Now in Marketplace: SkyDrive and Lync 2010

Now in Marketplace: SkyDrive and Lync 2010

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Two handy and much-anticipated new Microsoft apps for Windows Phone were headed to Marketplace this week. Here’s a peek:


SkyDrive, Microsoft’s free cloud storage service, is already tightly woven into the Office and Pictures Hubs. So you might be asking yourself: Why a separate app? As the video walkthrough below explains, the SkyDrive app for Windows Phone was designed to complement the built-in features and appeal especially to people who use SkyDrive heavily. The app provides extra sharing, housekeeping, and browsing options. Check out the video, or this post published today by our friends on the Inside Windows Live blog, for the details.

Download SkyDrive

Lync 2010

Windows Phone isn’t all fun and games—just witness the number of business-oriented apps sprouting up in Marketplace. The latest is Lync 2010.

Lync, in case you’re not familiar, is Microsoft’s handy communication software for businesses that makes it easier for worker bees like me to talk, IM, hold virtual meetings, and share stuff with my coworkers. If you use Lync 2010 at work, the new app for Windows Phone offers a number of useful features: It lets you see which of your colleagues are working and which are slacking busy in real time. It also makes it easier to contact them, connect to Lync conference calls, and use your Enterprise Voice number. One important caveat before you download: Your company needs to have its computer network set up properly for the app to work. Not sure? Ask your IT department.

Download Lync 2010

The Lync 2010 app for Windows PhoneThe Lync 2010 app for Windows Phone

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  • gurtmac
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    Lync is not just for enterprise customers - it also works very nicely for anyone using Microsoft Office 365. :-)

  • This is great, but still missing the Live mesh integration.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    @ Luca,

    You're asking for the wrong stuff ;).  What we really need is Skydrive and Mesh (which covers sync'd storage) to behave a lot better together. It's a little stupid that when I sync a folder I can't actually any of the documents on Skydrive (which also means if I'm not at either of the computers I then sync to with it, I can't change it and reupload it either.)

    There's no reason they shouldn't be able to just have your sync'd docs (via mesh) go into the main Skydrive folders and vice versa.  (Are you listening Stroh?! ;) )

  • Sven
    54 Posts

    With all the MS first sentiment, I almost hesitate to ask this, but how about Android? I have MS powered laptops, desktops, tablets, and yes I'm a Windows Phone user/proponent, But...I also have iOS and Android devices. Would really be nice if there was one cloud storage offering that was easily accesible from all. Would be nice if it were MS, since the integration of Skydrive is good in MS products. There are some pretty good Office compatible products in the iOS and Android space, and with the size, portability and battery life offerred by those platforms, they make nice travel companions. Would be nice if they easily accessed my MS Office docs from Skydrive, or at least if the Web Office apps were massaged to work well in they native browsers of those platforms. Maybe I should be using a lightweight, long life Windows tablet. Let me know when one ships.

  • Luca
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    First post from a longtime follower and Day 1 adopter of Windows Phone, still rocking my original Focus.

    A question: is there any way to access the Skydrive Synced Storage folder through WP7 that doesn't involve going through the browser? It would definitely steer me toward getting rid of the "other" cloud storage service. All the best!

  • I am a big fan of my windows phone. I like the idea how functionality is integrated in the os (like picture/office hub with skydrive). But really, sometimes i think MS is on drug. What is the use of this app in wp7? You cannot even open documents or download documents to your local phone. Instead if you want to open a document you are redirected to the windows live site to login. Absolutly useless.

  • Clarissat
    38 Posts

    Windows Phone isn’t all fun and games—just witness the number of business-oriented apps sprouting up in Marketplace.

  • Sorry if this was already asked…  I cant figure out how to do this!

    After you “send a link” to somebody via the SkyDrive app, how do you then deactivate that same link with the app?  Do I have to only go to a PC to deactivate it?

    Thanks…  this app is another great tool!

  • LocoKip
    5 Posts

    Can anyone explain why I would need this app if I already use the Office App that has Skydrive documents and functionality in it?  I'm just wondering what this actually does differently.


