Updates: Now delivering to Omnia 7 on Deutsche Telekom

Updates: Now delivering to Omnia 7 on Deutsche Telekom

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Hi everyone.  Today we made the Windows Phone 7.5 update available to Samsung Omnia 7 phones on Deutsche Telekom in Europe.  If you don’t want to wait for a notification, Update Central has instructions for manually checking for and installing the software on your device.

In last week’s post several of you asked about remaining devices. If you have a phone that’s still listed as Testing on Where’s My Phone Update?, please be assured that you have our full focus and attention. We aim to deliver Mango to those models as soon as they’ve completed testing and will expedite the delivery process.

Eric Hautala, General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • Well I have to report that I'm happy. My replacement phone came in the mail yesterday and it is a rev 1.3. I was a little fearful that the 32GB MicroSD card from my old phone would not work in the new phone, but it did (yay!). Now I'm rocking Mango and going through the tedious process of relocating and reinstalling apps.

  • stanko
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    I have HD7 T Mobile USA and still no mango update, I have tried to force update with zune trick, but still no luck. What to do? I did NoDo force update.

  • cm3763
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    They shouldn't have charged you anything, unless they refunded you for your current phone that I assume you had to pay for.

  • Well I got back in touch with AT&T yesterday, and after another 1.5 hours, they conceded to reinstate my upgrade eligibility (secure override is what they called it) and sell me a new Samsung Focus at the upgrade price of ... (wait for it)... $149. I said, "wait, the model is being phased out in favor of the Focus S and Focus Flash, and can be purchased for $49 on your website" but the lady was adamant that $149 was as low as they could go since they were doing a "secure override" on my account in the first place.

    I said, "So if I said, hypothetically, that that isn't good enough, what are my next steps? Hypothetically speaking?" and she said that she had spoken with her manager (probably true - I had been on silent hold for about 12 minutes previously) and that that price was as low as they could go. So I took away the hypothetical question, and just said, "Ok, that's not good enough, your price is $100 more than the price on the website."

    After another long silent hold (which beats listening to the recording loop, believe me!) she came back and said that the manager was willing to sell it to me for $49.

    I accepted their offer - I see others getting replacements for free or substantial discounts, but I consider this a win. Their going to ship me a new Focus and my 30-day trial period is reinstated. If I get a 1.4 again, I can exchange it for another phone (Focus S, anyone?) .

    As a side note, interestingly, on yesterday's phone marathon, she *never* transferred me to another department. I give the lady kudos for working with me, and for taking ownership of my situation.

  • I, like apparently hundreds (perhaps thousands???) of others with a 1.4 Focus have been waiting patiently for the Mango update while no one with real answers (i.e. Microsoft, AT&T or Samsung personnel) seems interested in posting anything here. Do any of those responsible parties even read this? This Eric Hautala person with the impressive title seems to be very adept at engineering NEGATIVE customer experiences by not even providing timely updates (once a week is not timely, Eric) nor informative ("please be assured that you have our full focus and attention. We aim to deliver Mango to those models as soon as they’ve completed testing and will expedite the delivery process"). This is patronizing and placating not informative.


    If you are not going to provide the update for the 1.4 Focus TELL US. If you are actually testing and have results (even bad ones) TELL US! If you would prefer that we support your competition so you don't have to put up with the criticism, TELL US!

    Enough is enough...either step up or step down and let someone with a true sense of responsibility and customer service take your position.

  • Yeah, it's about an hour past the "call-back window" for AT&T's ICU customer care call-back, and not a peep from 'em. Pretty sure they brushed me off. Guess I'll call them back. Can't wait to go through THAT process again.

  • What Happened Today! - (PREFACE - I am a mobile developer for a large US based company, we have a sales network of commissioned reps -over 300- who use or information services to close business and who provide their own cell phones, we support iPhone, Android and WP) I wanted to post this comment for all those waiting patiently for the Samsung Focus v1.4 Mango update. I went to my local AT&T Store to take a look at the new Samsung Focus S. After speaking with the sales rep he told me that there would be no update for the Samsung Focus v1.4 phone and all those waiting would wait forever! Knowing he was just trying to sell me a phone I asked to speak with Manager who basically told me the same thing. After a lengthy discussion of the company I worked for he immediately offered to me a free Samsung Focus S upgrade, I thanked him but told him we still supported the original Samsung Phone and he gave me my phone back and said "here ya go, but I would recommend you tell your reps to upgrade to the new phone - there isn't going to be any Mango Upgrade to Samsung Focus v 1.4!

