CES: The HTC Titan II, one of the first LTE Windows Phones, comes to AT&T

CES: The HTC Titan II, one of the first LTE Windows Phones, comes to AT&T

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It’s big. It’s fast. It’s got a killer camera. The first major Windows Phone announcement to emerge from the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today was positively drool-worthy: The HTC Titan II, a new 4G LTE-equipped phone, is coming to AT&T.

The Titan II, expected to hit stores in the coming months, definitely lives up to its name. It sports the biggest touchscreen of any Windows Phone (4.7-inch WVGA). It also—and this one frankly blows me away—comes with a whopping 16-megapixel rear camera. For perspective, that’s double what you find on most smartphones, and it makes the Titan II one of the most potent pocket-size cameras, period.

This beast is also blazing fast: Packing a 1.5 gigahertz Snapdragon processor, it’s the first Windows Phone from HTC to take advantage of AT&T’s speedy  4G LTE network.

But back to those cameras for second. Yes, cameras. The Titan II has a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera for video chat. Its big rear camera, meanwhile, features a fast wide-angle lens (f2.6, 28mm), autofocus, and dual LED flash. Shutterbugs will appreciate extras like red eye reduction, image stabilization, a panorama mode for landscapes, and a burst shot mode for sports or kids. Want to make movies? The rear camera records 720p HD video.

It’s going to be an exciting day for Windows Phone and Microsoft, with more surprises to come—including a hands-on video later in the day from my colleague Ben Rudolph that you definitely won’t want to miss.

So make sure to check back here or our Facebook page throughout the day for more Windows Phone news from CES.  To see what other cool stuff Microsoft is unwrapping at the world’s biggest gadget fest, or to watch CEO Steve Ballmer’s keynote live at 6:30 pm Pacific time today, head over to the official Microsoft Facebook page or the Microsoft News Center.

The LTE-compatible HTC Titan II is coming to AT&T.The phone weighs 5.2 ounces and measures 5.2” (L) x 2.7” (W) x .4” (H).

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  • deeje8
    1 Posts

    I have an HTC Inspire Android phone. It is a decent smartphone, but not blazingly fast. How much more capable is the Titan II? And is Windows better than Android. Could I create a Power Point on the Titan II?

  • Wait a minute, why is every1 complaining about the 16Gig storage capacity, isnt  Microsoft is giving windows phone users a free 25 gig storage with Skydrive? also it can also upload videos & pics automatically. right?

  • @ChrisLynch The Titan II has the LED flashers, taking care of low light conditions.

  • No joke - I see no reason not to keep scaling up and call it the Windows Tablet. What is not to love about a 10" tablet that looks just like my phone. Problem solved.

  • Any news about the phone coming to Canada any time soon?

  • I bought the HTC Titan the day it was released (Nov 21) and I absolutely love this phone. With that said, it sucks knowing that the Titan II is being released in a couple of months when I just paid $200 over a 18-month contract for the original. I really believe Microsoft should work with AT&T to give us early adopters a chance to upgrade sooner.

  • WinGeek
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    Will the titan 2 ever come to UK any soon ??????/

  • It looks like a take off of the HTC Mozart which is a phone that never made it to the US from the UK unless you bought one unlocked.  One of the best sounding phones so I bought one. Still waiting for skype

  • @MSFanboy80...um, yes, I do need all that music AND video on my device.  Not just because at ANY GIVEN MOMENT I can be without a signal capable of streaming, but because the quality I can have ON my phone will be better than what I can stream.  I am a musican, singer and songwriter.  Music is an unbelievably huge part of my life.  I also like to enjoy the occasional movie and I keep up with quite a few video podcasts.  Yes, your average user may be fine with having a piddly little amount of storage, may be fine with storing sub-standard quality pictures on the cloud.  I, however, am clearly among a sizeable number of consumers for whom that is not satisfactory.  I point you right back to our competition. Both Apple and the Slutdroid folks have options for larger storage.  As far as I'm concerned, that's the one area that is a serious lag in WP7 devices.  Our OS performs as well or better than the competition on lesser CPUs, and such things as LTE and cameras are pretty much on par now.  There's not much left to allow us to go head to head.  But storage is a pretty obvious one.  And one, I argue, is easily addressed if the OEMs would simply DO it.

