It’s big. It’s in NYC. It’s a secret (for now).

It’s big. It’s in NYC. It’s a secret (for now).

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If you live in or around New York City, you might want to find an excuse to wander past Herald Square sometime during the day next Monday—noon would be an imageespecially good time—for a fun surprise we’re putting together. All I can say is we’re bringing Windows Phone to life in a big, big, way. Curious? Stay tuned….

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  • Wish I could be there for this! Sadly, I'm in London.

  • @ cmwind

    Looks like it's Windows Phone Tattletale time. ... The problem is that the site gets about as much attention as WP does by retail associates. Sick of going thru the same ##### over and over. I don't want to wait for recognition any longer. I hope MS does it huge tomorrow afternoon.

  • cmwind
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    Went to my ATT store at THE prominent mall in Cincinnati. Focus Flash and Focus S were not on display. Asked if they had them. Was told they would not be putting them on display until the 23rd of November because they would be moving locations. ATT corporate told them not to bother with displaying them when they would be moving in 3 weeks. Sales rep said he did have them to display though. Handed me two open boxes. Neither device had the battery in. Neither device was set up so even if I had put the battery in I would of had to set them up. Backs were not on either device. Plastic coverings were still dangling from them. All in all the presentation made the phones look like broken, used, non-functional devices. This is the manner Microsoft's premium ATT handsets will be displayed for the first 3 weeks of their launch in Cincinnati's premium shopping center.

    7875 Montgomery Rd # 5517, Cincinnati, OH

  • @ Tony

    Were you amazed by the quality of the video playback? I can't believe it works like that with no glasses. I would say at least one third generation device needs this.

  • @Rodney

    I actually got a chance to play with the LG Thrill as well at a AT&T store recently and I agree, it was fun. I don't particularly care for 3D (unless its a movie that uses it effectively) and the video and pictures in 3D was a hoot. I hope WP has something like this planned for future generation phones as it would be a serious (but not necessarily deal making or breaking) feature I would consider.

  • My friend got the LG Thrill, and Its awesome. Forget the fact that it's a Android device, this is top notch hardware. I never thought a 3D screen on a phone would look that good, and the 3D video playback is amazing! After seeing that it just makes everything look primitive. Once it catches on and is further improved on it will be absolutely neccesarry that WP has this. Trust me you want this! Some of you might say I don't care about that and WP doesn't need it but WP needs to have things that appeal to everyone, and this I want.

    The LG phone itself surprised me with the quality and feel of the hardware. How much longer will it be before WP gets innovation? The LG Thrill completely changed my perception of LG and if they do make another WP device with this kind of quality then I will consider it.

  • @ScubaDog  I completely agree with you on the Focus S storage situation.  I have a Focus now with 24 GB, and I'm regularly running out of space.  When a single video file compressed from Zune can take almost 1 GB of space, 16 GB is not mid-range.  Microsoft keeps saying that Windows Phone is the replacement for the ZuneHD, but there are no high-end devices that could serve as a reasonable multimedia smartphone when compared to what is available from the competition (iPhone 4S, Samsung GS2, or Nokia N9 all have the option for 64 GB).  I would purchase a Focus S for the FFC, improved screen, and faster processor, but not with 16 GB of storage.  

    At this point, I'm not going to purchase any of the second generation hardware for Windows Phone.  Not because I don't want to upgrade, but because every upgrade is not competitive with the other platforms, and is insufficient for what I do on a smartphone (they either have a screen smaller than 4", are missing a FFC, or storage is under 32 GB).  There isn't really a good excuse for the lack of storage options either, as the cost for WP devices is equivalent to the competition - they're not selling all of the new generation devices for $99 on contract.  I'm holding out hope that something decent will show up with the Nokia 900, but at this point, I'd be happy if we were at least getting re-hashes of OEM high-end Android devices, rather than cutting specs (processor, storage options) and then selling the device for the same price.  

    It makes me wonder why they are surprised that devices aren't selling, when the hardware isn't competitive with current offerings from other platforms in very concrete, measurable ways (and people in the various Windows Phone forums have been complaining about the sub-par hardware options since the release of the platform).  This needs to be fixed with the OEMs, or MS needs to start building their own devices with high-end specs.

  • @ jamiet

    Ironic, but not surprising.

  • tsrblke
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    I seriously thought there was an insider event somewhere near you.  Although I may just be confusing my cities again!

  • jamiet
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    How ironic that your link to Herald Square doesn't work on my Windows Phone.

