More Windows Phone events this week!

More Windows Phone events this week!

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Hello! We have hit about half the cities on our list so far, but there is still a chance to attend an event before the tour is all wrapped up! Here is what is on tap:

Inner Circle events, register here:

Tonight – Boston, Atlanta and Houston

November 16 – Philadelphia, and Charlotte

November 17 – Dallas, Nashville and Phoenix

November 21 – Seattle


Windows Phone Night Out events, register here (click “RSVP to a night out”):

November 16, 17 – Dallas

November 30, December 1 – Los Angeles

December 6,7 – San Francisco


We would love for you to come by and say hello and enjoy a little food and drink on us!

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  • Hello Brian,

    I won a phone on that 10/28 event and was told that it would be mailed to me, I have not yet notification about this.  I tried emailing to to check, but received this message "Diagnostic-Code: smtp;550 5.7.1 RESOLVER.RST.AuthRequired; authentication required" .  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

  • The event at Nashville last night was awsome...

  • Goodeye
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    I am headed out to the Phoenix event tonight! Can't wait to see some of the new phones, I havn't had a chance to see the Radar or Titan (the latter is the Phone I want too) plus hopefully they have the Lumina 800, I know it's going to be forever before it comes to the US.

    That and I registered, weeks ago, but only heard this week about a chance to win a Titan!? WOOT! Crossing my fingers, I love my Focus, but the Titan is the one thing that's keeping me from wanting to go back to iPhone!

  • @ RobertGreenle ... Can you post the link?

  • Quite annoying..  Seeing AT&T web ads all day for Free smartphones and it has a pitcture of one of the HTC Win7 phones on the graphic but you follow the link and there are no Win7 phones listed as free.

  • @ Scuba

    Yeah! she was pretty opened minded. The funny thing last night was their was so many people with iPhones and they didn't really seem conscious of all the WPs around. I heard groups of people talking amongst each other about their iPhones, and some new features. I'm sure most of them didn't even test out the WP devices. Now, there was a lot of people interested in the phones, don't get me wrong. I was actually amazed of the amount of devices that were on display. This was a big thumbs up for MS. They need to make a few thousand more of those table, with the new phones on them, and affix them permanently everywhere people gather.

    I'm thinking that Nokia is going to be doing some pretty extravagant things also come January, according to WPCentral.

  • mountain
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    Vote for this:

    We need mango for focus 1.4

  • @ xerto73 ... I know that's a rhetorical question, but I wish I would have. Sorry. I was sure it was coming this week, guess I was wrong. What is taking so damn long!

    @  joeshadows ... Yeah, its not working for me either.

  • Is it just me, or are comments disallowed on the latest two topics? I tried posting my letter in both multiple times, but no comments are appearing for either.

  • xerto73
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    Did you happen to ask Amy what is taking ATT so long to test Mango for the Focus 1.4?

  • Thanks for the update, @Rodney.  And, @Amy, if you happen to be watching, we commend you for being the lone voice crying out in the wilderness of ignorant Android and iPhone salespeople ;)

  • I just wanted to mention that last night I met a AT&T sales rep at the night out party named Amy. She said its WP all the way everyday for her. She actually said she has a Galaxy S2 and a Samsung Focus. She says she likes the first generation Focus better than the GS2 because Android kills it. Amy works at one of the Irving, TX AT&T stores, and she wanted me to let everybody know that she supports Windows Phone even when her other workmates refuse to.

  • What is the possibility of have one of these parts outside of the US? Like Canada...

  • purevibz
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    It's almost two months now since the release of the mango update and still no word from microsoft on when we will get the update. this is really a mess I never knew that I bought a Android phone...we were told every phone will get the update and no one is trying to help us the ones that didn't know that there were two different types of the samsung focus, so this is not on us that we choose the wrong phone, because we had no choice in the matter. So who is going to help us with some real info on if we will get this update. the update site have not been update since 10/31/11 so they're no help to us...we're begging for some true info because I cant get the iPhone now with my contract!

  • @ Connie

    The good thing about the Titian is that it's almost all screen, with very little bezel. It doesn't appear to be a huge phone, and it's really not. HTC really just took advantage of the chassis to it's fullest. The screen quality is very acceptable, so I would recommend it. Also, HTC seems to be good with updates, and I know HTC phones have the panorama shot camera feature.

  • Conny
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    Oh, had a chuckle at your case comment. My husband owns a Samsung Infuse. 4.5 inches of lovely screen. It's  protected by a ballistic case. I swear when he lifts that phone to his ear, he looks like he's talking to a flat screen TV.

  • Conny
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    @Rodney, thanks for the detailed revue. I have to admit, Samsung and its Samoled  screen does sound enticing, but Im thrilled to hear that the Titan is able to stand on its own, even with the enormous screen size and less then enormous resolution. Hopefully in the future (maybe with the release of WP8) we'll  see these beautiful big screens sporting something other then 480x800. It's  quite a shame really, especially since the technology is readily available.

    Glad to hear that you had a great time. I just wish MS would make it to Little Rock or even Memphis. I'd have been all over that event...

  • @ Texrat and Connie

    Yes there is another WP party tomorrow night in Dallas. You need to be registered as they really are verifying that you have the right to be there, but you can ask somebody in line to let you in with them. it's mainly just the Dallas police who are asking for Id's at the door. They are trying to scan the QR tickets but it doesn't really work that well.

