Nokia’s First Two Windows Phones Are Here. And They’re Awesome.

Nokia’s First Two Windows Phones Are Here. And They’re Awesome.

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Just a few minutes ago, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop wrapped up his keynote address at Nokia World 2011, where he unveiled Nokia’s first two Windows Phones, the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 710. Having seen (and touched) them both myself, I can tell you first hand that they’re amazing. And they were definitely worth waiting for.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is a stunning piece of industrial design that features a unique unibody polycarbonate chassis that’s available in 3 beautiful colors – black, magenta and cyan. Inside is a 1.4Ghz processor with a dedicated GPU, 16GB of storage, and a class-leading Carl Zeiss camera, all capped off with a 3.7” “ClearBlack” display that offers beautiful colors and razor sharp picture. It’s available for pre-order starting today on in select markets for approximately 420 Euros, and you’ll be able to buy locally from over 30 carriers and retailers in 6 European markets this fall, with carriers and retailers in Russia, India, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong offering it for sale before the end of the year.

Here’s the official press shot:


And the photos I was able to take earlier today:






The Nokia Lumia 710 is a no-nonsense smartphone that’s designed to perform. It has the same processor and storage as the Nokia Lumia 800, and will be available in white and black with a number of different colored backs, including black, white, cyan, fuchsia and yellow. It’ll be available this year in Russia, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong and Singapore, with more markets coming in the first half of 2012. Retail price for the Nokia Lumia 710 is a very reasonable 270 Euros.

As with the Nokia Lumia 800, I have the official press shot and my personal hands-on photos:






These two new Lumia phones say loud and clear that Nokia is re-committing itself to building the best smartphones on the planet – and that they’re doing it with Windows Phone. That means that just like we built Windows Phone to put people first, they’re building hardware to do the same. Here’s what I mean:

  • Our innovation is complementary: To make a product truly “wow-worthy”, you need to build software to work perfectly with hardware, and hardware to work perfectly with software. That’s happening today with Nokia and Windows Phones. Take photos, for example. We built Windows Phone to include a “pocket to picture to post” feature that lets people capture photos and share them through their social networks almost instantly. To complement that, Nokia is building phones with high-end optics from Carl Zeiss so your photos are just as good as those taken with a point-and-shoot. It’s a perfect blend of hardware and software innovation working together to put you and the people you care about first.
  • Together, we’re bringing customers more of a good thing: Windows Phone has excellent built-in navigation with Bing Maps and powerful entertainment through Zune. Nokia’s making those even better by including Nokia Drive’s voice-activated free, turn-by-turn navigation and Nokia Music’s massive library of tracks and hundreds of channels from MixRadio. That’s more of a good thing, and it means that you can customize your experience exactly how you’d like it.
  • A beautiful OS deserves a beautiful phone: My first mobile phone was a Nokia, and from the moment I picked it up, I knew it was something special. The new Nokia Lumia family feels the same way – well built, sleek, fast, and flat out beautiful. And with Windows Phone onboard, they have an OS that matches that exceptional industrial design every step of the way. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you pick one up for the first time.
  • We’re making the ecosystem broader, deeper and stronger: We’re working together to build the Windows Phone ecosystem at every level – empowering developers to build compelling apps that take advantage of new and unique software and hardware features, partnering with component manufacturers to build even more amazing hardware, working with carriers to get Windows Phones into the hands of customers worldwide, and more. The short version of this is…we’re just getting started!

Six months ago, the Nokia/Microsoft partnership was just ink on paper. Today it’s two of the most impressive phones on the market and a roadmap for many more. We’re really proud of Nokia for fully committing to our partnership and for all of the hard work that their entire team is putting in to making the best smartphones in the world.

I’ll be at Nokia World all of today and tomorrow, blogging about the great stuff I find on the show floor, interviewing interesting people from both Nokia and Microsoft, and sharing as much as I can find about what the future holds for Nokia and Windows Phone. Keep an eye on the blog for new posts and follow me on Twitter for more sharable stuff from Nokia World!

And remember that you can keep up on all the latest stuff from Windows Phone through the Windows Phone Facebook Page and @WindowsPhone Twitter handle.