  • abm
    268 Posts

    Please comment on the recently discovered loop-hole in mango devices..

    What's the ETA on its fix? Would we have to wait for next major update (rumored-aka: Tango, sometime next year after winter)? 8-(  please accelarate your update release lifecycle for wp.

    P.S: please make windows-phone as a first class citizen of win7&8.. with simulation of phone software on windows (not just for devs) and screening&controlling of windOS on windPhoneOS... file and remote management of any device which I have on via bluetooth, wlan or even internet (something like live mesh for phone)....everything natively/built-in support... so my phoneOS acts like an organ to windows7/8 and XBox....

  • @Hassan

    after looking at specs it looks like a better than SKYPE....because you can not only communicate, you can collaborate too.

    though i feel microsoft will surely integrate SKYPE partially, somewhere in it.

  • Hassan
    12 Posts

    OK, good apps MS...

    Now where is SKYPE!?

  • Hmm.  So, by listening to all the whining that has gone on in other threads about how Microsoft wasn't opening up Zune to other countries, and how Apple supposedly was able to do this so easily, I was left with the impression that their iTunes capability was available everywhere.  However, I just read that iTunes has only just now been made available to Brazil & other Latin America companies.  So, Apple doesn't have their act together any better than Microsoft.  I'll have that ammunition ready to smack the sense back into the whiners.  The bottom line is that all players have the same issues to contend with, and none is any better than the rest at overcoming the issues that each country presents when it comes to media and copyrights.

  • vincent_g
    19 Posts

    You should focus on your own platform although there is greener pasture there.. Try to provide some exclusive features, this is what Apple has done with iCloud, iMessage, Face Time, etc, none of them available at other platform..  If you want to make it available, make it available at all other major OS too..

  • Alimaggs
    22 Posts

    Loving the SkyDrive app...

    The only thing that's missing, and this is quite essential for me, is the ability to access Group documents.  I've set up groups for a bunch of projects (mostly WP7 app development) and use it to host collaboration OneNote books, scripts, etc. - Any chance this app will be updated to include Groups in the future, or should I be moving this stuff out of groups and into my own SkyDrive?



  • KR
    503 Posts

    THESE APPS ARE NOT US ONLY.i saw them since this morning in the Canadian marketplace,as soon as it was announced on this blog,simply by searching the marketplace.

  • Entegy
    42 Posts

    Just follow the link in the post for the SkyDrive app. It doesn't seem to be showing up in Marketplace searches yet. It's definitely not a US only app. I got it no problem.

  • kidroid
    5 Posts

    I can't find it in marketplace, should i install by downloading manually?

  • wp7user
    14 Posts

    Hi Michael! Kudos for some good progress by WP7 in recent weeks. I am one of the early adopters of WP7 who had to temporarily switch to Android while WP7 got its act together. It seems to be catching up now but my WP7 hardware is too old now (HD7) while Android hardware has gone far ahead with dual processor and front camera, etc. Wish can get a free upgrade to similar WP7 hardware!

    Anyways, have a question to a subject related to your today's post. I have long been waiting for a working SharePoint access from WP7 Office Hub. Before Mango update, I had a lot of trouble just accessing the SharePoint sites, which has been resolved by the mango update to a great extent. Right now I am having trouble uploading the changes back to those SharePoint sites that require document check-out. So, how do we go about this issue? Also, will we ever get the ability to create new documents in SharePoint site from WP7? Right now the only available options for the new documents are Save to Phone or Save to SkyDrive. Would really appreciate some feedback from you. It would also be great if you could provide any info on Skype availability.

  • Don't you wish this was the picture at all att stores?

  • Hi Michael, could you please give any feedback on Microsoft's plans for the My Home Server app? It has been months since people (me included) reported that it does not function correctly on a Mango device. It is no longer possible to upload pictures to the home server and it has never been able to handle to display large amounts of pictures or music files, which render the app pretty much useless.

    It is unworthy of an app that was used to push Windows Phone during the whole NoDo debacle.

  • @ cpmcgrath

    I live in the US and it's not appearing in the marketplace or any of my searches yet. It must take time for it to become fully available. The only way I could get it was thru the link on this blog. I hope that's the problem.

