Updates: Now delivering to Omnia 7 on SFR

Updates: Now delivering to Omnia 7 on SFR

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Hi everyone. The rollout of Windows Phone 7.5 continues, and we’re seeing solid uptake globally. 

Today we’ve added a new handset to the delivery pool: the Samsung Omnia 7 on SFR in France. Otherwise, there are no other changes to report. We’re still distributing the update to 50 percent of eligible customers. Thanks again for installing the update quickly and using all the new capabilities of Windows Phone 7.5. Your global adoption, use, and feedback is helping us make delivery decisions.

Finally, I’ve seen some questions here and on Facebook about phones still listed as testing on Where’s My Phone Update? If you own one, I want to reassure you that we’re working closely with carriers to complete testing and are making good progress. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be adding more phones to the Mango update mix. So stay tuned.

Eric Hautala, General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • unow
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    I have not yet managed to do the update to 7392 because of the error of InFit cycle to restart the phone ... Is it possible to update from version 7390 to mango?



  • hugox21
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    I have an unlocked Omnia7 and am waiting for the update. Can you tell me when will be ready the update for the Samsung Omnia7 unlocked?

  • Samsung Focus v 1.3 (AT&T) user here and I'm running out of patience waiting for this update. 3 of my friends with the same phone as me already have mango running through their phones. WTF, and I had my phone before them....can you please hurry with these updates.

  • cm3763
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    And if you actually read the post by people complaining most of them are new to the forum....

  • cm3763
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    I sure hope MS pays you haha... You are truly a fan!!! But they did tell us it will be here by the end of Oct. But there time is running out. They are still in the first phase of getting us the update. The second phase takes 10 business days then it gets scheduled for delivery. So if it came out of the testing phase Oct 14 then it they might hold the promise of end of oct. I agree this takes a lot of skill to do the job they do, but to let this happen to the SAME group of people TWICE is wrong. No matter how you put it, EVERYONE with rev 1.4 won't agree with you and has little faith in MS. Its a great phone and I wish I had more faith in them but as of right now I don't. Samsung and MS have dropped the ball with this particular model.

  • @ MiSahEL and cm3763.. As I said yesterday, Just please be patient...16days? Yesterday people were wondering where the update for the HD7S was and now today it's here! It's going to just be a mater of time before you get your update. No MS isn't going to tell you when it's coming, they are only going to tell us when it's here. I'm sorry but this is how they are handling this update. And , while feedback about the update process is needed in order for future updates to go as you would like, MS got the message already, so complaining everyday is just childish. This time around it's best to just wait and maybe next time around it will be different. But, if you are so sure the update process is not going to ever change, then it seems like you have made your mind up. OK, so you don't like the Windows Phone process. The iPhone process is what you like? Well I'm sorry Windows Phone just isn't iPhone or Android and right now MS has a different process.

    For all we know the reason that some of the phones have been delayed is that during the testing stage they actually ran into problems. That is why there is a testing stage right? So that MS and the networks can look for problems and fix them, right? Do you think that they never run into problems at this point? Do you think that they tell us about all, or any, of the issues that they run into during the testing stage. NO! They do not want the media to report that the process has run into issues. That's why we tend to wait and wait thinking that MS is just sitting on it's ass while they could be getting us our update. That's not the right attitude to have, I mean think about your office, where you work, and when you run into issues have they all been fixed in days? Have some issues taken weeks or even months to iron out? This is computer programing people. This IS actually rocket science! I mean look at these devices. Years ago you would have been called a witch, and hung, for having this technology! So no it's not easy to just send you your update when you want it. And also, No I am not just some MS sucker that thinks that what they tell me is gold. This is just the most logical way that I can think of to deal with issues, besides crying "why - Why"

    You know, maybe I am onto something here. Something that might please everyone and maybe end some confusion and some of the question asking and might also increase some peoples faith about the update process. Maybe if we all had a more detailed understanding of what it actually takes to deliver a update to our phones, maybe it would ease our minds just a enough for us to be able to hang in there. We should get a detailed video or blog posting that outlines the whole update process from conception to delivery. Many people are wanting answers that MS is not going  to acknowledge until they see fit, but this would be a positive form of communication besides making people feel as if they are being ignored. See,,, I'm not just trying to tell you guys to shut up and wait, I'm just trying to add some perspective and help out.

  • Thanks to these updates, I now know that I'd never buy anything from LG ever again.

  • I agree - with the lessons learned from NoDo for Focus 1.4, why weren't they able to manage the Mango update simultaneously, much like managing Mango updates for LG Quantum, HTC Surround, and Focus 1.3. Couldn't it have been managed as just another device?

  • Mod74
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    Wasn't all this "oh, we didn't realise Samsung changed the spec" supposed to have been ironed out with NoDo? I appreciate you getting all your testing done to enable same day rollout for "everyone" but don't appreciate it when I'm the owner of the one device that somebody decides isn't important enough to prep at the same time as all the others.

