Here are the winners of our 25 Phone Giveaway. And a chance to win a Windows Phone a month, every month!

Here are the winners of our 25 Phone Giveaway. And a chance to win a Windows Phone a month, every month!

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UPDATE:  It was pointed out to me that winner #2 and #11 are the same guy – good tweeting @mattymorgs! – so I’m giving the #11 phone to @unwiredmedic who pointed it out!

UPDATE #2:  I am a bad proofreader and clearly need a better tracking system!  @TGProf also was listed twice, so I’ve replaced #25 with #26, @finntannermom! 

Yesterday I sent out a tweet offering to give 25 phones away to frustrated smartphone users who wanted to upgrade to Windows Phone. It turned out to be kind of a big deal. So far I’ve received over 1500 responses from people all over the world, sharing their thoughts about why they’re frustrated by their current smartphone and why Windows Phone is easier, simpler, and more beautiful.

We dug through and selected 25 lucky winners. They (and their tweets) are:

  1. Jon404: @BenThePCGuy I'm sick of drinking the Apple Kool-aid! I need some Mango to take the taste away ;)
  2. mattymorgs: @BenThePCGuy with #iOS still stuck on its bubbly look from 5 years ago, #windowsphone is the true 'Think Different' of UI style today.
  3. jdnorthwest: @BenThePCGuy As a frustrated #DearBlackberry user I was shopping the Bellevue @MicrosoftStore yesterday for a #windowsphone
  4. sweeneyben: @BenThePCGuy #DearBlackberry my Storm2 was great if I went back in time, but is so outdated, with poor service. I want to go back to Windows
  5. joegaus: @BenThePCGuy i want a #windowsphone because only Beyoncé Knowles' beauty can compare to those DAMN SEXY LIVETILES
  6. jubbing: @BenThePCGuy #dearblackberry I want to use a phone where I can check my emails any time of the.. week. Sincerely, annoyed guy
  7. jacobdfriedman: @benthepcguy I want to switch because even eight years later, iTunes for windows is a clunky, crashy mess.
  8. chrisemmerson: Dear @BenThePCGuy how about u convert a beloved fruity phone lover & user with well world travelled phone from his free upgrade from the 4s?
  9. salamahoy: @BenThePCGuy I got the new BlackBerry 9900. It's been so problematic, I've thrown it against the wall. Now I have no phone. #DearBlackberry
  10. ChamatkariBaba: @BenThePCGuy BB served as a paper weight for last 3 days and from now onwards I plan to use it that way only
  11. mattymorgs: @BenThePCGuy with #iOS still stuck on its bubbly look from 5 years ago, #windowsphone is the true 'Think Different' of UI style today.
  12. KTownGMG: @BenThePCGuy My Blackberry has been dropping calls and really, this is it for me.....PLUS one word...METRO! SEND ME A PHONE!!!!
  13. jsteig: @BenThePCGuy I would love my BlackBerry if it didn't crash daily and if I could install applications w/o it dropping to a crawl
  14. TGProof: @BenThePCGuy also, I use my phone for business and school, without proper function it made contact very difficult. #UpgradeMeToWindowsPhone
  15. phonomatik: @BenThePCGuy Hey Guy! Ok, iOS is lame. WP7 is much better. I like the hubs and tiles, they have a good structure. All Apps are good sorted.
  16. mikehc: @BenThePCGuy I don't have a BB, have a Pre. But I'm equally frustrated... Do I have a chance to win a WP7?
  17. lazejanev: @BenThePCGuy I would like WP7 phone, because I want to transfer my enterprise knowledge on a mobile platform.Android and iOS are not for ERP
  18. Cri5_09: @BenThePCGuy I want a Windows Phone 7.5 because Mango beats Apples, berries, sandwitches or any other fruit/nut available.
  19. ijoostin: @BenThePCGuy I have an iPhone, but I want to see the world! I want to see what others see the future as. Apple's can't be the only vision!
  20. qkns: Hi @BenThePCGuy, I'm the BB admin :( I have 2 give status updates counsel unhappy users & stay const. up 2 date on this mess. I want OFF BB!
  21. erickmagnus: @BenThePCGuy RIM just don't respect customers. They take 2 days just to inform "we are working on this"! I want a #windowsphone!
  22. Chipstopher: @BenThePCGuy Dunno if you're still giving away Windows Phones, but Id switch to Windows Phone gladly. At this point I wanna phone that works
  23. MrJoeSterne: @benthepcguy man, updating to iOS 5 was worse than installing windows- by a long shot!
  24. Xadacka: @BenThePCGuy sick of it crashing, rebooting, slowing down... nice wp7 device sure would make things easier on me!
  25. TGProof: @BenThePCGuy also, I use my phone for business and school, without proper function it made contact very difficult. #UpgradeMeToWindowsPhone
  26. finntannermom: @BenThePCGuy to save a marriage! I cannot reach my husband need a #windowsphone #DearBlackberry>

If you’re on this list, send me an email with the following information:

  • Your name & Twitter handle (I’ll need to verify that you are actually you, of course!)
  • Where you’d like your phone shipped

Once I get that, my team and I will start boxing up freshly Mango-fied phones and shipping them out!

