Tip Tuesday: Express yourself with emoji

Tip Tuesday: Express yourself with emoji

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Words provide endless ways to tell somebody what you’re thinking or feeling. But sometimes a picture says it all. In the world of smartphones, emoticons—also known by their Japanese name emoji—are one quick and fun way to express yourself in a text message.

Turns out Windows Phone 7.5 has a ton of built-in emoji—many of which were totally new to me! Here are the key combinations for conjuring just a few of them. Yes, there are more. Curious to see? Let me know in comments and I’ll follow up next Tuesday with part two.

Emoji in Windows Phone 7.5

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  • Hassan
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    Actually WP 7.5 CAN recognize when you say "smiley" or "smiley face" in speech and it will automatically convert it into this ==> :). This is the only one that worked for me, don't know if there are others.

    Aside from that, speech can also recognize some common acronyms (e.g. when you say: by the way, for your information, in my opinion, talk to you later... etc. it will be written ==> BTW, FYI, IMO, TTYL... etc.)


  • Shouldn't devil be >:) not (6)?

  • Seriously?  Okay, color me harsh....but screw the Japanese.  I'm sorry, but I just don't care.  If something as inane as emoticons or emoji or WHATever you call these stupid things is a deal breaker, then I feel sad for you people.  If our world is disintegrating into people incapable of communication beyond a crayon and coloring book, then we can just resign ourselves to the death of intelligent society.  I appreciate the list, it helps raise awareness of what's available.  But if people's perception of usefulness of a device hinges on this, then someone needs to take your phone away.

  • Marcellus
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    There are emotions from windows messenger also! (^) this can be a birthday cake if sent on windows phone! You guys need a multi emotion key bored and switch between the different types of emotions like faces, or signs like you switch between languages. You have so many hidden key bored emotions also! i love them all.

  • Entegy
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    @koarin There's a Japanese Windows Phone made by Fujitsu. Might it be possible that Fujitsu has created an emoji keyboard for WP for Japan? I honestly don't know since I don't think I'll be getting my hands on one of those soon.

  • SeNiLe911
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    I would like to see an Emoji created of a smile with a gap tooth - G:

    Anyway you can work this in for me? I have searched the web and nobody has created one yet (that I could find). I use G: all the time when I send a smile.


  • my opinion are customizable backgrounds for home screen more important, than this

  • @Saijo: Yes, I am a big tease.  :-) Thanks for plugging!  


    @mrtimsmith:Correct. These show up as expected only on another Windows Phone with Mango installed. Turns out there are many different punctuation formulas out there in use for ASCII emoticons, not one. So it's not possible yet to type in one combination of characters and have it show up as the same picture on every phone or in every software program that uses emoticons.

    @tboggs13: I asked around and don't think it's possible to enter emoticons via Speech. But Speech CAN recognize some.  (Just saw tsrblke's response. He's correct. )

    @Ausmosys: There's not a way currently to opt for punctuation only, if you're sending between two phones with Windows Phone 7.5. The emoticon will automatically show up.

    @ChrisLynch: I'll post more next week. Meantime, take a look at @Thom's comment. He's correct: The phone's emoticons map to WL Messenger's.

  • @Rodney E. Jones:  Go take a look at http://www.keyboardp.me/.  That dev is working on a project that would do exactly what you are asking for, and quite astonishingly well.

    @koarin: You do realize this is just a sample of what MS added in Mango, right?  Michael clearly stated that this was just a tease, and will provide more.  I'm curious to know what other "emoji" would be needed.

  • danielgr
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    Question: Is there something I should do to get them working on my Japanese IS12T WP7.5 Mango phone?

    Cause at least over here emoji's remain in plain text no matter where I write them (messenger / e-mail).

    Curiously, the only way I've seen them converted is on "gchat" app for Google chat, thought it was something within the app, but they do look similar to those on this chart. Why don't they work on messenger?

  • @PocketDragon, yes Martini is still there.  I like the metro twist on all the old messenger emotes.

  • koarin
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    These aren't emoji.  They are emoticons.

    The iPhone's emoticon system is based on the Japanese emoticon system (the images correlate with the emoticons found commonly on a Japanese phone, making it possible for Apple to be succesful in Japan.  It's literally a deal breaker in Japan not to have emoticons in a phone.  That's not my opinion, it's a fact) and thus calling them Emoji, the Japanese word for emoticon, makes sense (You'll notice there's tons of emoji that are related to Japan).  WP7 emoticons correlate with emoticons commonly found in the West.  

    And frankly, I love WP7, but these emoticons really pale compared to what I'm used to.  I'm living in Japan and if this is the standard off emoji then Microsoft can say goodbye to the Japanese market, as these would come off as trashy and just for fun and not serve the actual purpose emoticons serve in communicating in Japanese. (Japanese is a language meant to be spoken - compared to English a lot more is lost in written in Japanese compared to spoken Japanese.)  Everyone of all ages in Japan uses emoticons in almost all mailing situations.  These emoticons, on the other hand, are the ones young people attach to their instant message with their middle school friends.  

