Now in Marketplace: Ghostscape, Shuffle Party and Farm Frenzy 2

Now in Marketplace: Ghostscape, Shuffle Party and Farm Frenzy 2

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Here’s a variety of new Xbox Live games for Windows Phone that have touched down in the Marketplace today:



I know Halloween is over, but Ghostscape ($2.99) is worth noting during any season. In this game you’re a paranormal investigator who must explore an old abandoned, and yes, haunted house. Your goal is to collect evidence of paranormal activity and try to learn what has happened to the former residents. Strange noises and unexplained lights at night led to rumors that something out of the ordinary was going on in the house. The owners left one day without explanation, and it has been vacant since. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of it.

Download Ghostscape

Shuffle Party


Table shuffleboard is a game I’ve typically played in a bar with a pitcher of beer nearby. Now Shuffle Party (free) brings this bar-tested diversion to Windows Phone (beer not included). You can play the classic version with pucks or a variety of alternate modes. For instance, Bowling mode lets you shoot for a high score with spares and strikes, while Challenge mode pits you against obstacles and puzzles to test your skills. You can play traditional shuffleboard solo or challenges friends in pass-and-play multiplayer. You’ll earn cash for your high scores to spend on custom pucks, pins and tables while unlocking achievements for your Xbox LIVE account.

Download Shuffle Party

Farm Frenzy 2


This game hit marketplace last week -- but it's a favorite so I'm including it anyway. If you’ve ever wanted to live in the country and manage a farm, here’s your chance. In Farm Frenzy 2 ($2.99) you have to be good at multi-tasking as country life can get hectic. You’ll have to manage the whole operation – growing grass, feeding the chickens, collect eggs and taking your produce to market. From there, you can build new buildings with the money you earn and create more products. But watch out for the bears, as they will wreak havoc on your farm if you’re not paying attention. Farm Frenzy 2 offers a ton of levels and hidden items to keep you well occupied.

Download Farm Frenzy 2

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  • Conny
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    @Rodney, wow, that guy is incredible.

    Had to put in my two cents too...

  • I_Mean
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    @Tim, when will you guys will release an official app for photosynth? I found it really interesting on PC to use. Would be great if it makes it through the marketplace little early.

  • He does look like Rick Moranis though.

  • @ Tony Dedrick

    Yes, it says he's been writing for 20 years, so I guess that means he's tried out like 10 devices right? I shouldn't let him get to me especially with all the positive praise WP has got recently, and the devices selling out online.

  • Farm Frenzy 2 is not that good a game , our review will go up later today :(

    Looking fwd to Ghostscape

  • @Rodney:

    He's good. Really good. Padding the insults with praise.

    Personally, I have no problem with anyone not having anything positive to say about any OS.....provided that you actually have experience with it. He admits towards the end this was his first exposure to WP, thus making his post really petty and ignorant in the end.

    Also, as someone who loves technology and has no particular loyalty to anyone, I am willing to give anything a go around once. It boggles my mind when I read these guys on these sites claiming to have tried something for the first time...The OS has been out a year. People probably look to your blog for advice and opinions on these things and this is your first time using it?

  • This Jerk called Rick Broida at Cnet really pissed me off! His sarcasm about Windows Phone had me typing so fast to knock him down it's ridiculous. He just puts WP down over and over in the most annoying little way, and that stupid picture of him..well, he looks more like Rick Moranis if you ask me! If you want to get then read his nasty little article.....F*&^$%g Jerk!

  • Pretty cool site. I just retweeted how we really need Words With Friends. I know there are alternatives and I am sure they are of high or equal quality. But for me, its all about numbers and logistics. Most, if not all of my friends (Facebook and not FB) are on WWF.

  • Request apps that are not yet on WP7 by going to