Windows Phone 7.5 update status

Windows Phone 7.5 update status

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Hello everyone. Six days ago we started rolling out the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update around the globe.  Here's how it's going.

Within the first hours of making it available, we saw successful updates in every country, on every carrier, and for nearly every Windows Phone model. (To see which ones are currently getting it, see Where’s My Phone Update?) On behalf of the engineering team, I want pass on a big thank you for updating your phones so quickly, since it helps us gather the data we need to make decisions more rapidly.

In fact, the update success rates we’re seeing look so good we’ve decided to open the spigot ahead of schedule, and make Windows Phone 7.5 available to 50 percent of eligible customers starting right now. (Why not 100 percent? Because we’re still collecting and analyzing installation data from our smaller operators, and need to watch it little bit longer to make sure everything is OK.)

I know some of you have questions about how Windows Phones are selected to receive the update. Put simply, it’s done totally at random, with absolutely no preference for carrier, model, or country. Random sampling is an important engineering technique to accurately measure quality and pinpoint issues early. In some cases, this can have interesting consequences: A family, for example, can have identical Windows Phones, yet only one phone might get an update notification.

If you have questions about updates, start with Update Central. You can also post them to Microsoft Answers or tweet to @winphonesupport. I’ll be back next week with another update.

Eric Hautala, General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • Seriously, this update is a joke! Windows Phone in Italy, Bing Maps does not have the voice guidance, and was present in 1, RTM, Bing Scout only works if the language is set to English, because, if the information is there because it's not enabled? why should I put into English for information and to give voice commands. IE 9 is a little jerky and slow compared to RTM, I do not know the intentions of Microsoft, but if you really want to sell it is better that there be a move and avoid making nonsense like that, you can not wait for an update in a year ultimately leads only to chat, INSTANT UPDATE fOR ALL SERVICES. If you need a hand .....

  • Loving my Trophy on Mango! Great work guys! Its unfortunate that HTC/Vodafone Portugal didn't updated "Display Languages", so no portuguese yet... But hey I'm loving my phone!

  • MiSahEL
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    15 days later and my Focus is STILL waiting for the windows 7.5 update. By Comparison today I upgraded my iPhone and iPad2 to iOS 5. There was mention of a hiccup in the upgrade process, but I did not encounter it on either device.

    Microsoft this painfully slow upgrade process does little more than generate hate. My contract it 4 months from completion and at this point I don't see myself sticking around for more of this

    Open the flood gates already!

  • Really - this is better than NODO?  I don't think so...  No regular scheduled posting - and in the lack of any information I've been hoping everyday since Sep 01 that i might get this update.  I'm done - listing my windows phone on ebay.

  • Olda
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    "I’ll be back next week with another update."  ... A week is gone and there is no information about another wave of updates :-(

  • Any news yet on where the rest of us will see the update?  I know I can try to force it, but I also want to know when this 50% will see it, and how many eligible phones have already updated.

  • How hard is it to post about the status of the update process?

  • Mork calling Orson, come in Orson?

  • So Unbelievably Frustrated !!!  Does MS not realize that their Windows Phone customers are all checking for their update multiple times a day...and have been since September? My HD7S was one of the lucky phones to NOT be included in the initial rollout and so after waiting "10 Business Days or Less", I am super bummed that there is no new news from MS. After NoDo this is getting really old. I've had a Windows (Mobile) Phone since the HTC 8125. I feel really unappreciated for my loyalty to the brand.

  • still no update...I have a samsung focus 1.3 and still waiting...why are they still at 50% it started out going well, now you hear very little about the update....everybody got there pats on the back, and back to business as usual...totally forgetting about the other 50%....I'm still waiting patiently

  • does any one know when the updates for the Samsung Foucs will have it update finshed.  I have to of these phones and one has been updated and i am waiting on the second on to get it update

  • Received the update. Looks great.

    Only that my exchange mail account can't download attachments.

