Photo gallery: Unboxing the Nokia Lumia 800

Photo gallery: Unboxing the Nokia Lumia 800

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When I was unboxing my Lumia 800, I found that the packaging is almost as beautiful as the phone itself; Nokia did a great job of creating a stylish, minimalist box that is an excellent complement to the Lumia 800’s clean lines.  Check it out:



The Lumia 800 box is small & straightforward. No wasted space or excess material.


The box lid easily slides off.  You get right to the phone, no digging through layers of packaging.


Documentation is neatly organized in a closable envelope


The Lumia 800 comes with a protective silicone sleeve.


Underneath the sleeve and documentation envelope is a set of headphones, a micro USB cable, and a charger.  As you can see my Lumia 800 has a European plug so I’ve been using a charger from another Windows Phone with a US plug.  I’ve had no problems charging.


The Lumia 800, alive and (almost) ready for action!


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  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Rodney E.

    You're the most honest and realistic American I've ever heard.

    Good talk

  • Razor
    53 Posts

    Nice that it comes with a case =D More companies need to do this. Getting dinged $20-30 for a third-party case of dubious quality really sucks.

  • Griff
    1 Posts

    Was looking at the Titan too but not fussed on the user memory available.  If the specs are correct for the Nokia 900 due next year then that will def be my next phone.

  • Looks great. Waiting for US availibility :)

  • By way the site say's specifically   "Coming first to UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Netherlands"  Coming first means we will probably be next. Don't worry we will get it! Think about it, the US always gets tech last, even from our own companies. And, keep in mind that Nokia has to look out for their biggest markets first. Sorry guy's, regardless of the BS that our government has feed us since birth the US isn't the center of the universe anymore, and its our fault for siting back and letting them let it happen. Never the less, we are still important and we will still get great products from Nokia in the near future.

  • This specific phone must be coming to the US. It's on the US Windows Phone website, see..........  

    ...... In the past they have only shown devices that are US market only within the USWP site.

  • Seth R
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    Nice, a phone I can't have. Maybe the US will have something 'better' in store......

  • Very nice, it looks like they took some notes from the Zune packaging.

  • arrow22
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    Thanks for the post Ben! Lumia looks so nice. Please feel free to give us your impressions on the hardware and camera while we anxiously await a north american release.

    Btw, you probably have a few HTC phones around, any chance you've also come across the Zune freezing bug? It seems to be affecting HTC phones everywhere and is slowly driving me crazy. See thread:

  • Shelby
    7 Posts

    oh how I want one of these. Nokia show us some love in the USA

  • Entegy
    42 Posts

    For once, Americans feel a lust for WP7 that we feel because they don't have it! I feel kinda smug, then I remember the Lumia isn't available in Canada either. :(

  • ah, cant wait till it gets to USA, Nokia please send some phone here to USA.

  • In a toss up between the Titan and Lumia 800 for my next device the Titan won .. but I also want to get a Nokia Lumia 800 , if you ever need to throw this away hope you throw lands in Melbourne ;)

    Jokes aside ,  can you plz put some picture to show the camera quality on this device ? ( against titan if possible )  pretty plz