Nokia Lumia 710 coming to T-Mobile in January

Nokia Lumia 710 coming to T-Mobile in January

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One more reason I can’t wait for 2012: Nokia’s first U.S. Windows Phone—the Lumia 710—lands at T-Mobile on January 11, the companies announced today.

Perfect for smartphone first-timers and anyone looking for a stylish, wallet-friendly Windows Phone, the Lumia 710 will be available at T-Mobile stores, on its website, and from select dealers and national retailers. Expected price: $49.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate (two-year contract and qualifying voice and data plan required).

As my colleague Ben noted back in October, the Lumia 710 is a solid, no-nonsense smartphone designed to perform: It has a 3.7-inch ClearBlack WVGA touchscreen, a Qualcomm 1.4 GHz Snapdragon processor, and a 5-megapixel autofocus camera.  Besides all the great new features of Windows Phone 7.5, it also comes pre-stocked with popular apps including ESPN, Netflix, The Weather Channel, Slacker Radio, T-Mobile TV, and Nokia Drive for voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation.

And it has style: You can pick one up in black or white.

Learn more about the Nokia Lumia 710 from T-Mobile

The Nokia Lumia 710 is coming to T-Mobile USA on Jan. 11. It's available in black or white.The Nokia Lumia 710 is coming to T-Mobile USA on Jan. 11. It's available in black or white.

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am very much found of windows phone. I want to know whether nokia lumia 710 can be updated to windows 8?

  • ..and we're still waiting it in Finland.....

  • tsrblke
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    @Kenny Rawlins,

    6 days late a few dollars short....

    that sounds like her cell provider is not properly processing the MMS, she may want to chat with them about that.

  • KR
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    I send pictures too,but for some reason,when she sent me the picture,the message arrived and,there was a link saying "obtain multimedia.content now.when I click on it the message comes again with the same link but no picture

  • @Kenny Rawlins, I guess I don't understand.  I send people pics all the time as part of a text message.  What use is MMS?  Or am I simply missing something here?

  • KR
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    I felt so embarrassed two days ago when my friend tried sending me a picture as mms and i couldn't receive it,after i had convinced her of getting a windows phone and to through away her Sony Xpera(the latest)

    I was okay not being able to share files via Bluetooth,but I'm really shocked there's no alternative to share media between another phone and a windows phone or even windows phone to windows phone.its not everything that u want to share on Facebook or its not everyone you add on Facebook.

    I personally keep my friend list below 150 all the time

  • That's a really good point... Hoping to see that proof of concept soon!

  • Speaking of that, I'm starting to formulate a hypothesis.  So far, the reason Microsoft has insisted on rolling updates that go through OEMs and carriers has been that they want to keep a good relationship working through those entities.  I find myself wondering if there's more fragmentation than we're aware of.  Think about it. We only have statements that OTA is POSSIBLE, but every single update has been through carriers.  What if there truly is a different version for each device, regardless of what the build number shows?  I'd love to see, just once, an actual OTA update happen that bypassed carriers, just to see that it really can be done.

    Just my two cents.

  • You never know, this SMS message bug may drive the first use of OTA updates from Microsoft.  I think this is significant enough of an issue to go that route and bypass the carriers.

  • @ tsrblke - I had a similar encounter last weekend... my niece and her husband both had WP7 (HD7) phones as soon as they launched, and I was so jealous until Sprint finally got the Arrive.  We were together for a birthday dinner last weekend, and I asked how they were loving Mango... and the blank stares on their faces showed me that they thought I was talking about a trip to the produce section...

    I did the same thing you did, showed them my phone, and told them to just go plug them in to the computer when they get home, and upgrade away!  Hopefully they did...

    I REALLY wish WP7 was doing OTA updates, because they would have definitely done it right there at the restaurant!

  • tsrblke
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    So clearly we haven't been good enough at getting people to upgrade to mango...surprising I know.

