Updates: Now delivering to Samsung Focus 1.4

Updates: Now delivering to Samsung Focus 1.4

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Hello everyone. Busy week—here’s what’s going on:

We’re now sending out Windows Phone 7.5 updates to customers with Samsung Focus 1.4 phones on AT&T. We’re also scheduling the update for Samsung Omnia 7 owners on Telefonica in Spain. Expect us to expedite the scheduling process, now that it’s been fully tested.

We’re also sending out another wave of firmware updates from our manufacturers to select Windows Phone models. As I’ve mentioned before, these updates improve the overall function of your particular make and model of Windows Phone. You’ll see these firmware updates from time to time; they’re easy to recognize because the update information in the Zune software shows your device name. If you get one, I encourage you to install it.

Finally, we’re always paying close attention to your feedback on Windows Phone 7.5—especially when it comes to bug reports. In that spirit, customers of Vodafone, Orange, and Deutsche Telekom in Europe will start seeing notifications for a new Windows Phone service release called 7740 that fixes an issue with new voice mail notifications not appearing for customers on some European and Asian networks under certain conditions. It also fixes an email issue associated with Exchange Server 2003. This service release is being assessed by other mobile operators. You can learn more about it here.

That’s the latest. See you next week.

Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • I know this is not necessarily the place to post this, but I'm not sure where else to possibly get eyes-on. I've got a Samsung Focus running Mango, and I do love it. But I have a handful of issues that would probably be fixable in a future update, and I don't know where to take these concerns where someone who can do something about it might take note. I love the aesthetic of Windows Phone, but there are few things that take me out of the experience at times, and just hope someone on the Windows Phone team could have a look.

    1. Low-res photos (esp. the artist photo backgrounds in the Zune music player)

    Sometimes artist photos add an awesome sense of atmosphere to the music player experience, and really elevate Zune to a class of its own in terms of presentation. But it's not always sunny in Philadelphia. Roughly 20% of the artists in my playlist either have no photo whatsoever or employ shockingly low resolution images that simply look awful and do not match the amazing Metro UI. I feel like these photos need to be held to a higher standard, or else not displayed at all. Now, regarding those artists that have no suitable photo, instead of having a blank black background (or the nausea-inducing rainbow gradient on the lock screen), why not utilize the beautiful background from the Zune desktop player, displaying all of your album art with some cool text and color effects?

    Regarding other low resolution photos, I know that not all images can be managed by Windows Phone, especially those from online sources. But I still think images sometimes display with a horrible blur, and considering the size of the tiles, it seems realistic to at least have a fairly sharp presentation at .75" x .75", doesn't it? That said, I circumvent the issue by going out of my way to use only Windows Live photos (since they are always miraculously clearer) and I choose all of the contact photos by hand, overriding the default Facebook photos, etc. When I do this, Windows Phone looks great.

    But then, even after all my painstaking image management, my phone rings, and my contact photo is blown up three times the size of the live tile, with the number displayed over it in white, sometimes obscured by the colors in the photo. There's no option to just use the small photo, and display the number under it, or next to it. I so wish there was. On my iPhone, the full screen image of my contacts was a joy to behold when my phone rang, but trying to scale up a tiny tile just looks bad, and I really feel like a nag for mentioning it, but it does bother me.

    2. Conflicting Live Tile title text

    For the most part, Live Tiles look sleek and awesome, with their corresponding text neatly displayed in a small Segoe font across the bottom. But everyone once in a while (in my opinion, the People Hub is a tragic instance), the colors or the design of the tile itself conflicts horribly with the white text, and is badly obscured to the point of being illegible, at worst, or just looking sloppy at best. I'm not sure what's to be done about this (Ice Cream Sandwich has taken to adding a smoky translucent background to set the text off from its backdrop—also, ICS has taken more than a handful of design cues from WP7, in my opinion, but that is another story). Maybe there could be an option on the Live Tiles, allowing the user to decide whether or not to display the title text. Some of my games from XBOX Live also clash with the title text, and even worse, in those cases, many times it is redundant, anyway.

    3. Internet Explorer

    This is a bit of a weak jab, I suppose, in terms of criticisms, because I really love the updates to the interface that Mango has brought to to Internet Explorer (especially the ingenious explorer bar bottom placement). But I have to say that a few tweaks could really set it on a higher plane, and that firstly, the browser default font is just plain boring. ICS (pardon the second reference) has really taken Android devices miles ahead with the new Roboto font, in my opinion, because it has a very distinct design sensibility and it is consistent through the device. The Segoe font is just a great, I think, but why isn't it employed as a default in the browser? Maybe I'm missing something, but I think the browser just leaves much to be desired in that department.

    Please bring tabs back as a primary UI option, or perhaps make the browser UI customizable.

    4. Cut off text

    I know WP7 is far from the only OS to suffer from this, but I feel as though some sort of solution needs to be employed, here. I would prefer scrolling text, or text that displays in sections via swipes. But simply not being able to see full song titles is not very cool.

    5. YouTube and Facebook

    Enough said regarding YouTube, I would hope. And seeing the iPhone mobile site really makes me wish for greener pastures, sometimes. I know that can't necessarily be helped, but improvements to built-in Facebook functionality might help me never need to go online, right?

  • ddsoft
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    I have this device and have been trying to get this update on for 2 weeks. I keep getting 7.10.7720.68 update failed and the error code is 80004005. Any ideas what the heck might be wrong?

  • Hawk
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    Does anyone know if you can get Zune on an iMac?  I'm not seeing a Zune download available for the iOS and when I Google it, all of the postings are extremely dated.

    I was hoping someone in this forum knows.


  • LeeC
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    Is anybody having issues with the battery icon/life......if for any reason I need to switch my phone off, when I switch it back on the battery saver icon appears even if I have over half the battery life left....when I check the battery saver most of the time it says that there is 50 - 60% left.

