Live from Nokia World 2011: First look at Kinectimals for Windows Phone

Live from Nokia World 2011: First look at Kinectimals for Windows Phone

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For my first stop on the show floor at Nokia World 2011 I hooked up with the Xbox crew to get a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released game Kinectimals for Windows Phone.  The game is pretty fun stuff; just like on the Xbox Kinect game, you’re tasked with raising a cub.  That in itself would be a pretty cool thing to show you, but what REALLY impressed me was the fact that you can move your gaming experience back and forth between your Windows Phone and your Xbox using the game’s “Kinectivity” feature.    Check out the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about:

This kind of technology is really interesting to me because it’s bringing the Xbox “living room” experience to your Phone, and the game-on-the-go Windows Phone experience to your living room.    It’s one more way that Windows Phone connects you to the stuff you care about – people, social networks, documents, music, and games.

I’ll be at Nokia World all of today and tomorrow, blogging about the great stuff I find on the show floor, interviewing interesting people from both Nokia and Microsoft, and sharing as much as I can find about what the future holds for Nokia and Windows Phone. Keep an eye on the blog for new posts and follow me on Twitter for more sharable stuff from Nokia World!

And remember that you can keep up on all the latest stuff from Windows Phone through the Windows Phone Facebook Page and @WindowsPhone Twitter handle.

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  • abm
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    @Ryan Schauer, this concept is already unfolded in Windows 8 developer preview, where you can transfer the entire session to the other device via WL-ID. But like GeekAndProud said, it doesn't necessarily apply to Kinectimals.

  • What if I have a friend who has an Kinectimals and a XBox and I want to give him my cub? I couldn't if it was linked to my Live ID. You have to think more before you make such statements.

    And digimee; it has now been entirely removed from the marketplace so if you purchased it and installed it you get to keep it, if not its no longer available.

  • You're got my windows live ID on both games. Why do I have to do anything to make these characters transfer? It should just magically show up to the user.

    In the right direction? Yes. But if we're going to gain ground on the other guys we have GOT to get this stuff more fluid between platforms. Everything still feels clunky between the phone, computer and xbox. The pieces are sooooo close, it's just not ironed out.

  • Leigh
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    Kinectivity sounds like another game changer!   Way to go, Microsoft.   I may have to get this game and try it, even though I have a real kitty that keeps me pretty busy ;)

  • digimee
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    "soon-to-be-released" - you can download it already. It's in the new section under games. Ooops.

  • I would like to see this level of integration of phone and xbox with more games