    Is this a known problem, is there any resolution.

  • Excellent my update

  • linder
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    Okay, it happened. Just ordered two test iPhones 4s. We have 12 Omnia 7 phones in the company and only 4 received the Mango update. The other 8 phones are still running 7.0 with no update available. And Tethering on Mango can only be used with strange hacks. I really thought that Windows Phone powered phones are business ready, but they are not (I fear).

  • I'm in the same boat as a lot of people, wondering where the update for the HD7S is. It seems pretty clear that the ROM is baked and ready since people with Mango Beta can aparantly update to full-on Mango now so why not the unwashed masses? What exactly is the holdup? Also, why does the official update rollout page still show last updated was 9/27? A little information please...

  • Correction: "10 business days" , so is today day 10?

  • Can you please provide an update to the HD7S mango/7.5 rollout? 13 days is past the "Typically 10 days or less." This is the information age, and information is what blogs are all about; can we get some information?

    I was also wondering...What kinds of phones do you use/own? Do you, the Windows Phone Team, already have the Mango? Are you waiting like the rest of us?

  • i love my windows phone and i cant wait for mango! so excited!! i haven't got it yet. when will the other 50% get it? or is there a way to force the update? i just can't wait.

  • M$ got deaf ears. Many peepol got tis poblem..



    Something went wrong and we can't show you this page right now.

    Go to

    I have created dozens of different email accounts but yet still cannot solve this issue. Googling proves that many others are in the same dilemma.

    This is  a very frustrating experience. My next device may not be from M$.

  • VPN, dialup,Citrix, rdp, direct-access into the office, and please press "release update" button for HD7S and other devices.

  • Avj
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    Any update on opening the updates to more than 50%. It would be nice if AT&T and other carriers publish the update status like Microsoft.

  • I love the new update it is super smooth and well done! love new custom ring tones! I am just confused on one thing can we still not change our text alert tone? and if not can we please please put this in the next update.

  • I just want my update...I want it, I want my update...just give me my update...I have to be honest, I did do that gimmick, I confess and it worked. I tasted the mango and it was AWESOME...but when they started saying, "hey more people are getting it" I thought, "Well, let me do this right then..." I restored it, back to NoDo and now every day I go to work, I feel like sucking dirt because I don't have it yet...oh, HOW could I ever THINK to go back?! I must be crazy...I just want my update...I want it, I want my update...just give me my update... ='(

  • linder
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    Update: we need Tethering on our Omnia 7 phones so much. So we contacted Samsung and they told us that the phone can handle it without any problem. Our carrier also told us that Tethering is enabled. But the Internet Sharing option is "locked" in the legacy Omnia 7 phones and you can only enable it via strange hacks. We paid alot of money for the phones and we are (still) a supporter of Windows Phone. But I really don't understand why Microsoft decided to "lock" this very important feature. VERY frustrating situation. I am writing this message from a computer that makes use of Android tethering - something my super-duper Windows Phone can't do :(

  • 10 Days yo! How about releasing Mango/7.5 for HD7S, or an update on progress..anything but silence! We are your loyal customers, how about we get treated as such.

  • Hey guys! I updated my Trophy last week and have really enjoyed all the things that Mango has allowed me to do and I still haven't used some of the features. I LOVE voice to text, voice bing search and the local search stuff. However, I have had my phone lock up on me twice and the only way I could get it back was by pulling the battery. This has NEVER happened before.  Here's when it's happening.  I listen to podcasts through Zune over my Ford MySync all the time. Most of the time I'm not streaming but it's a file on the phone. The phone seems to lock when I leave the car. I do not turn off the podcast, it's suppose to do that automatically. All I see is the lock screen with no other information on it (Time, calendar and mail are not showing). I did force the update. What to you think I can do to resolve this?