    Connie, as for the Titian, it's a pretty solid device. It's got better screen quality than I would have guessed for a phone that size. The quality compared to my Samsung Focus? Not as bright and colorful as the Focus, but less grainy as the Focus, and not as bright and sharp as the Focus S. The screen on the Focus S Wins overall, greatly improving on the pixilation of the original focus. It was plenty sharp for a SLCD of 4.7in, Colors were not washed out like a HD7 or HD7S, and overall it has been much improved on. The screen did not lag at all, and was very smooth. The start screen is so big that it almost looks like another OS! The overall size of the phone seemed actually smaller than my Focus, with my big thick case on it. It is very very slim and unobtrusive. I think it's worth getting over the Focus S if you really want the extra real estate. You kind of have to see for yourself as it's a very hard decision between the two. If Samsung had a 4.7 inch device then it would be hands down the "Focus X"

    The party was fun. Free drinks and food just as promised! Very cool visually, and everyone was very nice. Thanx MS for bringing this event to Dallas.

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  • Ty
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    Wondering if anyone can tell me if Microsoft has an official site and method of submitting recommendations for new features/functionalities or improvements to the WP7 OS, and if YES where this can be submitted for consideration.

  • tsrblke
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    Lies, Damn lies and statistics that's what I have to say.  It's not entirely w/o merit...BUT I think the stat they quoted is horribly wrong. 750k playes for 2,500 (was it Pounds? I forget, 2,500 some currency) sounds aweful, except the real question is how many users generated those 750k plays?  Was it 2,500 people (that's only 300 plays per person!) Now let's be generous and assume that the label (who got this 2,500 currencies) would have gotten $0.50/song sold on itunes.  This of course means that they got paid the equivalent of selling 5,000 songs.  5k songs listened to 150 times gives you the magic 750k.  Before you say "who'd listen to a song 150 times?!" I'd answer, look at how many plays a power listener like Zune MVP tromboneforhire has  He listens to alot of music. 150 plays for a given song doesn't seem that far fetched now does it? (Granted that's per quarter, But I'd say my $0.50/song paid by itunes is a pretty significant over estimation.  If it drops closer to $0.10 cents, it becomes 30 plays.

    It's really a bit of apples to oranges.  Itunes has a much larger audience, but you only get to paid when people buy the song.  In the spotify model you get paid with each play (potentially extending the curve!

    Also, don't forget these ST Holdings guys are probably the same people who hate radio because you know, they don't pay enough. ;)

  • Conny
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    @Rodney.. Im so

    I bet you're having a blast right about now. Pictures would be awesome, but then they'd need someone to actually approve  posts to make sure no NSFW pictures would make

    Can't wait to see what you have to say about the Titan. Its one thing to watch videos or hear OEMs  talk about their product, its another to see what other users think.

    @scuba, called the store I'll  be taking my phone back to and its a no go until the official release on Sunday. The assistant manager would love nothing more then to let me have it today, but he doesn't want to get into trouble with AT&T. Obviously they'd know if a phone was sold before the release date by the model and IMEI number. So I'll  have to wait until Sunday after all.

  • tsrblke
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    As I understand it the "Night Outs" last...well...late into the night, hence they list two dates!  If you're there now, prepare to stay until tommorow! (which FWIW, is roughly 2.5 hours from now assuming Dallas is in CST, which I'm pretty sure it is)

  • Texrat
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    I'm confused about dates for Dallas-- Nov 16 and 17 are shown in various notices (including above), but registrations only list Nov 16?  If there's something going on tomorrow, this Nokia Developer Champion would like to attend!  Please clarify/fix/help!

  • Here at the Dallas WP party. A lot of iPhone users here being targeted by MS. Good thinking guys.

  • Standing in line for the night out party right now.

  • A few minutes ago, standing in the cold drizzle, waiting for the train home, the guy standing next to me pulls out his phone, and I see the familiar live tiles of WP7!  I made a comment about how cool it is to see wp7 in the wild, and he goes on to talk about how much he likes the phone... He's got a focus (I'm guessing 1.3) and is interested in the Titan and Lumia devices... I was blown away that he was so informed... Until the train came, we turned to get on, and I saw his Microsoft employee badge... :). I guess it's still cool, but not as cool as it could have been...

  • Teaser: Nokia teams up with Deadmau5 for an epic 4D promotion on 11/28 in London

  • Sorry. It's "Put People First"

  • @ ScubaDog2011, Connie and Others

    Good Points! We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

    As for now I'm headed of to the WP Party here in Dallas. Connie, if they have a Titian I will look it over thoroughly for you. I wish we could post pics so I could get you guys some instantly, but maybe MS will have some up tomorrow. I'll talk to you guys sometime after I get there.

    ..Funny thing happened to me the other day. I was driving and "unconsciously" picked my phone up to check the WP Blog. I caught myself and thought, "man this blogs addicting!" " What am I doing??" These phones are so functional that sometimes I have to remember to be careful and not put myself in a bad situation. I guess I took the terms "Putting People First" to seriously. I the future I will put driving first.

