I’ve got $100 that says your smartphone will get #smokedbywindowsphone

I’ve got $100 that says your smartphone will get #smokedbywindowsphone

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In the tech world, words like “fastest” and “easiest” are thrown around a lot. If you follow my tweets you’ve probably even heard me use them to describe Windows Phone. But those words mean very little if you’re not prepared to back them up. This year at CES, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing – by putting my money where my mouth is - with the #smokedbywindowsphone $100 Challenge.

Curious what it’s all about? Check out the video:

You heard right. I’m so confident that Windows Phone makes things faster and easier that I’m willing to put a hundred bucks on the line to prove it.

Think you and your phone are up to the challenge? Follow me on Twitter to find out where I’ll be hosting the challenge at CES. I’ll be at the Microsoft Booth from 2-6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the rest of the time my crew and I will be roaming the city looking for challengers.

And be sure to keep an eye on the Windows Phone & Microsoft Twitter handles – and Facebook pages – for videos of the action, reactions from winners and losers, and whatever other fun stuff we come across at CES.

So polish up your smartphone skills, charge your battery, and bring your lucky charm.  I’ll see you in Vegas!



1) The great news for you as a challenger is that I’m not going to force you into a specific scenario; we’ll make the call together based on the things that you do every day on your smartphone.

2) Once we have that set, we’ll connect to one of my mobile hotspots so we both have equal network footing.

3) Even if you lose, there’s probably something pretty great in it for you. Trust me.

4) Windows Phone users aren’t eligible to enter. I already know how fast your phone is. Smile

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  • If you are so confident, why are you bringing more than just ONE $100 bill?

    Surely you're not expecting to give any away...

  • So is it true you are making this into a full-fledged ad campaign? (wmpoweruser.com/exclusive-smokedbywindowsphone-100-challenge-to-be-a-ad-campaign)

  • @SilverTubicon. Siri? Windows Phone smokes The iphone4s. while your engaged in a conversation with your phone to get something done, Windows Phone can name that tune in 2 words "call mom". Voice works perfectly everytime for me unlike my coworker who has to repeat things to her iphone4s. I've personally smoked her phone many times in public doing just about everything. And Android is just a mess.

    I've already gotten 5 people to upgrade to Windows Phones from their previous iPhones and Androids.

  • caywen
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    Here's my scenario: Let's race to see how fast you can call someone on Skype AWWWW Too Soon (in the voice of Peter Griffin)???

    Ok, with that jab in, I'm actually an HTC Titan user who loves the phone, but am completely frustrated at the lack of Skype.

  • tsrblke
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    I for one open apps all the time via voice commands.  It's just easier that way.

  • McHale
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    Make sure when you give them their new phone, that it has 8107 on it because they may never see another update if it's on AT&T.  :(

  • @PJRC  

    Because that's not the challenge.  The challenge is for WP7 to outperform a task that you do every day on your smartphone.

  • Why isn't this site linked to Live ID aready?

    Anyway, I did a similiar test with my family over the holidays using three samsung phones:

    Captivate, Focus, <featurephone>.

    Took a non-cell phone user and asked him to make a call with each one.

    feature phone failed, as he couldn't get that far.

    Android phone to 2x longer.

    Focus was hey there's a phone, if I push it I can see another button with a dialer, and when I push that I can make calls...... from never using a cell phone to placing a call in < 20s on Samsung Focus.

    Metro is a great design language, and I hope more teams at MS adopt it.

  • I did this with my family over the holidays and my Titan (which I'd had for only a few weeks). The Titan regularly outperformed iPhones, Androids, and Blackberries. The interface just makes most tasks inherently faster.

  • Crash27
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    I own a Sony Xperia Play and I have never had the chance to use a windows phone and being all the way up here in Ontario, Canada we get left out of the loop........lol... It would be nice to see them send me a windows phone and compare it to my Play as I have got many friends and strangers to switch to android after spending a few minutes on and Android phone..... ??? Android vs Windows ???

  • PJRC
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    So for double or quits Ben can challenge the iPhone user to open Facebook app through voice commands.

  • tsrblke
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    I don't think MS is so stupid as to think their phone will win at every task.  Nor should Apple fans think that either.  I think the goal is to convince enough people that the phone lives up to expectations and wins in enough areas to be better than most phones.

    Now that being said, The obvious losing position for WP7 (as a proud WP7 user) would be to friend someone on Facebook (oops, need an app for that.) or even worse to check some of my friends status's (Third party privacy settings NO!)  In the former, I think you'd have a tie at best (the streamlined processing on the windows phone as well as start screen pinning may squeak out a win) on the latter....

  • I'm on Windows Phone, but I definetely know one challenge iPhone will win. ie.microsoft.com/testdrive

  • I don't think voice will work too well on the CES Trade Show floor.

  • arrow22
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    @SilverRubicon Good point. Mostly, I find Siri to be more of a novelty (who wants to talk with a phone?) But location triggers are really powerful and something I do wish we had. To be able to turn my phone to vibrate when I'm at work, and to ring when I'm at home automatically for example.

    Looking forward to the results of the challenge though!

  • iLoch
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    @SilverRubicon I completely agree. I too am on Windows Phone, it's beautiful. The problem however is that voice control is AWEFUL. I can't use speech in crowded areas, and when I can the best it can do is allow me to search for things on Bing, where's the real Microsoft voice control? I can control my mouse with my voice on my computer, and talk to my Xbox, but I have to yell at my phone? Let'sget serious. I'm holding on to my WP, but that iPhone 5 will look pretty trempting without some serious functionality innovation.

  • What?! Current Windows Phone  7 users aren't eligible?! What if I borrow my wife's iPhone? ;) I have to say I love all the attention that the WP7 platform is getting this week. It sounds like it is just the boost it needs to get more sales and attention from the vendors. I love my WP7, and can't go back to an Android. Keep up the great work!

  • Seems to me that if an iPhone user pulled out their iPhone 4S and said "Remind me to call mom when I get home" they would immediately win the challenge.  Triggers a reminder when in proximity of your home with a single sentence.  Don't see how Windows Phone can top that, and I'm the owner of a Samsung Focus.