  • Good day, I am from South Africa and received a Smasung Omnia7 Windows 7 Phone. I do not think that the new Mango is ready for this phone yet unless you have some good news for me? We can also not yet access the Marketplace due to restrictions. PLEASE HELP!

  • I was counting, and since Mango was released (definitely not unleashed) in the morning of the 27th, today is day 10. HD7S? Then I reread the Scheduling as such: "typically lasts 10 business days or less." Typically ugh. @Trujillo, same story with me, that is funny! What does my wife know about upcoming updates with codenames, or about championing Windows phone to friends and colleagues. And she gets the update before me? Ugh. lets go!

  • At any time becomes  update available for all ?? .....

  • Funny Story---- So I have been dying to get this update and have been talking about it to everyone I know including my fiance (We both have WP7 Phones because I had her get one cuz I knew she would love it). So everyday I have been checking for the update, I have the HD7S, and everyday I get the your phone's software is up to date :(. I tell my fiance to sync her phone after we updated her zune client and what happens the first time she plugs it in? Oh you guessed it, she got the update(she has the HD7).  SIGH lol, So the person most excited about it (me) is still waiting. It will come sooner or later, but man, can it please be sooner......I can't take it anymore!!

  • linder
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    What I don't get is the following. Mango supports "Tethering" now (WiFi Hotspot) and our Omnia 7 phones and carrier also support that cool fearure.  But for whatever reason, "Interner Sharing" is not possible. Only with strange hacks can you enable it. We have 12 Windows Phones (all Omnia 7) here in our company and we need Tethering. I fear it's time to switch to iPhone 4S :(

  • @riz699 like @tsrblke said, if you press and hold on a SMS/MMS/IM chat bubble you will get options to copy the text, forward the message, or delete the message.  Once you get used to press-and-hold you'll find all sorts of features show up across the device (like press-and-hold in the What's New feed in People Hub to be able to manually refresh the feed).

  • When will I get my dam Samsung omnia 7 update :( They should have all come out at the same time..

  • @Elisian.  Nope, No Flash.  Microsoft has said this many times, many ways.  Flash is old, fat code that saps battery life.  Everything is moving to HTML5.  Even YouTube now supports HTML5 streaming of their videos and correctly recognize WP7's IE9.  I avoid sites that rely on Flash and I routinely send their administrators nasty-grams telling them to get off of Flash.  One voice in the wilderness.  So, no Flash.  Apple has taken the same stance.  So it's only lame Android users who are stuck in the past.

  • @Elisian: As far as anyone knows Flash won't be coming to Windows Phones. Looking at how Microsoft also removed it from the Metro-Version of Windows 8's IE10 it seems that Apple and Microsoft really plan on killing Flash off rather sooner than later.

  • Elisian
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    I have a Samsung Omnia 7 and got the update 2 days ago. So far so good but I have only one complain. Will we ever see Flash in our smartphones?

  • Nater
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    How about sending out a quick update to your update to fix your broken WLM client in WP7.5?

    It doesn't support MPOP properly, and the push Notifications are late, if you even get them.  Griefs the living hell out of people like me who carry two smartphones and sometimes leave one at home and like to be logged in on both of them.

    Also, you cannot send photos form Mango to someone on an Android or iOS device using BeejiveIM or some other clients because it tells you they aren't using the latest version of WLM.

    Video Evidence of how it goes inoperable when you use Multiple Points of Presense.  Obviously the Android Phone has no issues keeping up (getting 8 out of 10 return messages from MTBot).  WP7 Mango?  Well...  It got absolutely nothing.

    That's pathetic:

  • tsrblke
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    Copying texts messages was already covered, press and hold on the message.

    I swear I've forwared messages before, but I don't actually remember (maybe I just copied them and pasted them into a new text).  What's really needed is a better manual of how things work. (The press and hold menues are cool, but hard to find.

    As for pasting in the dialer, yeah, that's needed.  The "Autohighlight phone numbers" thing only works when people type in phone numbers in 10 digit format it seems (maybe I'm wrong) so I get a few that just don't autohighlight.