    And don't underestimate the Japanese market.  Without a doubt it is one of the most important mobile markets in the world - a large mobile market where people pour tons off money into their phones and the software on their phones and whatnot.  Chinese and Indian markets may sell more handsets, but the Japanese market is a far larger goldmine as far as Microsoft should be concerned it's tiring how much it's ignored.

  • Great tip Michael. Thanks a lot!

  • The problem is that the windows emoticons don't match up with other phones.  So when a girl sends me an "embarrassed" emoticon from an android phone, I get a stupid bat.  And when she sends a kiss emoticon, I get a secret emoticon on my windows phone.  So in other words these emoticons are tottaly useless.  They are not the standard that has been created.  As usually Microsoft thinks they can do whatever and its got to be right.  (A bat? Seriously what are u suppose to do with a bat? That person should be fired.)

  • Thom
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    I love the range of emoticons on WP7. I especially like how it auto-changes when typing the punctuation. I also like how it works for facebook/messenger IM chat as well

    If you want to find more emoticons just open Windows Live Messenger on a PC. All the same emoticons there work in WP7. I discovered these ones for some spooky Halloween SMS  :[ =Bat (li) =Storm (s) =moon ({) =zombie (6) =Devil :@ =Scare :8) =alien (boo) =ghost (nnh) =goat

    I wish the emoticon keyboard in WP7 showed the actual emoji and not the characters, it would make picking the correct one a lot easier! Perhaps you could tap & hold to see the actual text characters?

  • Shame this doesn't work in WhatsApp. :-\

  • I'm a happy Windows Phone user, but Michael, please - what you're posting here is just a set of smileys.  It doesn't go anywhere near the set of colourful Emoji available on other platforms.  Apple added a huge range of colourfil Emoji icons to the iPhone because for some reason the Japanese market wants it - and Apple wanted to crack Japan.

    If you want to boast about the broad appeal of Windows Phone by telling us all that it has Emoji, then I'm afraind you'll need to go further.

  • Is there a way to turn these off? or something in a future update that will let you choose if you want these on and off? I get that some people like them, but for me I'd rather the puncuation etc

  • wizll
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    whoa cool. someone make an app for this. thanks

  • @Michael - Sorry to go off topic here. Will Windows Phone 7.5+ provide file transfers via Bluetooth? I've already voted for it in the User Voice site provided for such requests. Just kinda wish that this feature would be made available via an update of some sort in the future. Please do not treat this as a complaint. Though I've (still!) not bought one, I'm very impressed with WP7. Will buy one as soon as I am able to demo a Nokia/HTC WP in my hand! :) My mind is made up on that.

    In the meantime, Michael, can you or anyone in the community point at an app that will atleast allow me to transfer pictures/sound clips via bluetooth? In India, WiFi is not ubiquitous, nor are 3G signals uniformly strong everywhere making data exchange (esp. files) a real hassle.


  • kidroid
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    Great, now i  know the meaning of emoticons.

  • BUILT-IN emoji! Which is funny because I can even see my iPhone friends' own emoji  *\

  • tsrblke
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    Ok, now then: @tboggs13 I think it goes Text to speech smilies, but not the other way around (speach to text).  That is it will read "Wink Face" instead of "Semi-Colon Closing parenthsis" but you can't actually speak it. (But I may be wrong, somone else could correct me!

  • How about a cheat sheet for voice to text emoji?

    I heard it can be done, my attempts so far have failed.

  • Entegy
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    Errrr NOT like the emoji keyboard on the iPhone. Edit button please!

  • Entegy
    42 Posts

    @mrtimsmith Yeah, it's like the emoji keyboard on iPhone. This is just masking text in the Messages app.

  • I just want to know if the Martini glass is still there ;)

  • I guess these only work if you send to another Windows Phone? I sent a few to someone with an iphone and they just saw the text.

  • Yes, Yes, please post more 8-|. I need this list, BAD! I was wondering what some of those meant. :)

    Speaking of Zune, I am thinking of wiring my entire house with audio inside and out.*\  I would like to use Zune as my music source. The only problem is that I I can't use my phone, over WiFi, to control the Zune software on my computer. :(   This will be necessary in order for me to show off in front of guess.(6)  Plus, when entertaining I would be able to take song request from any room in my house without having to run to the back room to change the track ;@  and ^o)

    I figured with apps in the marketplace like "Remote Desktop", and "Tonido", It would be easy for MS to have some kind of native function for controlling the Zune PC software using WiFi from my phone.*-)  Oh well. I guess I shouldn't have bought a two story house "sad face emoticon" .....Forget the reverse psychology! I want to be able to control Zune on my PC with my WPD over WiFi :P .....Please ;)

  • BTW there is an app called Emoji Keys that lets you add these to you sms

  • Oh Michael you are a big tease , post em already !! *\