  • Just saw an article about that. Didn't seem to be any major labels pulling out....yet. Regardless, I've tried it out (on PC) and its a cool service. I just prefer purchasing my songs through iTunes or Zune.

  • Wow, it appears Spotify ain't all that special suddenly.  Of course, there's nothing about Spotify that entices me, and I'm extremely happy with Zune Pass.  But today's development, which diminishing Spotify quite handily, sends a bit of a chilling effect through all subscription services.  ST Holdings has withdrawn ALL CONTENT from Spotify, Rdio, Simfy and Napster.  So, any music from any labels managed by ST Holdings is summarily GONE.  The reasons cited are interesting and not completely without merit, and one has to wonder if those sentiments will be shared with other label conglomerates.

  • leifage
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    @ enahs

    Seems that the app isn't available in Norway, at least I couldn't find it. The problem with the apps I have tried is "on the other side". When somebody receives a contact i send, the info needs to be copied and pasted into a new contactcard. Can't say I have tried to many phones, only to an android device. By the way; anyone know why the "swithc phonenumber" button isn't available when creating a new sms? Would be very nice to be able to choose a second number stored on a contact.

  • @Rodney, definitely the range of commands needs to be expanded and, as mentioned, move capability to such things as email.  I know that both Siri and TellMe rely on the cloud for most of their services, and I can already see the TellMe is getting "smarter" as more people are using it (as I'm sure Siri will).  But I'm fully convinced that more direct "Command and Query" is the better way to go with this.  One major reason for this is that the more complex the context of the voice command the longer it takes to interpret, process then act on it.  If it's more direct there's less thinking about it, so it should be much faster.  Just like trying to dictate a long entry to go into a message takes a longer time, only to hear parts of it misinterpreted, the same is true about complex Siri "conversations".  Like I said, there's definitely a camp that prefers the idea of how Siri works.  I just think in the long run that's not as quick and functional as one would really use.  Somewhere in between Siri and TellMe is, I think, the answer.  I have no doubt, though, that Microsoft is also working on this for future versions.  I wouldn't expect to see any updates on this front with Tango, but certainly with Apollo.

    On the flex-screen front, I've seen a couple of different takes on that, including Samsung's.  I dunno, I don't think I'm sold on the functionality of that as an input meme, but definitely from a drive to make devices thinner and lighter.  I'll be honest, the thinner these devices get, the more worried I am about literally breaking them in half if it's in my back pocket and I sit down to abruptly.  I think I'd actually like the screen to NOT accept input just by flexing, but rather allow the standard multitouch capability to operate as expected regardless of the flexion of the device.  Oh, and I wasn't as big a fan of the scrolling toggle on WM devices, I'm afraid.  It tended to get in the way rather than help me.  I much preferred using the stylus, which is now my thumb.  But, that's me.

  • Yes Scuba & tsrblke

    I agree that to much time and effort making these voice systems to coherent can be counter productive, and wast resources that could be used to innovate elsewhere in the platform.....We just need to improve on the amount of commands available until you can use voice to do just about everything that you can do with touch.

    And, have you guys seen that flexible device prototype shown at Nokia World? This Phone takes advantage of the flexible screen technology and makes it to where the entire chassis is bendable. By holding the phone naturally with one hand you are able to do certain task just by squeezing or flexing the phone in a certain direction. In some cases this can be better than touching the screen, like when your fingers get in the way while trying to read a web page. I think the guy at Nokia World made a web page scroll up and down by applying pressure where his thumb naturally sits. What are the chances that this makes it to WP????

    And, some things just don't need to be improved on and need to go back to the way they used to be. For example, my old Samsung BlackJack had a wheel on the side, where the on/off button is on the Focus, and it was lovely.  You could use it to scroll up and down menus and pages, all without a flexible screen..

  • enahs
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    Try my app, Quick Contact Info.

    Whenever I get Mango on my Focus 1.4 I can then test my upgrade which adds all sorts of new features.

  • tsrblke
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    Contextual natural language is inevetiably doomed anyway. Without a command framework it will fragment too quickly making it a guessing game at what your phone will do when you talk to it.  Apple shot themselves in the foot with this one.

    There are several examples of this now.  In Siri's own commerical.  "Tell my wife I'm going to make it."  Ok, via text or email?  Oh, I'll just guess and when I'm wrong you'll get angry.  "I'm locked out" Cool, I found locksmiths, oh you wanted me to call your mother with the spare key, sorry maybe you should have been more specific.

    And that's just simple things.  When you throw in idioms and a turn of phrase that's rare (but still used in some small regional areas) the Siri platform is in trouble within just a few years as our phone's capabilities grow.  Apple sacrificed a command framework for the appearence of "cool" to the masses.  The real problem is now that they've done this, no Siri user will want a framework.

    Meanwhile, people on WP7 (and possibly Android? I haven't futzed with Android's features) will be bouned by a framework of commands (Find, Call, Text, hopeuflly at some point Email) but this can grow as the phones features grow, and as it grows it won't be muddled in confusion.

  • Interesting discussion on the WPDev Podcast regarding paying again for apps.  The question came up about whether people would pay for an app again if it was a major upgrade, e.g., version 1 to version 2.  I have to say, I'm all for developers getting paid for their work and, truthfully, paying for major upgrades isn't a new concept, even on mobile devices.  I used Wisbar from Lakeridgesoftware and had no problem paying for each version upgrade.  Right now, developers on WP7 aren't charging for major upgrades, at least for the apps I use.