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  • My God. Samsung better hurry up and release the Focus S, or else Nokia can have my unsubsidized dollars.

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  • Pedrool is correct. The capacitive buttons are the WORST thing about the Windows Phone design and could potentially KILL the platform. Absolutely no thought has been put into these stupid buttons and their consequences for the user experience.

    Why are they so close to the actual display surface meaning that accidental taps are almost inevitable?

    Why is their response unguarded against accidental taps? This is not a mouse activated system - this is a HANDHELD touch screen device!  

    Do they REALLY need to be 100% responsive to taps at ALL times?

    Apple's iPhone single PHYSICAL button interface design is far superior and makes the Windows Phone look like a joke. I can hold the iPhone clumsily in my hand, rotate it, pass it to somebody to show them a video, clumsily grab it back again and the app would still be there, solid as a rock. Do that with a Windows Phone and god only knows what the screen would be displaying (Bing search).

    I'm dissapointed that Nokia seem to have ignored this massive flaw thats plagued WP7 designs of the past year.

  • Pedrool
    18 Posts

    I just returned my windows phone because I kept accidentally hitting the capacitive buttons constantly. SO frustrating. These Nokia devices don't help unless the US gets the 710. After years with iPhone, I now appreciate the simplicity of hardware buttons. I love windows phone OS so this is doubly terrible. It's a 4S for me. Anytime I handed my phone to someone who likes what they see, they accidentally are in Bing, so they lose interest. SOLVE THIS. double-tap option, press and hold option, SOMETHING. You are losing people. Steve Jobs would never have let this ship. NEVER.

  • I definitely agree with @Mr. Rawlins that the Titan and the Focus S are, by specs, much better devices than either of the new Nokia devices.  Perhaps they'll get some additional features when/if they make it to the U.S., but right now, neither of those devices pushes any envelopes.  They're very good looking phones, don't get me wrong, but they are really not introducing anything new or impressive.  I was hoping for better from Nokia.

  • I love Lumia 800, cant wait for it

  • @phoenixlives

    I was interested in your comments about the design of the Lumia. Something I really like about what MS and Nokia are about lately is the use of "Metro" - using principles of classic Swiss graphic design. See: ... It is sort of the Ikea way of doing things but if you don’t get Ikea’s designs then you won’t get why these Lumia smartphone are simple and elegant.

    I guess there really is no accounting for taste.  The use of polycarbonate materials makes for good aerial reception and the curved gorilla glass is practical and pragmatic IMO. Buttons on the side are useful and the camera uses Ziess lenses - best of breed.  The touch interface similar to Windows 8 which uses active tiles and also hubs to bring everything together.  One again IMO it is a winner all round.  Bear in mind that all smartphones are kinda like computers in the 80's and 90's they are not always reliable but they are getting better all the time

    Also Microsoft (MS) has between 1.1 and 1.4 billion PCs out there which aren’t too shabby - so I am not sure I know what you mean that MS has nothing going for it.  Just keepin it real!

  • The "Lumia's" are simply excellent for what I can see from Nokia World, however delivery dates are a bit vague.  I have an HTC Mozart with a 3.7 inch screen.  I got one the day after the release in Australia more than a year ago (yes Australia was in the first countries to get WP7.  What surprised me is that like the US, Australia has no release date from Nokia. Let's hope that Nokia realises that Australia (a country that love tech) is a good marketplace for them and does not keep us waiting.  PLEASE let us know ASAP.

    I agree with jabtano that the screen size needs to be bigger.  One substantial limitation is that the keypad for sending text messages is small for people who have fingers larger than a child.  On the sub 4 inch phones a stylus would be the go. After all that was the way of things on the 6.x phones.  Of course a dedicated slide out keybard is also good but can be a bit bulky.

  • @fidtman, the Focus S won't have a hard disc.  None of the devices has a hard disc, fyi.  Having a hard drive in smartphones would be a disaster.  And, sadly, the rumors are exactly that: rumors.  It's rather frustrating that Samsung is splashing the device all over the place, yet hasn't shared something as basic as how much memory is on the device.  I wonder why the silence.

