Now in Marketplace: AccuWeather for Windows Phone 7.5

Now in Marketplace: AccuWeather for Windows Phone 7.5

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AccuWeather today announced a new version of its free Windows Phone weather app, which is available now and includes several tweaks to take advantage of new Windows Phone 7.5 features. A few highlights:

  • Provides current conditions for places you search for with Bing.
  • Flipping Live tiles switch from current conditions to daily high/low temps.
  • Pin multiple Start tiles, so you can see conditions in several cities at a glance.
  • Shows weather info in English, French, Italian, German or Spanish to match your phone’s language setting.
  • Weather alert notifications for your location.
  • Multitasking support.

To see it in action, check out this handycam video I made — or the official demo from Accuweather.

What’s your favorite Windows Phone weather app?

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  • tsrblke
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    I see this with the accuweather app, but only occasionally.  usually it displays the cached info from the last time I opened the app.  Either way it's strange, because it starts by showing me blankness everwhere (which is fine, it's loading) then shows me some old cached data, then shows me what's current.  With background tasks I kinda hoped it would never be more than 1/2 hour out of date (otherwise how is the background task different than a live tile.)

    On the issue of back tiles, it's just a personal preference but I think a radar tile isn't worth it. If I want radar I'll go into the app.  I much prefer a forcast.

  • LOL, @tsrblke, I didn't know there was a race ;)  Anyway, were you saying that the WeatherChannel app has the remnant data or the AccuWeather one does?  I was looking to see if that behavior happens on the AccuWeather one on my Focus, but I can't duplicate that problem.  And, @ChrisAverage, it may be one of those "your mileage may vary" situations, but on my device the AccuWeather app is quite significantly faster updating than the WeatherChannel app was on my device.  They're both well-featured, and both offer the toast notification of alerts (which I absolutely love).  If there's one thing I like better in the WeatherChannel app it's got to be that the backside of the live tile is the radar.  I'd love for that option to be in the AccuWeather app.

  • tsrblke
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    I leave town for 1 freaken weekend, and you pick up what? 200 posts.  Pffffft. (I will catch you one day!)

    OK, back on topic. Weather, right.  Accuweather seems faster (although has released like 3 updates this week, so hard to tell.  Either way, they're flip tile suxxors.) I do have this strange problem where it shows me the data from the first time it was used (98F!) while it's loading.

    It's strange....

  • I tried accuweather for some time but it's too slow for me. The panorama view chops a lot and it simply freezes for some seconds while loading. I now use HTC's app for weather. It also has live tiles and though it's not as rich in features(that I don't use anyway) it's a lot more fluid. Plus it has some sweet animations that always catch others eyes.

  • I have to admit, after running the Weather Channel app for quite a while, I tried the AccuWeather one and like it much better.  It is definitely a LOT faster, particularly in terms of updating.  This is my new fav weather app.

  • tsrblke
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    I just got back from a trip and I had been using this app non stop. (FWIW, it downloaded for me several days ago, mangofied and all).

    It's really great, and the double live tile makes more sense to me than than one (which shows radar).  I had deleted Accuweather after the "it made all my live tiles stop" debacle, (Version 1.0 in WP7 premango) but this works great.

    One thing Andy forgot was the "Hi/Lo" side of the tile also changes it's background based on the weather forcast.  So even if it's sunny now, if Rain is expected later, the back side of the live tile will show the rain background.

    This was crucial to me while I was out and about in Minneapolis over the weekend, as I pulled out my phone, saw incoming rain in a glace during my morning email check, and had my coat with me!

  • @Xer This is not the right place to ask mate. Please raise your question in Forums. I am sure many will be there to help you out

  • XeR
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    Can someone please tell me how to change language description of app in marcet place, i set German first time, but i need English, i try to change in location/regional, but nothing, please someone....

  • XeR
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    Can someone please tell me how to change language description of app in marcet place, i set German first time, but i need English, i try to change in location/regional, but nothing, please someone....

  • Awesh
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    Downloading.. let's see how it works for me...

  • @edwinzamir, select Settings -- region + language -- to change display language, and, or region format.

  • I have a HTC HD7(Mango)T-Mobile but will not let me change the "Display Language"English Only appears How do I change the language?

  • Yo tengo un HTC HD7(Mango) de T-Mobile pero no me deja cambiar el "Display Languaje" Solo aparece English ¿Como cambiar el idioma?

  • Conny
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    Thanks for the tip @arrow22. I haven't tried that one yet.

    @Andy, nice write-up. I actually unpinned AccuWeather from my start screen because of the lack of features. Guess I'll give it another shot along with WeatherLive and go from there.

  • arrow22
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    I personally like the minimalism of WeatherLive (which incidentally has been updated for Mango for a little while now).

  • There are three major Weather apps now! Which is the best?

  • It's all good! By looking at stats it seems this month might be the biggest month for new apps and updates since June 2011 According to last week, in just one day alone, almost 800 new apps were added, sending the total number of apps close to 35,000