  • @Rodney, yeah, for all the good things that Siri can do, there are some that it doesn't---that TellMe and Bing do.  The funny thing is, the very first (and almost only) thing any iPhone 4S owner shows off is how they can set an alarm.  I'm, like, seriously?  Meh.  I think the race is on, though, for who can make their voice experience more functional.  And I think there are two customers, generally, for this.  One camp is the perfect Apple customer who likes to have the "HAL 9000" experience, where they hold an actual conversation WITH their phone.  Then there's the other camp--the one I fall into--that wants the "Star Trek" experience.  I don't want to hold a conversation WITH my phone, I hold conversations OVER my phone.  This camp thinks the interaction should be a bit more utilitarian.  Similarly to how the crew of the Enterprise could simply say "Computer" and then follow up by a command, this is how the camp I'm in sees better functionality.  Get to the point, quit worrying about "contextual speech".

  • @ leifage

    Yes, I hope to see some improvements in future updates. One that's top on my list is more landscape mode integration, and I would like to see the start screen receive this option if anything. I have found it functionally neccesarry to have the start screen flip into landscape mode. Currently, when in landscape mode where supported, if you go home you are forced to orient your device back into portrait mode, or try and read the tiles incorrectly from side to side, which spells poor quality.

    In the future maybe a device that has screen style hardware buttons would allow them to flip around with the live tiles, just for that added touch of coolnes.

    This combined with tsrblke's idea of expiring live tiles for alert, messages, and notifications, could possibly be the foundation for "WP8.0"

    Great ideas leifage.

  • leifage
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    I have a Samsung Omnia 7. I got "Mango", think it was late september, by doing the trick and disconnect internetconnection while Zune was checking for updates. And just now I got an update from Samsung. Only thing I see has changed, is that internetsharing is now available. By the way, I'm in Norway and running on english OS. It seems i will not get a Norwegian OS. This OS really rocks, and I'm eagerly waiting for Nokia Lumia 800 to arrive stores in Norway...I'm ditching the Samsung right away. The Samsung has worked, would say perfectly, but the Nokia seemes very interesting. And please, make it possible to do screenshots, the calender should have the possibility to show weeknumbers, and it should be a native solution for sharing contacts. Come'on, we are almost in year 2012, ...shouldnt be necessary to run 3. party apps to be able to those things. And none of the apps I have tried for forwarding contacts to others have worked very well.

  • !! Windows Phone Has Been Nominated For The 2011 Flashies Award Hosted by Seattle's TechFlash !!

    You can cast your vote for WP here:

  • @ ScubaDog2011

    Yeah, I'm sick of people using the word iPhone for smartphone. They think that its the only device that does "Smartphone" like things. They thinks apps started with the iPhone. They think that apple defines the rules and technology for all other smartphone, and worse of all, some aren't even willing to let their minds accept that their are other choices. Now, apple does a great job of advertising, so they take credit for things like Siri.... Anyways,  all the talk about Siri gets on my nerves! Did you know that Siri cant even call up a app? Although,  It does let you set alarms with voice commands, and I hope WP does that in the future.

    You know MS has had a lot of innovations with WP. We could have taken credit for them. Do you know why we don't ever get to?

  • I hope when the Nokia Phones come to North America they aren't called the "Lumia" line! No offense to anyone out there, but the name sounds like an old lunch lady working at the local J.H. school. Or, a brand of tortilla shells. :) I'm sorry, but that's the way I hear it. Now, I live in Dallas, Texas so that might have something to do with my "proceptieon" of it.

  • So, has anyone ever had one of those "yell at the TV" moments?  I just had that watching episode 326 of TWiT.  The panel started talking about how they felt Siri was going to be the future of interfaces & search.  The comment was made that Siri won't quite do that until we break the meme of searching for something and getting a web page as the result.  I was, like, "TellMe and Bing already expand this beyond just giving us webpages!!!!!!!"  But not a single one of those Apple and Google fanboys dared utter a word about Windows Phone 7.  Even acknowledging that Siri does a lot of things great as far as expanding the voice control and contextual interpretation, Bing and TellMe are much broader in response to searching.  When I say "Find...<insert subject/object>" I don't just get back websites.  It functions across Local Scout, websites, maps.  In fact, once Microsoft integrates internal search to the mix (displaying local content files), the gloves will be completely off of search capability on WP7 (or WP8).  Ugh!

  • Actually, @Conny, they just might.  You'll never know until you ask, right?

  • Conny
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    @Scuba, yeah, I heard about Adobe when the news broke. Can't say I'm surprised, I just couldn't believe it took them this long to can it.

    Ugh.. Is it Sunday yet? I wonder if AT&T would let me have a Titan early if I begged....

    Watched a few more reviews/inviting videos and the screen quality doesn't look half bad.

  • tedr
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    Focus 1.4 owners: I was just on the phone with ATT for about 40 minutes.  After going back and forth, they instructed me to "wait for the update" and that they had no control over when it will arrive.

    If I don't see the update in 2 weeks, I will also jump ship to the Apple 4S.  I have HAD it.

