Snag a Focus Flash for just 99 cents

Snag a Focus Flash for just 99 cents

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Holiday deal alert! Starting Sunday, the Samsung Focus Flash will be available from AT&T for just 99 cents (with a 2-year contract).

So if you’ve been looking for an excuse to check out Windows Phone 7.5—just named one of 2011’s top tech products by PC World and Slate—now’s your chance.

Read more about the Focus Flash on AT&T's website. (And if you get one, don’t forget to claim your $25 worth of free apps.)

Samsung Focus Flash on AT&T

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  • King
    32 Posts

    This deal is amazing! It Kept my dad in the windows phone family. He had the original focus and was due for an upgrade and was looking for a phone with a front facing camera but didnt want to spend a ton of money. He tried the Samsung Infuse for a day and actually liked it but he really missed the windows phone experience (the live tiles, cloud storage, the social integration etc) and then this deal popped up so he returned his infuse ASAP and got the focus flash. Looking forward to more phones and great deals in the coming year

  • I_Mean
    24 Posts

    I think it should be one of the best deals for value and feature. I wish Tmobile did the same thing for HTC radar not just for one day but at least for week or so.

  • wp7cf
    5 Posts

    Good news to me, today I call Samsung service again, the software is ready and they flash my phone. When I'm back, I'm just realized is not Mango, is pre NoDo version (couldn't remember the version number, my previous is 7390, the version number is before that). At first I thought some mistake there but I try to test with Zune see any update available, finally all the updates run smoothly, after 2/3 hours, I can eat the fruit now. This should be the update experience for all WP7 users, hope it won't happen in future. 6 days before warranty expired, Mango now.

    1 year later will try Nokia. As .Net developer, will try release at least 1 app next year (just for fun), 2012 will be excited year. MS should push telco harder, in my country, some telco outlet only sell Iphone, I end bring my sister to another branch to buy her Lumia 800. At Samsung service center (when get the service today), no Windows Phone at all, all are Android phones. 3 major telco in Sg now only display Nokia Lumia 800, no others latest WP7 handset displayed, my Omnia 7 only appear for a short term 1 year ago when new launch. Try harder MS.

  • I'm here again to bitch more about at&t's lack of concern for WP. While watching animation domination on Fox 4 last night I saw a commercial for the iPhone on every break, and I'm sure these were all hosted by att. Att's site also shows no concern for WP, the store associates show little to no concern, and I barely see it changing from this previous years state of concern for WP. All att cares about is the iPhone, and maybe the GS2. To att, and other carriers who barley have even one device each, WP is not to be taken seriously.

    I don't think that it should be Nokia's job alone to hold total responsibility for "effective" amounts of advertising. But then, who am I.

  • Thomas B
    16 Posts

    Where are the phones for Sprint?

  • mre15
    7 Posts

    What is the fault code you are getting, there was a few different ones early on but I remember seeing a fix for them.

    You could always flash the phone to mango. Lots of guides on places like xda or

  • wp7cf
    5 Posts

    mre15: The phone always prompt me update is available and every time connect to Zune also prompt me to update, the problem is the update fail, always stuck at Step 6, seems not able to reboot, just like pre NoDo problem. When I get replied from Samsung, that's make me feel angry, they definitely know something wrong with the phone but give such lousy excuse not to support. I'm early bird for this system and follow up all the news before WP7 release, I can say I'm one of the first batch user when available in telco, i spend SG600 1 year ago to get this phone and this is how MS and Samsung treat me, I'm a developer, i'm excited when this OS released, still confidence with it. I push my sister to bought Nokia Lumia 800 yesterday (only cost her SG168 with the same plan as me, after additional discount SG100 I get from Nokia when attending their launch), I paid 3 times more 1 year ago and now stuck with the contract (1 year to go).  Patient for so long and MS & Samsung just left those unlucky adopters like me, and I really donno what I can do now.

    Refund or Replace? Give me the answer.

  • mre15
    7 Posts

    Have you tried plugging the Omnia 7 into zune and checking for updates.

    Ignore what Samsung are saying, the update will only come through Zune.

  • wp7cf
    5 Posts

    Tee: It's strange for me too, you get Mango on the first day but Samsung (Singapore) until last week still said the software not ready yet.

