Windows Phone Radio - 45

Windows Phone Radio - 45

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Lots of new stuff this week to chat about in the podcast, including the Xbox LIVE companion app for Windows Phone and the announcement of the Jil Sander Windows Phone from LG. We also chat about the global version of the HTC Titan and the Fujitsu Windows Phone on KDDI in Japan, in fact we have them in the studio! Check out this hype man for the Fujitsu Windows Phone, totally amazing. Hope you enjoy the show this week and thanks to Ben Rudolph for joining us in the studio! You can find Windows Phone Radio in the Zune Marketplace on iTunes or streaming here.

Have a great weekend!

Brian (

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  • nixoly
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    great radio! is there a "need to fix" blog found something in contacts that changed for the worst on mango update

  • I'll miss the Zune, but now that the Windows Phone is officially carrying the mobile entertainment baton, it does beg the question: when will Windows Phones in general support larger storage sizes and/or expandable storage with SD cards? My 32GB Zune HD had more than enough space for all my music, podcasts, and handful of apps; my 16GB HD7 is constantly starving for space with a subset of my music, podcasts, more apps, email, etc.

  • Conny
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    I agree with both Rodney and Z. New hardware is going to roll out soon, and with iPhone 4S being a rather big let down, as well as Android getting 'too chaotic', it is high time for in your face advertising. I know I just read that training sales staff is going to be part of that, but all of the training won't help if Windows Phone ads don't also show up on TV, newspapers and magazines.

    As far as the apps, hire some people to weed out the stupid stuff. I mean seriously, Tetris type game that unlocks a picture of a woman's chest is beyond stupid. MS is above that sort of smut, and we don't need these apps just to inflate the total number of apps available. I'd rather have 20k quality apps, then 33k apps, with 13k being just plain useless.

    Also, good morning. It's Monday, and I hate Mondays. Getting up early should really be against the law...

    @Brian, I'd love to see developer interviews in the weekly podcast. Phone interviews maybe? The dev of Ima wp7 would be a great guest. Now there's an awesome app, and totally free too!! (ok, done plugging now. Lol)

    Have a great day all.

  • Whoever is in charge of approving the Apps in the Marketplace needs to wake up!

    There's some spam Apps like:

    "I'm Rich" cost $499.99 does absolutely nothing as it states in the description.

    "I AM VIP" cost $499.99 same thing above.

    "Almost Rich" cost $249.99, an App that tells the world that you are rich.

    Gimmie a break, there needs to be some serious requirements so Apps like these wont make it into the marketplace. Another thing i dont like seeing is Apps with "No_App_Name_Cause_I_Cant_Think" <-- the underscores on App names seriously make WP's Marketplace look sloppy not to mention some of the pics they use for their Apps. Yes many people will judge a book (or in this case App) by it's cover.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT criticizing the good developers we have out there who carry themselves and their work with professionalism. Just those that are helping to turn the WP Marketplace into a spamcentral.

  • It's been another week now and our guys @ MS just refuse to start advertising these phones. Also, we can't even get someone on the team to fill us in on the status as far as advertising or marketing plans. I think that we deserve some kind of communication very soon regarding this. I understand that specific dates can't be discussed, but any information would help ease our minds an regain some confidence that year two isn't going to be a repeat of year one, as far as awareness.

  • vieya
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    Although I think the phone is great. I can't believe the are going to completely give up on zune players/hd to focus on the windows phone. That is just messed up to zune fans. Why Microsoft? Why?

  • Sheeds
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    Any chance the admins of this blog could add in an edit post button #spelling :(

  • Sheeds
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    Tnx guys.  Just wanted to say welcome to Ben Rudolph to the WPRadio team - I reckon you will be a great injection into the Redmond WP team :D  Especially if you use powers for good (all those AWESOME hardware connections you have that Skipdeez was so envious off) by applying them to more WP7 competitions (intentaional listeners also eligible for entry of course!) LOL

    Seriously though Ben, some nice posts already - keep up the good work (and Brian and Matt and MIA Mr Stroh of course also!). ;)

    On the Zune front, I am a bit sad today after hearing the podcast - and the official death knell of the ZuneHD as an ongoing hardware device / platform for MS PMP's.

    I did an updated blog post on it

    I would appreciate it if someone in the team there could get an answer to my question now the platform is dead....Can MS pretty please allow non-US Windows Live ID accounts to access the Apps and Games via the Zune Client if they own a ZuneHD????