  • riz699
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    I am very disappointed with mango update. I thought it will bring the basic functions that Microsoft neglected in windows 7 mobile. It is not possible to forward a text message or copy text from a text message.  When you copy a telephone number it is not possible to past it in dial pad. People have been crying about basic functionality but Microsoft did not listen.

  • @Tony i noticed them lil graphical glitches too on the Group/People tiles, very minor but i hope Microsoft is aware of them.

  • Back on topic:

    My phone has been updated. Is anyone else with the update experiencing funny lines on some of the tiles when you go back to the home screen? The lines quickly come and go. But you can see them on the edges of some of the lives tiles, particularly created group tiles. They tend to be the same color as your theme

  • @jbrunick,

    I wasn't really offended or overly sensitive about the remark. Its just silly and childish, regardless of whatever one's reason for picking the product they want. And I don't know every Apple, Google or MS product owner. The one's I do know love their products, warts and all (myself included). I also don't know if my original post was clear. I currently own a WP (Samsung Focus). So my response wasn't as some crazed Apple fanboy (though I do own an iPod touch). I guess I may just be overly sensitive to internet comment sections silliness.

  • @tsrblke - right on cue! :D that's exactly what I hope to see more of from Microsoft.

  • I have 3 Samsung Focus i917 phones (1 is v1.3 and 2 are v1.4) on my account. What's the ETA for all of these to be updated?

  • Week in, I'm still waiting for the LG crap issue to be resolved. Never going to buy anything from them again.

  • is it normal, then, that some of the new features described are not on my phone for the update I received today? there were a few things...linking the messaging together, i don't have 'local scout' update on bing either, or a personal email tile. im on htc hd7. Does this mean the rest of the features will arrive in a separate update?

  • tsrblke
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    @ThaRebeliouZ I'm sure they could if they tried, but would they let us...hey, what's that new blog post:

    Yeah, Apps ;)

  • @scubadog - I just had to throw that out there since they have an accepted ideas/suggestions tab on that one site but im not going to be all disappointed if nothing is officially announced but people do like to know that they're being heard.

    As for Microsoft releasing some apps in the marketplace, they just know their own operating system better than anyone else so i think they can make some great apps for us to showcase what the OS can do with the right tools and programming.

  • malette
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    Samsung Focus SGH i917 still waiting..I'm loving what I am hearing about the update. I have tried to force the update but no luck so I am going to have to wait...

  • For those having trouble "forcing" the update.  I tried over 100 times to unplug my network cable at the right time but it never worked.  I pulled the cable anywhere from immediately to waiting as much as 5 seconds, nothing worked.  The next day I opened the screen in Windows that shows your network adapters.  Splitting 50/50 the adapter screen with the Zune update screen I hit Update on Zune then immediately right clicked on my network card and chose to disable.  After two tried I got my update.  Give this a try.

  • I have just found a new issue.  My voicemail function no longer works.  :(

  • The update seemed to go fine for me but now my phone randomly makes ding sounds.   It can go for a few seconds and then stop or it can continue for 20min+.  I thought it may have been an app that I had installed so to rule that out, I reset my phone.  So a factory phone still having the same issue.  The only option I have is to turn the volume off and a phone with no volume is no good.  How would I go about getting help to get this fixed?

  • wedo43
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    I posted problems I'm having with it last night, The post disappeared sometime this morning, It appears that only happy, success stories are going to be allowed on this blog. Typical.

  • ssathya
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    "Why not 100 percent? Because we’re still collecting and analyzing installation data from our smaller operators, and need to watch it little bit longer to make sure everything is OK"!

    Is Microsoft not confident? Or is pushing updates new for Microsoft?