  • fidtman
    2 Posts

    Latest, strong rumors indicates the Samsung Focus S comes with 1GB RAM. Standard confirm spec like 1.4GHZ cpu, 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus, 8MP rear camera , 1.3MP front facing camera  & even 16GB or 32GB built in hard disc. Now, i am a bit confuse.... Nokia Lumia 800 is a looker but Sammy spec is more tempting!!

  • fidtman
    2 Posts

    The Nokia Lumia 800 is simply the best looking phone around. My only minus is the lack of front facing camera. As Microsoft/Skype ventures, it is obvious that Sykpe will be include in WP7.5 or later. Is Nokia doesnt know this coming? The NFC is not that big issue. And also, some early test fro CNET shows the Lumia 800 Carl Zeiss camera performance is well below rivals, iPhone 4s & Galaxy S2.  As camera is Nokia strong point, i am a bit concern as well. Do hope its wrong cause I am going to purchase the Lumia 800.

  • My gosh, is there NOWHERE that we can find out how much storage is coming on the Focus S?  I mean, seriously.  We have specs on pretty much everything else coming, but there seems to be some conspriatorially secret surrounding the storage on the successor to the Focus.  And, of course, I walked into our local AT&T store and those smooth-brains don't know anything about ANYthing. "We haven't heard anything about new devices".

  • Was really looking forward to this phone. Ni ffc is making me second guess :(

  • tkaw220
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    I skip HTC Radar and has been waited for Nokia' fist Windows Phone. I'm happy to see the Windows Phone Mango riding on Nokia N9, but I'm upset with the missing front camera. I couldn't figured out why the missing front camera and there is video call support in Mango. Guess I'll have to wait for next batch of new phone from Nokia.

  • Eh lack of FFC prevents it from being future proof. Lame even the N900 had one and its essentially the same phone minute the OS. I also can goto a smaller screen so not this time Nokia. Oh and im on ATT in the US so Nokia said I couldn't get one for myself.

  • cm3763
    37 Posts


    I think this is the first time we have agreed on something....

  • Awesh
    9 Posts

    WOW, can't wait to have one...

  • maceike
    3 Posts

    I'm kinda disappointed, to be honest...... was expecting more o__o.  Offline maps, a radio and nice/sleek body are great, but not enough for me to upgrade to, in my opinion. Gonna need more features like a front facing camera, more sky-drive access/control via the device, etc.

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    @Mr. Rawlins....are you serious?  You don't think language should be a judging point?  Communication is a cornerstone of society, it's how ideas, opinions and knowledge is imparted.  And those who choose to use abusive, foul or insulting language should really expect to be admonished by those upon which such language is used.  I would probably suggest that telling us to "suck it" is considered by at least some as rude.  I certainly consider it so.  Perhaps as society degrades into lower standards and fewer morals, such language is considers commonplace.  More's the pity, and that would be yet another sad commentary on the world.  Unfortunately, the fact that you DID actually have a fair point to make was overshadowed by your choice of phrases.  I happen to agree that there is still a lot about the WP7 ecosystem that remains meager everywhere outside of the U.S. and that more effort should be expended to bridge that gap (and Microsoft appears to be finally doing just that).  I happen to be one of those "U.S. fellas".  Fortunately, these first two Nokia phones don't grab my fancy, even though they are great looking phones.  In my opinion, my Focus is still a better phone.

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    "Awesome"?  Not so much, for my needs, anyhow.  Oh, they're great looking devices, don't get me wrong.  But there's really nothing that stands out with these devices, save maybe the camera.  But 8 and 16GB of storage?  Seriously?  I'm sorry, @Ben Rudolph, but I had high hopes for the 800 (it was rumored to be coming in a 16 and 32GB flavors).  Sadly, I have yet to see a device that will make me put down my original Focus.  With 40GB of storage on this puppy, there's not enough hardware improvement in new devices to overcome my love for plenty of onboard memory.  I mean, seriously, iPhones and Android devices come with plenty of memory.  I am totally down with moving things to the cloud, and for just about everything I do rely on the Skydrive.  But cell access is much more sparse out in west Texas (much less 3G), and with limited data plans, streaming my entire music collection is virtually impossible.  I have 32GB of my 40GB already full of music and podcasts.  So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Focus S has 32GB or one of next year's Nokia devices have at least 32GB.  Of course, that's just me.