  • KR
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    one thing we also forget is the fact we don't know the business model Microsoft and its partners have for WP,but anyways I'm also of the opinion of skipping these new devices.for me reason being mainly design.until a design better than my current focus comes shall I buy another phone.the only thing I envy on the new devices is the front camera

  • @ ScubaDog2011

    You're a musician? That's cool. I wish we had more apps available from some of the major instrument companies like Fender, Roland, Akai, Korg, Albleton to name a few. I would love to have a mini MPC on my phone. The only good app I could find is the "Ultimate Guitar " application. I like how I can put my phone on my knee while holding my guitar and practice with it.

    FYI, I use:  BC Rich Warlock electric,   Line 6 Uber Metal pedal,   VOX Wah pedal,   Akai MPC2500,   Fostex mr8 mkII

  • @ ScubaDog2011

    LOL! you're tripin dude!.... I mean "Ice cream Sandwich" that's funny.... But anyways, yeah I agree I can wait as well. I really want the Focus S, but my focus is great, and around the time it's time for me to upgrade 3GWP devices will be hitting. Now, if the F.S had the NFC chip I would've be on it like corn on turds, but your right I wouldn't get much use out of it immediately anyways, so why not save the money. Good point, I need to start thinking about feature in terms of usability not just availability. Thanks for the insight.

  • @Mr. Rawlins, I'll grant you that I might be in the minority when it comes to how much storage I need.  I'd be curious to see what the sales breakdown of the iPhone 4S is: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.  I'll bet you most of the sales are skewed to 32GB and 64GB.  I definitely would buy 64GB over 32GB.  And, @Rodney, if the Focus S actually had a slot like the original Focus, I'd jump in a heartbeat. I don't need it to be removable in the way that it is on Android devices.  I'd just like to be able to augment my "permanent" storage. I know, unfortunately, that the Focus S doesn't have that.  I'm a musician, singer and actor, on the side, so when I need access to something from my library, it's usually never planned and more often than not in a place where cell or wifi access is available (or at least at a speed conducive to streaming).  Hence my need.  But I also keep the latest to podcasts (usually video) of a number of my favorite sites (a LOT of the casts) and a couple of movies.  When I travel it usually involves a minimum of all day in airports or aircraft.  So, for me, a fair middle of the road would be the 32GB.  I suspect it will happen next year, and I'm good with my Focus until then.

  • @Rodney, I also used the words "I'm extremely happy with the original Focus".  Yes, if they keep missing the mark on the hardware side it will turn away customers (it apparently has, to some extent, already).  As I've said before, WP7 does NOT need the most bleeding edge hardware.  It makes MUCH smarter use of hardware that isn't the fastest out there.  That's cool by me.  But there's a variety of features that would, as you accurately pointed out, keep it competitive.  Right now NFC is hardly used in devices, and only slightly more actually used if it's available.  It will probably hit critical mass in functional use about the time that WP devices include NFC hardware.  I also disagree that we need removable SD cards, except if it's in a form & purpose like the original Focus.  But having a variety of storage SIZE options isn't bleeding edge and it's one of the basic feature sets that is handled generally well on the competing platforms.  Right now I have that option with my first-gen device.  And the improvements in hardware features of second-gen devices aren't enough to make  me want to give up a critical capability that I have on my Focus.  I'm OKAY with waiting.  There's nothing about iOS or Android devices out there, given that their OS's both suck, IMHO, that would convince me to do anything other than wait until my current contract expires and I can upgrade for a much lower cost.  By then I do expect some of these feature issues will have been addressed.

    I think you're wrong about ICS.  It's been announced that it's already a part of the Focus S and the Flash.  And it just got updated to one of the overseas devices, if I remember correctly, and is coming to the Sprint device.  I don't really have a need for ICS, myself.  I can hard-tether my Focus to my laptop and change the Focus' mode to "modem", thus allowing wireless access.  Also, now that ChevronWP7's tool became available today, I seem to recall there's homebrew that may turn on ICS capability on the Focus.  I may give that a try just to see if it works.  But I don't really need it at all.

  • @ Scuba & Mr. Rawlins

    The problem is that there is no removable storage option available. Scuba, if the Focus S had a Micro SD card slot would you consider it then?

    Apple at least offers different storage amounts, and most Android phones have card slots. I guess MS is trying to go middle of the road and not offer card slots or offer models with different storage amounts, just to be different. See, we learn that their is a time and place for being different. It's not always good.

    And if it's not just to be different then why? Is it because of performance?

  • KR
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    IMHO I think 16GB is the optimum storage for smartphones currently.For me its perfect but i understand for people like you its not the same.having consulted the sales figure of a smartphone store(which i can't disclose) regarding the iphones i noticed the 16 GB version outsold any other memory varriant.