  • @Laeufer983, as you can see, we're all wondering why Microsoft hasn't really had any sort of a marketing campaign going.  But, worse than that, the lamestream media loves their Apples and Robots, so there's a journalistic bias there.  In more than one instance I've looked at publications to see that they took the initiative to write about the iPhone 4S but did NOT write a cotton-picking thing about WP7.5 or the remarkable story of deploying across multiple devices and multiple carriers....something Android will never accomplish.

    So, it's still going to be world-of-mouth and grassroots campaign.

  • @ThaRebeliouZ, you can't seriously expect Microsoft to announce which of all those suggestions (which change daily) are A) being accepted for definite inclusion into any future update and B) when those might happen, can you?  Seriously, you can't get Apple or Google to do that.  Oh, you might hear of one or two features, but rarely will you hear the definitive "yep, it's in there".  In fact, do you realize that quite a few of the features that are in Mango were, by their own admission, "slipped in"?  Clearly, there are definite things they want/need to do with Tango, largely to support some of the newer specs (low-end,etc.) according to most reports.  Depending on when they are internally targeting the deployment of Tango, we might see a few of the easier to manifest suggestions or things that weren't ready in time for Mango.  But surely you've played this game long enough to know that there simply certain things Microsoft will not communicate, outside of saying "we can't comment on what's currently in the works, but as soon as we have something we can share we'll pass it on".  That's standard practice, like it or not.

  • @Captain Eric, if you power down and pop your battery out you should see the revision printed in the battery slot.  I'm tending to think that you have the 1.4, which would probably explain the issue, since it looks like they're still testing some bits--likely not the Mango update itself but rather the Samsung-unique parts.  But, it's possible yours happened to be on their shelves since the original launch and you do have a 1.3, in which case I'm not sure why you'd be running into that problem.  I bought mine on launch day last year and it updated smoothly to Mango and almost-smoothly for the Samsung firmware.

    And I'd agree with you (and many others) on relying more on streaming except the sad fact is that signal is not ubiquitous yet.  I live in Texas on the border of Mexico and as soon as you step outside the county limits you are in No-Man's Land.  So, having stuff actually stored on the phone is critical since it may literally be HOURS before you cross into another bit of civilization and get a signal (Texas is BIG, y'all!).  And, to be honest, half the time you DO get a signal it's Edge, not 3G or 4G.  So, until 3G and 4G are reachable everywhere, I rely heavily on builtin storage...8 or 16GB just doesn't cut it.

  • Conny
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    It means its still rolling out. No worries, you should be seeing your update soon.

    And your English is just fine =)

  • @Scubadog: I don't know whether I have (or had) Focus 1.3 or 1.4, though I just bought them if that helps. How can I tell? Looks like "dcdonald" had trouble too. The update bricked his Focus!  I hope they will give him a replacement.

    As for music, I'm a huge music listener too, not 600 CD's but maybe 500. My Windows Mobile AT&T Tilt2 is regularly synched with my Windows XP PC and constantly playing.  I liked the Zune "Smart DJ" feature as I could listen to new music similiar to artists I know and like.

    Also, more and more, I'm thinking that my big collection of MP3's on a hard drive is more of a burden then a benefit. The songs never synched perfectly with my Tilt2 (some would increment play count and date played, some wouldn't) and album art often wasn't tranferred to the device (do you know how to fix that?). Anyway, streaming music in might be a less combersome alternative, that is just like Zune. :-)

  • Add me to the list of impressed and satisfied, Mango users.  I spent an hour last night watching baseball as my phone updated itself in the home office.  MSFT great job....  WP7.5 developers I have two tasks for you  now allow me to connect natively to my Win 7 HTPC and more importantly make sure Windows 8 developers make a product this stable and cool to use.  You have raised the bar on what a Windows product should be.

  • My experience of the update was just excellent, only complain I have is ....will spend lot's of time on phone against my will, I will be compelled to explore....:). Multi tasking is ex excellent and so is overall experience of managing emails.