    Usually need to soft reset my phone when leaving work as the signal disappears in the building.

    Any ideas folks ?

  • After using windows phone 7.5 samsung focus I would say one thing this OS is a revolution BUT!

    I come from a symbian background ouch!

    Back in the dark days we had some bright features like

    Bluetooth connection to your computer and transfer of files easily

    Internet tethering

    More control on your device e.g vary the screen display through a scroll

    You can end applications from the task manager not by pressing the back arrow

    A good feature to be included is deleting pictures by long press on the pic and get a small menu to delete

  • @Scubadog: Huh. That is an interesting thought... Well, I installed Zune on my wife's windows 7 laptop tonight, and installed Mango without issue. Thanks so much for your suggestion, though! Perhaps others will experience the same puzzling headaches, and see your post.

  • skrame
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    I'm still on 7.0.7403.0, and I haven't been notified that there's an update available. I've connected my phone to my Windows Phone 7 Connector just in case, but nothing.

    Seems like everybody is getting it except me. :(

    I'm on the AT&T network in the US, using a Samsung Focus 1.4.

  • Read the 22 Nov article at www.withinwindows.com.  It gives a whole new perspective on why the update process has been a huge challenge....and how amazing it is that the Mango update has gone as well as it has (not perfect, but WAY better than the NoDo).  Just goes to show what I've said all along: you deviate from the standard process, you can expect waste and disaster.  Simple as that.

  • @HTC, I read that article before and it's misleading.  Besides, that stats already bear out that the dual core devices use battery faster.  It will be awhile before we see operating systems AND all the apps people want rewritten to actually take correct advantage of dual core processing.  Just because you have dual or even quad core machines doesn't mean you'll get processing done twice or four times faster, thus lowering power use.  That's a faux science.  It's silly to keep clamouring for something will will increase the cost to purchase and to run a device when it will deliver no substantive improvement other than to give you a warm fuzzy that "I have DUAL CORE machine, blah blah blah".  Besides, you'll see those coming in 2012 anyway, now that all the players are set and MS can focus on making WP8 actually use multiple cores in an efficient manner.  You still won't have apps that can take advantage of it, though.  That will take more time.

  • @Moab bomb, I have the 32GB card in mine and I'll share something I discovered across all the updates, after researching others who had similar issues.  It's not how much FREE space you have, it's how much USED space you have.  I discovered that you need to have UNDER 3GB actually used if you have a microSDHC card installed.  Like you, I deleted all the media and apps from my device but, frustratingly, I couldn't get below about 3.1GB used space.  I did a hard reset and was at about 2GB used space.  The updates flowed like butter.  I'm guessing it has something to do with how the extended mapping works when you have a card installed, because I've not heard of this issue happening with those who don't have a card installed but are over 3GB used.  I'll tell you, though, that with the way www.windowsphone.com works now it's SO easy to reinstall stuff that It's not really any trouble.  And, consequently, the update goes really fast because you have a clean machine to load it on.

  • HTC
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    This is why dual cores use less power than single cores: www.nvidia.com/.../Benefits-of-Multi-core-CPUs-in-Mobile-Devices_Ver1.2.pdf

    So let's get some dual cores in Windows Phones!

  • @TSRbike: Forgot to add to my post-I am not Twitterfied. I am, in fact, tweetless.

  • @TSRbike: The reason that I did not post an error code is because I am not getting one. I get two popup messages, both with the same frequency. One states: "DEVICE UPDATE HAS FAILED. There was an error while trying to backup your phone. Please try again." I have deleted all music and photos from phone.

    The other popup states "Your phone SAMSUNG SGH i917 is up to date. Current Version: 07.00.07392.03." I should note that my phone states that an update is available.

    I am using a Mac, so the program is Windows Phone 7 Connector (not Zune), and my phone has a Sandisk 16gb memory card installed.

  • Doddsy
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    Its now nearly two months since the mango roll out and I am yet to receive the update notification. I have an Omnia 7 on Orange in the UK. With my frustration I contacted Orange to find out how long the roll out will take. To my surprise I was told they had not started rolling out the update due to technical issues!! What's more puzzling is that my wife also has the same phone on the same network and received her update a month ago.

    Now I hear of another update coming and to look out for it on Orange. Hell I haven't got the fruity goodness yet and now there is another update. Anybody else on Orange in the same boat as me?

  • And now for other news....it's being reported that the real reason we're not seeing any of the new devices with dual core (those battery-gulping devices) is because of the partnership with Nokia.  Because Nokia was new to the Qualcomm world Microsoft didn't want the OEMs to produce dual core devices just yet so as to not disadvantage Nokia.  If that's true, then only time will tell if that was a bad call.  I still believe that dual core processors are wasted on WP7 and that the focus should be on the GPU.  Plus I simply don't want to see my battery dry up on me every time I turn the thing on.  But that's me.  However, it's an interesting game to play, deciding whether the more important shot in the arm would be Nokia quickly getting into the market, even if they are barely more than 1st gen devices, or going for dual core devices and forcing Nokia to delay their entry until they could develop their first devices as dual core.  Definitely a gamble.  Personally, I think it was the right choice, but we'll have to see if the numbers bear it out.

  • LOL, @thrashee, you think just because someone disagrees with you they are somehow in an "ivory tower"?  How liberal of you.  As I said you are free to disagree, and that's perfectly okay.

  • @ ScubaDog,

    I'm sorry, you think the reason I switched back to the iPhone was purely because I am impatient and need to "keep up with the joneses?"  And how, exactly, did you arrive at that conclusion? Are you sure that wasn't just a hasty assumption on your part and a tendency to lump anyone who isn't sticking with WP7 into the same "lemming" category?

