the last 24 hours, 792 apps were updated and 109 were added."

    That's from the website WPapplist. Almost 800 updates in one day!

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Thanks guys....the bigger question for Michael is when is he going to get a Twitter account???!!!! ;)

    Anyways, sounds like new devices are REAL close by the end of this weeks show.  Can't wait.

    Just also wanted to say MANGO OS update + Deployment = Sheer Brilliance.  WELL DONE to everyone at MS that delivered it.  All those carriers, all those devices (none made or controlled) by MS and SMOOTH and DELICIOUS it was :D

    Also - thought I'd share my latest Zune Pass editorial - and share some love to the Zune Insider (Matt and Jessica and all the rest of the gang) teams over this weeks podcast news....

    L8r guys

    Sheeds :)

  • abm
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    What's the ETA for Zune in rest of the world? 2015?

  • Nathan
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    In mango they removed Find on Page from IE... please cast your vote so they bring it back:

  • I was wondering, could you do a blog on the release dates on the new windows phone. Atleast a month, when it will come out. like october or november, because i need to know if i should wait and get the HTC titan, or just go and get the older windows phones... @brianseitz