    I just had dinner with one of my friends the other day who got a WP7 because he how I was able to quickly do things with mine.  He has a focus.  I asked him how he liked the upgrade and he said "what upgrade?"  I know you're all thinking "Great another upgrade roll out problem" but no.  The upgrade notification was dutifly sitting there in his settings screen he had just ignored it, assuming that (like many android and a few iOS upgrades) it wasn't a big deal.  I showed him my Focus (mango and all) and he said "Wow, I love this phone now, that stuff is pretty cool!"  And went home to upgrade.

    the TL;DR, some (most) non enthusiasts aren't aware of mango, we should probably fix that.

    Question 2, I notice most new devices (like the focus S) have local scout pinned to start by default, and then I don't see it in the Bing Hub, if I unpin it will it go back there?

  • Canada, Canada, Canada!  How come in Canada I have 3 IPhones, 6 Blackberries, 10 Android (regular) and 7 Android (super phones) to choose from ( See something missing here??

    I attened WPC in LA this summer and ever since then I have been hooked on getting a WP7 device, at the same time I decided to wait to see when Nokia was going to enter the game, along with the second gen phones from Htc/samsung.

    My contract has been up and I havent seen even a rumor of any of the new WP7.5 phones coming up north.  I was eligible to get a new phone in Sept, but I decided to wait for a new WP (really hoping for the S or the Titan, at this point a Nokia may be more realistic...).  Since sept I have been following the smartphone market very closely, yet there is no news on when phones may be available.

    Anyone have any idea how much longer I will have to wait??  Back in Oct I told myself I would wait till January, at which point I will be trading in my outdated blackberry for either a WP or the new Android Nexus that recently came out.

  • Canada, Canada, Canada!  How come in Canada I have 3 IPhones, 6 Blackberries, 10 Android (regular) and 7 Android (super phones) to choose from ( See something missing here??

    I attened WPC in LA this summer and ever since then I have been hooked on getting a WP7 device, at the same time I decided to wait to see when Nokia was going to enter the game, along with the second gen phones from Htc/samsung.

    My contract has been up and I havent seen even a rumor of any of the new WP7.5 phones coming up north.  I was able to get a new phone in Sept, but I decided to wait for a new WP (really hoping for the S or the Titan, at this point a Nokia may be more realistic...).  Since sept I have been following the smartphone market very closely, yet there is no news on when phones may be available.

    Anyone have any idea how much longer I will have to wait??  Back in Oct I told myself I would wait till January, at which point I will be trading in my outdated blackberry for either a WP or the new Android Nexus that recently came out.

  • Most definitely, with all the leaks and hype building up, if WP7 doesn't make an impressive showing at CES it's going to be more difficult to draw customers.  Microsoft has said that WP7 was a consumer device, so the CES is the logical place to whip out the next batch of devices.  I've heard nothing to indicate this will happen, but it would certainly be of benefit to show off a couple of Tango devices.  Imagine if they could show off a truly entry-level device that could be free with contract in addition to a truly high-end device complete with HD screen, the best camera on the market (both front and back) and 32 or 64GB or memory.  Those devices, along with what's already out, would pretty much cover ANYone wanting to get a new smartphone.  I read somewhere the numbers of folks still on dumb- or feature-phones, and it's staggering.  Android or iPhone market share be damned, if MS could nail the folks who have yet to venture into smartphone territory, they could be the solid third platform.

  • @ djmikebrady

    Yes! I totally agree.

  • @ scuba

    I know,,,I can't wait either. The good thing is that it seems like things are happening faster for WP, so the waiting periods between progress aren't near as long as they used to be. I think CES this January will pretty much let us know what 2012 holds. Can't wait man!

  • @Scuba and @Rodney, I think we're on the same page... CLEARLY the 710 isn't an earth-shattering phone.  But if it settles in as the lowest price WP Handset, I fail to see how that's a problem.  It runs circles around any similarly priced Android handsets, and FAR more people go for the $50 and under phones that simply "get the job done" than the $200+ phones.  

    The catch is, those same people who get the low-mid range phones usually don't even have a CLUE that they're using low-mid range phones.  They just know that they have a phone that can do email, web browsing, facebook, and whatever apps they want and/or need.  