  • Gadjade
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    We need a White version of this Nokia 800. :D

  • cm3763
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    @Mr Rawlins

    taboolexicon understood exactly what I what i was thinking. Your comment just made you look honestly bitter, I don't personally care that this phone isn't coming to US right away. Many phones actually start out not coming to US.

  • 800 very cool looking!!  Appears in other pix there might be new theme color... Nokia blue!!  Nice!!!

  • love them cant wait they come to costa rica!

  • @ Mr Rawlins,

    I think what was offensive about your post was your "suck it" comment.  I can't speak for everyone, but I'd appreciate it if you'd try to keep things a little more civil than that.  

    I actually don't care where a company decides to release a product or feature.  Sure, I enjoy the luxury of having many things deployed in the US where I live, but I don't fault Nokia at all for opening up their wares to 6 billion people on the planet (potentially).  The US is a market of 300+ million individuals, and that is nothing compared to populations in India, China, etc.  Maybe we have a good bit of disposable income, but if Nokia thinks they're better off starting with Europe and the like, then I say "more power to them."  

    I do really hope they'll hit North America with some awesome phones.  I'd take the 800 any day over any other phone out there right now.  I just hope they make it to market in time before another manufacturer drops a WP7 beast on our shores.

  • The wait for decent phones on a variety of U.S. carriers is beyond me. This was something that should have happened last fall, but it didn't. Then came spring and summer with the HTC Arrive & Trophy. Then came this fall & once again AT&T & T-Moble have "Great" phones again & Verizon & Sprint have, let's count them... 0. I'm sure this has to do more with the carrier, but MS really need to find a way to break through with them and get some good phones to us. Now, someone like myself who has kept waiting on a string will give up & find another OS/Phone. I Can't switch carriers so I'll just prove them right that they don't need a third ecosystem. And From what I have seen around I am one of many. I really think Verizon would have been a game changer for WP7. You have tons of customers on Verizon that were there for the network & and didn't want to leave to AT&T for an iPhone, and we've been waiting since Jan 2010 for the WP7 only to be ignored. I'm guessing most of us will just get an iPhone 4s or Galaxy Nexus.......maybe I'll see you in 2 years WP7.

    oh & Nokia, all this time to bring a phone with no front facing camera & basically a design you already had? Guess your looking for "Just Ok" & safe instead of "Hell Yeah

  • cmwind
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    Now that Nokia has had its moment in the sun... can we please find out when Mango phones are launching in the US and please get some advertising started state side? if you don't let us know I can't keep promising people "just wait a little bit longer" when they need (not want) a new phone

  • westv555
    17 Posts

    Looks like a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor on the 800 and 710

  • I_Mean
    24 Posts

    I think it is a bad implementation of the capacitive button on lumia. I like the way it is used in Dell Venue Pro, so much better and beautiful. The one in Lumia looks ugly, also the problem of hitting the buttons accidently appears to be imminent. Microsoft really needs to make the criteria on the positioning of the capacitive buttons. It would have been really nice, if those buttons were somehow properly placed in the more than space available on the bottom of the handset. So, i hope they don't release this one in US, lacking in many ways except the look and the quality of the hardware.

  • These look great but...Give me a front facing camera (I use skype video all the time) Make the phone Iphone docking compatible as every hotel sound system has an iphone docking port, this was frustrating with my zune. Make the polycarbonate chassis clear frosted with backlit multicolored leds that change color to music with a Gorilla glass screen. Give me as much battery life as you can and an sdmicro port and I'll be there. Love the Mango interface, love the xbox integration, not an apple fan but I'm finding the iphone just works right now.

  • KR
    503 Posts


    I don't. Know what you define as rude,but I understand its hard to express or not express certain things in writings and I don't think language should be a judging point.any ways,I had no rude or trolling intention in my previous comment.