  • speaking of LTE will users who have a chipset capable of LTE get the update? only asking as wp7 uses a slower processor than say android so it should have a good enough avg. battery specs. to last slightly longer than an adroid using lte

  • alot of people probably dont know this but for a short time during the summer dell was selling a 32gb dvp i assume using a 32gb c4 sandisk microsdhc card which im pondering on weather or not to swap the 16gb card with 32(as i have one in my old x1a thats not being used)

  • I really dont get all the gripes about storage. It seems like everyone is just trying to find reasons to bag on every new phone that gets released. First its LTE and dual core, now that we have LTE, its storage, once they get storage and dual core, the critisism will turn to what, quad core processors? Kevlar backing? You have a killer camera and you can store videos and pictures on the cloud. Also, does everyone really access their videos/pics THAT often to where they need them with no loading time? Loading pics does not take much data and if you have videos you want to show off every single day, leave those on your storage. As for music, do you really need 10,000 songs on your phone taking up that much space? If you do, then 32 GB isnt going to be enough either, so no matter what, you are going to complain. Look at where Windows Phone is and they came out in late 2010, hell Apple is still catching up to ANdroid and they;ve been out since 2007! My Focus S does everything and more and Im not gonna feel "behind" just because techies tell me Android has more power. Ive seen those "more powerful" devices in use and they are slow and buggy as hell(in comparison to my WP I should add)...but hey, you are right, I COULD put more music and videos on those phones and thats totally worth the tradeoff, right? pfft.

  • Sven
    54 Posts

    @LarryE1946 "LOL  I'm not concerned with only 16GB of storage because everything is going to Skydrive anyway." You are aware that the auto save to Skydrive is at substantially reduced resolution right? In fact, manually saving to SkyDrive is at substantially reduced resolution. The shots from my 5Mp Focus auto-save to SkyDrive at 719x539 (that's about 0.5Mp).  Shared to Skydrive, the same. Uploading to dropbox gave me 1000x750.  Emailing gave me1630x1223, and that's only about 2Mp. If you want the full resolution of that 12Mp camera, I think you are going to have to cable the phone and pull it off via Zune...which means your ROM needs to hang on to your shots till you can.

  • Jskel1
    6 Posts

    Lets get an oem to be a leader.

    128G of RAM

    1080 display and video capture.

    It would be nice to have the perception of an innovator and leader.

  • Its nice to know that my next WP will be at least LTE powered. Now I cant wait until my upgrade.

  • cj31016
    7 Posts

    I do like what I'm seeing from AT&T...Focus, Focus S, Titan, Titan II, and Lumia 900!! Glad I'm a customer and not stuck with Sprint any longer. I won't get a Titan II, because I have a Focus S, but just glad we're seeing all the WP7 love!

  • Vedichymn
    10 Posts

    Phone looks great, but 16GB of storage isn't going ot get me to upgrade from my Focus. :(

  • @ChrisLynch is right.  Most people don't have unlimited data plans.  And, even worse, many don't have 3G, much less LTE service, which makes storing and streaming impossible.  We have ONE 3G tower here.  So, only when I'm in certain parts of town do I get 3G at all, let alone anything close to 4 bars of 3G.  I have 28GB of music and movies on my device now, plus another 4GB of OS, apps & pictures, leaving me 8GB left.  Just how do I fit all that on a 25GB Skydrive, huh?  Oh, BTW, AT&T's largest data plan is 2GB, which I notoriously run close to the edge of monthly as it is with streaming radio or YouTube.  So, it is a complete farce for Microsoft, the OEMs and the carriers to pretend that having only 8 or 16GB on a device is plenty because we should all be on the cloud.  Believe me, I would LOVE to be completely on the cloud!  But the services and the infrastructure isn't even close to being there yet.  Last, but not least, what can I possibly stream when I drive outside of ANY coverage?  Come visit us in Texas, y'all!  I'll show you miles upon miles of untamed land, nere touched by humans much less a cell tower.  And what about the world traveller?  I'm an avid scuba diver.  I have been to far too many exotic locales for which I simply cannot, either by access or cost, pull from the cloud.

    My friends, there are still a FEW areas where we should be like the iPhone and Slutdroid devices, and that's storage.