    Okay, that's not really the catch.  The catch really is, that those people - in addition to not knowing that they're using "inferior" hardware - don't even know that blogs like this exist.  They don't care the blogs like this exist.  EVERY user of this blog combined can't be more than a small fraction of actual WP7 users...  Which makes it really easy to get caught up in the hysteria over the failures of launching a phone like this, when the hard, simple truth is, we need as many WP handsets on the market as we can get.  Average Customer goes into the store, sees three or four iphone varieties, twenty or so Android devices, a few feature phones, and ONE WP device.. it doesn't instill a lot of confidence in the platform... Two is better, three or four is ideal.  Three or four, backed up with an advertising / public awareness campaign is what it will really take to tip the scales.

    And an entry-level handset like the 710 is a good place to start.  A foot in the door.  And it has those wonderful physical buttons on the front that I would LOVE to have on my current phone...

  • i seen the 800 being sold unlocked on netlink but since its only fully useable on an aws network here in NA its not worth the price of 739.99(718.44usd)

  • Actually, all the accolades aside, I have no illusion that the 710 could outsell the iPhone.  But I just saw that Nokia has referred to the 710 as their "beachhead", and that 2012 will see what they call "Operation Rolling Thunder", where a "portfolio" of devices across the full range of price points and specs will be deployed.  They indicate that Nokia's presence at the 2012 CES will be "considerable".  This would lead me to believe that we will see announcements for, if not the actual launches of, some significant devices from them.  So, we can debate the 710 ad nauseum, but that was clearly NOT their "re-entry", but rather their placeholder.  I'm anxious to see what they have in store for us.

  • Yes Scuba, awareness and marketing play a huge part. I agree. If it didn't, and users had to actually play with devices at stores, and there were no sales associates to influence the customer, which platform would most choose? But, regardless of how a platform performs it gets sold why?..because of marketing and biased associates. I believe with the right kind, and amount of marketing the 710 could outsell the iPhone! This will never happen, but theoretically it's possible. That's the power of awareness awareness and marketing.

  • @Connie

    How are you paying for all these phones out of contract? Isn't that wildly expensive? You collect WP's like a 10 old boy collecting baseball cards! LMFAO... I bet you have them all in a book tucked away in little plastic sleeves so you can flip through them and choose which one you want to show of for the day. LOL...I bet yoy got the Dell Venue pro right? Ha! :)

    Just joking..Im seriously jealous over here. Still on Focus O! O for original. :(

  • @Conny, you just bought the Focus S then sold it to get the Titan?  How do you people afford to buy all these devices?  I still have a year left on my contract, so I can't even think about a new device until then.  Yikes.

  • Personally, the rumored Nokia Lumia 900 has my interest.  The key piece for me is the alleged 32GB storage.  I think a big mistake for the first two Lumias was not including the FFC.

    I understand how Nokia really needed to kick something out the door overseas, and that appears to be a successful move--due in great part to the fact that they are doing a MUCH better job of marketing the devices than Microsoft has been.  Some of you constant nay-sayers refer to the unenthusiastic consumer response to the penny sale that went on for WP7 devices (most of which were the first gen devices), and I remain convinced that it had less to do with the devices than it did the fact that STILL the carriers SUCK at selling anything that isn't the iPhone or the latest Android device.  Personally, I make a point of quite vocally condescending to salespeople at these stores when I walk in and they refuse to fairly present WP7 devices.  Most of them are, quite frankly, unintelligent and very shallow.  And so are their managers, usually.  When I chat with friends about smartphones I make sure to expound on the pros & cons of each platform relative to what the person wants to do.  You see almost no examples of this with carriers.

