Updates: Windows Phone 7.5 now available more broadly

Updates: Windows Phone 7.5 now available more broadly

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Hello everyone. When we kicked off the global rollout of Windows Phone 7.5, I told you we planned to balance quality with speed. And for three weeks we’ve been watching quality while sending update notices to a growing fraction of phones.

It’s gone well. So today we’re fully opening the spigot —slightly ahead of schedule—and making Mango available to nearly everyone in the current delivery pool (see Where’s My Phone Update? for the details).

In addition, we’re now scheduling Mango updates for LG Optimus 7 phones on Telefonica in Spain.

We’re excited most of our customers now have access to all the new features in Windows Phone 7.5. But we know there’s still work to do.

For example, we're working with Orange in Europe to resolve a couple technical issues that are temporarily preventing us from delivering updates at full throttle to all its Windows Phone customers.

Updates for a few phones are also still undergoing carrier tests. If this applies to you, I want you to know we’ve already prepared to expedite delivery of Windows Phone 7.5 to you once carrier testing is finished.

One last thing. Next week we’ll start delivering some model-specific “firmware” from handset makers, so don’t be alarmed if you receive an additional update notification on your phone. These updates are designed to activate new Windows Phone 7.5 features or improve your phone’s performance. Not everybody will receive or require one: It all depends on your country, carrier, and phone model.

That’s it for now. For general questions, and to learn how to manually check for an update, visit Update Central. To research or ask about a specific issue, visit the Windows Phone forum in Microsoft Answers or tweet @WinPhoneSupport.

Eric Hautala, General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • Rolfski
    2 Posts

    With Microsoft not responding to my problems and Samsung only offering a reparation that would loose me my Omnia 7 for weeks and have all my settings, programs and data reset, I was forced to build myself a jig tool with resistors in order to get the phone finally into download mode. I´m not technical but it was the only way.

    If you force your customers into this experience you must really hate them. Aren't you responsible for this?

  • Still no firmware updates for Australian HTC Mozart handsets, have seen Mozarts getting updates in India,  any idea when this will happen for Australian customers?

  • martz
    6 Posts

    @kiwibird97 how did u get the update, did u have to reset to factory mode? So we can help other rev 1.4 to get their mangoes :)

  • That is a totally lie. Vodafone Romania, LG Optimus 7 and no Mango yet. At least have the decency not to lie to your customers. You are such a liar. This is why my next phone will be an iPhone. They do know how to do customer care. You are just lying: Mango this, Mango that and nothing. Shame on you!

  • purevibz
    14 Posts

    I still can't get the update on the focus v1.4 it's been a month now and still no mention about the update for this phone I'm really pissed.

  • drankurn
    42 Posts

    update for focus 1.4?

    It's been more than a month since it's testing, how long does it take?

  • Uuuuuh I'm very happy to see that Omnia 7 models which are branded by Deutsche Telekom are now in status scheduling :-) Very cool to see that you made it in a relative short amount of time ;-)

  • @Kazi how did you manage to do this? According to  "Where Is my Update?" the Omnia 7 T-Mobile branded should not get it?

  • @Eric Hautala What happens if my HTC Surround does not get the notification to update?

  • is there anyway i can find out how long does testing on SAMSUNG FOCUS 1.4 take?

  • I am running an unlocked LG Quantum on ATT and still waiting for Mango. Any idea when the final phones without technical issues will be upgraded? I am definitely ready to be in on the fun.

  • I_Mean
    24 Posts

    @Eric Hautala, I really find the camera software of WP7 useless while taking the video. The zoom in and out feature on WP7 doesn't help when taking the video since it is disturbing and brings extra motion like effect when tapping for zoom in and out. It is not a problem in photo since we are not going to capture the motion, but in video it is not useless. Will the zoom in and out feature on WP7 ever improved like in other platform. Differentiation is good but the determining factor should be the usability and its effectiveness which i don't find in this particular feature while taking a video shoot.