  • mountain
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    Go vote here so this gets attention: (especially focus 1.4 owners)

  • vincent_g
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    On the sideline, it's very saddening to see number from Gartner for Q3 Smartphone 2011. Windows Phone is not just going from little to little, but little to less.. Please get all your ammo out, support dual core, LTE, more open, and push your hardware manufacturer, especially Nokia, to come out with at least one Super Phone..

  • I was one of the 1.4 owners and like everyone else it wasn't by choice - I went to the store, said I wanted a Focus and that's what I got. I didn't even know it until NoDo hit for everyone but our little minority group. About a week and a half ago I was getting irritated with other issues on my Focus (choppy calls despite a full signal, music playback just stopping) so I went on AT&T's chat site to get warranty replacement. I bounced around a few different people, but after around two hours was able to convince them to send me a replacement and just crossed my fingers that it was a 1.3. Lucky for me, it was (and yes, everything they publish about the awesomeness of Mango is true). I would recommend going this route, however you might have better luck going through the online chat stuff. Your wait times are typically less and you can push them easier into doing the replacement so they get rid of you. On the phone they can bounce you around with various hold times of 30+ minutes and hope you get pissed and hang up. With chat, waiting is easier.

    I can't guarantee you'll get a 1.3 of course - I saw a post on here about someone who had a 1.3 with issues (Mango was installed), did warrany replacement and got a non-Mango 1.4. No doubt that would've been infuriating, but if you get lucky you could get the 1.3.

  • tsrblke
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    Good Lord can we stop the spammers? I mean seriously, we have a spam bot that's a top 150 contributor!

    Ok @anonymous don't burn your phone no matter how much you hate it, the fumes from the plastic alone are probably bad for you (nevermind the heavy metals inside the phone). Heck maybe I can get lucky and pick up a few Foci for like $20 as insurance against my phone breaking (I'm clumsy! And I'm not ready to jump to an S anyway)

  • @Conny, you know that Adobe announced they've discontinued development of Flash, right?  So, all those stupid, lazy people still creating Flash content will actually have to LEARN something MODERN.  Microsoft and Apple were both 100% RIGHT to not support Flash.  So, all those Android fanboys will eventually lose that one lame "advantage" they had.  The moment I saw Adobe's announcement I just had a really good laugh.

  • Pitman
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    In combination with writing study, Rosetta Stone is an excellent method for impoving my accent and comprehension in Persian. The photographs used in the program are captivating, and the native speakers pleasant to listen to and emulate. Overall, first-rate quality!

  • I'm prepared to wait till this weekend or max till thanks giving. If not, I'm off to iPhone 4S. Made many bad decisions in life, will consider this as yet another.

    After getting the 4S, may be I should put my Focus 1.4 on fire, record it, put it on youtube and cross my fingers that it goes viral to help the poor souls who are still waiting at that time.

  • tsrblke
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    @Sionic Ion

    I think that was an AT&T/MS joint promotion.  They weren't handing those out at the Insider events.  You probably should ask at the AT&T store.

  • xerto73
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    I'd be more surprised if they did since the last post had like 120-something comments and not a one from a Microsoft employee. Starting to think they are just mythical beings who live in my head. Why do they torment me so?

    I'm just tired, tired, tired.

    Tomorrow may be the day for me to call up ATT to see what can be done about exchanging my phone for something other than a WP. MS has lost any credibility and trust I had in them.

  • Anybody else find they no longer exist on this blog?  I couldn't log in, and none of my email addresses work for password recovery...  very, very curious... and troubling...

  • Conny
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    @xerto,  you'd be surprised how many times they actually have in the past.

  • xerto73
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    Bah thing auto posted again. Lol. Was going to say that you're asking alot of them to come on here and answer a question.

  • Conny
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    @tsrblke, I'm so jealous you got to play with one. I'm honestly leaning toward the Titan because I use my phone to read. And I read a LOT. Amazon and Kindle love Reading on the iPhone was so painful, the Focus seamed large in comparison. Now I'm sporting a 4.3 inch phone and from what I understand, the SGS2 and Titan are pretty close in size when placed on top of one another.

    I have small hands, and I my thumb is definitely getting a workout reaching across those 4.3 inches, BUT, the Titan also has larger live tiles, as compared to those tiny squares on Android/iPhone. Might make reaching a bit easier ;)

    @Sionic, you're definitely at the right place to ask, and hopefully Brian, Mike or Matt will have an answer for you. Welcome to the Blog.

    (Not even going to try to catch up with Scuba.. or you Rodney..lmao)..

    Speaking of Blog..... where's the app version to this one? Hmmmm??

  • Hey I got a Samsung Focus S last Monday on November 7th. But I got it at my local at&t store, not at the NYC event. One thing I haven't got to asking about yet or where to ask is about that prepaid card early phone adopters got. I'm assuming people only at the events got one, but I went out and sold my phone in advance and all, lived with a dreaded blackberry and as soon as I could, I went out and purchased the Focus S.

    "As an added bonus, anyone who buys a phone also gets a free $25 prepaid card for shopping in the Windows Phone Marketplace, which now has more than 30,000 apps and games. So you can stock up on great apps right out of the box." quote from previous blog entry.