    Am on Samsung focus, first generation wp7 phone but should say working without major hick-up except changing regions regularly and chiming problems.  1st problem seems to be OS problem and hopefully resolved in new OS and other is hardware problem, hopefully Samsung will improve and make better & sturdy device in future. Waiting for European and Japanese makers launch their device in market. Overall happy and satisfied user converted from RIM and eying  to have advantage over i-phones....

    P.S. Was having doubt of getting update in India since I am using it on airtel after official unlocking from AT&T but everything went smooth.

  • molowe
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    I updated my HTC Trophy and i can see windows have very much improved the operating system.

    But since i have updated it, i cant add my email account, it just goes blank and then back to menu page.

    When going onto my contact it freezes.

    I have updated it twice, but from looking at the comment below i dont think anyone has had problem to my extent.

    It doesn't show no error code either.

    Any one got any idea of what to do?

  • When can we expect some of our suggested features on to be accepted by the WP Team? And whats the likely hood of a few of these making it into the "Tango" update before the next major update "Apollo" rolls out?

    One thing i would currently like to see is Microsoft release some Apps into the market place that can enhance our WP7.5 experience even more.  A SkyDrive App might be a good start.

  • am really happy to announce that it was a smooth upgrade to 7.5 on my unlocked Omnia7 here in India...i was pretty surprised when all of a sudden a pop up appeared notifying me of update and i was about to sleep...but the excitement of mango made me to open my laptop and go for the upgrade...initially it was the 7.0.7403.0 update which happened within 15mins or so, then again another pop-up came up saying another update is available and i continued....this time the downloading of update took about 3.5hrs and i battled hard with my sleep to see it happen...after the download it took about another 20mins after which i saw the brand new red color square shaped windows phone logo and i was so thrilled...added to it, my phone showed a message, Update Success....

    So here i am like a crazy man, sitting and typing this message as my clock hits 5am..My initial check showed everything is working smooth...I shall take up the updates and exploration of the new OS by tomorrow...And Yes the best news is marketplace now works for me, yipeee!

    Thanks Eric & team & ofcourse MS for keeping up the promise of delivering updates within few days of the official rollout and what is even more fantastic to know is that you guys have ensure a sorted out the earlier update issues with Omnia 7..

    With a happy mind i am hitting the sack of luck for your updates...


  • Why have I seen only 1 advertisement about 7.5...what is the marketing dept doing? Yet, iPhone 4s came out today and I've already seen 3 ads...please fix this.

  • @ScubaDog201.. Yeah, that article is fair. Can you see how level the field is becoming and so fast, almost overnight.

    The best point Marin made is no matter which OS you choose you really cant' go wrong. They all are really cool.

    OK, now it's WP time! Can you see how much progress WP has made since it's conception? MS has had to do 5 years of work in 2 years, if you compare it to Apple and Google. Just imagine if MS continues at this pace for another 2 years, the devices would have to be the most advanced and functional available. We should be able to send our devices to work for us by then, LOL. But, why cant all of this effort be made public? What's the wait? Why wait for Nokia?

    I'd better see a commercial by the end of next week or th,,,, Oh, wait a minute. I think they might be waiting for Android to reveal ICS! Yeah, smart move. let Ap. & An. deliver their boring news,, and I tell you I was kind of worried that the "iPhone5" was going to be killer,,,,and after that blows over hit em with something they haven't yet seen before. Get it, something they haven't seen before? LOL...Anyways, that article was accurate and I can't wait to see that same story this time next year. It should be interesting.

  • I've just tried to upgrade to Windows Phone 7.5 after receiving the update notice on my phone. The entire process went fine until the very last step, 8 of 9. It restarted my Samsung Focus Ver. 3.1 and it hung on the at&t world phone screen. The Zune software shut itself down on my pc without me doing anything. So I've taken out battery, restarted phone, hung up on at&t screen. Tried to connect phone back to the pc. The zune software no longer recognizes my phone. The phone will not turn on or off. It is bricked.