  • Kazi
    4 Posts

    Despite the WIMPU page, I have installed Mango successfully on my Samsung Omnia 7 (T-Mobile Hungary/Deutche Telekom) at the weekend. Just to let you know.

    ... and Mango is tasty :-)

  • Hassan
    12 Posts

    Still didn't get any notification on my Omnia 7 :'( It was originally locked for T-Mobile Germany, but I've bought it unlocked from eBay, does this mean that I'm still locked with T-Mo regarding updates??

  • Thanks Windows Phone Team.

    I just got to install the upgrade yesterday and while i am very impressed about the features added on to the OS, I am proud  windows phone fan. There are couple of things to note, the map app is somewhat able to precisely find my location. At most time it will not find at all. Secondly, right after I disconnect my phone from charging the phone, the start up screen freezes and I would need to intermittently switch off and on again. Lastly, I was very concerned about the apps marketplace, but it seems that after a couple of hours it had started to work again .

    Please do fix these bugs as soon as possible.

  • Hi, when will you release 7.5 for LG E900 in Denmark?

  • pjfan
    2 Posts

    Just got the update notice through Zune when checking for my T-Mobile Dell Venue Pro.

  • I'm in US) and I still can't update my phone. Zune says my phone is up to date. My current version is 7.0 (7392). I have LG Quantum. I don't use the phone, so it's not hooked up to any phone company. I only use the W-Fi.

    I am getting frustated with the 'No Updates Found' message on my phone.

    What is going on?

  • jwolffie
    13 Posts

    it is Oct 21 and still no update for my ATT surround :(

  • aka13
    1 Posts

    I buyed my HTC Trophy in Germany, I have the US Region and I live in Russia. I got the MAngo update as sonn it came out! Great job! The only thing I don't like, is the new IE.

  • Speaking of the keyboard issue, apparently an Italian developer discovered that it MIGHT be tied to background tasks. If you go into Settings-->Applications-->Background Tasks, you can disable the tasks in background and it seems to make the disappearing keyboard problem go away.  Again, I've only run into it a couple of times, so I can't confirm this, but one of the other Windows Phone enthusiast websites had something on this.

  • @jkavanagh58, based on previous threads and other Microsoft announcements, all carriers, all devices were up on the list---with the exception of the ones noted on the "Where's my update?" website as still being in testing.  However, there was apparently some sort of mechanism used to randomly select who was in the first 10% of all those carriers & devices, later bumped to higher percentages.  I've seen no indication that WHEN you bought your phone or WHERE had any part to play.  As the first 10% started rolling a lot of folks on other forums were posting where they were from as they got the notification---it was truly all over the place.  I pushed mine.  I also went over to my friends' house and pushed the husband's device, but when I connected his wife's (both bought the Focus at the same time) hers updated immediately.  So, it seems to have been truly random.  I'll tell you that when hers was connected earlier in the day, there was no update available.  By the time I got over there to help them update it was well after dinner.

  • ktyrka
    1 Posts

    It sounds like I'm in the same boat as several others.  Even though the "spigot" has been opened for all to receive updates, my Focus v1.3 in the US is still showing "no updates available"  ever since the 7.0 (7392) SSL update.   Does it take a few days from the time of the posting above until everyone is actually allowed the update?

  • I have to ask; what was the method used to determine what devices/customers where first to get the update?  Admittedly I used the Zune trick to get the update day one, but I was surprised when I tethered my phone and it said no updates.  I bought my Phone just an hour after the AT&T store opened.  Since I am in the Easter Standard Time and it was the day was the Windows Phone US Launch day that had to put me in a fairly short list of early adopters, yet not one of the early annointed updaters.  I have Mango and love the platform but the whole issue of updates is concerning.

  • Rolfski
    2 Posts

    Regarding updates, my unbranded Omnia 7 has been a total horror story so far. How are you guys ever going to provide me the Mango update when the phone keeps hanging during the reboot process, no matter what special Samsung patch or procedure you apply to it?