The huge influx of positive comments about Windows Phone got me thinking…if there are thousands of people out there who want a Windows Phone, why not give more chances to win one?

So here’s what I’ll be doing from now on; send your story about why you want (or need) a Windows Phone to my Ben the PC Guy email address. Do you need it for work, and can’t live without our built-in Office features? Are you a social butterfly and love the fact that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are baked right in? Do you drool over the beauty of live tiles? Whatever the reason is, I want to hear about it.

Every month, I’ll select a story that I think is unique and compelling and I’ll get that person a Windows Phone. A few weeks later, I’ll catch up with the winner and post a blog on how their new Windows Phone has changed their life.

So what are you waiting for? Send me your stories…and I might send you a Windows Phone!

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  • mikehc
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    Hi Ben, I won a phone in this contest. I already sent my info to you but didn't receive response. It's everything ok?

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    I love your contest, I only hope it's enough. I've done my part by telling a few people I know who want Window's phones (after they've seen mine) but can't get upgrades yet.  Expect to hear from them.

    Any tips for us of something specific you'd like to see in the stories that might...thumb the scales ;).

  • byshark
    1 Posts

    Say it your way,charge by way of RIM

  • Karen
    4 Posts

    What is funny is I had just replaced the last of the family BB's last week with Windows Phones just before the BB crash!  We have 2 in the family now.  I almost wish I was on twitter for this!

  • we recommend: 1. free promotional products with a purchase. ( or )

    2. Make wp7 more open so power users can reconfigure it any way they want same as it always been with windows PC, adding external devices onto the motherboard, anything to make as configurable as PC to get on android on this feature. Allow power users like IT, hobbyist, software programmer (student, professionals etc), guys to reconfigure  and have fun with it using Visual studio and external devices like printer, TV etc as you might know this the best selling point the best of open products and solidness of closed products.

    3. Make more secure allowing avg, Norton etc to run antivirus software program to get on android and black berry

    4. Far better ecosystem with PC and other devices to get on iphones and others. The phone should not come configured with carries (phone network services) settings, rather sell it as a Personal Computer (in a matter of fact it should be marketed as such but not its abbreviated form PC but ‘personal computer’ and I personally ask you to please not call them apps or application rather software programs, application are normally software program laucher.exe files as part of software programs hosts and other file formats) too, why because it one. When customer buys one they will choose whom to contract with they then insert the SIM card and the SIM card will automatically download the necessary software programs for that services provider, create another network for that provider, please have the capabilities to even have more than one network to open and reconfigure like an ordinary PC (i mean this phone hardware have enough power to run windows 98 or xp). Computer stores don’t sell phone why? These are the same devices, have relationships and sell windows phones along side computers.

    5. partner with banks and Microsoft partners to create a high end banking software program (and a hardware attached) around the world where your user are, this programs must have a personal financial statements like business (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow states according to GAAP standards the guys from  Microsoft dynamics can help you around this. This must be secure and can be audited like business accounting books). This software program must also be available to any business with different versions based on size of the business, as part of the Microsoft dynamics.

    6. Allow third parties to implement their own Metro UI, based on the same framework but in their own right and format.

    7. Due to a high demand for custom solutions, extend your msft partner network to work with phones too, in uservoice forum ideas keep coming and coming to solve this have a msft phone partner network that will provide solutions to each user at small fee, in marketplace have hub for this network solutions, this work like pc and server solutions network only that this for customers. Make the phone very customisable like desktop.

  • MS is missing out on the easiest marketing and I'll give it to you ... "in a world filled with boring icons, dare to be different! Windows Phone"  That's all, very simple, because unless you make it cool and a counterculture product WP will have an immensely short life cycle.  We all know its the slickest phone OS out there but Ms is late to the game and the OS  is not enough. Turn the tables on the fruit company by making it cool to have a WP precisely for the fact its not iPhone or a simple copied stack of icons OS.  Dare people to be different because we all want to stand out in a crowd.

  • It's playoff baseball season again and this time last year the "Really!?!" ads were running full swing. Since then... sparse TV ads for WP7, and nothing more than youtube videos, facebook posts and this twitter promotion.

    The ONLY way those youtube videos, tweets, facebook posts, etc. get out to ANYONE is if they are looking for it in the first place!!!