    I explanation for this is that i think there's a little minority who carry on a lot of Media(movies,music and videoas) on their smartphones.many people who love watching movies and videos frequently on the phone or like carrying huge music libraries prefer to carry a dedicated media devices like a zune device or the ipod.this due to the restraining potential of the batteries on smartphones

    from a rough observation i noticed that and even frequent mobile gamers carry on average 7 games at a time on their smartphones and usually about 35 apps at one specific time(for the 4 major OSs),when it comes to windows phone,though the user base around my area is incredibly small, i find about the same average games but an average of 10 apps.base on these,the 16GB of most windows phones/other smartphones is more than enough

    I personally carry about 250 music tracks on my focus(which i've never cycled through in 3 days,No videos(all those i capture i transfer to my computer),i have about 50 pictures(i do the same with most of my pictures as i do for videos).I carry 6 apps(TGIWP :) no need for apps due to mass integration).16GB for me is more than enough

    apparently you unfortunately probably fall into a minority

    Remember what you once told me,"phonrs are primarily for commucation".and as you know rhere are always other ways

  • KR
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    I just Noticed the HD7 doesn't appear on the windows phone canada website anymore.this phone was carried by bell alomg with the LG-Quantum,and apparently these two phones fro bell don't appear anymore on the page.Nevertheless,the Quantum from saskatel is still on the website.Does this mean mango devices are just by the corner?i hope so.also recently the surround disappeared from the Telus website and considering the fact that HTC in the past 2 weeks just lunched two new android devices (one on Bell and one on Telus),i can smell mangos in the air

  • cm3763
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    Many users have tried with the warranty department and they have not had any luck. They say unless the phone is broken they can't do anything about it.

  • @ Jason Lefevers  

    That's Hilarious!  Here it is again for those who missed it..

    @ Michael Stroh. You know your laughing your ass off at that.

  • @ Scuba , tsrblke

    @Scuba,,,, it doesn't make any sense. If you know that people aren't going to like the specs then why not fix that early while you can. Whats the point of hiding out. That's the complete opposite of what we call being competitive, wright? At some point we are going to get frustrated with the hardware that's being offered. And, how many time have you been let down and had to say  "Let's see what 2012 reveals for devices" Those are your own words! I sure hope we're not saying that indefinitely, because have you hear the definition of insanity? Now, Nokia has said that in 2012, for the US market, they will release multiple handsets, some of which will outshine the 800...

    @ tsrblke,,,, Don't hold your breath,LOL... And once again for the sake of WP being successful I hope I'm wrong. Anyways, while the iPhone news is almost dead, and ICS  won't be hitting most devices near you until the year 2052, it does seem like a good time to "hit em up" But, it's no good if they don't hit it hard and heavy. Please prove me wrong guys!

  • @tsrblke, it's just not nice to rub the STL Insider event in our faces ;)  Seriously, though, I'm extremely happy with the original Focus.  The marginal increase in processor speed isn't enough to make me shell out $800 for a new device, but a higher rez rear camera and addition of a front camera would be enough....IF there was sufficient storage on the device.  The thing is, I've already got over 30GB full on my Focus.  I'd be willing to reduce SOME of that in order to work with a 32GB limit, but 16GB just won't work for me.  The Fujitsu device would be perfect except for the 3.7" screen---I think 4 to 4.3 is pretty much the sweet spot (sorry, Titan, that's just a bit too big).  I think, after all is said and done, that since my contract indicates I'm elligible for an upgrade next July, that should be just about the time we see WP8 start to roll (if rumors are anywhere near accurate).  I have no doubt that larger storage & such features as NFC will be part of the mix at that point.  But if I'm going to have to pay full retail to upgrade in the next few months, the device really needs to have all the aspects I'm looking for.  I can be patient---the original Focus is still the flagship, as far as I'm concerned.

  • It's funny to me how the memory in phones is such a secretive and often disappointing cat and mouse game...  When the Arrive was announced as coming to Sprint, the first few things I read said that it had 8GB, which was disappointing, but I was still going to go for it, because I'm happy with Sprint.  

    I was totally stoked when it launched and turned out to have 16GB - I placed my order on day one!  

    Now, seeing 2nd generation devices with the same or less memory just doesn't make ANY sense.  The cost difference of 16 vs 32 can NOT be that significant...

  • tsrblke
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    Perhaps we had this wrong.  Maybe the ad campaign was just timed to be over the holidays to maximize money.  And we just jumped the gun!


    Sorry to hear your SOL on the Focus S. I only have an 8GB card in my Focus so 16 would be perfect (but I'm using this phone until it dies, so I may not upgrade again to WP8).

    Side note, only 6 days on the STL insider event! Whose with me!

  • Hopefully we'll see a 32 or higher version of the Focus S at this event. I've made the decision that the Focus S will be my next Windows Phone.