  • LeeC
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    Hello all,

    Updated my Omnia 7 to mango last week, just noticed that when I take pictures in the dark there are horizontal red lines on the picture.

    Didn't do this before I updated, it may not be related but seems strange that it's only happened after the update ?!

    Any ideas ?

  • Hi Eric...  I live in South Korea and made the mistake of buying an HTC HD2 with Windows mobile 6.5 (in Korean).  I cannot change the language and don't think I will receive an update to Mango.  I've spent the last year cursing my choice but would like to try to stay with Microsoft rather than change to Android or god help me, and iphone.  

    Please make it possible for someone such as myself to receive this update and cure my dumbphone of the 6.5 virus.

    Thank you TONS!!!

  • cm3763
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    Wow after months of angry customers during the NoDo update and now over a month with mango it is truly sad to watch how Microsoft has responded. As a v1.4 owner I am truly pissed that my friend got his update 2 weeks after owning the phone and I am still waiting. Its time that we either get the option for a SWAP to 1.3 or a NEW PHONE. Maybe if all the owners start phoning in complaints we might get somewhere with this. Yet they wonder why they can't catch up to Apple. At least Apple customer service is quick to fix an issue or problem the buyer might have in order to insure they don't lose customers. Apparently Microsoft couldn't care less about are business so it must be time to switch back to Apple.

  • Hello, Mango =)

    I got a 1.3 and it is now fully updated!

  • I am a new user to this blog but have been reading it daily since the big "Mango" upgrade controversy began. I just recently updated my phone to a Samsung Focus which is unfortunately a 1.4 version. So, I am in the same boat as all the others who have posted here wondering "well, Eric, what exactly is happening?" As my user name implies, I am not a youngster and as an older consumer, former business owner and one who has been involved in providing customer service all my life,  I only have one piece of advice to offer those working on this issue...even if you are experiencing problems and delays, if you are upfront with people and explain (in detail -as opposed to platitudes and promises) what is happening they might be disappointed but overall they will accept the delay much better. That having been said, I look forword to reading the details of your testing here very soon.

  • @digitall - I clearly lack your negotiating skills. :(

  • I was on the phone with AT&T for 1.5 hours - I talked to customer care, warranty service, and the escalation department. They even conferenced me in to Samsung to get help downgrading my software (!) version to 1.3. After talking to all those people, I have no confidence that the  AT&T employees even understood the rev 1.3/rev 1.4 issue.

    First, Customer Care read me a software product advisory dated April 2011 in relation to the NoDo update. Then they asked me to contact Microsoft directly. At that point I asked for a simple even swap to a Focus 1.3 phone, and she put me through to Warranty Service.

    Warranty Service said that since it was not a hardware issue (I said that it was), they could not do a warranty exchange, and then they transferred me to a resolution officer in the Escalation Department.

    I never got the feeling that the resolution officer ever really understood my issue. He kept referring to my Samsung Infuse, and talking about software versions 1.3 versus 1.4, and how I'd have to get Samsung to "downgrade" the software. He put me on conference call with Samsung, who said that they could only do warranty replacements on faulty units, and that my rev 1.4 didn't qualify (no surprise there).

    Reggie the Samsung representative would not acknowledge the NoDo update fiasco, and explained to me that the Mango update is currently in testing. He even offered to give me a link to the Where's My Phone Update site so I can check in periodically and see if anything has changed. When I said I'd been following the Where's My Phone Update page for a month or more, and was extremely familiar with it. When I asked who could tell me who was responsible for "testing," what phase in "testing" the update was in, and when the update would be out of "testing," Samsung said that was Microsoft's department, since they were sending out the updates. They even offered to conference me in with Microsoft.

    I explained that in my view the hardware is faulty and not supported as promised and that I would be 100% happy if I could just replace the device with a rev 1.3 version.

    Finally they started an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) case with a callback time frame of 3 business days. I have the sneaking suspicion that, since I hung up without resolution, I may have been brushed off.

  • Success! Warranty replacement is on its way - even paid $14.95 for priority shipping. Now I'm just crossing my fingers I get a 1.3. The rep I talked to in the warranty department (Jessica) didn't even know two versions of the device existed, but she said the replacement should have Mango on it already. Once it shows up I'll be sure to check the rev number immediately and post here. If I get lucky with this I'm guessing more people are going to start trying it too.

  • jburch
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    @Eric Hautala...Are you reading any of this?  Do you see what people are going through to stay a Windows Phone customer?  Would it be that much of a bother to you to come in here and give people some real answers on the V1.4 Focus?