    But 2012 will be the more interesting year.  Gen 2.5 or 3 devices will start to show up, including whatever features Tango will be introducing and, if some of the leaks have any basis in truth, WP8.  Hardware Whores will never be satisfied with Windows Phones because the performance of the device and the ecosystem have literally NOTHING to do with why they get the device, and the fact is that WP performs as nice or, in my opinion, MUCH nicer than competition on more advanced hardware.  BUT, having said that, I think it's a fair argument to say that certain hardware features will become must-haves in 2012 and the sooner the Microsoft updates the OS to support them (like NFC) and convinces OEMs to build those into device the better.  More memory size options, NFC, FFC, gyros are currently hit-or-miss and should likely become standard, with an exception.  Some of you complain about the Nokia devices being middle-of-the-pack, and you're right.  But part of their strategy is to work with Microsoft to be able to support LOWER end specs.  The idea is that those who want to enter the smartphone environment but not spend $400, $200 or even $100 on a device have nowhere to go outside of limited-time-only sales.

    The final piece to this that people aren't getting is where Metro is being positioned.  The tile/hub interface will BE the way we work with all Microsoft products, so it's a fair bet that your average person will become much more familiar with this, making the Windows Phone a natural choice.  Honestly, having the Developer Preview to work with has made me hungry for the Beta in February.  And it frustrates me that I still have to actually execute apps on my Windows 7 desktop to do a lot of the things that require no app on my Focus.  I think the perfect storm is coming for the Windows ecosystem IF Microsoft orchestrates this correctly.

    As for Nokia and the Lumia 710 issue, I do think this was not the device to re-enter the US market, but that was evidently a risk they were willing to take.  Maybe they overestimate the pull of the name "Nokia" in non-European markets.  Maybe not.  Time will tell.

  • I think that starting with the low end devices is a good marketing strategy.

    1. Because Nokia and MS realize that WP isn't yet popular, it's better to capture the attention of new users who aren't heavy tech junkies.

    2.Windows Phone needs to be more popular before the majority will by one.

    3. The more the price the more cautious people are about buying unfamiliar products.

    The point of releasing the 710 first is to gain new adopters, not to put phone on shelves so that us current WP users will have something to play with when "window shopping". And, MS/Nokia knows you guys who are waiting for a high end Nokia are a relatively small crowd. There's not to much risk in pissing you off, so they are looking at the big picture. They also know that most WP fans will be willing to wait just a little longer for a "900". Pushing the 700 first is a great part of a marketing strategy that could work to bring in new fans if the entire marketing campaign here in the US is relentless. 2012 is all about the new user and prices must be competitive.

    And, these phones are not, and do not look the same as the direct competition. The Metro UI greatly sets the 710 apart from those other cheap Android phones, and even the iPhone.

    Remember, releasing the 710 a few months before the 800 or 900 will not hurt WP image because the majority don't even know it exist yet. To them early 2012 will be a huge and very fast rollout of at least 3 new Nokia phones powered by this brand new and exciting Windows Phone OS. In marketing you have to look at the situation in the eyes of the targeted customer, and not your own. I'm sure once WP picks up steam the target customer will adjust slightly until the platform is competitive at every level of the market. It's all about marketing, and patience.

  • Conny
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    I can't wait to hear about what might follow the 800. I just sold my Focus S on eBay, am perfectly content (for now) with my Titan. But by golly, if Nokia throws the 'Ace' at us, come April, when I have a different line available for upgrade, I may just have to grab it =D

    Is there a 12 step 'I have WP issues' program?

  • KR
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    You've said it all,you just save me the time and pain of writing.completely agree with you

  • Captiosus
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    @rono - I'm tired of hearing about the price.

    If you buy the phone day one, it's $99.99. Counting rebates as part of the retail price reminds me of the old adage of "not counting your chickens before they hatch". When I bought my Radar 4G, I took advantage of the trade in offer. I didn't say I paid $0 for the phone. I paid $99.99 for the phone. In a 6-8 weeks, I'll be able to make that a net gain of a penny, but the purchase price was still $99.99.

    $99.99 is higher than a lot of low end devices available at T-Mobile. I know, I was literally just there 4 days ago browsing their in-store selections. If someone is being cost conscious, they're going to be looking at how much they're paying right there and will gravitate towards the lower cost 49.99-79.99 myTouch phones, or free specials like the Optimus T.

