Windows Phone Radio 47 @ gdgt

Windows Phone Radio 47 @ gdgt

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Windows Phone Radio number 47 is out, recorded direct from gdgt Live in Los Angeles, CA! gdgt was a great hit, and our Windows Phone after party kept people mingling well into the night. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to give us feedback, ask questions and show off their own Windows Phones. We appreciate the support! Make sure to register for one of our upcoming events if you can, we would love to have you.

This week on the podcast we welcomed Zune MVP and music expert Marques Lyons to the co-host chair and he did a bang up job. This guy is a pro! Windows Phone Radio can be found in the Zune Marketplace, iTunes and streaming direct here.

Make sure to follow all things Marques at

See you in SF on Wednesday!

- Brian [@brianseitz]


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  • Leila
    12 Posts

    You talked about growing International. It sounds like a dream to me sitting in the Middle East, as there is no official relase of Windows Phone, no language support and no Zune pass yet. I can enjoy my operator unlocked HTC surround in the region but cant grow a community. The community is all about iDevices and pale droids. I guess its about time you introduce Windows Phone devices, Marketplace and Zune pass before celebrating its birthday.

  • @ Brian Seitz

    I'm loving those pics of the event. I can't wait till you guys make it to Dallas. It's just so promising seeing people actually interested in the product. My first thought when I saw the pictures was that these people either have a device already or are going to get one soon. This excites me, and not to many things do.

  • adesio
    10 Posts

    If I remember correctly, the plan for the Focus rev 1.4 was to get the update into testing on the 14th of october and release on the 31st of October.

    Are things still coming along smoothly?

  • enahs
    20 Posts

    Yes, news on Focus rev 1.4 please.

  • jburch
    45 Posts

    Any update news on the V1.4 Focus?