    Please respond to this, I´m getting very desperate here. The phone keeps hanging at step 6 (restart) when it wants to update and none of the steps suggested in the many Omnia 7 topics at anwers.microsoft.com work!

  • Will the firmware updates fix the linking/playcount issues with Zune Desktop (the way Zune firmware 4.3 did for the Zune HD)?


  • Here's to hope that retail devices are also going to get the new updates after Mango. What happened with the Optimus 7 was disaster nobody wants to repeat. ;)

  • KR
    503 Posts


    I think it's just a matter of time and devices,because my first two weeks with mango were perfect,the only issue was the Bing maps failing to get my position and didn't even update my position as I move,this also happens with the gmaps app.i didn't even have a disappearing keyboard.but since last Saturday the disappearing keyboard has become chronic and annoying.

    I can live with GPS failure cos even before mango when Bing was the only choice on windows phone which is useless to me in my area,I got use to navigating the old fashion way by reading maps :)

    But the chronic disappearing of the keyboard is driving me crazy

  • I have also experienced the keyboard issue a couple of times! Specifically when I was typing a text message and for some reason I had to pause for while before its completion, then the keyboard suddenly disappeared and I couldn’t bring it back – I had to cancel the message and started it over.

    I am not being negative or pessimist but the truth is, there are some bugs in Mango that need to be addressed, which makes me think that MS will have to release a fix update before Tango is ready.

  • madjah
    12 Posts

    To all those on T-Mobile or vodafone, I'm with 02 UK and they are really good at testing, they are always ready when the Microsoft release the update to the public. I got it on the first day, but that might be due to the fact that I am a developer (student), so i got it early, But before, I got NoDo as soon as it was released. 02 are really good.

  • Hmm.  I have the 1.3 Focus and my phone is performing a lot faster with Mango.  In fact, the only issue I've run into has been the disappearing keyboard, and even THAT has only happened a couple of times.  Not enough to be annoying.  Music and podcasts (video and audio) are performing quite well, no stuttering or lockups.  Screen movement currently has no lag.  I have the 32GB card in it, so I'm wondering if having extra storage is actually helping.  Other than that, it's seems there's no rhyme or reason for differing experiences.  Very odd.

  • I still feel that the Omnia 7 was the best of the 1st generation Windows Phone's but it is constantly plagued with update delays.  I can honestly say at this point I would be very cautious about ever getting another Samsung Windows Phone device.  Thankfully Nokia is less than a week away from announcing there devices although I expect it will be November before carriers start shipping them.

    On a positive note, Microsoft and the Windows Phone team have clearly learnt lessons from the NoDo update and this time around to get almost all carriers to sign-off at the same time is nothing short of amazing.  I have to say "thank you" for listening to all our complaints and taking action to make sure Mango went well. 10 devices, 60 carriers; Android could only dream of achieving that.

    Well done everyone; just please keep pushing to get the Omnia 7 through testing.

  • shadyi
    1 Posts

    I'm in Egypt (Vodafone) and I still can't update my phone. Zune says my phone is up to date. My current version is 7.0 (7392)

  • hh121
    1 Posts

    Can someone please comment on whether these updates will fix the apparent Mango bug where the Zune player locks up the phone (see answers.microsoft.com/.../e862bde0-fd1f-471e-9822-5c7a44746390 for numerous examples), even just acknowledging a problem has been found, or better still corrected and scheduled for deployment.

  • I hate t-mobile UK.. I repeat, I hate t-mobile UK.. infact, I dont think I will ever tire of repeating it.. I hate t-mobile UK

  • Freypal
    59 Posts

    Can you expand on the Orange "technical issues" since I have updated my Orange UK Omnia 7 to Mango and have been having terrible data connection issues.

    There are many more reporting the same fault on Orange UK network.

    I'm getting Deja Vu here as this happened with NoDo where my phone was delivered a faulty bootloader.

  • Agreed. With the nodo update DT waiting for the additional updates before releasing nodo; the same may be happening here. Would be nice if they admitted that.

