Live at Nokia World 2011: Nokia Music makes music personal & portable

Live at Nokia World 2011: Nokia Music makes music personal & portable

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If you love music, you’re going to love Nokia Music for Windows Phone.  It takes the things that you already love about Zune – millions of tracks to download, personalization, and great audio quality – and extends it to make your music experience even better.    Mark Wheatly, Nokia Music’s product manager, took me through the apps to show me some of its unique features.

Fun fact about Mark before we get to the video – this guy has over 95,000 (yes, you read that right) tracks in his music library.  That officially makes him the most hard-core music nerd I know.   That also means that when he talks music, you should listen.  Here’s what he had to say about Nokia Music:

Streaming is great, but what really made me say “wow” when I saw Nokia Music was its offline functionality; the ability to create a custom streaming station and save it for offline listening will be great for my many air travels.  The gig finder is also pretty cool – I love the option to find a live show wherever I am in the world.  And don’t forget about that personalized radio feature…I’m kind of curious to see what “percentage” it assigns to my different tastes in music.

I’ll be at Nokia World all of today and tomorrow, blogging about the great stuff I find on the show floor, interviewing interesting people from both Nokia and Microsoft, and sharing as much as I can find about what the future holds for Nokia and Windows Phone. Keep an eye on the blog for new posts and follow me on Twitter for more sharable stuff from Nokia World!

And remember that you can keep up on all the latest stuff from Windows Phone through the Windows Phone Facebook Page and @WindowsPhone Twitter handle.

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  • @ Leigh

    Skydrives great, but for music you have to upload each song one by one, and the SkyDrive music streaming on the phone is just a link to the SkyDrive site. I love the cloud services, but right now they just aren't linked together well enough for it to be s seamless experience. Why can't WP have a option to stream strait from "my collection" in the zune software for PC? Until these updates come we just simply WANT MORE MEMORY! Is this to much to ask.

  • Leigh
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    According to the keynote, the Nokia Music service is free, but I could have heard that wrong.   I don't doubt that tigher integration will come over the months ahead, so that the line gets blurred between the services.

    Guys, I hate to disagree, but I have plenty of space on my device for all my muisic.   With the marketplace, there really is no reason to carry around a plethura of music on your device.   There are also a variety of services that will stream from cloud services where you store you music.  Some use SkyDrive, others use other clouds.  (YES, dare I say it, that's another thing Apple decided to copy from Microsoft, and pretend that they invented it).

    Anyway, having a c-load of memory on your phone is passe'.

    Any let's sachet over the maps for a second, shall we?   Nokia maps (NAVTEQ) will probably find itself in the middle of Bing maps soon, so we will just all get a better experience.

    This Nokia agreement is BIG, folks!

    -Enjoy Windows Phone 7.5

  • Like many others, I have been telling all my "nay sayer" friends, just wait until you see the Nokia phone.  And now I have many of the same feelings of disappointment as many who have posted here.  More memory, and a better camear, HD 1080p, and  two cameas were really what I was expecting (in addition to the great hardward quality!)

    It looks like a great phone, but just so much less than current Android, and iPhone hardware available NOW!  It looks like to me the new Windows phone hardware from Samsung, and HTC have given them a great chance to pre-empt what could have been a great opportunity for Nokia!

  • ScubaDogs right! I have just a few hundred songs on my Focus and the memory's gone! what really doesn't make any sense is that MS is working against us in both ways to keep our memory low. They wont offer SD card slots and they will not offer more native storage space! Apple offers up to 64GB!

    Forget the Windows Phone Feature Suggestion Box page. Listen up! If Apple and Google have something then we want it to, in fact, we want better! We don't want Microsoft or Nokia's idea of a high end phone, we want the tech worlds idea of a high end phone! The phones released today are great, but what really worries me is that those phones aren't even going to be available here in the US anytime soon. I mean soon in most peoples opinion, not MS version of soon which is after everybody else does it. And most people didn't expect to get the real high end phones until at least 1st quarter next year, but instead now the only think we can expect is something average, next year?