    I've searched the Microsoft site for any sollution recommendation. Nothing I could easily find there as I don't get an error number on the phone.

    The Windows 7.5 Mango update is a disaster for me.

  • @ Tony Dedrick

    I think you are being a bit overly sensitive there. I don’t think Hawk was calling you personally an iSheep.  I think he was probably generalizing.  I mean, let’s face it, you can’t deny Apple has a large consumer base which will trip over themselves to get the latest tech Apple puts out.  Not because it is great tech, but because it is perceived as cool and cutting edge (it’s not always as cool and cutting edge as they think).  Don’t get me wrong, Apple is where it is today because they have continuously put out good products.  However, don’t fool yourself into thinking that all of the Apple consumers are well educated on the “pros and cons” of the iPhone compared to its competitors.

    Before you respond to this and tell me the same crowd exists within the Microsoft and Google camps, let me tell you I agree.  However, I will go on to say, the Microsoft and Google fans are far more critical of their respective camps than the Apple fans are.

    @ Microsoft

    I know I have already expressed my praise for this latest update, but I feel it is warranted again.  You really have developed a phone that stands by itself.  It is pleasing to use and it emphasizes the things I want to do on my smartphone.  I look forward to the next update.  Don’t get complacent there I plenty more we can do with the WP platform.


    Despite WP's lackluster, almost nonexistent advertising, this may have saved WP7.5 from being over looked.

  • My personal bias aside, I think IntoMobile has probably the most fair take on all three platforms as they stand now:

  • @Captain Eric, I'm sorry to hear about your situation with the Focus.  I'm curious to know if yours was the v1.4 or the v1.3.  I've got the v1.3 and had zero issues with either Mango Beta 2 or the final.  I've been incredibly happy with the final version.  And, sadly, it appears that none of the 2nd gen WP7 devices will have anything above 16GB of memory, so I will be sticking with the original Focus until either someone releases at least a 32GB device or one that supports adding memory.  I've got nearly 800 songs stored on my device right now, plus a lot of video podcasts...I'm not about to give that up.

  • Freypal
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    Just got the notification on my Omnia 7 - Network locked to Orange UK. Updated fine! Took around 1 hour to complete installing the two updates.

    All seems good so far! One scare when i turned it on and off after the update had finished presented me with a black screen and only the status bar showing. Powered on and off and has been fine so far....

  • @ Kenny Rawlins....I couldn't agree more. That was said perfectly!

  • @ StephenPT.........I couldn't agree more. That was said perfectly!

  • I'm sorry. I enjoy my WP and the OS as much as anyone. But as a former IPhone owner who enjoyed the phone immensely, I take offense to terms like "iSheep." It implies that those like myself went with an iPhone not aware of its pros and cons and on its name alone and that's far from the case. Its just childish, IMO.

  • Hawk
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    MS better hurry and get Mango out on the TV and on the WEB!  With Apple only announcing an iPhone4s, Mango can get a TON of attention!  All the iSheep are pissed right now!  Take advantage of this MS!!!!

  • Olda
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    if I did not now (October 4, 2011 19:18 (UTC +01)) received an update on my Mango Samsung Omnia 7 (open market phones - Czech Republic), it means that not even the 50%? Or is it still sends out?

    Please excuse my very bad English :-(

  • Breaking News! Microsoft figured out how to ship a software update after an enormous effort. Way to go!

  • I like Mango and Microsoft, so I'm sorry to report my problems with upgrading an AT&T Samsung Focus, twice.

    A week ago, I bought a Focus, solely to test 7.5 (with the intent of buying a Focus S within 30 days). I successfully, if slowly, "forced" the update, which worked fine for about 12 hours, then froze the device. AT&T said take it back to replace it, and I did.

    I "force" updated the 2nd Focus successfully. I noticed that calendar feature didn't work, and some texting bugs. Otherwise, I loved it. Quite incredible actually.