  • Sergii
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    @mre15: I have one T-mobile branded and one unbrended HD7, no firmware, no tethering for both((

    P.S. Updated to Mango using Zune trick.

  • I am attempting the warranty replacement option now as well. I, like the rest of us 1.4 owners, waited patiently during NoDo since Microsoft was clearly blindsided by Samsung's extra release although I had hoped for a better experience with Mango, especially since testing supposedly started back in July. Being a dev myself I can understand testing can take a while, but I don't understand how the testing process between the 1.3 and 1.4 can be so drastically different that it adds over a month to the schedule with no end in sight. The weekly blog posts are a major let-down since the core questions asked during NoDo and now Mango are ignored at an almost impressive rate. If someone could just give any real reason as to why it's taking so long and not just a canned "you're our #1 priority!" response I think most of us would be more than content with it. Transparency does not mean weekly posts that give no information. In an odd sort of way, I'm actually a bit lucky because I do have other issues with the phone that I can use as the "real" reason to get it replaced. Now I just have to convince them to give me a 1.3!

    I will say one thing that makes this situation even worse is I have a friend who has been 100% in the RIM/BlackBerry camp for years. Since RIM can't get anything right anymore he's been considering where to go between iPhone and Windows Phone. He sees a lot of features in Windows Phone (with Mango) he likes, but the upgrade fiasco is scaring him a bit. He keeps asking me if I've got Mango yet so he can check it out and I have to keep telling him I don't and have no clue when I'll get it. He could be a gateway to more Windows Phone customers as he is in the IT consulting business and can make recommendations as to which platform his clients choose. I just hope I get a 1.3, and Mango, soon enough so he doesn't jump to the Apple side (which he isn't looking forward to, but his BlackBerry is dying so replacement isn't really something he can put off any longer).

  • Ryan
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    Like you, I also called ATT about the update for the Samsung Focus v1.4. I spent about a total of 4 hours between 4 different departments. I had 3 options for them:

    1. Replace the v1.4 with a v1.3

    2. Give me my upgrade eligibility back, so I could pick a new phone and still get the discounted rate

    3. Release me from my contract to pursue other carriers

    I started with customer care and they said that the update was available for the focus, but that Samsung was releasing it by IMEI number and I needed to talk to Samsung. They didn't even know that there were 2 versions of the same phone. I promptly told them I bought the phone from you. It is branded with your company's name. I am locked into a contract with you. I am your customer, not Samsung's or Microsoft's. They are your customers.

    So then, they transfered me to the Warranty department. They told me because I've had the phone less than 12 months it was still under warranty and they would replace it with the same model, but they couldn't guarantee I would get the v1.3 model.

    Then I was transferred to customer care, and all they could do was tell me the same thing the first people did and  because I was outside my 30 days they couldn't restore my upgrade eligibility. At that point I was left with option 3, so they transferred me to the cancellation department.

    For the what felt like the hundredth time explaining the problem, they asked me what they could do to keep me as a customer. I gave them my options. They said they couldn't restore my eligibility, but could do the following:

    1. They would make notes in my file, and I could go to any ATT store and see if they had a v1.3 and make the swap

    2. They would have the Warranty department check there phone stash for a v1.3 and send it to me.

    3. I could pick a different phone, and they would discount it for me.

    I chose option 3, and they are overnighting (at their cost) me a new phone and it is costing me less than the new contract price. It sucks it had to come to almost leaving the ATT for someone to actually do something, but at that point I was pleased with service I got from that department.

    I would task any v1.4 user who doesn't have the update to call and complain to their carrier (most likely ATT) and demand they replace the phone with the v1.3 or allow you to switch to a new phone.

    MSFT I hope you are at least watching, we like your OS, but are not willing to take a backseat to poor service. You said you would set the specs, but have already let Samsung come in and change the specs on a phone with no repercussions and it is us the consumer who is suffering. Please do not fall into the Android cycle, where it takes months to years to receive an update, if ever. Take a queue from Apple and deliver everyone the update at the same time.

  • acenet
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    Got the official update notication several times on my Samsung Omnia 7 - already tried to install the update many times, but it still doesn't work. Infinite reboot loop - answers.microsoft.com/.../ddc8e4e1-0749-4c2d-93b5-6ef71c0523e0


  • linder
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    @mre15: Hmm, I think you are right, thank you. We are using non-branded Omnia 7 phones with T-Mobile.