  • @LarryE1946: I know, I wasn't saying YOU had an issue with the 16GB limit.  I don't have a massive issue with it myself.  I have a 32GB MicroSD in my original Focus, and loved the fact I had 40GB of storage (and pretty much packed it to the gills.)  I know plenty of people that want more storage options than 16GB.  I don't know who or why is making this decision to limit storage capacity with all of the announced and available Windows Phone devices. I'm not calling for them to be fired, but it is extremely disappointing to see that so far in 2012, the max storage available is a Dell Venue Pro, which is a 1st Gen phone.  Step your game up Microsoft and ODM's.  This is 2012, not 1912.

  • +1 for the 32GB storage requirement. This is the only reason I haven't bought a WP7.5 phone yet. Spotify alone takes up more than 8GB on my current phone. Why can't we choose between 16/32/64GB versions for WP?

  • Know why people buy Android? Because their geek friend recommended it to them. Know why the geek friend buys Android? Because with Android you can get things like HDMI port, full HD AMOLED display, EXPANDABLE memory, Kevlar backed phones, etc. - COOL STUFF.

    With I-Phone they've created their own culture that adores them and is such a household name that people looking to buy a new phone see enough of them they figure it must be good. It will take over a decade for MS to change their perception and get anywhere near I-Phone in that regard, so really their biggest chance of stealing market share is going after Android.

    If MS wants to compete with Android they need to stop coming out with phones that equal the previous year's Android specs. If 16MP camera is all the next generation of WP7 handsets has to offer over the competition then it's going to be another dismal year of sales for MS and WP7... Also, if it has non-expandable memory then 32GB should be the absolute MINIMUM.

    I REALLY REALLY want to support MS and see you guys do well... I have a Zune 30GB, Zune 8GB and Zune HD. I got my wife and myself a Focus and HD7S, respectively. Seeing the latest Update debacle create customer anger of "NoDo" proportions and these new handsets offer very few enticing features over the competition... I just don't know how you guys are going to grow from "Really small... to really small."

  • wp7Dave
    36 Posts

    @BuckeyeTico, I'm with @ScubaDog2011 and staying with my 40GB Focus. I also am not forgetting Eric's post knowing that the OS better be close perfect when I get the phone because I am not getting another update until possibly Apollo no matter what.


  • @ChrisLynch If you re-read my post I state that "I'm not concerned with only 16GB of storage".  Doesn't mean that it's enough for everyone, like you, who have limited data access.

  • This looks really great, and I'm really happy for anyone on AT&T who gets this phone.

    However, being on Verizon (still the nation's #1 carrier by subscriber count), I am patiently waiting for some sort of announcement of some sort of updated WP7 presence.  If I don't hear something during CES, I'm afraid I may be picking up an Android phone in the next couple of months, and I shudder at the thought.

    My personal opinions on the Titan II:

    -16GB is enough storage for me and probably a lot of other people

    -Early adopters carry the risk of early adoption.  It's not like Microsoft is releasing these phones.  These phones are made by and sold by other manufacturers.  I never hear anyone screaming that Google should give discounts to people who bought an Android phone only to have a more impressive one come out weeks later.

    -I hope the 16MP camera is truly good.  I've seen a Sony 2MP camera take better shots than some of the current smartphone cameras out there today.

    -This phone looks great, and although it  has the classic HTC "look" it still looks sleeker and more modern.

    Thanks for the post, Michael!

  • markiz
    40 Posts

    Impressive, even though i think 5MP is more than enough.

  • @LarryE1946: Not everyone has an unlimited data plan, not has consistent data access.  I know that if I'm around a bunch of iFruit users, I can barely get any data access, even with 4 bars of signal strength.  There are just too many reasons why increasing local capacity should be an option rather than "relying on the clPoohGQ

    @PoohGQ: Yeah, you're right.  My brain was a bit screwy this morning.

  • It's a shame that such a big screen has to offer only WVGA resolution. There are other HTC phones out there with fullHD screens!

  • PoohGQ
    1 Posts

    @ChrisLynch. I believe the f2.6 is actually better as it allows in more light say compared to f4..

  • I am completely ecstatic with the original Titan but I think I'm going to upgrade to this Titan 2.  that is unless someone else comes out with a 5" or better Windows Phone.  I need more room to play Angry Birds.  LOL  I'm not concerned with only 16GB of storage because everything is going to Skydrive anyway.  And what music I listen to isn't going to take up that much space.  That's also on Skydrive.