    I'll reiterate why I made the switch back:  I just wanted separate volume controls across the platform. Something the original iPhone had since day 1 and something I'm willing to bet every other smartphone on the market has had for some time. Something so fundamental to how a "smart" phone works that to exclude it is simply ridiculous. How's that for keeping up with the joneses for you? Pretty cutting edge stuff, huh?

    You know what they say about people who make assumptions, though....perhaps you should step down from your ivory tower and consider that some people might have--just maybe--thought through their own reasons to switch that have absolutely nothing to do with needing to have the latest and greatest.

    But I did enjoy all of your pontificating about our self-indulgent, immediate gratification culture. Thank God WP7 quite gracefully avoids all that ;)

  • Now, to change the subject a bit, I came to a sudden realization yesterday.  I sat down at my desktop to work on some music production and found myself needing to send an email off.  I started up Outlook (I have Office 2010 Professional) and it had to catch up with two weeks of emails.  TWO WEEKS.  On a whim I spun up my notebook, which happens to see more activity on a daily basis than my studio machine, and ran up Outlook.  It had to catch up with a week and a half.  That's when it struck me....I hardly use Outlook anymore.  I do everything on my Focus.  Oh, to be sure, I have the Connector installed and the sync between all my devices and the cloud is flawless.  I don't miss direct sync at all (and, in fact, I loathe it).  But, bottom line, is that I simply don't use Outlook except for rare situations.  And, actually, I could just as easily stop using it entirely and rely on Windows Live Mail (aka Hotmail) to do more lengthy emails.  I've read that Microsoft is planning to integrate Skype into Outlook, but the excitement of that initial idea is no really not so exciting.  Has anyone else found similar to be true?

  • @Tony Dedrick, the whole point of both my posts is that with few exceptions the drive to IMMEDIATELY have certain things is purely an internal one...it's made up, if you will.  It has no basis for being an actual IMPERATIVE.  I used the example of my situation, waiting for WP7 devices to first come out.  My contract was up in Jan of 2010.  I had relied upon a flip phone and my Dell Axim WM device.  I wanted a smartphone.  But I wanted an experience DIFFERENT from Windows Mobile.  I was tired of the sea of icons, I was tired of having to install a third party front end (Wisbar Advanced and others) to get anywhere near I what I thought a good user experience should be.  When I first started reading about what was coming with WP7 I was excited.  I was still battling the urge to get a smartphone, but as much as I was chomping at the bit, I was determined to not settle for yet another typical user experience that both iOS and Android had to offer.  In other words, any driving need to have a new gadget, cutting edge device, was completely made up by me.  There was no AT&T rule that said that I had "30 days to upgrade my device" or anything of that sort.  I exercised self control until November came.  The wait was rewarded with an unbelievably fresh and impressive user experience.  Was it missing some things?  You bet. And most of us expressed that quite clearly.  And now we have Mango.  Are there still things missing?  You bet.  And Microsoft, to their credit, has setup a great website specifically for us to vote on features and capabilities we believe need to be added.  There's still a LOT that depends on the OEMs to actually do [ahem, more onboard storage], some of which have been answered in the 2nd gen devices (excluding Nokia, who inexplicably didn't put such obvious things as front facing camera in the Lumias).  But, here I am, one year into owning the original Focus and I find myself very much impressed with the Focus S and the Titan.  And, here again, I find myself putting that silly self-imposed imperative to get a newer device in its place because I want the user experience FIRST and foremost---none of the new devices have a feature I have come to rely upon, that of higher storage capacity.  The Windows Phone ecosystem is SO much better than either iOS or Android can hope to provide that I'm not willing to switch platforms just because one of their devices has the one hardware feature I want.  I will wait until yet another batch of devices comes out, with the hopes that one of them will have greater storage.  Shortcomings considered, I still feel the user experience I have with the Focus beats all other devices, bar none, at the moment.  So I won't settle.  I'll wait for the true successor because I can and I have self discipline.

  • Or people just want or have expectations of a device because its simply something they feel will benefit their life in some way. And I see nothing wrong with having certain expectations when you are spending $100+ on a product. Now, I am certain there are those who do get a device because they can and not because they actually have a reason to need it and honestly, it still wouldn't be my place to judge. If that's how things roll for them, so be it. I would like to give the benefit of the doubt to most phone buyers that they are buying the things they truly feel they need, regardless of who the company is and its reputation.

    As for the attitude towards Apple and Google in the WP community, it is what it is. I know from personal experience, I like Apple's products. I had a 3GS before getting my Focus. I loved it, enjoyed it and the issues with it were no more or less the same as I have with my Focus ( the occasional crash). I have an iPod and its my baby. My wife, who had a BB up until a month ago, just got an iPhone 4 and loves it. Surprising since she swore off touchscreen smartphones as something she would never get into.

    I have no experience with Androids other than fiddling with a device here and there at an AT&T store. However, I have a ton of friends who have Android phones and they love them. One's had his for almost 2 years and he absolutely loves the thing.

