Live from Nokia World 2011: Hands-on with Nokia’s flexible “Kinetic Device”

Live from Nokia World 2011: Hands-on with Nokia’s flexible “Kinetic Device”

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We’ve all controlled a phone with buttons.  We’ve all controlled phones with touch.  But have you ever controlled your phone by flexing the phone itself? Probably not…but Nokia thinks that in the future, you may want to. 

That’s why on display in the Nokia Future Lounge was the Nokia Kinetic Device, a prototype gadget that lets you browse, scroll, select and zoom by literally bending the device itself.  Bend the device outward like you’re opening a book and zoom in, bend it like closing a book and zoom out.  Twist the corners to scroll and move around.   You’ll see what I mean in the video:

When I first saw the Nokia Kinetic Device I thought “Why would I want this tech?”  But after using it, it made sense; imagine standing on the train, holding your phone in one hand and not having to awkwardly move your thumb to scroll through your contact list.  Instead, you could just gently flex the phone chassis with your thumb and accomplish the same thing.  It would be simple, natural and ergonomic.  Nokia didn’t tell me when – or if – this tech will actually make it into a product, but I’m hopeful that it does.

This is my last post from Nokia World 2011.  Thanks for joining me on the journey…I’ll see you all back in Redmond!

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  • samsabri
    12 Posts

    I cannot wait to see what the next few years in tech bring. Heck, I can't wait to see where we are decades from now.

  • OK OK!! Now. This is where MS can be the innovator with WindowsPhone and hardware. Whereas we have been behind on hardware technology, we can now get this on a WP device before Apple or Google. I suggest you guys ramp up R&D or whoever and get this on a device before Q3 2012. Oh, and you might want to advertise it when you do release it or one of the others will get credit for it, like what's happening once again with Siri as we speak.

  • Not "holding phone in your hand" ... in your hands! Plural. That's where it fails (unless you're bending it against something) ... but it could add something to the gaming though.

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    Great technology. I hope to see Windows Phone OS on such technology in near future :-)