    Let me ask you a question a US fella asked me when I use to complain about lack of international support/compatibility on windows phone.if a product cannot be made available in a certain region but be made available in another for now,should that product be released to where it can be made available,now?my answer is yes.

    How many features does non US windows phone customers are missing?but Nokia has just released two phones and guarantees a time were it shall even come to the US,whereas some of the features non-US people are missing have not even been guaranteed if they'll.come someday or an ETA

    And just as much as Nokia needs marketing so does Microsoft do with windows phone and I think Nokia is doing the better thing compared to what Microsoft is doing

    Nokia has a huge market on the other side of the Atlantic and as such its a priority,whereas we in North America(yes I'm in Canada) are just a minority almost insignificant in Nokia's revenues

  • sloshed
    2 Posts

    They look amazing, but it is EXTREMELY disappointing that these will not be offered in the US until next year. Verizon has 1 Windows Phone..... this is a huge problem. :-(

  • Love the look of the 800. Just not sure I can trust the platform after my experiences with this Focus 1.4.

  • The lack of information for the US release doesn't give those of in the US a reason to wait. I really hope some information comes out soon. I'd prefer to go with a Nokia phone but you guys aren't giving me much of a reason to right now. I hope that changes soon.

  • cm3763
    37 Posts

    @ Mr Rawlings

    You don't have to be rude about it. We US people don't ever wish that sort of thing on everyone other then the US. Its personally frustrating when a company tries to market a product but makes it limited to only certain people. I have posted on the frustration of MANGO not being received by a handful of handsets including features not available to some overseas. That kind of comment just makes you sound bitter and immature.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    The only thing these phones bring is speed and better cameras,but the OS is already amazingly fast on Gen 1 devices making extra speed not really a must IMHO,for the Camera,Samsungs do a great job even on my 5M pixels Omnia 2 running wm6.5

    I'm still trying to find something even if no exciting but at least not disappointing.

    BTW, Its a good thing to see that the US is not the world and is not always a priority to all.suck it USA fellas.that's what we non US people have been through for some good time and still going through it on Windows phone

  • vincent_g
    19 Posts

    Two things that Nokia missed this round:

    - Bigger screen for massive entertainment (at least 4.3", please)

    - Solid Keyboard for work/messaging (Nokia E7 will be nice port)

    But I don't really give up on Nokia yet.. This is the company that affords to release newer model more frequently as WP7.5 has been successfully adapted. Come on Nokia and Microsoft, makes me said "WOW"!!!

  • Beautiful phones. But the lack of front facing camera is a minus. And please note my ONLY complain on Windows Phone (Im using windows phone for 1 year on HTC Trophy):

    -- The Search Button --

    I'm always pressing it by accident.. I think the search button is not optimized as it should be. You should have to press it like 2/3 seconds before bing shows up, and a simple tap should bring a search to the current app. If the app doenst have search ability, then the button is disabled.

    EVERYTIME I show photos to friends/family and pass them the phone, the search button is pressed. Anoying...

  • Sven
    54 Posts

    @ Rodney E. Jones  Funny you should comment on the name. I think Lumia has a sort of feminine ring to it. Might be a good name for a speech based assistant ;)  I actually have a co-worker that bought his last phone based on the name....Commando. Actually amazing how much that sort of thing matters.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    To be honest here,I'm not impressed at all,I'm actually disappointed.the Titan and Focus S and flash still beat these two devices and I think the Titan and focus S are still the flagship devices,based on the specs.true the phone design is impressive and unique,but I also think my generation 1 focus is still the best windows phone design so far,I just wish it also came in different colors.

    Any ways we'll see in 3months

  • No SD card slot makes UnnDunn sad.

  • Web Guy
    19 Posts

    The renderings of the 710 look beautiful because of the white case and screen.  But the actual phones are not as clean since the LCD white has a yellowish tint.  I am goint to stick with the Titan when they come to ATT.