  • mre15
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    From what I belive the firmware with Internet share is only currently available on T mobile branded phones. Mine updated recently and has the option. The phone should have tmobile printed on its battery cover. The unbranded phones get a generic update from MS, this currently doesnt have internet share, though it may do in the future.

    The tmobile firmware has been leaked on the net if you want to flash it yourself.

  • linder
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    ...and how does Zune "detect" the new firmware 2424.11.9.4?  We have Mango on Omnia 7 (non-branded) with T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone and our firmware is still 2424.11.8.5 on all phones. We need 2424.11.9.4 to enable "Internet Sharing".  Is it again this "random selection" thing even with the firmware to balance the update server traffic?  Does it make sense to check for updates again and again from within Zune or what can be done to force the update?  There seems to be a new hack out there to manually install the firmware, but we don't want to use a "hack" to handle this.

  • Hi, I'm very pleased that the update ran very smooth and fast. And the new features are awesome. But I've also to say that they amount of unexpected reboots increased by a lot. So please check this and do something about stability of the software. I'm using an omnia 7 branded by Deutsche Telekom.

  • linder
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    @Hassan: Sorry, I was referring to our company. "We" have 12 Windows Phones here and 7 received the Mango update - but the other 5 phones are still running 7.0 with no update available. And the phones running Mango do not have the latest firmware so Internet Sharing is not available. Tethering is essential for us. As a result of all this, we are testing another phone type now (not Windows Phone based).

  • jwolffie
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    I talked to ATT today about my update, and they said:

    1 They can only do them a few at a time or it crashes the server

    2 With the "thousands" of different windows phones out there it could take 2-3 months

    3 If I don't want to wait they can give me a great deal on an apple-phone. What the ....?

    So, Microsoft, your partners answer is to buy an apple-phone and not wait for an update. What does this do for your market share? It seems you need to take over the update process, or just continue to let ATT hold you hostage like they do now.

  • jwolffie
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    @Krush You,

    Yes, I have Zune 4.8.2345.0 installed

  • Hassan
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    In most of your comments you used "We are waiting..." and "We have firmware..." ...etc. Who is "We" ??

  • I still can't get it did exactly the same thing as the guy in the video but still nothing. Is there anyone from Microsoft that can help or any other ideas ill try anything at this point.

  • Here's an video (was made for NoDo) but also works for Mango Update. www.youtube.com/watch

  • I still can't get the update on my Omnia 7, I've installed the latest Zune and everything. I have even tried forcing the update but I still can't get it. PLEASE REPLY

  • D-Burrs - I'd be wary of saying it's better than the No-Do fiasco until we Focus 1.4 owners have Mango. Not one for counting chickens before they're hatched...

  • linder
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    We have Mango on some Omnia 7 phones (non-branded) but the firmware is still 2424.11.8.5 and not 2424.11.9.4. So "Internet Sharing" is not enabled here. Zune reports that "Your phone is up to date. Current phone software version: 7.10 (7720)." Can Zune update the firmware even if the Windows Phone software is up-to-date?  The carrier does not make a difference for us: we have T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone. The whole update process is really suboptimal (IMO).

  • D-Burrs
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    Honestly think I'm going to start a 1.4 support group.  "Hi, I'm Johnny, and I am a Samsung 1.4 owner"  LOVE that my 65 year old father has the update available to him on the 1.3 he got after me, but hasn't done it, while I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for my mango goodness on my 1.4...

    Sigh.  On the bright side, I guess it appears to be better than the 4 month NoDo fiasco...

  • Krush You
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    @wolffie - do you have the latest zune software installed? the current version is 4.8

  • linder
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    This is so weird. We are waiting for tethering for ages and it seems to be a new firmware out there that supports it. Some of our Omnia 7 phones are running Mango now but they do not have that new firmware. As a result, still no Internet Sharing :-(

  • linder
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    @Hassan: thank you for the information. We have firmware 2424.11.8.5 and we are running Mango for at least 4 weeks now (but internet sharing is not available). So I am sure that the new firmware enables it. Our carrier supports tethering but our Omnia 7 Mango does not (yet).

  • jwolffie
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    Yes, I am sure, I plug into Zune every day and still no update. It says I have 7.0 and am up to date. I can't force it either which is annoying too.

    So, Eric, how much longer do I have to wait?

  • Hassan
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    Yes, I've got Internet Sharing (T-Mobile).

