Updates: Now delivering to Omnia 7 on Telefonica

Updates: Now delivering to Omnia 7 on Telefonica

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Hi everyone. Just a quick update to let you know that today we began delivering Windows Phone 7.5 to customers with Samsung Omnia 7 phones on Telefonica in Spain.  For questions about installing or manually checking for an update, please visit Update Central.

Eric Hautala, General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • Good News, But what's the reason unbranded(Open Market) phones never notified by windows update, and should install a cracked version of updates like Mango?

  • Zerofun
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    @Krishnapreddy  " I just cannot believe Microsoft has such lousy UI team." while i agree the call screen and icons in general not really flowing with everything else... Your statement is false.. " lousy UI team"... the metro UI is leaps above iOS and Android ... you can have your lame UI on either Platform IMO.. ill stick with WP.

    iOS has one thing over WP .. the integration between ipad, iphone, and apple TV is insanely awesome..  I'm hoping something happens along the same lines with Xbox, Zune on your PC, and WP... but right now it just doesn't compare. It can be done.. but it is a huge pain in the butt.

  • Windows phone UI team, please hear this out. Making and receiving calls is the most basic and important functionality of a phone. I think you guys have screwed up big time in this department. Why the heck are the 'call', 'contacts' etc icons small and disproportionate to the rest of the icon layout in the phone calling interface. I have to search for the 'call' icon in the the interface.  Even after making call, the next screen containing the 'end call' have disproportionate tiles. Have you guys still not learned a lesson from Steve Jobs about being aesthetic and make things looks proportional instead of randomly throwing rectangular and square icons? I just cannot believe Microsoft has such lousy UI team.

  • I'd also love to ahve the tethering update. My phone is unbranded

  • Can anyone tell me what the two Samsung updates for Windows phone I just got (Samsung Omnia in Switzerland)

    I've had mango for several weeks now.

  • Lawk
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    When are the non branded omnias getting the wifi sharing update? My phone is on Mango but doesn't have it, while operator variants have wifi sharing. I don't know whos at fault here, but on the same phone the features should be the same! Is it because of Samsungs "Network profile" app? which would be in conflict with the APN stuff the wifi sharing would use?

  • Sergii
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    are you aware of the broken MMS settings on the unlocked phones after Mango update? Hardware vendors utilities, like Connection Setup does not work any more.

  • Nimitzy
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    Check your password and user name to make sure they are spelled correctly. If you experience problems logging in when you start up the software, www.rosettastonecom.com double-check that your user name and password are both spelled correctly and the "Caps Lock" button on your computer isn't held down.

  • dkb1898
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    Nice work! The Mango train keeps rolling and the last stop is the Dell Venue Pro

  • MMK94
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    Hi. Can someone help me with the error 8007001F on my Samsung Omnia 7?. Please

  • Velocet
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    Well, great for O7 users in Spain. But whats with the rest of us? Whats with all those users with unbranded (eg open market) phones that didn't get any tethering update?

  • Fjtorsol
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    Any news on the missing provisioning xml in the CSC package that causes retail OMNIA 7 to be lacking of internet sharing after the last firmware update (I8700XXKI2)?? The update super-package was built on 6th September, it's a bit too late for this things to be at this state...

  • Good to hear! Any news about HTC Radar and its 7740?