Looking for great app ideas? Try Marketplace Extra

Looking for great app ideas? Try Marketplace Extra

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Ever have the nagging feeling you’re missing out on some great overlooked app or game in Marketplace?

Or maybe Windows Phone is your first smartphone, and you’re a little unsure what to download first. 

I think we’ve all felt that way from time to time. That’s why we created Marketplace Extra, a new feature of the Windows Phone website dedicated to helping you discover handy, fun, and other pinworthy apps and games. 

Marketplace, of course, already comes equipped with useful automated tools for sorting and slicing our fast-growing app catalog. Marketplace Extra adds the human touch: Each month a team of writers and editors—me included—will comb Marketplace for great apps and games to feature. We’ll also spotlight app news, reviews, videos, and more. So check out Marketplace Extra and tell us what you think!

A peek at the Marketplace Extra homepage

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  • This is a great addition, and Windows phone is fantastic.   But how about trying to connect consumers who have an application need with developers who can develop the app?

  • drankurn
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    no status updates yesterday???

  • What about a "Social" category (facebook, google+, peregrine etc) ? If you have "Music", why not a "Video" category (netflix, youtube etc).

  • Nice. But how come lots of these apps are not available on the portuguese market!? Amazon, kindle, shazam, flickr, huftington post, etc. This doesn't make any sense,  really, and is putting me off. I'm waiting for the 15th to change from my iphone 3GS to the nokia lumia 800 but i'm a bit concerned because of this.

    Also, as a side note and my second cause of concern, i actually moved to germany (over 5yrs ago) but i'm stuck to using the portuguese market (though i don't have portuguese credit card anymore, im forced to use my wife's) because we're not allowed to change our region.

    Please guys, sort these things out and make it easier if you want people in europe to flock to windows phone. These are barriers which are putting people off.

  • drankurn
    42 Posts

    Micheal, what's going on with Mango update for Focus V1.4,  this is turning into a nightmare,  it seems no one cares that customers are being left with the one liner 'we are working on it ' everytime someone asks about it.

    if you remember from the NoDo times, you answered my question as to the delay and was told that this won't be repeated......

  • Nathan
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    I've PDF and XPS documents on SkyDrive. I can open the PDF files in WP (since I've an app for it), but there is no support for Microsoft XPS documents at all. It sounds crazy, isn't it?

  • Nathan
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    Michael, how about the native XPS document support!

  • @Michael, I was wondering something.  Clearly, there's linking to our Live.com site from the windowsphone.com site, and it seems like the windowsphone.com site is more like a dashboard.  What is Microsoft's vision for the relationship between windowsphone.com and live.com.  The reason I ask is that, like fragmentation of devices, I really would like to see us move away from fragmentation of websites, too.  IOW, as "the cloud" becomes more integrated (e.g., the Mesh drive should really be a seamless part of the Skydrive and how we access it), being able to hit the web version of the Marketplace, etc., shouldn't require us to jump/search site to site.  I'm really angry that I walked into our local AT&T store and the stupid salesperson was touting that late-to-the-game "iCloud" for the iPhones when we've had all that for some time.  We're just not quite "there" with having it all work together, from one jumping point.  So, again, any thoughts on what the end-game is with windowsphone.com, live.com, the Marketplace, Skydrive, etc?

  • @wizII, good idea, but how about we take it just a bit further, rather than just stick to "great tiles".  How about most extensive use of features?  Now that Mango opened up a slew of APIs, I think having a "best in show" in each of the major Marketplace categories would be great.

  • What I would like to see is more promotion of apps in these catagories that are evidently good, but have got lost amongst the sea of apps. Most of these apps here are more or less at the top of their categories of featured apps and easy to find anyway.

  • @Jason: There's no such thing as too many comments. Love the "official" apps list. I know that can be frustrating when you see an app that looks like company X's own official app but it's not. Have had that confusion myself.  I"m working on a Pinworthy column on indie games, another pet passion of mine. I'm having some of Marketplace's top indie game creators point me to *their own* favorite indie games.