    Firmware revision number: 2424.11.9.4

    P.S. (I don't know if that feature came directly with mango or as a firmware update after mango; because while I was updating to mango late last night I fell asleep (=D) and when I woke up I found mango+internet sharing on my phone!

  • wljh28
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    There is a internet sharing,

    firmware 2424.11.9.4.

    os: 7.10.7720.68

  • wljh28
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    Thanks, finally mango comes to my omnia 7

  • linder
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    @Hassan: wait a minute. You got Internet Sharing on your Omnia 7? What's your firmware version now?

  • Sergii
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    @Simon Jackson, agree, we need more transparency for firmware updates.

    Also, why don't you (MSFT) allow to force update? I'll explain: you need to rollout 25% in first week, so please give this to those who needs it. People who care could wait a week or few painless.

    Vote for WP7 updates “pre-order” :)

  • Boa28
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    When is mango update be released in the netherlands for the HTC HD7 and Trophy7 KNP/Telfort?

  • I sold my Omnia 7 yesterday lol

    Guys I believe updates for AT&T have entered the scheduling stage so another week or two is all you should have to wait

  • Hassan
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    YES! successfully installed mango on my Omnia 7 last night :D

    I can finally enjoy this delicious fruit after more than a month of waiting. Oh, and I got INTERNET SHARING TOO! XD

    @Eric Hautala:

    "you have our full focus".. lol very "diplomatic" post of you ;) give the poor v1.4 owners a time frame/ETA.

  • That's great news and I updated last night very successfully (however it has increased the frequency of my random reboots)

    I'd like to second the comment about further details on the firmware updates for devices, which are included, rough timings (I know you had already said a couple of weeks) and if these firmware updates need to go through carrier testing.

    A suggestion would be to add these firmware updates to the standard "Where's my Phone Update" page for all to see.

    Loving the transparency for what's going on and hope to see it continue.

  • Nathan
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    @jwolffie, are you sure? HTC surround was the first handset to get Mango update..



    it says: "***Delivery has begun for the HTC HD7S, HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus v. 1.3. The Samsung Focus v. 1.4 and the Dell Venue Pro are in Testing."

    P.S. I have the HTC surround with Mango update since 27th September 2011.

  • jwolffie
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    Still waiting for my ATT Surround update to Mango.............and waiting.............

  • kidroid
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    Wow, good news.

    i'm tring to update my omnia 7.

  • adesio
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    Oh, also, not sure if anyone else noticed, but the Venue Pro is now in testing phase as well! Hope they can get the update soon as well, I was worried the DVP owners were never gonna get mango!

  • adesio
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    Thanks for the update, Eric. Waiting patiently for my mango update for my rev 1.4 focus. It's been frustrating, but after waiting so long for NoDo, this is a cake walk.

  • As a Samsung Omnia 7 user, I'm glad for the guys who were stuck on NoDo, but I'd really like some explanation concerning the post-Mango firmware updates: some people with locked phones have already have some, but still nothing with my unlocked device.

    And I desperately need it: the GPS is really slow compared to NoDo (answers.microsoft.com/.../c7daba5b-2743-4023-b667-dc0b96841c4e) and sometimes not working at all, and my smartphone is still unstable (answers.microsoft.com/.../08572dfe-dfdf-4314-a438-a683493eb5bc), even though the first time I upgraded to Mango it was far worse.

    Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate you guys telling us what's happening with the Mango update process, but there is still some stuff we need to hear from you. ;)

    Oooh, and for the love of God, at least give an ETA for those poor fellows with their Focus 1.4.

  • At long last. No joy though, as I', stuck on step 6 - it's been "restarting your phone" for over 4 hours. Going to cancel and try again before hunting around for a solution. Sigh.

  • blaksnar
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    ATT still testing Samsung Focus Rev 1.4? Honestly, it's frustrating to wait when the whole world has been using Mango for a month now. And please remember we waited for 4 months to get NoDo update.

  • drankurn
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    how long does testing take, it looks like they spend more time testing than actually developing the software, after giving them 1 extra month, i have lost faith in this companies.

  • Care to share any info about the new firmware updates and which phones would be receiving them?

  • jburch
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    "Full focus"...very clever.  How about an ETA?

  • Some users are experiencing some problems with ours unbranded Samsung focus. After installing mango, the proximity and light sensor are not working. Did you know this is happening, are you working on it??? Check the problem here: answers.microsoft.com/.../259f3f6b-adec-4a19-b1cb-441b117e3974

  • Pault
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    Good work all @ MS, hope next time Samsung are a little quicker off the mark.