    I'm with T-Mobile UK and have been trying to get them to tell us why there is such a delay. For a communications company they faily at communicating. I don't mind waiting so much if I know why, but they really don't seem to care. I suspect there aren't that many Omnia 7 users for them to make an effort and their support staff just re-iterate the "we'll let you know when we know" line, without seemingly trying to find out anything. Such poor customer service; it's no surprise that the only people I see with WP7 phones are people already in the MS space (developers, etc).

    While you've been open about updates, and it seems the process is improved for the majority of people, you need to be much clearer about the issues surrounding certain phones. I like WP7 and will continue to use it, but once my contract is up I'll be moving from T-Mobile because their support is appaling.

  • Kazi
    4 Posts

    Is that possible that t-mobile (aka Deutche Telekom) is waiting for Omnia 7 firmwire update because of bugs? If that the case, it would be better to communicate it that way, imo.

  • Deutche Telekom is still testing the update for Omnia 7.  What on Earth are they testing?!!

  • great news.

    I am living in india and have a LG quantum unlocked.

    Many of my friends gets amazed on seeing my juicy mango.

    Please do more marketing in ASIA region.

    Also, will unlocked devices be getting the FIRMWARE update that is scheduled next week.?

  • Awesh
    9 Posts

    WOW, This is great news.!!! already enjoying wp7.5 :)

  • This question is directed to Eric Hautala. I just spent over 2 hrs on the phone with customer service about this 7.5 update for my LG Quantum. Do you have a list of what phones have this yet because apparently, according to your words "This week, we’ll be making the update available to 10 percent of customers. If everything looks good, we’ll open up the spigot a bit more—to around 25 percent. We’ll hold there for one or two weeks, then quickly ramp up to 100 percent—monitoring quality the entire way. " back on Sept 27 100% of people should have this update by now? I'm just curious of the process of this and im just wondering when I'm getting the update. Please respond back.

  • Just saw the blog post from the 13th saying Mango was being released to the HD7S and I now see this post. Before even reading these posts tonight, I got an update notification today while at work. I was super excited to say the least.

    I got home and followed the instructions expecting the 7392 update first and indeed that's what came up. Then I expected 7720, you know, Mango, but my phone and Zune both say nah, you're good where you're at. Excuse me? That's half an update. Why didn't I get Mango? What kind of crazy world is this? I hate to be a whiner over something MS may or may not be able to control but this is seriously frustrating.

  • kalitik
    1 Posts

    Mango is great. Good progress on functionality front. But it doesn't work as well as NoDo. Before Windows Phone was smooth as butta. I could show it to my iphone owning brother, and he could definitely appreciate the sleek, quick and stylish UI. No more. There are lags, freezing, disappearing keyboards. My phone doesn't respond to changes in the minutes to lock setting. WIFI performance seems worse as well. 3rd party programs that actually scroll worse than in NoDo? Yes. I have a Focus 1.3. For WP7 to be competitive it can't try to play catchup with buggy update installs.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Rodney E,

    Great suggestion as usual

  • This is off subject, but with Skype, wouldn't it be cool if WP could support conference calling using live tiles to display multiple faces. That also had me thinking that one day, possibly, the live tiles would be able to have full animation where applicable, as this would be necessary for video conference calling.. I just think it would be so handy to see the people I'm talking to without having to leave the start screen. This would further improve on the whole "in and out" concept. Of course full blown Skype integration is the plan, however, this would just be a cool touch to the OS.

    Does anybody else think fully animated live tiles would be useful in some cases?

  • It has been 20 days since the update came to the first set of users. I'm very envious for those who already updated to Mango. Only three days to go! Guys, let's be patient!

  • I have an unlocked unbranded Omnia 7 with build 7392. A few days ago I connected my phone to zune and it said update is available 7.0.7403. I thought it would go straight to 7720.. anyway I didn't have time to do it that day and just now I connected it to update and the update isn't available anymore.