    Their replied to me last month (17 Nov) was "Mango updates is yet to be available for Omnia 7. It had been released by Zune but not Samsung. Hence, we advise you not to use the Zune software to update your phone as the Mango updates has not been tested fully on Omnia 7."

    "Mango updates has not been tested fully on Omnia 7" but you get it on the first day!!! So buy Samsung device depends on luck.

    MS: Can explain what is the meaning of 100% release? Or i misunderstand, 100% release doesn't means 100% received by devices, it's depend on luck?

    MS/Samsung, can you here me? Refund / Replace for me!!

  • i wonder why limchangfatt@ is getting problems with his omnia :S I thought everything was okay now. I love my omnia (unbranded) to bits and even got mango first day it came out. maybe i was just super lucky :)

  • mountain
    18 Posts

    It is unbelievable that mango is still not out for some devices according to some posters here. It is quite unfair that they do not get to experience mango while others do. I had a focus 1.4 so I know your pain. Now I have a HTC titan and I I gave away my focus to a family member.

    Anyways, it is unacceptable how early adopters getting pissed on.

  • wp7cf
    5 Posts


    If MS Answer is MS Support they should know already, I sent tweet to Windowsphone support, and Samsung service, no answer from MS, Samsung replied Mango not ready, not fully tested on Omnia 7, please call them again next 2 weeks, please call them again next week.........

    Can anyone from MS / Samsung answer me why they treat early adopter like this. Isn't a punishment to support WP7?

    I can confirm Samsung service is suck

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    Yo need to contact Windowsphone support most likely. AFAIK, they're delivering updates to all the devices now (or so the fancy chart says).

    I do worry that these bargin basement prices actually negatively affect the perception of the Windows phone.  People are accustomed to paying hundreds for a smart phone so they may think this thing is suxxors.


    You and I have had this discussion on multiple platforms now, AT&T=suck for most things.  If it weren't such a hassle to switch providers I'd probably drop them, but the other companies around here are only marginally better....

  • wp7cf
    5 Posts

    Don't buy any Samsung devices, you'll regret with their service, they still can't update my phone (Omnia 7) to Mango, you have better choices from other manufacturer, this is my advice, as an unlucky early bird for WP7, now problem just ignored by MS and Samsung. Samsung just acknowledge my email and that's all, no solution / due date. The following email replied from Samsung service support on 17 Nov 2011, 7 days left for my 1 year warranty. Try your luck if you insist to buy Samsung phone, they ignore me then I should share my experience to prevent them create future victims.


    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your email. The email transaction number is xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    We apologised for the inconvenience caused.

    We would like to inform you that the Mango updates is yet to be available for Omnia 7. It had been released by Zune but

    not Samsung. Hence, we advise you not to use the Zune software to update your phone as the Mango updates has not

    been tested fully on Omnia 7.

    Once it is available, we will release it to the service center and customer can visit any of the service center for the updates.

    Should you need further assistance, please contact Samsung Customer Care at 1800-7267864 (Mon-Sun 8.30am ~

    6.00pm. Closed on Public Holidays)

    Warmest regards

    Samsung Customer Care.

  • @ Strider-Auz

    This is fragmentation.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Before you grab any new device from ATT - you might want to think about they they handle their carrier responsibilities for updates and feature support.  ATT confirm that are witholding the Tethering Update from all ATT branded devices - with no plans to review this position.

    Cynical money grab on new device sales? Support End of Life (EOL) ? On a handset that's 12-13 months old?

    And MS - if the carrier won't enable this update, why as an international user of that device can't I get the update pushed by Microsoft?

    We all know hacks exist proving the phone is capable of Tethering - and the devices sister, the Omnia 7 has had carrier approved Tethering updates by a number of global carriers.

    This situation is just not good enough!

    On top of that - ATT refuse to respond on the process for enabling Tethering on new GEN2 devices like the Focus "S" or the Flash for international 'unlocked' device owners as this feature is NOT enabled out of the box.

    ATT = fail.  Michael - your thoughts?


  • Yes you could always do that Rodney.

  • Speaking of the Focus, did anybody know that you can swipe the notification boxes that appear at the top of the screen to the right to get rid of them? My wife just found this feature out. Was this like this before Mango?