  • cm3763
    37 Posts


    Your example of froyo 2.2 us completely different. Google leaves it up to the makers of the phones and carrier to determine who will be supported. MS on the other hand says all there phones will be supported. I always remember Samsung and att getting a class action lawsuit because of problems with that particular update.

  • blaksnar
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    I have only one opinion on v1.4. If Samsung cannot update v1.4 Focus and keep it up with other devices, MS should have just forced them to recall the product.  I know that I'm too demanding but I'm fed up with all this v1.4 update problems since NoDo. I cannot blame much on MS though. Mango has been RTMed before 3 months and beta has been available even before and they couldn't make it with v1.4 for so long but they can do it in 3 weeks? I flatly don't believe it. Samsung blames ATT and ATT to Samsung and MS. Honestly, think no one knows why v1.4 was missed out or they found some show stopper problem with v1.4 that they had to pull out at the last minute.

    The word "weeks ahead" just worries me. It can range anything 2-52 weeks.

    If MS can deliver updates to zillion different configurations of PC on a single day, I don't understand why it can't happen for a phone.


  • Gurtej
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    My unlocked Omnia 7 updated with a trick within hours of Mango release. One day before the release of Mango, there was a Samsung specific update available through Zune. No problems. However, one issue with Samsung Zone apps. All standard Samsung Zone apps pre-installed on Omnia 7 have been Mangofied but Now. The phone prompts me to update Now all the time but the update fails with error code: 80320011. But not a biggie for me. Cheers.

  • MiSahEL
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    @Rodney E. Jones : While I understand what you are saying, the fact is it’s been 16 days since the update process started. Plenty of time to have spotted problems in regards to particular phone models. Therefor if model "X" phone has shown no problems with the upgrade by this point the model should be at the 100% delivery mark.

    If there IS a problem MS should step up already and say so. As it stands Mango is feeling like a repeat of the same fail that was the NoDo update process.

    As for the comments towards the iOS, at least when Apple says they will deliver on a certain day they DELIVER, they don’t pull this 10%, 50%, Never, delivery bunk.

    My iPhone 3gs and iPad2 are running iOS 5 NOW, not waiting 16 days after the supposed release for approval to be upgraded as my Focus (1.3) has been.

  • nizzon
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    What about the data issues with Omnia7 on Telia Sweden? Whats happening there?

  • What exactly is Deutsche Telekom testing about the Omnia 7?  Can't you ask them to be more transparent?  Worst carrier in the world

  • jburch
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    @Krush You...I can give Microsoft a pass for the V1.4 NODO problem because they didn't know about the different hardware.  But the is no excuse for Mango.  They knew about the problem way ahead of time and assured all of us that there wouldn't be a repeat when they launched this update.  I love how all of the V1.3 owners want to tell us to calm down when quite a few of them were complaining about not getting the security update for a problem that there was a good chance they were never going to run into.

    My biggest complaint about this is the fact that as of right now I still have no idea why there is a problem.  Is Samsung delaying the firmware update?  Is AT&T slowing down the process?  Or is it Microsoft that is causing the delay because they forgot there were two different versions of the Focus.  Eric gives no information at all other than "we are working hard" and "we haven't forgot everyone".

  • Marek
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    #Deutsche Telekom Omnia 7 (Czech republic)

  • Marek
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    I don't understand it! :-/ There's no progress in speed of update for me before NoDo & Mango. I must still wait. It sucks!

  • jwolffie
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    Why is it that microsoft can patch millions of desktop computers on the second tuesday of every month, all within a day or so, but they can't update the phone software all at once? Why not give us a site like the windows update site so we can do a manual update?

    I would just force my phone but zune was updated and if I unplug too soon I get a server error message, any longer and I get phone is up to date.

    If you let me have the update I take all responsibility if it bricks my phone, and I have a backup I can go back to, so please................

  • Kalle
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    I wish you would explain the sort of "delivery decisions" the limited rollout is helping you make. Just one example, please? It's been two weeks now, and the only thing I can think is that something has happened since last week's optimistic update that things were going so well you'd opened the throttle to 50 percent.

  • Joined this Blog to find out about why the HD7S update was behind schedule. No response from "Admin", no response from Eric. If people are left in limbo...that sucks. If you post something on your website that gives a timeframe down to the day("OR LESS"), then don't live up to it or even explain why you haven't lived up to it...that's just plain inconsiderate. Seems like a poor way to treat loyal customers. Have had Windows on my PC since 3.11, have had Windows on my phone since the HTC 8125. Does MS care enough to about customers like me to let us know why the update they promised by a certain day didn't happen? Apparently not. A RESPONSE PLEASE !?!?!?!?!?!

  • Be patient everybody!

