Spend the night with Windows Phone

Spend the night with Windows Phone

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Join us for one of our exclusive events across the U.S. and get a first look at the hottest new Windows Phones such as the HTC Titan, HTC Radar, Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash. You know Windows Phone is packed with killer social integration, a wide variety of games and apps, and a ton of other great features, now come see it all on cool new hardware.

See where the night takes you when you challenge your friends to a Fruit Ninja battle, or chill out in one of our device lounges as you sip cocktails and sample good eats from top local chefs.  Plus, catch live performances from today‚Äôs best indie bands like Matt & Kim or Young the Giant.  These events  are FREE, brought to you by Windows Phone, the phone that puts people first.  Tickets are very limited, so be sure to reserve yours today on our Windows Phone Facebook page.

New York City

November 7 & 8

Featuring: Matt and Kim


November 11 & 12

Featuring: The Drums


November 16 & 17

Featuring: Young The Giant

Los Angeles

November 30 & December 1

Featuring: MuteMath

San Francisco

December 6 & 7

Featuring: Best Coast

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  • I too went through the process to RSVP for the Dallas event, but have yet to receive a confirmation. What do I need to do to get a confirmation? Please help!

  • Vincent
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    Yes I went and emailed Mogotix and they got back to me once and have not replied since. I hate when Microsoft uses outside stuff like Repnation and Mogotix always seems like they cause a lot of unneeded issues.

  • tsrblke
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    The other thread has a post from brian about someone to email to get help with ticket problems, I suggest you run over there!

  • Vincent
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    I signed up for 2nd day in Chicago and then ckicked on send to my phone and it just went to an error page. When I tried to go back through it, I was told I already signed up. Any help??

  • I didn't get the option to send it to my phone, I tried to signup again but it said that I already registered, any solution???????

  • I noticed the windowsphone.com now has the Samsung Focus S and the Flash listed, althought AT&T still has nothing on them on their sites. I'm biting my nails in anticipation of the out-of-contract price and how much storage is on the Focus S.  I know many folks seem to be hinging hopes on Nokia's announcements next week to give a shot in the arm to excite the market over WP7, but the leaked specs don't give me cause to hope, although I'm betting the cameras in those things are going to be splendid.

    Really, I think the better shot is actually going to be the movement of Windows desktop away from the old sea of icons and to the Metro-like experience.  If that's what folks are going to see on the desktop or on tablets, the phone is the logical extension of that.

  • bg7316
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    Flip flip flipadelphia...i commence my campaign to bring this to philly

  • Hawk
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    Cool...I can go to the one in Dallas on Nov 16/17 just to find out that my Focus rev1.4 STILL CANNOT get Mango.  Let's see...NoDo was originally released say Feb/Mar and I wasn't able to upgrade until June!  Hopefully it's not January before I see Mango or I'm asking for a new iPhone for Christmas.  

    I've already seen 2 different commericals for the iPhone4S but yet NOT ONE commercial for the Windows Phone.  I've also seen countless Android commercials.  I just don't understand why Microsoft isn't marketing Mango.  Makes me believe I'm just spinning my wheels with this OS and it too will eventually die a slow death just like the old Windows OS.

  • I signed up on Facebook, but through my phone and it won't give me my text for the ticket. I click the "Click Here to Receive Your Mobile Ticket" and it doesn't go to the next page at all. Any help?

  • Hey, @tsrblke, principles never have to die....that's what makes them principles.  But, sometimes we examine that upon which our principles are based.  Sometimes we are just obstinant ;)  I admit I resisted MySpace for a long time, but realized that many of the people I needed to keep in contact with rarely touched email, but were always on MySpace.  Eventually, MySpace just got too filthy--became the MTV of social media. I moved to Facebook.  I'm generally happy with it and I actually like the new Timeline aspect (if it every actually rolls outside of those of us who used the backdoor to set it up).  I'm directing our annual Christmas show at church and I've setup a page for that so I can share photos of the production as we go, and let cast members know about the rehearsals.  Also, our class reunions are all organized via FB now.  It's just SO easy to do stuff.  I believe in making technology my slave ;)

  • @Rodney E. Jones, thanks for the update.  So far, I've seen no issues with mine.  I immediately started sharing that tip with some of my WP7 friends and they're loving it, too.  You know, I'm wondering if we put a pic that's in our Skydrive in there that it's not some sort of html thing creating the issue.  I'm definitely no web guru, but I do know that links sometimes get "broken" because of internal work hosts do, and a file that worked in a link one day gives you a completely different result another day.  So, maybe that's somehow happening with Skydrive pics that are shuffled?  Again, I'm thinking that shuffling was only intended to work with the Favorites, but a glitch allows all photos to work if you have nothing in Favorites.  I'm grasping at straws, here.

  • Oh MS.. please bring this to the UK.

  • Pitman
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    Developed by the company Rosetta Stone Inc., and first released in 1999, the Rosetta Stone series of language-learning computer programs are available for both Windows PC and Mac. The programs attempt to teach foreign languages by presenting the user with a mix of words, images and sounds to which you type, click or read out the appropriate response. After purchase of the original software, additional "language packs" are purchased for the specific language you want to learn. As of February 2011, there were four versions of Rosetta Stone available with "Rosetta Stone 4" having been released in late 2010. http://www.ofrosettastone.com/ There were a number of significant changes between "Rosetta Stone 2" and "Rosetta Stone 3."

