VIDEO: First look at the Nokia Lumia 710 and LTE-powered HTC Titan II

VIDEO: First look at the Nokia Lumia 710 and LTE-powered HTC Titan II

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Earlier this morning I was able to score a bit of time with two of the brand new Windows Phones that are stealing the CES spotlight – the coming soon toT-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710, which I first played with at Nokia World, and the big, beefy, 16-mexapixel packing HTC Titan II, which is coming soon to AT&T.   As you’ll see in the video, they’re both great phones:

Apologies for the choppy audio…we only realized that it was wonky in post-production, and by then, I only had a chance to work with the Titan II for a few minutes but I was  really impressed by it.  It’s an excellent refining of what was already an awesome phone (and my daily carry) in the Titan I.  And that camera! The photos I snapped were not only clear, bright and crisp, but the shutter speed was impressive; I was able to “rapid fire” photos one after another really, really quickly. 

And as I noted in the video, the Nokia Lumia 710 is an outstanding phone and a great value.  It’ll be a great choice for people looking for a phone that does the everyday stuff really well.

Unfortunately I was not able to get my hands on the Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia’s first LTE enabled phone that was just announced today, but I’m hoping to grab one for some video time later this week.  Keep an eye on my tweets for that…and for some other fun stuff I have coming!

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  • BEN,

    I am curious if the Titan you use has the issue of freezing between songs that all the rest of us with Titan's on AT&T have?  At in the 'Windows Phone' questions, if you sort all questions by # of replies, it is the #2 issue.  It has apparently been reported fixed by an HTC firmware update (2250.21.50002.707) elsewhere in the world.... but NOT here.  I, along with a large number of the 718 repliers (& 9950 viewers at the time of my writing this), have spent hours on the phone (or on hold) with AT&T and HTC trying to get this firmware update with no success or, more often, even the benefit of speaking to a representative who really knows what we're TALKING about !!!  Have you had any success in resolving this issue?  And if so, could you please pass along that information to the rest of us? BTW, I do love my Titan aside from the Zune freeze issue I'm writing about, the disappearing keyboard whose 8107 fix is on it's way (shortly I hope), and that I'd have to agree with the limited RAM discussed by others (can't wait for a phone w/32G+). Glad to see WP7 @ CES kicking everyone's butt.


  • Jskel1
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    16G of RAM?

    I am ready to upgrade, but won't spend $ on a phone that is not expandable.

    My focus has 40 G. I use about 30 of that. With a 16M camera, space is even more of a concern.

  • Great! Fighting between the Titan II and Lumia 900