  • pthatch
    2 Posts

    @Nathan...first of all, I am not trolling. I read this blog regularly, just have not commented before now. My wife has a Samsung Focus with the fresh Mango Update. I'm very familiar with Windows Phone and like it very much. I'm aware Skype is coming to Windows Phone, hence the regret over the lack of a front facing camera on the Nokia devices. Skype is not the biggest deal to me, however it would be a nice feature and the lack of camera on these phones (especially with the timing of release) seems a bit lacking. I don't necessarily think every smartphone on the market has to be equal in terms of hardware features. Users put a premium on different features, so one feature won't necessarily make or break a device depending on the user.

    That being said, it's more about the lack of U.S. release this year. I've been waiting to get a smartphone for quite a while and was hoping the Nokia phones would be released in the next month. While it does take time to rev up releases and a platform, I think Nokia is missing an opportunity by not releasing anything in the U.S. this holiday season.

    So, I do have all the info needed and am not trolling. The frustration is the waiting. When dealing with carrier upgrade nonsense in the U.S., it literally pays to time the purchase of your phone if you can. Paying to break those contracts or upgrade early can be costly for sure.

  • Not only are these phones ugly, they look cheap.  The OS had better bet the best thing since sliced bread because right now Microsoft has nothing else going for it.  That we in the U.S. have to wait until next year is untenable.

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    Good to finally see the new hardware but can we also get some updates on OLD hardware that still cannot upgrade to Mango, specifically the Focus rev1.4???  Almost the end of October and no upgrade available!!!

  • The lack of US carriers on these Nokia phones and and CDMA  with all WP7 devices is super frustrating!

    That being said - this phone is beast!

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    @pthatch, unless you are a troll you can see lot of goodness Windows Phone OS bring with mango update. Skype is scheduled for the next OS update and at the moment, 2HTC and 2Samsung devices are coming with front-facing cam (if it really matters!). Furthermore, checkout the 'List of Windows Phone devices' on Wikipedia to find the handset meeting your requirements.

    P.S. first get the updated info then comment especially when you are trolling!

  • pthatch
    2 Posts

    Agree re the absence in the U.S. market this year. While I am not one who thinks the U.S. = the world, it's very disappointing Nokia & Microsoft aren't bringing this to the U.S. for the holiday season. It doesn't make much sense at all. Apple just got a big Christmas gift from the both of them. "Sorry folks. You'll just have to continue waiting for us. And you won't be getting a new Nokia Windows Phone for Christmas. But there's always the iPhone."

    Really, I'm just sick of waiting to get a phone. And what about a front facing camera? Skype anyone? The hardware does look excellent but I'm a bit underwhelmed.

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    @Rodney E. Jones, suppose you typed the complete number and now u wana change the first digit. You need to press back and delete all the interim digits to make the edit!! There should be a way to select the part of number the same way we can edit text in the url field or message composer! Is it because this poor behavior is inferred from iPhone ?

  • This looks like an amazing phone but I am still at a loss why it is not being brought to US markets right away. Granted this is a Finnish company and probably wants to release in their home turf first, but we wont get this till 2012. so sad I really wanted one but dont know if I can wait specially with the lack of certain features that are all standard on other WP7 models.

  • kakaharoo
    12 Posts

    I can't wait to wait to ditch this 1.4 Focus.  I even like the blue.

  • @ Nathan,

    It does allow you to edit numbers if you use the back button. Is that what you mean? Or are you wanting the long press edit feature?

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    Awesome work.. I would rush for Nokia Lumia :-D

    P.S. Please vote for "Cursor in phone dialler to allow editing" and "Save and delete files from SkyDrive"

  • That Lumia 800 is beautiful.  It reminds me a lot of my Zune HD which, although beautiful and awesome, sits in a drawer in my home most of the time now.  I need that blend of phone/media player/everything else badly.  I'd love to see the 800 or something like it packing CDMA and running on Verizon.  I'm eligible for upgrade right now, and it's really hard to wait for these things to materialize.

  • Nathan
    7 Posts

    I'm happy about all this and excited that the Windows Phone ecosystem continues to grow with a range of hardware. But, all I can think is that by the time they start releasing Nokia Windows Phones to the U.S. we'll probably be looking at a "Lumia 850" with front facing camera, NFC, LTE, etc. That could definately be a contendor to replace my Focus when the time comes. I just think for Nokia to really wow the U.S. market again they'd blow our socks off with every bell and whistle imaginable. (Notice i didn't mention dual cores, i love my battery life and current speedy 1st gen Win Phone)

  • The wait is finally over. I have to admit that my expectations where just a bit higher, but this is just the beginning. The name lumia just isn't going to work here in the US!

