Inner Circle SF drops tomorrow night

Inner Circle SF drops tomorrow night

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Have you registered for the San Francisco Windows Phone Inner Circle event yet? If not, and you want to hang out with Windows Phone and T-Mobile to celebrate the arrival of the HTC Radar 4G, go do it. If you already registered, nice work. We will throw down like we did in L.A. last week with a great location, some snacks and beverages. The rest is up to you. Come on down for a chance to win one of the hottest Windows Phones to hit the street this holiday, the HTC Radar 4G, plus a bunch of other great prizes. See you in S.F.!

Brian (@brianseitz)

Update: Temple is located at 540 Howard St, San Francisco, CA, 94105. Thanks for heads up.

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  • Jason
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    Just wanted to let you guys know, it's been confirmed the phone has 16GBs of storage by Mobile Burn.

  • Pitman
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  • tsrblke
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    @Rodney E. Jones

    Point taken.  MS seems to be trying to ride the person to person advertising (handing out phones in numerous places, etc.) To me this seems like an attempt to be "different" (Word of mouth vs. Big ads, even a bit hipster perhaps?)

    It's likely not going to get them very far.  Frankly, perhaps they need to recreate the old Mojave commercials with a Windows Phone instead ;).

  • Jason
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    On a side note, I talked to Samsung support via Live Chat and they couldnt tell me the storage either.

  • @ tsrblke

    Right, Right,...I agree.

    We need to be differentiated and its got to be hard when theirs so many Android phones everywhere. And I also think that the carriers don't give a turtles tooter about this OS and that OS, they just what to sell, sell, sell, and adopt. What I don't understand is that while me and you are making the excuse that it's hard to compete with A&A is MS really even trying very hard? How do we know how hard it is until they play the game at their level. Every big corporation will run a big ad campaign,,,, and if it fails they will run another, and another, and another until they get it right! I would never just abandon using media outlets entirely and count on word of mouth.

    Now, today WP Central says that T Mobile commercials are beginning to air for the HTC..what's it called? O, the Radar. I wonder how many times they will play that one and if I ever catch it. The problem is that it will probably only come on during prime time "Gossip Girl" when all us car guys are working in the garage. You can, no, will find a iOS commercial at any given time during the day or night. It's just that not enough, not hard enough, not exiting enough, not visible = not worth paying the guys that are responsible for marketing IMO! And, if your right about marketing not being properly funded then that equals to not worth paying the executives salaries. What's the point?

    Also, I really couldn't remember the name for the HTC Radar. Why is it that I don't even like Android but I can name almost every new "Major" device they have before they come out?? Why? My buddy has a HTC Incredible and we sat and watched Droid Bionic commercials together weeks before they even came out. When those ads aired the 7.1 surround sound kicked in, the lights went low, the hair stood up on my neck, and I swear I saw Steven Spielberg in the background of one. LOL... Us men are the idiots that care most about all this processor this and that BS, so why not really pay Steven, Ron, or Quentin to handle the audience??? Give them a free Focus S and I bet one of them will work for free. Then, send me the $$ that you guys saved......


  • tsrblke
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    @Rodney E. Jones

    I see where you're going now.  I had glossed over the flash stuff in the first paragraph.  Frankly, I can why Samsung is so lazy.  It's going to be up to MS and the cell providers to really seel WP7 (MS because it's their platform and providers because ultimately they sell most of the phones).  The marketing teams get lazy and are likely poorly funded at the OEM level (I'm not saying it's right, just how it is.)

    You do make a point about the flash MS should make them take that out, but the rest of it is just standard market puffery.  The cell phone makret is so messed up now that customers walk in the store concerned with "camera specs, processor speed, fancy acronyms before screen sizes" that it's getting a little insane.  Most of them probably don't even consider if the OS does what they need it to do in a good fashion.

    I blame this on the "iPhone vs. Everything else" mentality that's sprung up.  And MS will need to work to fix that, because Google is just dumping Android everywhere it can to funnel people to their search/mail/maps.  They've proven time and time again they really don't care about the platform. (And I've said that before I even heard about WP7, when Android was my choice for smartphone).

  • @ trsbike & sliching

    You guys totally missed the point. My concern isn't the false information, It's to just copies and past from Android postings shows how serious they are about the platform. I'm not worried about "typos" it's the bigger picture. What we should be worried about is the amount of devices these guys plan to make, and if they ever plan to seriously market them in the future. Have you seen a new LG or Dell device debut lately here in the US? It's been a full year and they have made only one each.

    Nokia is great, but do you guys want that as your only choice? Do you guys want to watch the other markets continue to get new phones first? Do you guys want WP to turn into a low end OS that can't compete here in the US? Please re read my previous posting so that you may feel my intended tone.