  • Well, @thrashee, my point--which clearly you couldn't get--is that it appears any imperative to get a new phone is purely based on your own impatience and desire to keep up with the joneses.  For "valid reasons" I'm speaking of the folks who may have enterprise-focused reasons (e.g., security, interface with enterprise software).  But I find it completely irrational for people who get such ire up because they demand to change out devices "just because".  That speaks to just how sad our society has become: "Wahh!  I want what I want when I want it because I'm entitled and have no self control, wahh!".  That's basically how I see a lot of people.  You may consider it merely a "philosophical debate" but, the fact is, it is this very thing that impels consumers and marketers alike.  If marketers can convince all the lemmings to consider purchase they just made to be obsoletely within weeks then they can entice them to buy the "latest thing".  We have raise for ourselves a very immature, self-centered people whose only goal seems to be immediate gratification.  You wondered why I despise Apple and Google.  Let me say first that I hold a certain degree of contempt and dissatisfaction with Microsoft as well, for reasons I've expressed numerous times here before.  I despise Apple for the very attitude that Jobs personified, the idea that a company should TELL consumers what it is they need rather than discovering it.  The sad reality of such a philosophy is that it plays on and exacerbates the self-centered undisciplined attitude that pervades society.  I need only point you to the ridiculous OWS movement.  As for Google, I hold the same contempt for them that I held for Microsoft back in the day.  I think the sheer irresponsibility of how Android is as an ecosystem is wreckless (born out by the fact that malware on Android devices has grown 473% since July), and that just flooding the market with a plethora of devices, with no consistency of quality, features or expectation of being updated.  You see a new device heralded as "THE absolute greatest smartphone EVAH!" come out every month.  That's just ridiculous.  Android=chaos.  They're skyrocket to success is only a factor of two things: the "me, too" paradigm and sheer volume.  Now, I'm not at ALL discounting the amazing gaffs that Microsoft has committed with WP7, along with my disgust for carriers and THEIR practices.  But, frankly, it angers me that as monolithic as Apple is and as chaotic and wreckless and Android is that carriers still seem to hold both as tech darlings.  I just find that attitude and those who hold it to be.....intellectually challenged.  Of course, this is all my opinion, and you are free to disagree---which clearly you do.  But, coming full circle, my contention is that, for the most part, the ONLY thing driving this need to get a newer device is just because a person "wants it".

  • My husband received his "Mango" on Sunday, I have not even received notification that my phone is ready for the update. What could be the reason for this? We both have the Samsung Focus and the same service provider..Am patient but curious..Thanks

  • Hey, I have a Samsung Focus v1.4 on AT&T and I tried running the update but it's failing for me. I'm getting a 80180089 error during the backup portion of the update. I tried both on WP7 Connector on OS X Lion and Zune on Windows 7 and it gives the same error. I tried running the support tool and hard resetting my phone and the update still doesn't work.

    Furthermore, after the update failed, when I tried to redownload some apps I had, like 1Password or Kindle, I can't type in any of the text fields. I am able to type in the builtin apps though, like Bing or Messaging.


    OS: 7.0.7392.0

    Firmware: 210311.4.1


    Radio software: 2103.11.4.1

    Radio hardware:


    Chip SOC:

    None of the troubleshooting guides mentions the error number. Can someone help? This is kind of a really terrible user experience for me.

  • tsrblke
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    @Moab Bomb

    Try Winphonesupport on twitter, they've helped me out of quite a few disasters.

    Meanwhile, you're not telling us any error codes or the like for us to help you!

  • @ScubaDog,

    What's all this about having "valid reasons" for waiting or not waiting for certain features and updates? This isn't a philosophical debate on ethics but a discussion on *consumer products*. A consumer can have whatever the hell reason they want for either buying or skipping a product and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It can be as trivial as a choice of colors or as functional as *cough* separate volume controls.

    These reasons may not seem valid to YOU, but so what? It's not your money being spent, is it? I'm not sure why you have so much vitriol towards Apple and Android or why you're so appalled that people may choose or go back to such devices over WP7, but it doesn't matter. People will buy what they feel is worth their money. And it's not up to you to dictate the expectations of early adopters....any early adopter is making a leap of faith, but that faith is not infinite and if those expectations fail to materialize, then the adopter has every right to shrug and choose otherwise.

  • Too bad Samsung doesn't know about this.

    Received my update notification yesterday. After numerous (7 or 8) unsuccessful attempts to install it (long story), I tried ATT support. They bounced me to Samsung, Samsung bounced me to MS, MS tried bouncing me back to Samsung, then bounced me to the Microsoft store so I could buy a new phone (WTH?). So I called ATT back, was AGAIN transferred to Samsung. Sammy support insisted that MS has not yet announced the Mango update for Focus 1.4. No amount of reasoning could convince her. My phone still says "update available"...

    Total wasted time: 6.5 hours and counting.

  • tsrblke
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    I've started complaining to AT&T directly.  After my wife was told to "stick with her iphone" because "Windows Phones are bad" when we brought in a freaken phone that was already ours to be activated (I didn't ask for your opinion AT&T guy" I tell AT&T directly (either on the phone or via twitter) every time I have a bad AT&T/WP7 experience.  Premier partner I think not.

  • Now if we could only get a crackdown on those ignorant employees at AT&T and other carriers who not only are completely clueless about WP7 (often confusing it with Windows Mobile), but actuall HIDE the devices and aggressively dissuade customers from purchasing WP7 devices.  I'm sick of it.  I feel like going into every AT&T store within reach and loudly berrating the entire staff for their incompetence.

  • Excellent, good news and welcome by us at the London Windows Phone Agency http://www.governor.co.uk

  • @bradleyj

    Yeah! That's the s$%t! Cool man.

  • linder
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    @bradleyj: I have to agree. Our unbranded Omnia 7 phones support tethering and our carriers (T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone) also support it. But there is still no "Internet Sharing" available on any of our Mango phones. We contacted Samsung and they told us that it's not their problem and we should contact Microsoft so they can "fix" it.

    BTW, the hack to enable tethering is buggy and so we can't use it. Our only option (at the moment) is the iPhone 4s.  Works great for me, but I like WP7 very much.

  • @miladmohebnia

    Look here:


    support.microsoft.com/.../2484484 (description of some update errors).

    I was receiving a lot of errors when trying to update to Mango.  It turned out there was a problem with the USB port in my phone and I had to get a replacement phone.   After that, I was able to upgrade to 7.5.

    good luck with your issue... hope you solve it soon.

  • I had this long, ranty like (but not negative) post written out. But decided to just say that I hope in the future, MS has it all together. And at the end of the day, these phones are branded Windows Phone and IMO, it should be MS who makes sure their "dog poo" is all together. Especially when people's time, money and faith is invested. I love my Windows Phone. I really do. But there needs to be better transparency and consideration in mind from here on out.