    LET ME REPEAT, THE NAME Lumia IS NOT GOING TO WORK HERE IN THE US. Don't over think these things next time arround.

    The phones are beautiful! This is the perfect look for a WP device. Keep up the good work, and thank you Nokia.

  • Raju_ez
    3 Posts

    My first mobile also Nokia but the reason I changed to HTC,Apple,Samsung coz OS .. but Nokia got windows OS Nw we can get back to Nokia :D

  • If given the choice between HTC Titan and Nokia Lumina 800 which one would you choose ?

  • WhyBe
    1 Posts

    I'm glad we're finally going to get high-end hardware.  I'm waiting for a high-end hardware keyboard version though.  The one thing I hate so far is the name.  They couldn't make it something better than Lumia?  How bland and boring!  I figured, how can they do worse than Sea-Ray?...they did...smh

  • Conny
    60 Posts

    @Ben Rudolph

    Any word or hint at the Nokia 900 that had a spec sheet leaked over the past couple of days? Kinda hoping at a 'one more thing' ala Steve Jobs. Well, I hope you have a great time. Thanks for the post and some awesome photos, but

    Like others have mentioned, I'm not going back to a smaller screen.

  • hades32
    21 Posts

    Why on earth does a high-end Mango device like the Lumia 800 NOT have a FRONT-FACING camera?! That makes the decision really hard for me :(

  • Lumia 710 is just perfect for my girl. Now... to get the money first!

  • Does the 800 have a front-facing camera? Can someone confirm? Can't make out much from the snaps above.

    Looks like the 710 has one.

  • I think I'll buy one to my girlfriend ;) i guess she like PINK.

  • If only this were coming to the US and Verizon or Sprint this fall... I'm due for an upgrade in December...

  • I was hoping for a larger screen also.  Don't think I'll go from my 4.5" Infuse to a 3.7".  Sorry Nokia, not this time.

  • I'd like to share my experiences with my Windows Phone. I used to have an iPhone. I upgraded to an HTC HD7 which is now the best phone I have ever had. The combination of amazing hardware and most advanced mobile OS with Windows Phone is simply unsurpassed. Interestingly, it's true that even iPhone users are envious and surprised when they see how fast, fluid and modern the Windows Phone experience is. I have observed this many times over the last year. The Windows Phone is truly something new and innovative and in my experience is the best mobile OS out there.

    To combine the innovation on the software side in Windows Phone with the amazing and highly desirable hardware released by Nokia today, really creates something more compelling and truly differentiated. I can't wait for my contract to finish and I will upgrade to one of these new Nokia Lumia phones, in fact I want one NOW in Black!

    Well done to both Nokia and Microsoft for a great partnership and bringing to market such incredible innovation. Good luck.

  • Interesting keynote and the new partnership Nokia/Microsoft can bring a new experience to users: Rock solid device and a good ecosystem like Mango what else ? ;-)

    I really like the design of  lumia 800 and it's a very affordable price for a smartphone.

  • AWESOME! Just awesome! The 710 with matching colors looks amazing! :-)

  • jabtano
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    Nice looking device yes. but way too small of a screen for me  having the HD7 and going to that smaller screen...err..No! too bad they didn't hit with a 4.3 or better...It will be Titian or sammy S at the end of this month coming for me.

  • IRB
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    Can't wait to get me a Nokia Lumia 800 :D

  • Nice devices, excellent keynote, great marketing strategy! :D Keep up the good work!!!

  • Will we see "Nokia Maps" and "Nokia Mix Radio" on other Windows Phones, too? This would be really awesome and amazing ;-)

  • Ugosan
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    Wow. Best looking Windows Phones till now! :D Awesome!

  • samsabri
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    Great post Ben! Can't wait to see where this relationship is a year from now! How can us little blogs nab a phone to review stateside?