Day 1 results from the #smokedbywindowsphone $100 challenge

Day 1 results from the #smokedbywindowsphone $100 challenge

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It was a busy, busy first day on the show floor at CES, and the $100 challenge saw over 25 competitors step up against Windows Phone.  The result?  A pretty impressive record of:

  • 21 wins
  • 2 losses
  • 1 tie
  • A few surrenders from people who took one look at Live Tiles, built in search and built-in social networking and said “forget it”

The wins were really decisive; Windows Phone won hands down on the common things that most of us do every day on our smartphones like checking the weather, finding your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/best friend’s Facebook status, posting to Facebook & Twitter, snapping a photo and sharing it with the world, and finding a great place to eat.    Check out the highlight video we pulled together to see how things went down:

But like old saying goes, you can’t win ‘em all. 

I did lose a “post a photo to Twitter” challenge by a hair to a very savvy iPhone 4S user who’d mastered their camera and built-in Twitter functionality (as you saw in the video), and an Android user was able to text his best friend just a little bit faster through an on-screen widget than I could through my wife’s Live Tile.  And I tied an iPhone user in a social status update.

We’re heading back to the show floor today to take on more challengers.  Remember to follow me on Twitter to keep up on the action!

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  • Why Microsoft is leaving the CES show? There has been more buzz with a guy that has a few $100 dollar bills, and a blog, Than a $500,000 trade show booth,  150 staffers, and a keynote.   Marketing 1.0 vs. Marketing 2.0   Brilliant job Ben.

  • @VasiS - YES!!  What a brilliant idea, and HOPEFULLY someone at MS had already thought of it, but if not, HERE ARE YOUR NEXT SEVERAL ADS MAKING UP A COHESIVE CAMPAIGN!!  Send the commission check to VasiS...  :)

  • @ VasiS... Great idea! They gotta do that.

  • @ DJ Mike

    I'm Baaaaack! Lol...hahaha. Yes I was thinking the same thing. That zip up looks fresh!

    But,,,,, I would settle for some Tshirts, T-shirts, T-shirts!!! We want some WindowsPhone T-Shirts! Thanks Mike......

  • VasiS
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    These are brilliant. Please make these into commercials.

  • Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT!  -  Is that "I've got $100 that says..." phone wallpaper available for download somewhere? It looks pretty badass. Maybe in $1, $5, $10 too? No, seriously! :)

  • This is good, but what will be Microsoft's answer to iMovie?

  • @ Michael Stroh - Please don't take it personal but will you please address the concerns we ALL share about the new update policy? New phones, CES, the challange and new games are cool stuff BUT don' t you think it's more important how upset we feel about Eric's announcement? I know that most of you don't like to tackle the ugly stuff BUT, for God' sake, say something about this serious issue.  It's always the same (and everybody here, pay attention), after MS drops a bomb, they start posting about new phones, contests or new apps to get everybody's minds away from what really affects the performance of our phones.  Enough is enough!

  • Since Ben is busy shooting more challenges in Vegas (and I'm stuck in Redmond).  I'll say thanks on his behalf for all the comments!  You'll be hearing more from Ben. Meantime, make sure to tweet/email this to any and all of your skeptical friends, neighbors, coworkers, or family members. :-)

  • Since Rodney seems to be taking a few days off, I've got to say, I WANT one of those Windows Phone Zip-ups!!

  • I'd put my Samsung Focus against any duel core android phone and make them look silly :) I <3 my Windows phone!

  • samsabri
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    It was fun watching these yesterday. Keep it up Ben!

  • I really enjoyed following this. A ballsy move by Ben and MS... one that has paid off. Bravo!

  • I love this idea! Great way to get the word out on an awesome OS

  • This is really, really nice to see. Brilliant the idea of smoke all them!

  • Ben, you are brilliant, and so are the folks participating in this. Post more videos! :)