    Pretty please? What would stop it now? thanks....


    PS = still loving my ZuneHD - sort of ironic that I listened to the ZuneHD death notice/announcement on my ZuneHD, after the podcast had synced via Zune Client for my Windows Phone (after being set manually cause there's no Podcast marketplace in Australia).... weird.

  • abm
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    @ScobaDog2011, few questions:

    1. How to close the App in WP7.5 in multitask/app-switching view?

    2. If i sync my contacts on SkyDrive, would it mix the Live contacts with the phone book contacts? Can i distinguish between the phone contacts and the hotmail/live ones on Phone, SkyDrive and PC (is there any concept of group/category)?

    3. Is there a way  to export phone contacts as excel or cvs to my PC or save locally in the phone? <-- Does the APIs provide access to SIM contacts so at least it can be implemented in the third party app [save contact book as CVS or Excel locally on phone OfficeHub from where we can store it on SkyDrive. Also import contacts from excel]?

  • riseagn
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    i know im off topic and forgive me but i had to post it to let you know

    please support arabic language on windows phone on the next update

    people want to buy it but their language isn't supported and we cant buy anything from the market

    so we don't have the ability to buy applications nor games nor anything

    i hope my voice reaches to you

  • I guess I've never really run into any of those issues.  I Use nVidia cards exclusively and I alway opt for the latest drivers.  I play either flight/space simulator games or first-person shooters, nothing else.  The performance alone that I get on my PC compared to some of my friends who own the latest consoles is enough for me to stay on PC, but if I can't use a keyboard/mouse combo, forget it.  Oh, and of course an uber-joystick for the flight sims ;)

    However, having said that, I really do think the Companion App is going to be the benchmark for console users.  Personally, I'm looking forward to integrating the Kinect with the desktop experience =)

  • tsrblke
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    I gave up on PC gaming when DRM became the new norm.  I don't mind DRM when it's quite in the background, but it took me more days to get Dragon Age: Origins to work than I actually played the game (and I beat it.)

    Stack on top of that Driver manipulation, the fact that my monitor is half the size of a TV, etc. (FWIW, I own a "gaming" rig, I love my computer, and computers in general and I put time and care into picking out the parts for it so I could keep it running for 5+ years with only minor tweaks.)  I don't begrudge PC games in any sense, I just wonder how you don't get tired ;).

  • @daafies, I agree, it looks like it will.  Of course, for those of us who still have no compelling reason to get an XBox, it's a non-event.  I just don't like console gaming, period.  For me, it's a PC or phone.....mostly PC.  The XBox TV doesn't interest me because our viewing habits boil down to 95% DishNetwork (both channel and vid-on-demand), 4% blueray disks, and 1% Hulu or Netflix.  Quite frankly, we have tastes quite different from the average demographic (all sports are banned at our house, for example), and many of the things we'd most like to see aren't available on ANY of these various services (try finding Space: 1999 or U.F.O.).  So, I don't expect to see much from any of the big players catering to us outliers.

  • daafies
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    the xbox companion app is going to be awesome!

  • I think a lot of Microsofties have already genuinely honoured the passing of Steve Jobs.  Certainly, the company itself has been flying flags at half-staff in his memory.  See and

    Moving onto Windows Phone stuff, it's exciting to see so many handsets being announced - or on the cusp of being announced.  HTC have just reeled off two handsets, as have Samsung.  LG have the Jil Sander phone, and Fujitsu are a welcome new entry to the world of WP.

    I've had my Omnia7 for a year now (it launched in the UK slightly before the US!), and it's due for being replaced with a Mango-ready handset (with front camera and whizzier CPU)!  Looking forward to the Nokia announcements first, then will buy an early Xmas present for myself... ;)

  • Not as exciting a week for WP. Apple sure did have a turbulent week though. The iPhone 4s? So many disappointed fans. I'm sure it will sell well besides what the critics say.

    The bad news about Steve Jobs grabbed ahold of me. I feel bad for the entire Apple community, setting all differences aside to focus on what's important. He was most definitely a innovator, and contributed Infinitely. It would show a huge amount of civility and courage if MS, just for one day, recognized the man. This could also ease tension between the two communities, and be good for WP and MS. It's just the way I believe"karma" balances out things, as long as they are genuine. RIP S. Jobs!