    I've been hearing the price argument all day and I respectfully submit this: If price has been the limiting factor, how come WP7 devices didn't fly off the shelves when AT&T had every one of their WP7 devices, except the Focus, at $0.01 for new contracts back in the early part of the year? The Focus was $49.99 refurbished for new customers or $99.99 for new customers. None of these were rebates.

    As for looking at the other Nokia device, I have.

    For all the hyped Nokia design, here's what I see:

    I also see it suffers the same problem of having a lower than average battery capacity (1450mAh), it lacks a front facing camera, and Carl Zeiss optics will appeal to a fraction of a percent of purchasers.

  • bwakino
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    Any know of the new direction Terry Myerson will take with the Windows phone?

  • rono
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    For those who think the 710 is not going to make it, first look at the price, second, look at the other Nokia device coming along with it.  :-)

  • Captiosus
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    Sorry to be negative nancy, but this isn't going to help Nokia, WP7, OR T-Mobile.

    The Lumia 710 is an AVERAGE looking device that will be utterly lost in the sea of equally average looking devices found in the Free-to-99.99 price point. The phone will cost $99.99 out-the-door, which isn't exactly "low end", and T-Mobile LOVES to funnel new customers to their myTouch Android devices which they offer at cut rate prices (currently, they're 49.99 with a 50.00 mail in rebate).

    There is nothing about this phone that stands out from the rest of the pack. It certainly doesn't sport any eye catching looks; in fact it looks like dozens of current Android devices available by LG, Samsung, and HTC. Compared to the HTC Radar 4G (which, by-the-bye, I just got last weekend), the Radar 4G offers more features. The only thing the Lumia 710 beats the Radar 4G on is processor and Nokia Drive. By virtue of WP7 requirements, many things are tied, but the Radar 4G edges out with its front facing VGA camera, slim design, and larger battery capacity. The Radar 4G, despite being more expensive on T-Mobile's online store, is $99.99 out-the-door at T-Mobile stores with a two year contract right now.

    This is a gigantic bungle and, as far as comebacks go, instead of being a triumphant return it's more akin to a dog limping home with its tail between its legs. Nokia needed to come out of the gate strong with multiple devices on multiple carriers at multiple price points, not ONE average, undistinguished, phone on the FOURTH largest carrier. Even if it meant delaying U.S. launch, the 710 and 800 should have come out simultaneously on the two GSM U.S. carriers so people could gush over the 800's looks and buy a 710 they liked what they saw from Nokia but couldn't justify the price tag of the 800.

  • Not really impressed with any of the Nokia devices. And while I am not really in the market for a new phone anyways, I would have imagined them coming out the gate kicking and screaming with their devices

  • Wow! Looks like a great phone!

  • I don't think this is failure at all... it's a solid phone for $50...  people love cheap phones.  A good phone that 's also cheap, should move a lot of units, bringing new users into the WP Ecosystem.  The 800 (or 900, or Ace, or whatever it winds up being) will land soon after, on either ATT or VZW with LTE, and a much higher price tag.  This one will appeal to the enthusiasts who are already in here begging for it, and for other advanced mobile users who are currently feeding the Android hardware release frenzy.  I wouldn't be surprised at all to find that the 710 and Radar combine to move WP further ahead IN THE GENERAL PUBLIC than anyone's expecting.  Except maybe Nokia and T-Mobile... I have a hunch they're expecting it...

  • KR
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    IMHO I don't think with devices like this Nokia will ever capture the North American attention.

  • I_Mean
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    It is a shame that Nokia made an entry with this low end device.

  • Hassan
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    Is this just a little something for people to play with while they're impatiently waiting for a (the?)  higher-end Nokia device?

    Nonetheless, a good option for first-time smartphone shoppers and limited-budget people alike! After all, it has all the mango goodness :D

  • Glad to see some Nokia love in the US, but a Verizon WP7.5 is what I'm waiting for.  Eligible for upgrade now, and trying hard to resist moving on.

  • I saw so many other colours in Hong Kong

  • markv76
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    That's exciting news!  It will be interesting to see where the partnership of Microsoft and Nokia will go from here.  But, I'm waiting to hear about the Nokia Lumia 800 in the US.  Any word on plans to release the 800 stateside?