    The fact that you can't get your specs about the Focus S is what I'm talking about. How many Focus S commercials has Samsung or Microsoft or Att shown to build up excitement for the device. How many of those Galaxy S2 commercials did you see way before it hit stores. This seems to be somewhat of a repeat of last years marketing laziness.

    We need to group together and let them know that we want innovative hardware, a wide selection of hardware, and that we are willing to show up to events and do our part to promote the platform only if MS, the vedors, and the operators do so as well.

  • Jason
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    Honestly, it worries me that the Focus S comes out in less than 5 days and we still don't have any idea of how much storage is in the phone. Name one phone that has kept it's storage a secret until it's release date? It reminds me of when studios don't send out review copies of their games or movies before its release date.

  • Agree with tsrblke,

    Bout the flash: no bid deal... someone in samsung marketing copied and pasted too much from the galaxy site.

    Bout the processor: think it was trying to say: listen a single core 1.4/5 processor runs as fast as the android bc android needs more cpu to run. no biggie. part marketing puffery/part real.

    Lets focus back on what isn't on the website or on any spec sheet despite the phone being released Sunday:

    HD and RAM...

    Let's go san fran, someone help a brother out by answering those tonight.

  • tsrblke
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    @Rodney E. Jones

    I wouldn't take a bit of marketing speak to far out of context.  Samsaung is just trying to make people think the S is the best phone out there (and why shouldn't they) so in this age of speed, they play up the processor.  Even if it has no actual effect, they'll still say it does.

    Have you bought a desktop lately? Same thing.  Super fast i7 cores to make "windows faster" nevermind the fact that with only 4 gigs of ram and an onboard video card, the processor is certainly not your bottleneck.

    (Fair disclosure, I have an overpowered Phenom II X4 in my computer, that I put together myself.  I never said I was immune to it!)

  • @ Brian Seitz

    I copied this strait from Samsung's website regarding the Focus S that's to be released 11/6/11

    " The large, 4.3” display on the Focus™ S is absolutely beautiful. Thanks to Samsung’s Super AMOLED™ Plus technology, colors are deeper and richer, blacks are blacker and it’s just as beautiful from any angle. This is exactly what your movies, photos and favorite Adobe® Flash® Technology compatible Websites deserve."

    "Not all Windows phones are alike. Yes, the Focus™ S comes pre-loaded with the latest Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS. Yes, you get Mango enhancements like built-in Twitter® and LinkedIn®, a linked inbox to see all your email messages in one place and Local Scout, powered by Bing™. But our 1.4GHz processor speed makes Windows work faster. And our 4.3” Super AMOLED™ Plus screen makes it look better."

    First, their is no flash support, as stated in the first paragraph. Also, In the second paragraph Samsung states that the 1.4GHz processor makes "Windows" work faster..... Nokia seams to be the only other group that are on board with WP. It's blatantly obvious to see this. Even the manufactures aren't that familiar with the WP software that they are putting in their own devices. Personally I think that Samsung And HTC are very important to WP, and as much as I like the prospect of future Nokia devices, I also need the option of future Samsung and HTC devices for years to come. It just seems like either they don't care, they are to busy with android , you guys don't care if they care, or you guys only care about Nokia. I think allot of people would agree with me when I say that I do care and I think they are a necessity. we don't want to end up like the Apple bois. We love the Focus, HD7, HD7S and other choices that we've had the first time around. Please find a way to get these guys attention and convince them that WP is worth it...The best way $$$$$$

    I wonder if the Focus S will have as big a first day as say the Galaxy S2 did a few weeks back. What do you guys think?

  • Yes, I'm with Jason on this. The quick video on youtube shows 8GB of storage briefly. Is this accurate? Someone in San Fran hit up the free food, but swing by the Focus S to find out the HD amount. Starting to feel like it must be 8GB hence the random leaving it off the spec sheet.

  • @ Jason

    I bet you that things got 16G. I think it comes out on this Sunday. Look for reviews because somebody has to have their hands on one by now.

  • tsrblke
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    Are they really sending you to each of these parties?  If so, way to rack up the Freq. Flier miles and I'll see you in STL next week.

  • Jason
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    If there is a Focus S there can someone please let us know how much storage is in that phone? Samsung has been terrible about letting now know.

  • The Dallas show should be big. People here are excited about the growth of the metroplex and love the fact that major events are coming to our cities. I live in Arlington, TX so you can see what I'm talking about. Just 30 years ago we were just corn fields, and now and you know what's going on here. Btw, we still have horses, but we decided cars are faster. And, I promise not to show up on Betsy!