New phone? Here’s 50 tips for having fun

New phone? Here’s 50 tips for having fun

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Happy 2012, everybody. If you unwrapped a new Windows Phone for the holiday, we’ve just published a big fat list of great tips and time-savers on the official Windows Phone website you might want to check out.

You’ll find shortcuts for clearing inbox clutter, taking and sharing pictures, faster calling and more. Here’s the article. (And don’t forget about our separate Tips + tricks page, which has even more handy ideas for beginners and pros alike). 

What’s your favorite?

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  • Petraa
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    Thank you for article. Awesome list of tips and tricks! It will be very useful for visitors of my website and for my twitter and blog accounts.

  • Krush You
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    Chris, I have the same issue as well, you could create the smart dj item, save it as a playlist and then pin the playlist to the start screen - its not optimal but that should work at least...

  • All awesome tips.  But why is I cannot pin a SmartDJ item that shows up in the Zune hub under History to my Start Screen?  The option is there, but it doesn't work.