  • Hojsn
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    Hey guys, got two updates on my unbranded(? - how do I actually recognize if it is branded or nor?) Omnia 7 on o2 Germany putting me on OS 7.10.7720.68 and f/w 2424.11.9.2. What's new with that?

    Plus: I read about a tethering update on T-Mobile Germany for Omnia 7 - can someone @MS tell me when that is scheduled for unbranded Omnia 7s in Germany?

  • @Rodney, Alright I will chill out, and I don't mean to heckle you.  You are right, we are fellow WP users and I appreciate the WP community, I have benefited alot from it already.  

    I also admire and sympathize with the Windows Phone Team.  THey are doing a great job in alot of areas.  The OS has taken big leaps forward.  Obviously I don't believe anyone is sitting in Redmond thinking "how can we frustrate our customers".  So far Microsoft has done a FAR better job of supporting their phones than Google...and I believe that will remain true.  Although a little frustrated over the missing "internet sharing", I'm optimistic for the future of WP.

  • tsrblke
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    Your phone only checks for updates once every "X" days (where X is a number I don't remember) so if your phone had checked for updates mere hours before the update was posted you'd have to way "X" before it checked again.  Or just plug it into Zune and force check it.

  • Apple owns pretty much every piece of their device line.  It's extremely limited, and any carrier that wants to play with Apple has to dance to their tune, exclusively.  Android devices, in start contrast, have ZERO control.  Devices a spewing out from OEMs like cockroaches in a restaurant when the lights turn on, and carriers have no real compelling reason to do ANY updates, which is evidenced by the fact that you have three or four different versions of Android out there across dozens of different devices and absolutely no consistency between any two.  Yes, the benefit to Apple's model is that everybody can get their updates more frequently and virtually simultaneously (but not as much as you might think---it was a full week after the release of the last two updates before my wife's iPhone 4 was notified an update was available).  Nestled in between you have Microsoft, who owns no part of the hardware piece and only a third of the software piece.  OEMs and carriers own the rest of it.  You get more diversity than with Apple, but less than you get with Android.  But, even with the ridiculously huge delays for full deployment of updates, Windows Phone 7 is STILL insanely ahead of anything the Android world could ever in their wildest dreams come to expect.  In fact, there will be some devices that will NEVER get the latest update.  If you want the latest OS you have to toss your $200-$500 investment out the window and buy another device.

    But, you see, some people are simply impatient.  I'm not referring to the wait for updates (well, sort of I am, but I'm not faulting the folks in the boat with the Focus 1.4 owners).  I'm referring to the "if you don't have this feature in the very next device that's released then I'm going to buy and Android or iPhone".  That's a totally arbitrary, self-imposed deadline.  Unless your current device is somehow going to be rendered inoperable by a certain date, then you just don't have a valid argument for needing to upgrade RIGHT NOW.  Early adopters have certainly had their share of whine-fests, lamenting their decision to NOT wait until others played guinea pig.  I liken those who jumped onto the WP7 bandwagon (even those who are just now doing so, e.g, clamouring for the Nokia devices) to the girl who married the guy who wasn't everything she wanted in a man, but was expectin to change him over time.  That is ALWAYS a mistake.  If you bought into WP7 initially, assuming a promise of improvements over the course of the "marriage", then you were wrong, flat out wrong---I don't care what promises you think were made.  The bottom line is that you get exactly what you pay for at the time.  Anything that improves after that is just gravy.  The lesson is, don't be in such a hurry and don't settle.  Believe me, I had high hopes for the Nokia devices as well as the new Samsung and HTC devices. While there are aspects of each that I like, there are certain features I want and I refuse to settle for less on.  So, as much as I REALLY like the Focus S, I'm sticking with my original Focus.  I'm not willing to settle for an experience that's NOT a Windows Phone experience, so I don't care what other features exist on the device, both Apple and Android can putrify in hell, as far as I'm concerned.  I'll wait until the features/capability I want are available on a WP7 (or WP8) device.

  • Briana
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    For those of you who are updating to Mango on your 1.4's, did you get the 'phone update is available' notification on the phone, did you check it in Zune, or do the Zune hack to get the update?  I'm asking because I haven't gotten the notification on my phone and I also haven't checked for a phone update using Zune.

  • baron164
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    Awesome, updating now, finally, I'm glad it didn't take 3 months like nodo :-)

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    Yeah, I get that you're technically in Aussie Land, but as I understand it there are no "Unbranded" Focus phones.  They may be "unlocked" but they're stil effectively tied to the AT&T release schedule for updates and such.

    Why? Dunno, maybe it's a deal Samsung cut with AT&T.  Maybe it's simply because Samsung never had any intent to sell the gen 1 focus anywhere else so they only bothered to write firmware for the branded phone.  Bad idea?  Probably not actually, since I don't think they ever though Focuses would end up where they ended up!

  • Zerofun
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    i had to replace my 1.4 with another model because of a screen burn issue.. so i got mango 2 days ago .. worth the wait.. i'm really happy with it now.. i hope the 1.4 folks don't have to suffer through this again.

  • @ bradleyj

    Ok, ok, chill out man!...first of all you are replying to the wrong guy about ATT. I agree with you that MS needs to get more control from this point on, and I agree with Scuba because right now it's in the providers hands.

    And, if you noticed, my post above about features and updates wasn't addressed specifically in reply to yours. As a matter of fact I made a point to mention that I agree with your point at the beginning and end of my post, just so it wouldn't be taken out of context. Now if you actually go back and read my post you will see that I'm supporting your opinion. My point was just about future updates and perception of a consistent user experience.