    You know the update process isn't going bad at all! Actually it's going really good compared to what Android does. And Apple only has 3 devices so they are able to roll it out to more people safely and allot faster. These things take time, and MS has told us why certain phones are still waiting. This is allot better than my friend who has a Android HTC Incredible. He waited 1 year to get 2.2 Froyo, and it had already been out for 6 months before he got his phone. Also, with WM6.5, It took forever for me to get updated on my Samsung Epic. In-fact, Windows Phone 7 was already announced by the time I got my update. I know how it feels because I was really impatient while waiting for 7.5, but I wouldn't be acting so spoiled if I didn't have the update yet because guess what:; it's only been a few weeks since they started rolling it out! So Chill People!

    It's kind of stupid to start putting down WP because of this, I mean if it upsets you what are you going to do? go with Android and put up with their update process? That's not going to work out well. Or maybe go with Apple and get the same phone 100,000,000,000.25 people have? No, that's why we are here! Because MS said they would do updates to every device on every network, and guess what, that's what they did! They never said that every single device in existence would get it on the same day. They will never do this because there is to much risk involved. And, we should be patient and respect that level of professionalism from our OS.

    What really gets me is that after Eric tried to explain, today, to the people with devices not updated yet, that they are aware of the wait and are doing what they can and you people still wouldn't except that. Just because he didn't say your specific devices doesn't mean he forgot about you, especially you V1.4 people. He is talking about everyone who is still waiting. He just can't come out and make comments about specific devices because people will blow that out of portion and start making news articles about that. Haven't you guys noticed that a good amount of WP news online comes right from this blog? Come on, Work with the team and don't put them down. Please let's just wait a little while longer.

    But, I'm sure someone petty will have something negative to say about this post to. Man, for some people nothing is ever good enough.

  • Krush You
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    If your model of phone is receiving the update then the zune trick works by disabling your wireless/wired connection after you search for the update for 1-2 seconds - it sometimes takes multiple times to get the timing down but it works for all phones that have been primed for the update

  • I'm worried about the phrase "in the weeks ahead."

  • Krush You
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    @All 1.4 users the update is still in testing, when it has completed this then it will be delivered, yes it sucks but Samsung did this to you not MS - they chose to change the specs to unsupported hardware for the device.  Could it have been mitigated it seems it won't be nearly as long as a wait as NODO was but you can only account so much to MS.  

    Also to the people saying how great apple is with their updates - there's a lot of problems with disabling the device, it not updating at all and other weird issues

  • abm
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    @Eric Hautala, It sounds bitter but the guy has some solid points there (see below)

    Extracted from: forums.wpcentral.com/.../181868.htm

    Originally Posted by species5618  

    To be honest, we really don't know whether the OS takes care of it or not. Developers claim a lot of things, few of them are ever true. BTW, do you know which other OS says you never need to close apps and the OS would take care of it all? That's right, Android.

    A more practical reason is that there's limit number of apps in the switcher and I want certain apps to be there instead of being pushed off the queue. This is especially true since wp7 can't seem to figure out an app is already opened. For example, while drafting a message, I click home button to do something else. Open messaging again, the draft is gone. Except it's not really gone, if I use task switcher to switch back to the original messaging window, the draft is still there. wp7 is simply too stupid to figure out the app is already opened. And of course, after opening 5 apps, my carefully crafted draft is gone for ever (or maybe it's still stored somewhere on disk, just not accessible). Nice multitasking.

  • Soo the phones are being updated based on models not your hive? hmm i was completely wrong, Get the HD7 updated soon!

  • Bushman
    12 Posts

    At last - more windows phones coming out - How many handsets with 8MP camera. Anything with NFC?


    I could put 1 phone on the ultimate christmas list


  • Ryan
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    I'm seeing a recurring theme with Samsung Focus V1.4 update. I wish someone would stand up and take responsiblity for these issues, instead of pointing fingers at each other. It's very frustrating to your supporters. I like windows phone, and maybe one day I'll actually have a Windows Phone 7.5 device and get to explore all the great new feature. In the future, more transparency during the update process (what's causing the delays for example) would be greatly appreciated.

  • GBK
    38 Posts

    What @shaggy said.  Exchange 2003 WP 7.5 issue.. any plans on fixing this?

  • How will this update strategy work when there are more and more devices and carriers? I dont see it getting any better and i am not very satisfied with how it is going now. Absolutely no comment on the HD7S that was listed as "scheduling" 11 days ago?

  • madjah
    12 Posts

    Just wondering when is the update for the HTC HD7S for AT&T will be released as it says it's scheduling which takes up to 10 business days, then Microsoft will release the update, but it's been more than 10 days, and no update??? Could you shed some light please?

  • shaggy
    7 Posts

    Any word on fixing the Exchange 2003 problem WP 7.5 version created?

  • jburch
    45 Posts

    You guys make it really hard to support these phones.  Stuck in the V1.4 Focus loop again.