    Apple re-releases their IPhone 4 with minor changes and they sell out in 24 hours, people are standing in the rain this morning waiting to get it... Granted they have a huge following already and anything Apple gets huge media coverage, but all the stores you walk into have giant IPhone posters, educated sales people and great product placement. This sells phones to the general public that has ZERO interest in researching phones on the market or following the tweets of obscure Microsoft employees.

    MS right now does NOT have product recognition for WP7 and as good as it might be, it will continue to go from very small to .... very small market share.

  • ReySys
    1 Posts

    Great idea but his I can only see his power if is worlwide (Mexico). Here we have 1 carrier 1 model. Is not bad but still wan unlocked devices Let´s fill the power!!! Already test one of a user but many companies are not even known such devices. Bad marketing outside USA. @reysys Already have the oportunity on Blackberry Storm I, Blackberry Curve. I still have my dopod 900 but need to change it. I take to WM 6.1 with help of XDA developersI Import from Asia with a friend. But WP7 still is unknown here. Use IT people to introduce to enterprises. We have contact with everyone in the companies. Even in Microsoft Mexico few people have such devices. Everytime I tweet to Carriers "Is our plan to have such device no Date, No Price" Better HW specs, storage thru SD need it.

  • I agree with all the comments about marketing. You have an amazing platform here, please tell people about it.

    I got my (extremely resistant to change)  partner a Samsung Focus when they first came out. It took a day or so but after that she's completely hooked and can't imagine not having a smart phone. I don't think that would have happend with any other platform

  • Awesh
    9 Posts

    Gr8 idea and Congrats to the winners :)

  • Proud user of Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Omnia 7) here in Singapore... Just have to say that the brand recognition is still low... Marketing please!

  • xandris
    1 Posts

    Good idea, bad way to pick.  I was hoping you were picking based on the tweet, looks like you just picked based on how many people were being followed or how many followers they had.  I signed up for twitter just to try and get this.  Never used it before.  EXTREMELY #disappointed.

  • LCARS : they have had product placements in a lot of shows :

    Congrats to the winners :)

    1 Posts

    I agree with Robert also. Windows Phone is amazing. Your marketing for Windows Phone is amazingly bad. Terrible. Fire your marketing guys now. I see ads for iPhone and iPad on TV a million times a night. I have never once in my life seen a Windows Phone ad. No one knows they exist.

    You need to hammer the public with commercials and product placements. They need to see at least 5 Windows Phone ads during the course of watching a show in the evening.

    Don't even think about running the same style of commercials you have in the past. Showing happy people for 30 seconds and then flashing a logo at the end is a failure of an ad. You need four types of ads:

    1) Ads that show 1 or 2 cool consumer features of Windows Phone. Local Scout, Bing Vision, Live Tiles/Deep Linking, Facebook/Twitter integration, People Hub, etc. Also show off cool and popular apps.

    2) Ads that spin Windows Phone as "The XBox Phone" and "The Phone For Gamers". Show off the XBox hub, achievements, avatars, the ability to interact with other XBox users, the ability to use the Windows Phone to integrate with the new XBox update, cool games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Need for Speed, Hydro Thunder, etc, etc.

    3) Ads that spin Windows Phone as "The Business Phone". Show off the Office Hub with Word/Excel/PowerPoint/One Note. Show off the workflow between the Office Hub, SkyDrive, and the Office web apps. You can start a document on your computer and continue it on your phone or vice versa. Show how you can pin notes and documents to your start screen.

    4) Ads that don't showcase the product features but just parade it around as cool. A great example of this are the Android ads that show people battling robots and stuff. Just make the phone our to be a cool thing and with generally fun/interesting ads.

    If consumers see these types of ads over and over, they will get the idea that the phone has a lot of worth and is hip. Give carrier reps in stores incentives to recommend Windows Phone. Try these ideas and watch Windows Phone take off.

  • Bushman
    12 Posts

    Windows Phone Fights Back A Mango.

    Gadgetrophy - tweeted -

    The HTC Titan will do just fine. Thanks Ben.

  • Agree with Robert.   Someone needs to sell this phone OS. Its a winner, the marketing isn't.  

    Example 1: I was visiting a friend while the tv was running, during the 4-6 commercial spots between shows; at least 2 would be for either iPad2 or iPhone.  This went on all evening.      

    Example 2: I went to Rogers Canada yesterday, 0 WP7 phones on display.  0 notices on their website as to when WP7.5 Mango phones are coming.   Similar story with Virgin Mobile Canada, no WP7 phones advertised, none coming soon.

  • Robert speaks the truth. The software is there, the hardware is lovely. There is ZERO marketing. Apple are where they are because they have great marketing. The advertising and product placement and overall mindshare for Windows Phone is dreadful. That's what needs fixing. :(

  • This is a great idea and congrats to those who won their new Maggo phones.   Now fire your marketing department and hire somebody who can properly market these phones for you.   Maybe you can hire away Apple's marketing dept.