  • Jason
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    Not to flood the comments section here but a good theme to set up would be Official Apps like Evernote, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. Or Sports Apps. Mango Ready Apps would be another, and good Indie Games also.

  • Jason
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    Okay, so if you go to the Web Marketplace now, and at the bottom, click on "start exploring" with the picture of the girl in the big sunglasses, it will take you to the Extras page. I'm cool with that!

  • A few things.  First, I'd like to echo previous comments on the ninja-like invisibility of this page, I can only access it via this blog link.  Next, I really cannot believe this is US only!?! (tried '/en-GB/', 404'd) - this is a huge gripe over here in UK and Europe.  Why are all the good things US only???  Microsoft know all too well there's a world outside the US with a lot of customers!  Finally, why do I need a separate login for this website?  Surely just use my usual MS login?

  • Pitman
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    ...if I have to round the stars on this rating, www.manyrosettastone.com I have to round up to 5 stars. Our family is try to learn Hindi before heading to India. This is the easiest way to go.

  • Jason
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    You know, like the user's sister above, I too left my Focus because of a situation I had with AT&T, I went to Verizon and bought and iPhone a few months ago. I will say, I am so bored with it, I hardly download anything. Using WP7 has soured me to other platforms. It's not iOS is bad, just boring. WP7 for now on.

  • Wow. Lots of great comments here. Let me see...

    @Rodney E. Jones. We're working on ways to make some of these pages more discoverable. It's a good point. And love the story about your sister! Tell her we want her back!

    @Milad: Thanks for your comment--I'll flag it for the Marketplace team. Generally speaking, I agree that the more options for sorting and sifting the app catalog, the better.

    @wizll: Love it. And that one is actually already on our list of future lists. To the crowd: What other list themes would you'd like to see?

    @StefEBear: Thanks! As mentioned, we're just getting started, and do plan to make it more visible across the site.

  • @ Michael Stroh

    Quick Story... My sister was forced to give up her Samsung Focus for a Android Phone because of carrier, plan issues. And, a app that she seriously needs for her practice wasn't available on WP. Anyways,  after a few months of using her android phone, Which by the way seems to have a richer camera experience than WP, Sorry,.. yesterday she needed to use my phone, and when she finally remembered how to get to the start screen it opened and she was like "WOW"!!! She said "Man, I forgot how cool this phone looks, I miss this".......  Now that's coming from someone who has already used WP for a while and Switched to Android. She was "WOWED" all over again. I hope I can get her back on track one day..... You guy's are amazing!

    She's now on T Mobile. I wish their was a way I could convince her to get that HTC Radar.

  • Great site.. but as mentioned.. it's HIDDEN :) how about it's added as a up front link to make it easy for all to find.

    Keep up the good work (from an Avid WindowsPhone user)

  • wizll
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    suggestion category: apps with awesome live tiles

  • See? We need more tabs or drop boxes on the site to find pages. I'm sure you guys are on it.

    Also, I have a suggestion for a future update. How about being able to search Facebook from the me tile or people hub? I mean a complete database search not just current friends.

  • Entegy
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    I thought it was an app too, but it's a webpage.

  • Jason
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    Great idea, now how do we get to it from the actual web marketplace?

  • Milad
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    The whole "my windows phone" experience is awesome. Thanks Microsoft and keep up the good work.

    But I would wish a bit more option in the marketplace app to find apps...

    like "most downloaded" apps and "apps with the highest rating"....that should make searches so much more easier out of the box. As the marketplace grows it will get harder and harder to find diamonds in the rough. Its better if we are able to identify apps in the phone directly. iOS has some pretty neat features regarding this issue to grab the top of the line apps.

  • This page is a great addition to the WindowsPhone site. It would be great if we had links to these pages from the upper tabs on the site. The only way to get to the pages like "Marketplace Extra", "Where's My Update" or the "Feature suggestion Forum page" is to  find them on the blog, and add them to my favorites. What about the customers who don't read the blog? How are they supposed to know about these new pages?