    Trust me, I made the mistake of not really reading post and responding with oposition to many times to not have learned my lesson. I'm not here to knock down your ideas and opinions because I see you as part of the WP family dude!

  • @Rodney - The issue is NOT AT&T, I am in Canada and on the Network ROGERS (if you read my posts you would know that).  Rogers encourages and allows Tethering and they insist that they will make it available if it is available to them, tye even told me to hack the functionality on (which I did but it is buggy, I want an official solution).  But again, the issue is that MS has not retained enough control of the update process.  Apple doesn't get pushed around by carriers (or lazy manufacturers).

    Oh, and by the way, 2 years is not long enough for support.  In Canada, contracts are 3 years long.  As an example of good product support: the iPhone 3Gs was introduced on June 8, 2009...it just got the latest iOS 5 over two years later.  

    I don't dislike MSoft or WP7...I like them both.  If I wanted the platform to fail, I wouldn't express my concern to the Windows Team here...I'd just get a different phone.

  • drankurn
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    I think you just need to give it time to finish the install, for some reason sometimes it takes long time to show that its still doing its thing....it just looks like its stuck.

    with one of my phones it took just 1 hr from the original stock os to mango. and on the other one it took more than 2 hrs from NoDo to mango.....and it seemed like it was stuck at a couple of points foe long time, like may be about 20-30 mins at just one point without any signs that its doing anything.

  • Otaku83
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    Okay, so MS and Samsung still need to work at this.  I got the announcement that an update was (finally) available for my Samsung Focus 1.4.  Well, sure, I'm going to update.  Except that in the middle of the update it halted, and I had to hard-reset my phone (I thought it was bricked at first) to get it to even connect back to the computer.  So, back to pre-NoDo, etc.  Now, 3 tries and 3 hard resets later, I finally have NoDo installed, but I still have several more updates to go before I get to the Mango one, and still don't know if it will work this time.  And thanks, MS, for the crappy software that makes me backup the phone in the course of updating, because now all my game and app data has been erased and replaced with a backup from a factory-fresh phone, deleting the backup I made just prior to updating...

  • geogeek
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    Thanks, guys. I updated my 1.4 last night. Sweet!

    I also noticed quite a few Windows Phone commercials on tv last night, mainly for the Focus Flash. Can't remember if it was MS or AT&T. Good commercials, though.

  • Ryan
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    @Rodney You called it! I agree with you on the consistent user experience. MS should take the road similar to Apple. With the release of iOS 5.0, they announced only the 3Gs and newer would receive the update. A limit has to be set somewhere on what Gen's of teh devices are allowed to upgrade to the latest version. I would say devices older than 2 years after the device being discontinued.

    @Eric You all did it. Thank you! I still would like a LOT more transparency in the whole process. The old adage "no news is good news" does not apply when consumers are waiting for an update. This also applies to firmware updates.

    Again, thank you!

  • Otaku83
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    Thanks Microsoft for the crappy Mango update that bricked my phone...

  • Here is a list of all the MS stores in America. Warning! It's short.


  • @ scuba

    Yeah, its like I said above, we need to take the idea of a consistent user experience as reasonably as possible. WP can't ever be exactly what every individual wants. It can only be the best overall for some users. All this complaining is not getting us anywhere. The fact is that the devices are working relatively well, even with the 1.4 wait the updates have gone well compared to competitors, and the community is growing. Not perfect, but damn good and moving forward is is good enough for me.

    Now, as far as the retail experience, I think it's time for MS to go the Apple route and open a MS store in every major mall. This would be the only arena to showcase Windows 8, Xbox, Kinect, WP side by side with reps that are actually interested in selling the products. Sales reps are just to inexperienced and biased to help WP grow. They will have to be forced to push WP. In a MS store WP would be the only option.

  • @bradleyj, it's not Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's AT&T.  THEY control whether or not tethering is opened up.  Microsoft is simply the vehicle.  Go jump on AT&T's doorstep if you want tethering so badly.  Or, use one of the homebrew methods to get tethering working on the Focus.  It's been made clear for some time, now, that some carriers would be working with the OEMs to deploy tethering on legacy devices, but not all would be.  To create the update for AT&T customers would actually require WORK on AT&T's part and, as we can see by the 1.4 debacle, that's not their strong suit.

    I wish people would quit blaming the wrong party for things.  Ugh!

  • Thank you! This is your best post of the year. lol

  • i have a crazy error 80070017 or sth like that on my updating .. please help :(((

  • The Optimum time for Microsoft to continue to push devices to older handsets is 2 years, because that's the typical length of most Mobile Phone contracts. If they keep supporting my Mozart until the end of next year, I'd be happy with that.

  • Oh, by the way, does anyone know when AT&T will be enabling visual voicemail for its WP7 handsets?

  • Gooch
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    Oh sweet! Watch out, the future, because we're on our way. Let's rap: www.youtube.com/watch

  • Congratulations to samsung focus v1.4 users!

    But how about other phones.. unbranded samsung omnia 7. Am still not getting the firmware update.=(

  • Please ensure that other smaller markets such as Australia get the 7740 update as these 2 issues are well known and not limited to only Europe.  I personally have both these issues on my new Titan.  The exchange one is not only annoying but I a feel a major failure of Windows Phone - no other major phone such as the iPhone has this issue. Thanks.

  • @ Rodney, I do have reasonable expectations. My Palm Pixi could do a mobile hotspot!   The 1st Gen products like the focus ARE absolutely capable of tethering (it has been well proven).  If all the hardware is consistent (same chips, same wifi chips with the exception of the Venue Pro) then why do some 1st Gen phones get the tethering updates and others not?  Clearly MS has failed to keep control and the manufacturers and carriers are in control.  This is unfortunate for the platform...it gives iOS a huge advantage.