  • This is just hilarious.  A bold new phone with a spanking new camera capable of snapping pictures and video that will take up all of your anemic storage that much quicker.  This is brilliant.  Just flipping brilliant.  So, unless another, much more impressive device is revealed at CES, it looks like I'll be sticking with my 40GB of storage on the original Focus.


  • Only 16gb of memory and still no high resolution display= not looking good.  Not to mention the fact that MS still hasn't put their foot squarely up Verizon's arse to get more phones on that carrier.  I see other phones in my future...

  • @ wp7Dave – This is what MS normally does after dropping a bomb; they throw us a bone so we dogs forget about what we were mad about before.  Chewing the bone and wagging our tails…

  • Still wvga resolution and Microsoft is still mum on when windows phone will support higher resolution screens. Also, expect 16mb resolution on a tiny cell phone sensor to be rather underwhelming.

  • wp7Dave
    36 Posts

    Where's the response to our complaints and the resulting fallout from Eric's Blog post on Jan 6?

    Hopefully the user's that get this will not have to deal with the disappearing keyboard issue. I sure hope not since LTE is not supposedly supported by build 7720. It seems that's the only way to get an update...buy a new phone. Too bad I can't until July (not that I would right now anyway).

  • CAVX
    14 Posts

    It's funny how quickly a sequel was released to the original, but it's not really a bad thing.

    My only concern is that it'll be harder to sell my (original) Titan on eBay. Of course, this is a selfish concern. I wish I didn't have to sell it, but the fact that I won it in Denver with UK international region settings that can't be changed just made it unusable for me.

  • I bought the TITAN the day after it was released (that was the first day any store in my area actually had it in stock). And you're already announcing a new one. Incredibly uncool. Remember when Apple launched its iPhone and then dropped the price $200 in less than 6 months and ended up crediting early adopters back $100? Hope you guys already have a plan in place for free upgrades for early adopters or something similar. You'd think you'd learn from your largest competitor's mistakes. *sigh*

  • when my upgrade comes in August, hopefully the price of this phone will come down, and I will snatch it up!

  • I gotta agree with everyone else on the 16GB storage.. My Arrive (1st Gen) has 16GB, so it seems strange that a 2.5gen phone (seeing as how the original Titan was 2nd gen) is still sitting at the same storage size...  And that 16MP camera is going to fill up the phone quickly unless people turn it down to a more "normal" setting...

    Also - these big screens are just SCREAMING for higher resolution displays...

  • @Judge_Daniel: Hahaha. It's a beautiful beast. I have the Titan I and love it. I think this is going to be a rockin' Windows Phone.

  • I can't decide if this is a beauty or a beast.  I think it may be both!  Now if we could just get something as good as the first Titan on Verizon.

  • 2012 and no US Windows Phones with more than 16gb of storage. It's pathetic and insulting to users. Thanks for holding our phones back.

  • Michael, I agree with beway, why no 32GB options?!?!  Come on, Windows Phones need larger storage options.  16GB should be the min, not the max.

  • @beway: Storage is spec'd at 16GB flash, 512 MB RAM.

  • let me guess this wont see the day light of europe either? thanks microsoft for leaving europe flag ship less....your doing great making folks feel "loved" over here

    No Lumia 900, Focus S or Titan 2 probably. Thanks...

  • This is an awesome phone. No doubt it will sell well. Great work on making this happen.

    Any chance of this phone coming to T-mobile, too? I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  • I guess there's a word minimal to posting? Anyways, sounds like an impressive device.

  • beway
    2 Posts

    How large is the storage?  If you are capturing really large video and images, we need more storage!!  32GB would be nice :-)

  • That is definitely the sexiest WP7 handset I've seen yet!  Sure hope some of this new hotness starts showing up on other carriers...  Now that Sprint has announced LTE rolling out, I'm counting on (1) LTE in my area, and (2) at least one WP7 phone with LTE and a physical keyboard by next spring when my upgrade cycle hits!

  • Impressive, 16MP camera.  But only f2.6??  That's not good for low light capture, which plagues current WP devices.  Also, since this is a newer HTC device, where is Beats Audio?!?!  Andriod devices shouldn't be the only HTC devices to get Beats Audio.  Can't wait to see the other WP devices announced today.