Buy a new Windows Phone, get $25 worth of apps

Buy a new Windows Phone, get $25 worth of apps

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Pssst! Pass it on: Through the end of the year, we’re giving a prepaid $25 app card to anybody who buys one of the great new Windows Phones now on sale. The prepaid card makes it easy to jump start a new app or game collection. Buy a new phone, get a new $25 prepaid app card

If you’re thinking of leaving your current smartphone (I won’t mention any names) for a Windows Phone, the new offer (good in the U.S. and Puerto Rico) also makes it easier to replace apps you’ve already paid for. Get yours here.

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  • Hey Michael... I bought a phone but off contract at a microsoft store about two days ago. They ask for the sales receipt with your phone number on it. Since I bought it off contract, it was not tied to my phone number. Do you think that will be a problem?

  • I_Mean
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    Wish the deal would last until a flagship Nokia Windows phone would show up in US

  • @Simon Roadhouse: Sorry, haven't heard of any expansion plans for the offer.

    @djmikebrady: Am fairly sure it applies to any new Windows Phone you buy, not just the newest models.

  • Any chance of this offer been available for users in the UK? Just moved here from 4 years of iOS. And loving the Windows OS.

  • Jason
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    I just wish there werent so many hoops to jump through to get this card. It's 2011 we're still getting physical cards mailed to us?

  • GregPxC
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    I gotta know... I wont an HTC Titan at the Inner Circle event and since I intended on getting it for xmas anyway then I feel like I should be able to get one but at some point during the applying portion it asked for a scanned or mailed receipt. Unfortunately, I don't have one of those do I =P but it is brand new. Are there any options?

  • gadgetebz
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    @ Michael Stroh as Windows Phone Team are giving away money for APPS how about refunding me the money I paid for IM+ now you forced the Dev to remove Windows Live Messaging from the list of Chat Services they can support.???    

    I now have now no access to my Old Live Messenger Contacts for chat on my WP7 device as your default Chat in the Messaging Hub only supports a primary Live account. The Old Official Live Messenger App crashes too often to be useful so I am really really annoyed about this.

    Unfortunately I created a different account sometime ago for XBOX Live and used this when setting up my Windows Phone to.  Why will you not allow people choice ??  Why do Android and IOS users have a better experience and more options for using Windows Live Messaging than Windows Phone users???

    This makes no sense !!!! please allow Devs to offer Windows Live Messaging in addition to the inbuilt Messaging decisions like this really frustrate me...  My contract is up in Feb 2012 and to be honest I am considering my options...

    Please fix the basics like...

    No detailed phone log

    No Bluetooth Headset  Support for movies

    No control over the display of Toast Messages

    No MMS video


  • Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for me, trsblke!  ;)

  • tsrblke
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    I read the terms and as long as you don't buy it second hand it seems to me it should be "new."

  • Should have given 10 free apps instead. $25 sounds meh ... 10 free apps sound better ...

  • Can you tell me if the older Windows Phones (Focus, Quantum, HD7s) qualify for this offer so long as they are purchased and activated during the promo period or is it only the newly release phones?

  • I'm very likely getting my wife an Arrive for Christmas... does that count as a "new" WP7, or is this just for the 2nd gen devices?

  • Sweet deal.  Thanks for this.  Also, I've got my fingers crossed that this will be available when (and if) Verizon gets some new WP7.5 hardware.

  • If you don't offer these prepaid cards to buy in stores I won't be able to buy any apps.

    Just sayin...