  • The app also fails to open documents, and ask the user if they would like to view the content on the web page. Also, it loads content very slowly. I'm sure with a few updates this app is going to be awesome, well it already is. But, lets keep in mind that this thing has to be perfect if it's going to impress iOS users. Supposedly the iOS app is exactly the same, minus the metro language and experience. This is a representation of Windows Phone, kind of like how a at&t representative is a representation of at&t. :)

  • Please, please explain the logic of why this is US only? I searched for it on my phone, doesn't find it. Searched for it in Zune, doesn't find it. It's just a big FU to the rest of the world.

  • v.v.
    9 Posts

    ...also please integrate access to documents and photos in SkyDrive/Live Groups into Office and Pictures hubs.

    Thanks again.

  • v.v.
    9 Posts

    Guys, i got your new SkyDrive app, thank you.

    Bad news: app is too simple, major lack of functionality.

    Please, provide ability to organize/manage files (multiselect, move, rename etc) and integrate access to files and photos of Skydrive/Live Groups - it's extremally required!

    Also please implement acess to SkyDrives of Linked IDs/Accounts.

    Anyway it's better than nothing, thank you and keep improving please :)

  • Entegy
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    @Ganti Rajesh Chandra

    The iOS app "My Xbox Live" is nothing like the Xbox Companion app on Windows Phone. The iOS app is just a front-end to You can look at Xbox advertisements, send messages (if you have an Xbox gold account) or look at profiles. WP7 already has all this built-in and more. So, My Xbox Live is just like every other stupid app on iOS that is merely a front-end to a website.

    The Xbox companion app for WP7 is a completely different beast. You can actually connect to and control your Xbox with it. You CAN'T DO THIS ON THE MY XBOX LIVE APP ON IOS. This needs to be clarified.

    Microsoft is giving other platforms only a taste. Using Windows Phone 7 make each service available to other platforms makes these all better.

  • Love the Skydrive app. Just love this kind of stuff! Thanks MS

    I just had to re post this from the last blog. This is my take on the apps that are being shared......

    Speaking of our "exclusives", like the new official Skydrive app that's to be released today being ported to other platforms,,, here's my take on the whole situation.

    1. Windows phone has features that are exclusive to the platform

    2. This gives WP it's exclusive appeal and selling point

    3. Some of those services of WP's features, like Skydrive, are being used by adopters of iOS, Android, and BB.

    4. Those "other" platform users could be convinced to switch to WP where all of the PC/Xbox utilities are native.

    5. Besides MS official apps, there are plenty of third party apps that are available on A,A&BB that can fulfill the needs of the current users.

    This is where I think MS see's an opportunity!

    6. By porting over it's official Skydrive, Xbox, and Onenote apps, MS is giving "other" users a chance to use the official apps with all the benefits like security, smoothness, and reliability.

    7. The apps that are being ported to other platforms are full of features, maybe more than the third party apps, but the users will understand that WP has even more features built in natively without even using a app, hence making WP a more interesting choice and possibly more of a necessity in the future.

    8. Also, The apps being ported to other platforms are being developed with a very similar Metro design language and function, thus preparing users for the WP experience, and making WP less "foreign" in terms of function and aesthetics when at retail.

    9. The users most likely will like the Metro design language and function. They will be tempted to try WP when they see that this language and function carries throughout the entire device. They simply will feel if they don't have WP then they don't have the real deal.

    I think that it may take a few generations for this to catch on, but the payoff is worth the sacrifice. In reality, the sacrifice, because of the third party apps that are already available, isn't very much... Yes! Well played MS!

    It's simple. Business skills, marketing and Psychology all being properly fulled by looking at the big picture and thinking about the long term works every time.

  • I have always love Microsoft, and will always. I am very satisfied with my Windows Phone. But, what i dont understand is does microsoft love itself? All its official Apps land on iOS Appstore first and then in its own Marketplace. Skydrive was first in iOS. XBox companian is available worldwide for iOS, but only US region in windows marketplace.

    Microsoft, why this discrimination towards yourself?