    If microsoft is dropping features after only 1 year on phones still being sold, then WP7 will be like Android where products are unsupported and left behind before they are even taken off the shelves.  We should be following Apple which has a great track record for giving older phones all the features they are capable of (Siri being an exception recently...though it is in "beta" so perhaps the 4 will get it...). I am glad the Focus rev 1.4 are getting Mango...I just wish ALL Focus owners would get the whole thing.

  • GregPxC
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    Check out this article guys! Might give you an idea for a future replacement on those sadly buggy phones!


  • cm3763
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    Thank You Microsoft team for getting the update out. All of us gave you guys a hard time and you all took it well. Love the Mango Update, I feel like a kid in a candy store. One suggestion for the future is just to give the users some info in advance. We will much rather here Mid Nov then nothing for weeks. Once again Thank you for the time and effort

  • YES!! WOOHOO!  Updating my Focus 1.4 now.  This just made my evening! :D

  • I have been facing terrible connectivity problems with my samsung focus. very sad to see this happen on windows phone 7. Please help out

  • a688
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    Can you list which phones are going to get manufacturer updates? Can you guys get around to building an interactive form that lets us know what versions of software (firmware/boot loader/etc) should be installed on our particular phone?

    Can you explain why the fix will only go to certain markets? What happens if a customer not from that market moves to/gets service from one of those providers instead of their current one that did not get the update?

  • ahhh finally! no more focus 1.4 complainers! hopefully anyway. Nice to know it worked out for them in the end :)

  • I knew it, I just knew it.  The whining will continue.  Instead of just expressing joy that the update if finally rolling, some people just have to make threats and complaints anyway.  Good grief.

  • blaksnar
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    Should credit Microsoft and Eric when it's due. Thanks Eric. I know we were calling for your head a week back but really appreciate listening to us. I'm sure you took extra effort with ATT to push this update to us. Really appreciate how the update went directly to delivery without even in "Scheduling" state. Really thanks again. Updating as we speak. May be we are the worst kind of wp fanboys ever. Wish you and WP luck.

  • Conny
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    @Strider, that's the part that makes no sense to me. I understand that Samsung built the Focus to be sold via Anti Tethering Tyrant (Ok, couldn't help myself there). But still, it's Samsung's phone, they should be able to put their foot down and give you access to any of the features you're allowed to have in the country you're actually living in.

    If my husband and I weren't grandfathered in to our unlimited plans, we'd have left AT&T earlier this year. But then again, I hear horror stories from Sprint, T-Mo and Verizon as well.. sigh.

  • Please tell me the 7740 will be rolled out to all markets in the future.  I have been waiting for the Exchange 2003 fix since it was first discovered in Mango.  It's a major bug that prevents many businesses from using Windows Phone at all.

  • Sheeds
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    @Conny - Unfortunately ATT approve/control it, not Samsung.

  • Conny
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    @MS, just a thought, but could this comment box be added to the bottom of the comments as well? This way I don't have to be lazy and scroll back up =P

  • Conny
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    @Strider, yeah, AT&T here in the US loves to have their hands in  your pocket, which is why tethering isn't allowed unless you sign up for a monthly plan with AT&T. Still, you don't have AT&T, so I honestly can't see why it would be an issue for Sammy to unlock that feature.

  • Sheeds
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    @tsrblke  Cheers.  However, I am in Australia - so the nearest ATT office is about 17 hours by air at cruising speed of 875 mph :D

    Fortunately, my local AUS carrier charges NO extra for Tethering.  Unfortunately, despite being unlocked, my Samsung Focus gets it's updates finally approved by ATT, who will not comment on GEN1 handset Tethering position.

    It's a Joke.

  • Conny
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    @Rodney.. dang, you called it!!!!..lol

    I'm so relieved that v1.4 users will finally experience Mango, but am still rather bothered by how long it took Sammy and AT&T to get it to everyone.

    As far as the firmware updates for 1st gen devices is concerned, I'd imagine that MS will have to go the same route Apple had to travel in regards to the iPhone. At some point, the hardware in current devices simply won't be able to keep up with the software demands. (Try to play any of today's PC games on a 10 year old graphics card, and you'll see what I mean.).

    Oh, here's a lovely tidbit. I couldn't help myself and called down to my AT&T store again, hoping that by speaking to someone else, I might get lucky and would be told 'Oh, the Titans? Yeah, we have them already. Come on down and we'll exchange it ahead of time, just don't tell anyone'.

    Here's the kicker. (What follows are the first 25 seconds of my call!)

    Hello, thanks for calling your local AT&T store, how many I help you today?

    Yes, um, my SGS2 is having some serious issues and I want to exchange it. However, I don't want another SGS2, I'd rather exchange it for the HTC Titan. I'm not very confident when it comes to Samsung products at the moment.

    *slight pause*

    Um, I guess I didn't do my research, what's the HTC Titan?

    At this point, he put me on hold to check with someone in the back. I swear, even my husbands jaw dropped.

    Microsoft, is this what you want? Three days before release, and HTC's Flagship WP is unknown to the very people who are supposed to sell/market them for you. Not only that, but the young man then continues to try to talk me into getting either the 4s or any of the Android devices (he's proudly sporting the GSG2 Skyrocket, which personally is stupid, since this state isn't anywhere near LTE). This is AFTER I mentioned that I left Apple for my Sammy Focus AND after telling him that I'm done with Samsung as well as Android.

    I'm seriously tempted to try to get a job there, but I'd get fired on the first day for smacking one of my coworkers..lol.

    Please, do something!! Have secret shoppers check out at least corporate stores to make sure the displays aren't hiding in a corner, or that sales reps aren't trying to talk customers out of buying something they want. Sending a memo to AT&T and their stores doesn't do crap. It's up to the individual managers to make sure things are done right, and most of the time, they simply don't give a sh**.