    I was really hoping I could get my hands on of those prepaid cards, because there's a lot of apps/games I could get, but so far they are a little bit expensive. A job at McDonalds won't help me afford those apps/games. And my parents aren't going to be helping me anytime soon buy apps/games. :P Pretty please? :-D

  • tsrblke
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    Follow up post (I'm trying to catch up with Scuba right! ;) )

    Have any 1.4 owners tried taking their phones back to AT&T to try to trade in under warrenty?  My experience is they don't know jack about the Windows phone, so if you just say "it won't update, why won't it update?" maybe they'll just swap it for you. (I'm not saying that makes any of this right, I'm just saying.)

  • tsrblke
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    I briefly had my hands on a titan at the WPSTL party and I left thinking only one thing "That Mofo is HUGE."  I couldn't even focus on the screen quality just due to the sheer size.

    Live tiles scale with screen size so each tile is probably 3" square.  There was no way I could use that thing without 2 hands.  Seriously, you could mistake it for a tablet. (4.7" screen?!)

    Thanks to WPSTL my wife now has a Focus S.  She loves it.  I will say it's plagued by the same light sensor problems the Focus 1 had (whereby it sometimes flickers since it's misguaging the lighting in the room) but if you stick with the Black background it's not a problem (it's more noticable with the white theme.) It's also lighter and thinner than the Gen 1 focus, which is strange at first, really strange.

  • Conny
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    @Rodney, yup. I'm within the 30 day window. I got the SGS2 on 10/31, so I have plenty of time. Since I'm not just exchanging because I don't like it but because there's also something wrong with it, I'm actually hoping they'll actually wave the 35.- restocking fee as well. Fingers crossed.

  • @ Conny

    Would they let you do a full exchange and keep your upgrade?

  • Conny
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    @Matt and Brian, anything exciting planned for the big WPR Episode Five-O?

    (Hope this doesn't double post, first one was stuck on 'publishing')

  • Conny
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    @Rodney, please do. I've read about 15 different revues on the Titan, and they're pretty mixed. Sure, I had Retina display on my iPhone 4, but switching to the Focus wasn't too bad.

    From what I understand, you either love it or hate it..

    @Greg... I hate you (kidding!!).

  • @ Connie

    The only thing that concerns me about the Titian is the screen quality, and I don't think I need to explain why. I should get a good look at the Titian on Wednesday night at the WP event, and I will give you my take on the device if i do.

  • Conny
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    @Rodney, as far as the SGS2, if it could run Mango... ohhhhh man.


  • Conny
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    @Rodney, thanks =D

    To be perfectly honest, I'd never really left. I still kept reading this blog every time there was a new comment, and it just kept reinforcing what I had already suspected. WP had me hooked. I didn't even feel this great about my phone when I purchased my iPhone 4. Guess I just had to talk myself out of my own stupid

    You do raise a few great points in your post from yesterday, the main one being 'will this happen to me'.

    I've never been much of a first adopter, I usually wait until a phone is a couple of months old before buying it. This way I know all about the nasty little surprises that tend to show up. Remember the death grip iPhones, now dubbed the 'I have no battery' iPhone 4s? Yup, I purchased mine a few weeks after release, got a nice free case with it, and never had issues with dropped calls. But that's because I, like yourself, read up on a product before we buy it.

    Which leads me to this internal struggle I'm dealing with right now.

    I keep asking myself if I should head to AT&T in the morning to throw my phone at their heads and get the Focus S, or if I should wait until the 20th and go for the Titan? The Focus is the only Samsung phone I've ever owned that I truly had no issues with. But, do I still trust Samsung? Do I think their product is worth my money? Would Microsoft want me to recommend Windows Phones based on the manufacturers lack of response with a problem should it arise (as we're seeing right now with v1.4 owners)? Because in the end, whether or not I am happy with this product does directly relate to how I will continue to 'advertise' Windows Phones.

    The OS could be the greatest thing on earth since sliced bread, but if the hardware sucks... well, you know what I mean.

  • @ Connie

    How was the SGS2 hardware?

  • Conny
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    My main peeve was the fact that 16gb was the max storage we were going to have to be satisfied with, at least on AT&T phones, not sure about other carriers. Adobe Flash was another thing. I can't tell you how many times I'd come across a video (even on this blog) and my Focus would tell me that the device didn't support the video format... growl.

    I store a lot of music and movies on my computers, and was hoping to be able to at least keep my favorites on the phone with me. 16gb, with only about 13gb usable after the OS takes its chunk out of it really had me beating my head against the wall.

    I had even considered going back to Crapple, but decided against it.

    Android was the only other option. My phone is with me everywhere I go, and I use it quite a lot, so it only makes sense that I would want something that comes as close to the 'perfect' device as possible.

    Now, two weeks into owning the so called 'flagship' phone, I'm ready to throw up. I absolutely hate the way this phone tends to delete my phone numbers (don't ask me what's going on there, I'm not syncing or transfering numbers, they literally just disappear), and now the whole 'video not playing' issue has me seeing red.