    Check out this $.99 Upgrade kit for iPhone 4 owners [funny] -

  • BTW, I'm betting that's why everyone has been so secretive over the storage on the Focus S.....they probably suspected many people would be less than enthusiastic finding it only had 16GB.  There's a saying that goes, "Bad news doesn't improve over time".

  • Doh!  Samsung Focus S FTL!  I just saw over on that their hands-on with the new Focus S reveals.....only 16GB of storage.  I had such high hopes, too.  I'll be sticking with my original Focus, thank you very much.  16GB is simply anemic, IMHO.  Everything else on the device is just gorgeous, too, making this all the more disappointing.  Unfortunately, 40GB vs 16GB is a deal-breaker for me.  So far, it looks like the Fujitsu device over in Japan is the only one with 32GB of memory.  I guess it's a good think I really like the original Focus.  Let's see what 2012 reveals for devices.

  • @ Cm3763

    Have you tried trading your phone in at the AT&T service center? It should still be under manufacturers warranty. They will switch it out for a regular Focus no problem. Make sure it's the service center and not a corporate store. This is where a back up tool would come in handy.

    Everyone should do this. Actually, this is my 3rd Focus. They have some serious quality issues and I hope the Focus S is different.

  • @ Michael

    You guys sure have been pumping out the apps lately! What's changed? Must be those WebOS guys coming on board. How about a one year marketplace growth recap posting from you soon?????? Please.

  • It'd be nice if the ChevronWP7 homebrew program was finally launched at this shindig.

  • Well, about the only attraction there is the Macy's building.  Other than taking over the building with, as others have suggested, a banner, I don't see what could possibly be that spectacular---certainly  not on a national, let alone international, level.   Now, if it were Times Square, it would probably be something on the big screen.  But, I'll be honest with you, I'd never heard of Herald Square until this thread.  For people outside of NYC, Times Square is the one ya know.

  • Go MS. Hope you do some of these stuff in other parts of the world as well.. esp, in India where there are tonnes of people yet to move to a smartphone platform.

  • @ djmikebrady

    That is good news for WP and extremely related to the post. It sounds like all they need is a big push. It's those iPhone commercials that has them teetering back and fourth.

  • @ tsrblke

    I hope this is Ms proving me wrong! This is the type of stuff that will the get attention WP needs. Let's see if they will keep it going throughout 2012.

  • cm3763
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    I know you guys say your working hard to get out the updates, but yet there is little reinsurance that you are doing anything about it. That is why on every blog post there is someone asking about Focus 1.4. Maybe its time to write a blog explaining why our broken phones have not received the update and why they have not been recalled in order to keep business. We ALL know there is something wrong with v1.4. That's why it took 4 months to get the NoDo update and now probably another 4 months for mango. I would love to try some of the stuff you write about but I can't due to my phone. As in other blogs people are having to go threw many hurdles to get a new phone. Does Microsoft seriously think that any of us users will pick another WP7?

  • I love the icon on this post, and agree that it should be modified to say "eye heart windows phone" and mass distributed to everywhere!!

    Totally not related to the post, but I had two iphone toting friends today (unrelated to each other) mention that they were highly considering going Mango in the near future!  The mindshare is slowly growing!!

  • Can it be moved to Bryant Park (right outside the Verizon building)..? Maybe they'll get the hint. ;-)

  • Jason
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    I will not be attending :) I'll be too busy with the Windows Phone I pick up on Sunday lol.

  • rlintw
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    It has something to do with the HTC Titan and AT&T. There have been hints that the Titan will have some feature exclusice to AT&T. Here's hoping it is more than ilomilo.

  • Damn it!!!!  I'm in NYC this week (leaving Sat), and you have plans for next Monday!?!?!

  • tsrblke
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    Is it a giant WP7 banner?  My guess is a giant WP7 banner.

    A giant (working) WP7 would be even cooler, but it'd be really hard to hit the buttons! (Although if I lived in NYC, I'd be happy to ride a giant window washing rig up and down to control the phone. Alas, I live nowhere near NYC)

  • I hope you'll still be there at 4....thats when I head there for my internship :)

  • jburch
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    Is it the update for the V1.4 Focus?

  • drankurn
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    Micheal, No status updates yesterday??

  • KTGiang
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    I'd rather MS spent money making a ton of I heart windows phones stickers and gave it to everyone. I want it on my plain grey and black HTC arrive and I want to be able to hand it out to others. That'd be money well spent for advertising tile-awareness.

  • Would love to attend - too bad it's not happening over the weekend.  Keep up the good work with WP7!  My wife and I are extremely happy with our WP7.5 phones!  We're recruiting more and more people every week....