Updates: Now delivering to Dell Venue Pro

Updates: Now delivering to Dell Venue Pro

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Hi everyone. Today we’ve started delivering Windows Phone 7.5 to Dell Venue Pro handsets on AT&T.  If you (or friends or family members) haven’t installed the update yet, now’s the perfect time. You’ll find step-by-step instructions at Update Central.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’re also continuing to deliver occasional firmware updates to specific Windows Phone models and carriers around the world. Firmware updates are designed to improve your phone’s performance. If one is available for your phone, you’ll see an update notification pop up.

Finally, I’ve noticed several people posting very specific troubleshooting questions here on the blog, so I also wanted to put in another plug for Microsoft Answers, our handy support forum. If you have a specific question about your Windows Phone, I encourage you to check Answers first and post your question there.

Eric Hautala, General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • please help

    dell venoe pro windows phone 7.10 is showing

    how to update this...when clicking on update its showing no no updates available

    ...and compass is not working on this device...subhajit.cracker@gmail.com

  • When will the compass fix would arrive for Dell Venue Pro?

  • @conny: I'm at wp7rocks a t  l i v e dt c o m

  • Conny
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    @Eric, is there a way to get in touch with you? A ton of us just realized something about our HTC Titans (yes, I now have a Titan AND a Focus S) and it's something MS may want to be aware of.

  • Eric I know this is probably the wrong place to ask but I cant find anywhere else to ask.

    Any time on when we will get Skype for WP7. JoeB showed it off at Mix 2011 windowsteamblog.com/.../what-s-next-for-windows-phone-just-ask-joe.aspx

    Still no show and I have to say that with Mango on my Titan (I have a Mozart also) I have my perfect phone aside from Skype. I knwo buying Skype probably complicated things but this is a major hassle for me as I use Skype as my business line so without it I have to wait for the voicemail notification by email and then find a PC - arrghhh!!


  • @ Josh.Aguilar ...  Good question!

  • @ Hawk

    You can stream right from the Zune website from any Mac or PC... http://social.zune.net/home

  • dkb1898
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    Not to many comments here, which means a lot of people are now on the happy cloud with Mango :). Keep up the good work of getting the ship heading in the right direction, and then full speed ahead

  • Fjtorsol
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    What XNA runtime has to do with the bugs that 7740 fixes??? A full changelog would be grateful...

  • Hawk
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    When will Microsoft create a Zune application for the Mac OSx?  Apple had no problem creating iTunes that can run on a Windows machine but why does Microsoft have a problem creating a Zune application for the Mac OSx???  My wife and I have Windows Phones running on Mango but I bought an iMac about a month ago.

  • Finally got the 7740 update, thanks about that! Now if only LG stop fooling around with their retail customers, and release the firmware for them (us) too.

  • dkb1898
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    Bravo! I wasn't expecting the DVP to get updates till at least next year, considering how poorly the firmware has been on those devices. Does this mean that any and all Windows Phone devices are now updating to Mango? I don't think there are any holes left, pretty impressive for first gen hardware which surely had more problems then the second gen devices.

  • What about the T-Mobile Venue Pro? When do they get to update?

  • What about the 7740 update that fixes the Exchange 2003 bug?  Any update if any carriers in the US will be approving this update?

  • The link to Microsoft Answers is a great tip.

    In fact, you might want to consider making it the tag line for all your posts =)