    Sure, I could go to AT&T and get a new SGS2 and cross my fingers, but to be perfectly honest, at this point I'd rather go with the lesser of two evils, which in my opinion is the lack of storage space. Having owned an iPhone since the 3G, and actually selling my 4G after getting the Focus (v 1.3), I have dealt with not having Flash for the majority of my smartphone years. I'd rather have a reliable OS and deal with its little quirks and hope that next year, MS and Windows Phone will surprise us with expandable storage via microSD (or even better yet, phones with SSDs). Better screen resolution would be lovely too, especially in devices over 4 inches.

    Until then (and thank goodness for having 3 lines that I can use for my personal upgrades, the next one coming around in April of 2012), I'll stick with what I've come to love. WP.

    Guess I'll go back to eating crow. =P

  • @Conny

    Glad to have you back! I hope that whatever phone you get doesn't have any update issues, in fact you deserve the best WP you can get. I know hardware is what caused you to switch so it makes me feel bad we don't have exactly what you're looking for. It's to bad that new devices wont be coming out in your 30 period, well the Titian is, but you know what I mean.

    If it makes you feel better, at least your hardware is going to be more modern than many of ours. Have fun with that Tango app.

  • I will join the outcry and again request more information on the Mango update for v1.4. We have a defective piece of hardware that Microsoft and Samsung are not addressing.  I switched from Android to Windows Phone to avoid this exact situation and it is maddening to experience this all over again.

    As for the big picture... Mango was released on Sept 27. Today is November 14 and we don't have any concrete picture as to when Mango is coming to our devices. This is49 days. A two year contract is 730 days. We have thus been missing the new operating system for at least 7% of our contract time thus far.  This is a significant portion of our contracts and should produce some sort substantive response from Microsoft beyond 'we're working on it'.

  • @ mountain and others

    OK. Yeah that's the frustration.

    I went through the same issue with WinMo6.5. I dint get my update until right before they discontinued WinMo, it took over 6 months, and you know what? I was waiting on Samsung! Like I said I'm not here to make excuses up for MS or whoever. I'm just here to offer some positive insight and support for you guys to show that not everybody has forgot about you.

    I'm here to converse about current WP news or issues, and I comment on almost every topics main discussion. While I'm not willing to sit here and agree that you guys should leave WP, I do think that my words can help you out.  

    This was my post yesterday...........

    ....................."You guy's got to realize that we all are upset about the late update.

    First, it's just not fair that you guys don't get to enjoy it, which makes me feel guilty I have it... Second, it causes fragmentation... Third, If it can happen to you will it happen to me later?.. Fourth, It disrupted our usually peaceful, and optimistic community, I mean we used to rag on Android and Apple, now we rag on WP!!!! Fifth, this could turn away new users, which we need for more reasons than one... Sixth, It's wasting time that Samsung and Microsoft could be using for getting us new S%#T... And there's probably many more negative effects...... "Maybe a little good Karma on my part will help. That's all I can give.".................

    Like I said before, please hang in there guys, it will be worth it. But please, if you already have your mind made up and want to switch then I cant really help you on that one, nor do you want help for that matter.

    This is the "Windows Phone Blog"

  • @Conny I find it convenient that you break into the middle of a discussion of people extremely dissatisfied with their WP7 ownership experience and contemplating switching to another OS to complain about how awful owning one of the premier Android phones has been, and how eager you are to switch back.

    Going back over a sampling of your posting history, you seem to always have been rather enthusiastic about WP7. May I ask what originally inspired you to switch to Android?

  • Conny
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    That's simply ridiculous. This 1.4 debacle has been going on for too long. At this point I think you should walk into any AT&T store and either be able to exchange your phone for any of the older devices for free, or be offered the new ones at upgrade pricing, regardless of when you are eligible again.

    I'd offer you my 1.3, heck, I'd even pay shipping, but my 13 year old has laid claim to it. And I'd have to pry it out of his cold, dead hands.

    Yup, the child is hooked.

  • tedr
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    Tell you what. I'll skip the "food and drink." Why don't you morons figure out how to update my Focus 1.4 so that it's up to date.

  • Conny
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    Where's my Mango?

    That does it. I'm going back to WP. I've had the SGS2 since Halloween, and I'm just about done.

    Not only does Netflix constantly crash my phone, but now none of my movies play video, sound only.

    And never mind the fact that this phone keeps losing my phone numbers, which is just lovely.

    I'm.done.for.good... Give me my WP back.

    @Brian... If I'm not mistaken, you got to play with both the Focus S as well a the Titan. Is waiting until the 20th worth it or would you recommend the Focus S?

  • The wait for the Focus 1.4 update is very frustrating. I have had to purchase the Garmin nav app to get around instead of the enhanced Bing Maps in Mango. I can't develop apps (not that they would be that good anyway). I asked about switching to a Focus S and was told it would be ~$450 to upgrade early. Sigh. I'm certain everyone is doing the best they can at this point, but it is still frustrating.

  • mountain
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    @ joeshadows I am unable to install so many apps because I do not have mango. Now that's a huge problem. I have spotify premium and I cannot even install the app. That drives me quite insane.

  • @Rodney

    As far as I can see, the "big picture" is that I now know that if I ever have a significant problem with my WP7 handset, I can expect to receive nothing but white lies, platitudes, and a minimum priority assigned to my problem.