    But then it locked up too.

    So, I'll return it to AT&T and await the Focus S (or something else according to whim).

    Anyone else with lock up problems?

  • KR
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    Wow,even CNN is drooling about the iPhone 5,whereas I haven't seen any mango add on Any TV channel.

    Zune devices are dead,why?extremely poor marketing to the point it didn't even take windows phone taking I don't think it being marketed?No.

    So where are we heading to?

  • @abathrick - Just Bing "Mango Zune Force Update" and you will find multiple sites which show you how to force the update. Keep in mind if your phone is not on the list of "Delivering Update" this trick will not work.

  • I hope MS uses 7.5 as a foundation to then release quick feature updates, as opposed to waiting another year for a major release. For example I think they have heard enough complaints about the new IE9 mobile layout that they should release an upgrade within the next two months that addresses the complaints. Also, sounds like there's some issues for corporate users using exchange, etc.

    People LOVE updates. If it's even a couple of tweaks, people love plugging in their phone and updating it to get more features. I understand it's more advantageous to roll everything into one large update as each update requires carrier testing, rollout, etc. However each time you release an update it gets the community buzzing, the blogs are putting out articles and it keeps Windows Phone's name out there in the tech community. Something MS REALLY needs right now.

  • I notice a few of you said you "forced" the update.  How do you do this?  I would like to try it.


  • After updating to my Windows Phone 7 to Mango everything works fine but when I see Facebook in Settings-->email+accounts its showing error 0x83cf1202.


  • I hope Eric see this and can offer a solution:



    Something went wrong and we can't show you this page right now.

    Go to

    I have created dozens of different email accounts but yet still cannot solve this issue. Googling proves that many others are in the same dilemma.

    This is  a very frustrating experience. My next device may not be from M$.

  • shaggy
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    I wouldn't recommend upgrading to WP7.5 mango if you use Exchange 2003 (which is ALOT of people).  The problem is when you reply to an email, everything below your reply gets stripped.  So if it's an email that's been going back and forth and has a long thread of the conversation, that all gets stripped away when you reply using your phone (if you have mango, and Exchange 2003).

    More info here, and please vote for this fix:

  • Its been almost a week, its very frustrating to keep waiting for the updates. None, MS, HTC or Service providers are able to advise the update availability.

    Why can't Microsoft simplify the process of update and either make it available for all or specify exact dates when the updates can be released for country, manufacturer or service provider.

  • jburch
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    As usual.  No mention of the V1.4 Focus.

  • Sergii
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    @Eric "I’ll be back next week with another update."

    Another update on update process or another phone update? ;)

  • hey,everone. I have forced the Mango Update from 7392.  This is Orange O7 in France. It seems alright, but I can not update my Now app in Samsung Zone. Does anybody have the same issue?

  • Loving Mango!!!! Please get the whip out to speed up the Omnia 7 update to others. I am able to taste mango because am a dev.. and it rocks !!

  • hades32
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    Updated my unbranded Omnia 7 w/o any problems :)

    Very nice!

    I now understand why the compass API wasn't enabled from the start on: It SUCKS :D (My room doesn't seem to have a north face...)

  • Eric could you make a phone call to Deutsche Telekom about the Omnia 7 ?

  • messaging is awesome in mango...especially facebook and msn messnager integration..

    now im 24*7  availability.....its amazing .thanks for ur great efforts

  • I have an THc Mozart from T-mobile. I got a message that I have an update, but when I connected my phone to get the update, the zune software said that my phone is uptodate. What can I do to solve this issue?

  • Napit
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    Got my Mango :) love the update! Knew i made the right decision, saw the potential of WP from the beginning :)

  • Its nice to see you guys have learned from the past and have worked on the update process, very happy

  • jm
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    Great job!   Other a small glitch (yeah, I have Verizon), everything looks/works great.  I see only big things for WinPhone.