    I hope being a Windows Phone fan isn't just pathetically hopping to get old tech in the future when other have it now. Maybe there is room for a 4th OS! Is that what you guys want? Come on guys work with us. We are the only loyalist that you have, but we can only take so many let downs, especially after a years gone by.

    Another thing, don't for any minute think that 25 year old's are stupid. They want the best and as it stands would pass up the current crop of upcoming phones in a heart beat to get Android or iPhone. Something has got to change and moves need to be made quick! I have waited for months, and bragged about how high end the Nokia hardware is going to be and today my lips are sealed, hoping none of my Android buddies call me.

    Never the less, I will hold my head high and continue to push WP7.5.  All I ask, MS, is please don't let my efforts be taken in vein.

  • This looks really great.  Is there any word on whether there will be a fee for using this service?  It'd be great if it were free like the GPS service they are building into it.

    Also, I know there's a good deal of fuss from some people about the size of the storage space, but I don't see this being an issue with all that many people.  I play in 2 bands, and I love discovering new music.  I love listening to all different kinds of music, but I'm selective when I add music to my devices.  I only add the music that I'd really like to listen to.  I don't add full albums (most of the time) so as far as my usage is concerned, 8GB will be fine.  Of course, I'd love to have one that had 32GB in it, but if it adds to the cost of the phone too much, it'll be a waste of money.

    That being said, I do think it is important to start supporting and encouraging expandable memory more aggressively.  Not for my sake, but for utitlity's sake (for other people).  The sky should be the limit, and currently, it is not.

    Thanks for the great updates!

  • @GoodThings2Life - Side note here, but after Sprint wrapped the Arrive in ivy to help promote switching to iphone a couple weeks ago, I got the latest newsletter today, boasting about the Mango goodness on the Arrive.. so MAYBE if Nokia goes ahead with a CDMA version we'll get that.. I haven't had a Nokia phone since I left VoiceStream (right before they became T-Mobile) about 10 years ago.  I'd love to help them help WP7!

  • By the way, @Ben Rudolph, download music to what?  8GB or 16GB of storage?  I think that was a bad call, personally.  For the true audiophile, that's just not enough.

  • I agree with tsrblke on this one... I love what I see, but I want to know and trust that Zune Marketplace isn't going away. I love the Microsoft one-stop shopping for content... because it integrates on my laptop/desktop, mobile device, and Xbox... but this would (potentially, assuming a quick arrival on Sprint) be the only Nokia device I would have.

  • Well, I was disappointed in the initial offering from Nokia.  I had hopes that the 800 would have the option of 16GB or 32GB, in which case that would have been enough for me to leave my Focus.  I'm hoping SOMEbody will come out with a device next year with higher storage capacity.  I currently have 32GB used on my Focus.  The rest of the specs on both Lumia devices are not really any different from what other competitors will be providing on their devices, except the better camera.  I'll setting for a not-as-good camera if I can have plenty of storage.  I rely on the cloud for everything else, but media is such a data hog and signal just isn't to be found everywhere I go, so onboard storage for the foreseeable future is something that's really a deal-breaker for me.  On the up side, I love the looks of both the Lumia devices.  Much nicer than any of the Android devices. And the iPhone....well, <yawn>.

  • Steven Ellop said that CDMA would be supported.....When he said so he had this look on his face like " we will support it but we shouldn't have to" I don't know, maybe I read him wrong.

    You can watch the whole keynote here....

  • Yeah, that was exactly why I was wondering if Nokia Music will make it to North America...

  • tsrblke
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    Should we be at all worried about canibilization of the Zune service on this one?  He showed how it was integrated, but one wonders how much that matters if it has it's own marketplace (and presumably it's own subscription cost).

    Zune somewhat got aborted internationally though, so they could stand alone in different regions (with Nokia Music staying across the Pond and Zune staying here in North America).

  • I hope this makes it to the U.S. release of the Nokia phones, AND that the phones support CDMA when they get here.  I'm ready to jump all over that Nokia Music system!!!