    Also, there are certain Android handsets which are specifically equipped with "stock" versions of the OS and that are designed to receive the updates immediately. Apple rolls out its updates when they're ready, and gives a clear time frame for when they do. And either way, I'm not left with a phone that's been "left behind", unable to use an increasing percentage of apps that are being designed to take advantage of the new software and its features, with absolutely no time frame for when (or even if) my phone will be brought up to standard.

    The WP7 team has been doing their absolute best to promote Mango as, essentially, the best thing since sliced bread. Its a super important update, that revolutionizes the Windows Phone 7 experience! Apparently. But when we're unable to receive the update, its treated as a minor inconvenience that we should stop worrying about. So, is the update important, or isn't it? If it isn't important, maybe I should just switch to a phone that has all of these features already.

  • mountain
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    @Rodney The problem here is the 1.4 is ummm.... you could say... faulty. We were promised that the NODO delay will not be repeated.

    Although your post makes plenty sense to me, it is a different situation with WP. Like I mentioned earlier, without mango my focus 1.4 is incomplete ( I mean it's almost 2012 and I still don't have features that other platforms have). Also I didn't specifically buy a 1.4 and it is frustrating to own the faulty revision and be left behind without any communication or trade-in offers.

  • @ xerto73

    You get what you pay for right? LOL,,Just joking.

  • xerto73
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    And doom some one else to same fate. Man, that is cold.

  • @ 1smartphone

    Can you please clarify your post?????

  • @  GregPxC

    @ blaksnar

    @ Opus5001

    @ joeshadows

    @ xerto73

    @ tribexx

    There are plenty of ver1.3 Samsung focuses out there brand new in the box. I agree you guys should be able to trade up by choice. Nobody's asking for more than they paid for, just a fluent device. When ATT gets back those version 1.4 devices they could use them to pull in new customers with free "refurbished" Mango devices. Now what's so hard about that?

  • IOS. Android. Symbian. Windows Phone. Все операционные системы для смартфонов и коммуникаторов.

  • Version 1.4 users

    Just something to think about.......

    The wait for the update is taking a toll on all of us. I was wondering if any of you guys were pissed off and thinking of jumping ship to Android or IOS. If waiting for the Mango update after only a month upsets you guys, then you are really going to be ready to murder someone while waiting to get a update to your Android phone. And, the only reason IOS updates seem to run so smoothly is because they never tell anyone about the update time frame until they are 100% ready, which at that point is a lot easier when you are working with one device architecture. Yes, even though they update three different devices they are all based off the same architecture and come from one manufacture. If it makes things better, in the future, maybe MS should admit to a tiny amount of  fragmentation, and be more tight lipped. I think what upsets people most is waiting for something that they assume they have been promised, and it's not just the fact that the updates not here yet.

    Now, I'm not making excuses up for the late update, but just trying to say that even though the WP update process is not perfect it could be as fragmented as Androids, or you could have to settle for no hardware options. Looking at it that way it seems that the Windows Phone update process is the best choice. That combined with all the other reason you chose WP in the first place, and it's definitely the best overall choice, even if you have to wait for your update.

    Please just don't jump ship out of anger! Hang in there and look at the BIG PICTURE.....

  • @tribexx Unfortunately, I don't think any of those have more than 16 gigs of memory, and they seem to have dropped the microSD expansion feature. I guess I could trim my music collection...

  • tribexx
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    PLEASE just cancel this Focus 1.4 update and phone line. Give these users a new Mango Samsung phone.

  • xerto73
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    Think I would go to one of these events (if there was actually one close to me) just to repeatedly ask about the Mango update for the Focus v1.4.

  • I have a Samsung Focus v1.4. Never have I more regretted a phone purchase.

    You'd think that you people, both at Microsoft and AT&T, would have figured out how to do this after the delay on the earlier patches, since now the problem should be, at least theoretically, well understood.

    Also, your customer service response on this issue has been very poor.

    Please make a post explaining this issue, why this issue is occurring, what time frame exists for this issue being corrected, and what you will be doing to, using the language of customer service, "make it good".

    One of the reasons I went with WP7 instead of Android was because I was leery about the inconsistency with which phones might or might not receive OS updates. Ironically, I ended up with a Focus 1.4, and now Google has been making very vocal efforts to make sure future devices will receive updates quickly and consistently. Now, please understand, I am not very wealthy, and my smartphone is one of a short list of luxury items I've been able to squeeze into my budget- and if I switch to another phone right now, it will be an even bigger blow to my budget, since I now have a 2 year contract with AT&T that I can't use to subsidize another phone on that service, and that I will have to cancel if I wish to go elsewhere. Nonetheless, switching to an iPhone 4S or an Android device has never looked so good, since I'm now filled with apprehension at the next WP7 phone I purchase (quite possibly in a desperate attempt to escape this issue on my current handset) having a similar problem which goes similarly all-but-unaddressed.

    Please reply in some form.

    Thank you.

  • Opus5001
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    There's only one phone event I'm interested in hearing about on this forum.

    Version 1.4 Owner

  • GregPxC
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    Everyone should be going to these =] I am rocking my HTC Titan now because of this and I love it (had to take it to AT&T for a little help though)!

    P.S. Someone get these guys some new phones or something! This shouldn't be a problem and is hurting the already small base Microsoft has in the phone game. Get it done Microsoft!