Now in Marketplace: Xbox Companion app and Hasta La Muerte

Now in Marketplace: Xbox Companion app and Hasta La Muerte

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I bring you good news from our friends on the Xbox team. The Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone is ready to download today. I’ve also featured another new game you’ll want to check out that hit Marketplace today: Hasta La Muerte.

Xbox Companion app

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Fire-up your Xbox 360s. The free Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone connects your Windows Phone and Xbox LIVE experiences.  Conduct searches with Bing, learn more about and control content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on your Xbox 360 straight from your Windows Phone. Once you launch a movie, show or song, your phone becomes a remote control to play and control videos and music on your Xbox 360.  Pretty cool stuff.  

Download Xbox Companion App


Hasta La Muerte


Not only does the name Hasta La Muerte (English: Until Death) just sound awesome, this game definitely jumps out at you because of its unique graphics. In this exclusive game for Windows Phone, you are an emissary of death responsible for freeing the souls of those whose time has come (yep, I just said that). If you fail, the souls of the dead will turn lost and cursed trying to return to the world of the living. Yikes! You’ll try to defeat the Scientist and his Machines by outsmarting them in over 30 worlds with the aid of “Soulpets”, or friendly souls, ready to help. As you long as you stay alive and keep those souls free, you’re in for some fast-action fun. If you fail, you and the souls of the world will die. Muah ha ha ha.

Download Hasta La Muerte

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  • Will it be possible to use the Companion App as a keyboard  to write message on xbox live or use the bing-search? There are many countries that have no voice search option.

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    So Microsoft, what happened to the WINDOWS PHONE and KINECT integration, like the video showed at the MWC with Rally Ball? Not even a beta, and it's been almost a whole year!

  • Zerofun
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    this is epic.. and its a first version... i am so excited for the future of windows phone.. nice work guys.

  • I finally used the companion app yesterday. It was a bit spotty. At times, it had a problem keeping connection. It was a bit laggy when it finally connected. But then I used it later in the evening and it was seamless. It was nice launching a Hulu Plus program straight from my phone with just a few swipes

  • Mark
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    I've used this now.

    1. The new XBOX dash gets an 'A-' from me. when dropping into apps (zune/facebook/twitter/sky) it is no slower (it has to 'run' them, i guess swap out the dash to run the program, but always has - hence no slower). The seamless controller/kinect voice/gesture is brilliant.

    2. The companion app is nice to have. It works well and sets up easily. impressive. not launched a movie via it yet, but when listening to zune pass, smartDJ stuff it complements the info provided on the xbox screen for the track, allows browsing to other albums from the artist, info etc.

    So, I just need a Windows 8 tablet and I have my 3 screens...

  • Also saw that MS developed an Xbox Live app for iOS....a bit surprising. Not disgusted or upset or anything. I just didn't know such a thing was in the works

  • I'm in the US and could not find the app in the Marketplace. I had to download it from the Zune software and then have it added to my phone. Have yet to try it out.

    As for the new dashboard, I was lucky enough to be in the beta program for the last 3 weeks. Pretty darn cool. One thing I've noticed about the update is the faster loading times and switch to the dashboard from apps. Where it would take forever to go back to the dashboard when leaving Netflix, its pretty darn quick.

  • Entegy
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    I got it here in Canada, but I'm getting a lot of disconnects between the app and my Xbox. :(

  • Sheeds
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    XBOX Support confirmed they are looking into the issue...

  • Sheeds
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    Hi Tim,

    I was able to open the US Marketplace Deeplink (which won't let me D/L with an Aussie WLIVEID).

    I cannot see it in the Australian Market.  Is it US only or a server propogation delay for other markets?



  • Well, I don't do consoles, but I'm excited for this app to appear.  I asked one of my non-WP7 friends who owns an XBox to let me know what he thought about the new dashboard.  He said he gives it a "B".  He likes that it brings a lot more info and brings it forward without having to dig through layers of menus.  I says it seems to lag between games/apps, though, and he's got one of the newer devices.  So, it seems like the cost of adding all that functionality may be a performance hit.  He's going to keep me posted.  I'm going to suggest he get someone to try out the companion app and let him see that in action....maybe I'll convert him to WP7.  It could happen. ;)

  • It doesn't seem to show up when searching the Marketplace, and the link above has issues. I was able to get it by following the first of the two links that Major Nelson posted on his Twitter account, directly on my Focus. (Not the one labeled "better".) I'm still at work though, so I can't try it out just yet.

  • Ds2600
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    "This app requires a newer version of the Windows Phone software."

    Running build 7.10.7740 w/ no updates available?