  • myq
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    Brian Seitz...... am in Africa and i have played with the windows phone and i  really like it. wanted to know when the window phone 7.5 will have the sim toolkit enabled because its quite hard to operate the phone in Africa without this as most of the services from providers are dependent on it.

  • I think I read on mogotix.com that if we registered and didn't get our tickets then we can show our photo I'd at the door

    Will somebody please confirm?

  • WPDiddy
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    Brian- I signed up for the Chicago event...and it failed to generate am invite to my phone even though I clicked on the link which stated it would send the invite directly to my phone....how can I confirm my invitation?

  • What about the UK & the EU ???

  • I'm having trouble getting my ticket. It didn't send it to my phone. It did send it to my wife's phone immediately. This probably ruint my VIP chances. What should I do??

  • KR
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    @Brian Seitz

    No love for your pals up North?is it the cold which scares you guys away :)?

  • @ ScubaDog201 and tsrblke.. Continuing the topic on Picture Hub Glitch. I have about 32 Pictures in my Favorites. A picture from my camera roll made it into favorites and actually scrolled on the live tile. I deleted it and I will check to see if it was accidentally added to my favorites, which I doubt but you never know.

  • I signed up a few hours ago for SF on 12/6 and I got to the page where it said click here to send to your phone and it just timed out. Now I can't go back and request my ticket again because I've already RSVP'd. Anything I can do?

  • @ JackB03.... Cool Jack! Find me on F.Book. Maybe we can meet up. I'm trying to get my wife to go and some other people, but with so many haters, right now, it's hard.  Anyways, That's Rodney E. Jones in Arlington, TX                         rj@rojoscleanauto.com......Go Rangers, Mavs, Cowboys!!!

  • JackB03
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    Me too! Ill be in Dallas as well on the 16th!

  • Cool! I singed up for the 11/16 event in Dallas, TX. I will try to get as many people to go as I can by sending out a Facebook invite to everyone. This was exactly what I suggested we do several months ago. Hopefully this can become a yearly thing here in Dallas. This is perfect because Android has a big festival in Austin, TX, so now maybe Dallas, which has a much bigger market, will be known for a yearly Windows Phone event.

  • tsrblke
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    Cardinals are doing great.  I'd bribe them with game tickets to have an event here, but who am I kidding I couldn't even get tickets.

    Every night of the week right now though is going out dressed in red ;)

    Meanwhile, perhaps there's hope for a StL gathering: twitter.com

  • hopmedic
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    There's a problem.  You seem to have forgotten to list the Atlanta event.

  • Conny
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    If they decide to have one in StL, I might go. Its only a 6 hour trip.

    Side note... How about them Cardinals? 1 down, 3 to go =D

  • Conny
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    Hello? LITTLE ROCK!! I only live 30 minutes away, I could be there in no time.

  • samsabri
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    See you boys on the 30th of November in LA!

  • tsrblke
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    People see it as odd, I see it as fighting the trend ;).  Seriously though, this started as a social experiment run amok.  I was in college during the rise of the facebook trend, I decided not to get a page to see what would happen.  What happened was amazing, my "friends" ceased inviting me to things because "I was too hard to get a hold of" which is an amazing statement considering my job was in the freaken student center, at the main desk, almost every day.  I also had 4 emails, and a cell phone.  Oh and I was in class with most of these people.

    Then they'd start going to my then girlfriend (now wife) and tell her it was her job to invite me because "I wouldn't make life easy for them" (also BTW, I was hanging out in her dorm room most of the time I wasn't in the student center, mere feet from these people.)

    After that it really just became a principled thing.  I suppose that principles must eventually die....?  (I'm still really reluctant though, I've fought for this long!)

  • @tsrblke, you mean you DON'T have a FB page?  One of the central social communication systems of WP7 and you don't have an account?  I'm appalled!  (kidding!  I kid!!!)

  • Hey, so what's the deal with these few VIP tix?


    Just kidding.  Glad to see this happening.  When I was in wireless sales we always enjoyed launch parties like this.  It's a great way to build hype.  Do one in Atlanta or Talahassee and I'll do my best to be there.

  • JackB03
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    Hey Brian, I registered on FB for the event in  Dallas  Nov 16th. I clicked for it send me the ticket to my phone yet it hasn't sent it to me. Who do I need to talk to about this?

  • tsrblke
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    I also noticed the required facebook to register.  Yikes!  I'm wondering if I should just get a damnable facebook account (for things like contest entry), set everything to private and keep telling people I don't have one....

  • Ugh... does this mean the Titan and Focus S won't be released until AFTER December 6th??

  • @Brian It'll be great to see you too. It's hard to believe it's almost been a year.

  • Thanks Brian.  I thought as much, and did register the wife.  Will be there in LA on the 30th.  Hope there will be some Nokia's to see as well!!  Although, can't wait to check out the Focus S.

  • Fatawan
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    Can I bring teenagers? Also, will you have the Nokia phones there? Otherwise, I think you should wait! :)

  • tsrblke
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    I can haz love in St. Louis?  I could always do it at my house, have a few people over, demo some phones.  ;)

  • @ChrisLynch - friend should go register too.

  • Is the reservation good for only a single person, or is it good for two people?

  • Do this in the UK too -- PLEASE! :)

  • Nice! Can't wait to see you again. Tell some friends!

  • Thanks Brian! I'll be at the San Francisco one on December 6th. :)