  • tsrblke
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    @Rodney E. Jones

    If the estimates are right, we can begin to expect WP8 sometime in about 18 months. I imagine this is when the "fragmentation" will begin.  Although it'll be a different form I imagine, there will be a hard line drawn between WP7 devices and WP8 devices (and possibly they'll stop allowing the pruduction of WP7 devices.) In this way it'd kinda be like how Apple does things. (And the exact freaken opposite of android.)

    Keep in mind, this is all me theorizing.  But that makes the most sense.  Backport some of the features perhaps (based on what can be handled by both generations of WP7 devices).

    That would also (in a sense) fit with the normal cell cycle which is about 2 years, which magically enough is right in line with most contract rewnewals! (although Mango did just release this year which was the big push for WP7 I suppose).

    By the By, all the people who kept hearing from "AT&T reps" that 1.4 phones were dead proved to be wrong.  I do hope they can get the delay down (hopefully to nothing) for Tango, but it has only been 1 month I suppose since the spigot got turned on full bore (Oct. 19, I looked it up ;) ) so at least it wasn't an eternity!

  • All hail Eric Hautala, the bringer of the good news.

  • mountain
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    @rodney ok. No worries then. I just installed 10+ apps on my phone lol.

    the os version is the same.

    firmware rev number is: 2103.11.10.1

  • @ mountain

    Mine reads ... 7.10.7720.68   .... 7.5 is just the "marketing model number"  7720 is the final technical build of Mango.

    What's your complete build number? Can you post all of your Firmware versions so that I can compare them to mine?

    Sorry to put you to work.

  • purevibz
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    thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • I hope the Samsung Focus gets the tethering update!

    But, I was wondering something. I MS promises a full and consistent user experience, and we hold them to that literally to where no matter how old the device, or the devices capabilities are, then how are the devices supposed to stay cutting edge for years and years to come. I mean, if  we expect to have the same user experience as every new device, and a 4th generation device has to be compatible with a 1st gen device, as far as software is concerned, wont we just be limiting the advancement of devices? I think that we should take the "consistent user experience" with as much reason as we can. Now, I do believe that any updates in the near future should be working on 1st gen devices, as long as the hardware supports it. But, at some point you will have to upgrade your device to continue to get any updates, at least in the name of advancement I would hope so. Support for certain devices will at some point cease. This is natural with electronics. So, the question is, by the fourth major update if MS decides that my first generation Focus will not receive "Durango", should I say that they fell short on their promise to have a consistent user experience?

    Remember that I am not talking about any of the new features available to phones now. I believe that this early on MS should be able to control the user experience, literally! But one day MS "literally" wont be able to say that you can pic up any WP device and have the exact same experience across the board, because some devices will just not be supported anymore. In my Opinion, I don't think that's wrong. That's natural!

    Now, where MS, and it's partners, can win is to be the OS that's the longest to support "older" devices than it's competitors. This will reinforce MS's idea of a constant user experience as much as reasonably possible.

  • mountain
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    @Rodney yes I did. But on zune desktop it says I have software version 7.10. Shouldn't it be 7.5?

  • dechah
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    Mine is updating as I type this.  First update to install was 7.0.7403.0 followed by 7.10.7720.68 (still underway)

  • Dear Windows Phone team, I am a new WP7 user.  A few weeks ago, I bought a new (gen 1) Samsung Focus on Rogers in Canada.  I was shocked to learn after the phone was ordered that the tethering feature in Mango was not enabled on my phone!  Rogers encourages tethering (they even advised me by email to use the well-known 'hack' online to enable it).  However, though the Focus is capable of tethering, and Rogers encourages tethering Microsoft refuses to give me that functionality.  You might wonder why I do not blame samsung...the reason is that I bought WP7 because you promised a consistent and controlled user experience.  If I wanted to have a platform with missing and inconsistent updates and features, I would have chosen Android.   I beg you to get the FULL mango experience to your Focus customers.  I am rooting for WP and I have made a point of switching to Bing and Live services; however, at this time, my next phone will likely have a fruit logo.

  • @ mountain .....Did you get it yet?

  • dechah
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    Fantastic news.  I have been patiently waiting for this, and I am so glad to see it is finally here.

  • If I were you guys I would start working on getting new phones ASAP!

  • andrewp
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    Hi Eric,

    Do you have any info on a fix for the problem with Zune on the phone freeze? Details here: answers.microsoft.com/.../e862bde0-fd1f-471e-9822-5c7a44746390


  • mountain
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    All I have to say is MS should get started early on 1.4 updates. So they can get them to us in time.

  • Finally got Mango.  I must echo others' comments here by asking MS to be more transparent with Focus 1.4 users.

  • I was really thinking this day would never come. I thought the Focus 1.4 would be tombstoned and never get additional updates. I hope Microsoft has learned from the many errors they made in this process.




    That's all I wanted. Let me know what to expect. Keep me informed.


  • mountain
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  • Here's the real link.


  • Check this out!


  • tsrblke
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    I can't speak for the focus Gen 1, but the S requires AT&T activation (and presumably a charge) so I'm nto sure there's an incentive to putting on the Gen 1 focus.  Perhaps if you take a Gen 1 into AT&T and offer to pay the INSANE tethering fee, they can update you. (Not you specifically of course you Crazy aussie ;) )

  • Sheeds
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    Congrats on finally getting 1.4 Focus owners to Mango !!!

    MS - anyone? What is the status of Tethering for ATT Focus owners? Is it ATT blovking this for all?  ATT refuse to answer me! :(

  • Thank you.

    Unfortunately, I must assume that future updates to the v1.4 models will continue to be egregiously delayed, and that there will still be no effort at an appropriate customer service response to replace these phones.

  • drankurn
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    thank you, finally after a looooooooooooong time. Hopefully there are no major bugs...

  • I knew it would be this week. See, some good karma works every time!