New games for Windows Phone

New games for Windows Phone

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At CES today, Microsoft is giving a sneak preview of five new “Must Have” Xbox LIVE games coming to Windows Phone in February. A great mix of shooting, driving and action games are just weeks away. You’ll find a quick description and screenshots of the titles below.

The new Must Have games aren’t the only things to look forward to. In case you missed it, Nokia announced yesterday that more than 20 titles from Electronic Arts—including the latest version of Bejeweled and the award-winning Real Racing—would be coming to Windows Phone and first to Nokia devices. Here’s a sizzle reel our friends at EA gave us for a peek at these titles:

EA and Nokia brining games to Windows Phone!









Must Have Games for February


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Electronic Arts): The Need for Speed franchise adds another title to Windows Phone and more heart-pounding high-speed chases. In Hot Pursuit, take your pick of up to 20 supercars such as the Pagani Zonda Cinque, or stop racers cold as a cop in a police interceptors such as the Lamborghini Reventon. Use tilt controls and well-timed screen touch braking to outrun the cops or make the bust. Hot Pursuit has 24 day and night tracks and 48 career events to collect bounty and become a top driver.


Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction (Gameloft): The benchmark of action stealth games on Xbox 360 is coming for the first time to Windows Phone. As agent Sam Fisher, unleashed your mad skills as a Special Forces operative to fight a corrupt secret agency and get your daughter back. Run, jump, fight and shoot using a handgun, a shotgun, an AK-47 assault rifle and a bazooka, or maintain stealth by improvising with nearby objects. From Washington, D.C. to Iraq, your daughter’s safety is the priority and will follow your own rules of engagement.

Toy Soldiers Boot Camp Screenshot (3)

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp (Microsoft Studios): You may be familiar with the Toy Soldiers franchise from Xbox 360, and now Boot Camp is coming exclusively to Windows Phone. With tiny toy soldiers, wage war through fun and addictive shooting-gallery mini-games. Use a pint-sized anti-aircraft gunner to defend your house and home against swarms of houseflies or guide missiles through rotating holes or to destroy targets. In addition, you can earn bragging rights in “Toy Soldiers: Cold War” for the Xbox 360 version through an integrated mobile leaderboard


BulletAsylum (Microsoft Studios):  If you remember Missile Command, BulletAsylum is faster and crazier. With a ridiculous (but satisfying) amount of firepower at your disposal, it’s your job to destroy the approaching alien hordes. Use one or two fingers to aim at the approaching invaders and upgrade your defenses as you progress through the game. This Windows Phone exclusive title has an upbeat music track and will be quite the blast.


Chickens Can’t Fly (Microsoft Studios): A sequel to the popular Chicken Can Dream and another exclusive to Windows Phone, in Chickens Can’t Fly you’ll conduct a range of experiments to see what chickens are capable of. Working through four laboratories, perform experiment and answer questions such as: Is there life after the butcher? Are chickens afraid of ghosts? Does a frozen chicken get dizzy? In an experimental pit, maneuver chickens to avoid obstacles, grab power-ups and power-downs, gather corn, and make it through the experiment. Chickens Can’t Fly will also take advantage of new features in the 7.5 update including Live Tiles (showing game progress) and fun, downloadable chicken-themed ringtones.

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  • Praks
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    Hot Pursuit is simply amazing.. EA is taking graphics and gameplay to the next level, be it desktop or a phone.. :) Here are the best Windows Phone Games I found online.. Nice stuff..

  • adia
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    I recommend the games of this web:


  • Captiosus
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    "and first to Nokia Lumia devices"? Yet again throwing early adopters under the bus.

    OEMs weren't supposed to garner ANY favor when it came to applications being deployed for the platform except for their own Hubs; A WP7 device from HTC would have access to the same *Marketplace* apps as a WP7 device from Samsung or LG.

    Those of us who have bought into the platform, supported the platform even when the road was bumpy, and sold it through word-of-mouth are being hung out to dry as Nokia gets timed exclusivity of MARKETPLACE content?


  • So when will MS allow the spending of MS points? I would like to buy apps but as it turns out, I don't live in the supported countries.

  • OndraSter:  we'll definitely add links to these games in Marketplace once they launch.

  • Nevermind, it is not February and they are not on marketplace yet :D

  • Can you pls next time also add QR images that would link directly to the marketplace? Just point your phone at the code and let it scan the QR and boom, you are in marketplace :)

  • These games honestly look awesome.

  • wheres their version of snake?

  • hades32
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    " and first to Nokia Lumia devices"... For free? Cause I haven't yet seem paid-for software in an OEM store...

  • Oh, and will all of these games gave Fast App Switching?!?!  I hope so.  There are NOT enough updates to existing games that are Mango ready that offer FAS.

  • I honestly hope the Splinter Cell game is released this time!  You tricked us last year when you announced it during the XBox Live Games for Windows Phone Summer of Gaming and it was never released.  Can't wait for BulletAsylum though!