Tip Tuesday: More fun with emoticons

Tip Tuesday: More fun with emoticons

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Last week I told you how to conjure up a bunch of cool emoticons in Windows Phone 7.5. Here’s a bunch more to start playing with when you’re texting friends. (Miss last week's list?)

By the way, it turns out the world of emoticons is more complex than you might have guessed. Because there isn’t a single global standard, these character combos might call up different images (or none at all) if you send them to people not using Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Live Messenger.

Emoticons you can use in Windows Phone 7.5

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  • This is cool.Ok, Do these work on Facebook and Twitter?

  • PammyLZ
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    It would be really cool if there was a fly out in the keypad that previewed all of these. It's hard to remember the ones other than the basics...maybe a suggestion for Tango?

  • For everyone viewing this on their mobile phone: (tu) (pl) (so) (st) (pu) (D) (B) (@) (&) (sn) (S) (xx) <o) (pi) (h5) (li) (wo) (‘.’) (bus) *s* (M) (^) (G) (yn) (um) (*) (bah) (L) (E) (ip) (mo) (mp) (U) (C) (W) (K) (X) ® (T) (I) (O) (P) (A)

  • I found more (X) is a girl, (R) is a Rainbow, (T) is a telephone, (I) is a lightbulb, (O) is a clock, (P) is a camera, (A) is an angel just to name a few. To find your own just experimenting putting parentheses around capital and lowercase letters, because almoust every single key has an emoticon for you. I am surprised no one has pointed this out yet)

  • CAVX
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    Will it be possible to disable emoticons? I always find that the plain text looks better to me, but more importantly, when emoticons get this complex and numerous, I'll start seeing them pop up in important text messages, etc. where they aren't supposed to be.

  • I whish there was an app for it. It is impossible to remember all of them though!


    Paulo Oliveira.

  • hjkiddk
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    Would be nice if you could agree on a common platform for emoticons, with Apple and Google, so i don't have to remember what phones my friends have before i send them an emoticon.

    Would be even nicer if i could see a graphical representation of the emoticons on the keypad, and as i write them, cause i can only remember like the 5 most common emoticons.

    Perhaps you could use the same japanese emoji as iPhone users. Would probably not hurt the sales of WP in Japan either.

    Maybe MS is to busy developing more apps for iTunes to care for their own customers ?

  • AdrianP
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    Hi there. I found an issue with the wp built-in radio. It stucks in between low frequencies on certain conditions. please  contact me or refer where i can post the details of this issue so we can make wp better :P :D

  • I gotta agree with the FB issue. I mean, the integration in WP is cool and all. But it is lacking in access to certain features. And don't even get me started on the actual App, which is broken beyond belief. Its not a deal breaker. But its not all encompassing like one would hope. Again, not that big of a deal.

  • Zerofun
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    @cmwind the xbox update rolled out.. so im thinking that around 10 pst we should see the app.. yesterday when i was looking for it.. all my new marketplace update prompts showed up around that time.. so im assuming thats when they update the system.. but im just speculating.. i hope im right.. the new xbox update is bad ass.

  • cmwind
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    so what happened to the launch of the xbox companion app?

  • Zerofun
    13 Posts

    @lakritstrollet .. really you use an app for a day and make such demands..... L2B. The Facebook integration in WP7 wins over any stupid app you have to launch.. why don't we just ask for more / deeper integration. i don't even use the stupid facebook app.

  • Zerofun
    13 Posts

    where is the "F U" emote.. that's the one i use the most in Skype.. and pretty much anywhere that supports it. =)

  • Can't this be built into the emoticons menu? Instead of having to remember shortcuts

  • @lakritstrollet  you're thinking of selling your optimus7 just for the IOS facebook app? maybe touch.facebook.com will suffice, it's exactly the same look and feel as fb app on iphone, you can also pin it to start with the fb logo using web2tile.com

  • Great work, but a totally different question : when will you adress a major gripe with the platform; the lousy Facebook application that currently exsists for Windows Phone. Today I used an iPhone 4S and the new official Facebook application for iOS, and it was GREAT. I immediatley got the urge to put my Optimus 7 on ebay and get an outdated 3gs or 4 just to have this application. It does so many things right, for example it has great browser intregation (you can browse in safari and just hit the blue back button to get back to the app), group management and so much more. There is just 10x the information and options in the iOS app compared to the WP app.

    In the marketplace, the facebook app is rated 2,5 stars. On iOS it is ranked 4,5. That says something about the platforms, Facebook is huge for many users. Put more effort into this now !

  • rudyz
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    Oh well, I would have preferred that the ones in use on iPhone are used on WP7 too. These B&W ones look horrible. Why not use the current standard of unicode characters, and add a keyboard input that allows using them? WhatsApp is a good example of using same emoticons/emoji on Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone. Sadly, WP7 version doesn't use the same icons (yet?).

  • On an unrelated note but since there is no info on it... Do you have details on when the Xbox Companion app is going to become available on the Marketplace?

  • Rosyna
    16 Posts

    Does it support PILE OF POO (U+1F4A9) 💩? That's my favorite emoji ever.

  • So basically, the built-in Windows Phone emoji are the emoticons found in Windows® Live Messenger™ ... nice :-). Are there anymore?

  • @ Hassan... Look back at last Tuesdays post

  • Hassan
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    That's all? Or are there many yet to come next Tuesday?! :)