Now in Marketplace: Kinectimals and Orbital

Now in Marketplace: Kinectimals and Orbital

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Two great new Xbox Live games for Windows Phone have hit the Marketplace and are ready to download:



Here kitty, kitty. The hit Xbox 360 game, Kinectimals ($2.99), lets you play with, feed and pet your very own Kinectimal cub. There are a variety of toys and activities to play different games with your cub. Touch the screen to pet your cub behind the ears and make him purr and flick the ball on the screen to throw. Teach your cub tricks like jumping rope or running an agility course. As you continue to play, the bond between you and your cub grows the more you do and interact with your favorite cub. Plus, embed, pose and animate your favorite cub in pictures you take on your phone. If you’ve already experienced Kinectimals on Kinect for Xbox 360, your Windows Phone becomes the key to unlocking 5 new cubs on your console.

For more, take a look at Ben the PC Guy’s first look at Kinectimals from Nokia World.

Download Kinectimals


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Orbital ($2.99) is an addicting puzzle game featuring three game modes. Try to destroy as many orbs in Pure mode, or get your orbs distracted by a gravitation field around them in Gravity mode. The Supernova mode will allow you to perform awesome combos when your orbs damage the surrounding ones with a shock wave as they burst into space. The longer you survive the higher your ranking on the leader board.

Download Orbital

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    From a reputable gaming site. Like a lot of folks on the 'Net, obviously not doing their homework, specifically regarding Live on Windows Phone

  • Awesh
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    Having fun with Kinectimals.. awesome game..

  • purevibz
    14 Posts

    you need to get us the update because we are having problem with the apps saying cant get this app...focus v1.4 we need mango the phone is becoming crap!!!

  • purevibz
    14 Posts

    What happen to the facebook app? it gone from the marketplace

  • cm3763
    37 Posts

    Would love to try but must be a mango only app. Thank you Microsoft for once again reminding me that you have yet to provide my phone with an update.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    ^^ 1000 times this!  Heck give one of us fanbois mod powers, we promise to be fair!

  • Can we get something done about the spammers in the blog? It's just going to get worse.

  • Orbital is the best game released in a while now. Kinectimals is really cute. Not for me though, but am sure children will love the game

  • Villard
    57 Posts

    The longer you survive the higher your ranking on the leader

  • Pitman
    46 Posts

    This product lacks explanation. In many cases I was unsure of what was being asked of me and stopped in frustration several times. My microphone broke and they (very nicely) sent me another at no cost, but now the second one does not work. I keep it in the box while not in use, so I cannot imagine any damage that could have been done to it.

  • cmwind
    71 Posts

    orbital is a perfect example of a turn based (async capable) LIVE game... yet it doesn't have those. would love to support the platform but i already have a sizable collection of single player games (fruit ninja, angry birds, geodefense, parachute panic, tentacles, etc.)... LIVE is about connecting with friends... hate to hurt the hard working devs but I want a true LIVE experience. make some multiplayer LIVE games!!!

  • @ Tim McDowd

    I copied this strait from Samsung's website regarding the Focus S that's to be released 11/6/11

    " The large, 4.3” display on the Focus™ S is absolutely beautiful. Thanks to Samsung’s Super AMOLED™ Plus technology, colors are deeper and richer, blacks are blacker and it’s just as beautiful from any angle. This is exactly what your movies, photos and favorite Adobe® Flash® Technology compatible Websites deserve."

    "Not all Windows phones are alike. Yes, the Focus™ S comes pre-loaded with the latest Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS. Yes, you get Mango enhancements like built-in Twitter® and LinkedIn®, a linked inbox to see all your email messages in one place and Local Scout, powered by Bing™. But our 1.4GHz processor speed makes Windows work faster. And our 4.3” Super AMOLED™ Plus screen makes it look better."

    First, their is no flash support, as stated in the first paragraph. Also, In the second paragraph Samsung states that the 1.4GHz processor makes "Windows" work faster..... Nokia seams to be the only other group that are on board with WP. It's blatantly obvious to see this. Even the manufactures aren't that familiar with the WP software that they are putting in their own devices. Personally I think that Samsung And HTC are very important to WP, and as much as I like the prospect of future Nokia devices, I also need the option of future Samsung and HTC devices for years to come. It just seems like either they don't care, they are to busy with android , you guys don't care if they care, or you guys only care about Nokia. I think allot of people would agree with me when I say that I do care and I think they are a necessity. we don't want to end up like the Apple bois. We love the Focus, HD7, HD7S and other choices that we've had the first time around. Please find a way to get these guys attention and convince them that WP is worth it...The best way $$$$$$

    I wonder if the Focus S will have as big a first day as say the Galaxy S2 did a few weeks back. What do you guys think?

  • kakaharoo
    12 Posts

    I get a message:

    "Can't get app

    This app requires a newer version of the Windows Phone software.

    Would you like to go to the Windows Phone website to learn how to update your phone? "

    Focus 1.4 user here... I take it you need Mango.

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    We cannot open the XPS file on Windows Phone! no native support... too bad!

  • jburch
    45 Posts

    That's great.  Any news on the v1.4 Focus?