    This reminds me of the nodo update... I was given an update notification, but when I tried a few days later it wasn't available anymore. Michael Stroh later said updates for Omnia 7 stopped being sent out because an issue was discovered. Has another update issue been discovered for Mango?

    btw, great job getting these updates out to almost everyone so quickly this is much better than nodo update process

  • Hmm, device specific updates. Eric, can we hope one of those updates will be for Dell Venue Pro solving the deleted Compass Driver issue?

  • KR
    503 Posts


    I have those exact same problems on my unbranded focus on bell Canada

  • Good job windows phone team!!!

    but I having 3 issues on my unlocked focus with H2O wireless, the disappearance keyboard,  Bing maps failing to locate my position and while coping & pasting it's really painful try to copy something..

  • dgduris
    3 Posts

    Thanks Eric. This level of communication is totally awesome and why ~ among other reasons ~ I will continue to recommend WP to my friends and the people who ask me "tech" advice.  Well done!

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Molten Nielsen,

    May be that's the reason,because my unbranded Focus never gets an update notification,since the NoDo update,but when I plugged it in and connected to Zune,when I checked for updates it told me an update is available.this happened even mango

  • blaksnar
    23 Posts

    "Once carrier testing is finished." - A disappointed Focus v1.4 user who read this post with lot of hopes.

  • I have an unbranded Omnia 7 - using it in US with AT&T. I know that's kinda out of the ordinary, so is this why I still don't see the update?

  • Waiting for mango on my HTC Surround.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    I'm sure the Android fan boys will get the ICS update when we'll be getting ready for the next generation windows phone

    BTW,just a side note,I think the name "windows phone" should be dropped for a single worded, more catchy and expressive name

    I think the "windows phone" is too long,boring and inappropriate for such a great product IMHO

  • KR
    503 Posts

    Good job windows phone team

    Now I believe you guys learned a lot from the NoDo fiasco,though I personally have been having some issues on my focus(carrier unlock but bought from Rogers Canada and using on Bell) which you guys are. Already aware of.i mean the disappearing and less accurate keyboard and the Bing maps failing to locate my position or failing to update my position as I move.

    Hope there's a fix for this soon and Once more two thumbs up for the good update process

  • deiruch
    13 Posts

    Hi Eric. Thanks for the update! It'd be nice if you could be more specific on the blog. What problems with Orange? What will be fixed specifically in the coming firmware updates? I'm used to get this kind of information from blogs, but you're writing as if this was marketing material...

  • Wow, thankfully my wife's Focus V1.4 was a lemon (randomly reset itself ~every 10min.) and we got a brand new one from our local ATT store and it was a V1.3. I feel bad for the V1.4 users out there waiting for Mango.

  • This is great news. I'm now going to tell some of my friends who aren't up with updating thing (they're still back on 7004) how to get upgraded to Mango!

    It would really be useful though if you could give us a list of handsets which will get getting the Wi-Fi drivers update next week. I know my carrier (Telstra) will support Internet Sharing if my Manufactuer (HTC) updates the Wi-Fi drivers for my handset (Mozart), so knowing what handsets would be useful :)

  • wljh28
    11 Posts

    Would you please kindly advise me when can I get update for T-MOBILE UK Omnia 7?

  • pjfan
    2 Posts

    I'm still not getting the update on my T-Mobile Dell Venue Pro.  Any reason that would be?

  • Is Microsoft doing anything about the continued delay of Mango by either Dell or AT&T for the AT&T SIM-locked Dell Venue Pro phones?

  • BeGo
    3 Posts

    When does the German Telekom provide the update for Samsung Omnia 7? Is there something familiar?

  • madjah
    12 Posts

    @Teufel Hunden If you read the post it will tell you where you can check - click on the link with says "where's my update" then click the correct location.

  • Eric,  Can you tell us which handsets will be getting firmware updates?

  • Great to see this kind of progress.  I'm happy to know that when I do get a Windows Phone it'll be in good hands.

  • Marek
    22 Posts

    How is it possible that there is ALWAYS problem with Deutsche Telekom Omnias! I hate that company...