VIDEO: More wins (and a loss) for #smokedbywindowsphone

VIDEO: More wins (and a loss) for #smokedbywindowsphone

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The challenge is in full swing!  Today we’ve had challengers coming at us with iPhones, Blackberries, and a whole host of Android phones.  Almost all of the challenges (nearly 30 of them!) we won hands down, like this one where we showed how easy it is to find a great place to eat nearby with Local Scout:

But in a few cases – 3 to be exact – we lost by a hair:

I thought it was important to post some of our losses as well as our wins to show people that this is the real deal – you win, you walk with $100.  You lose and, well…you know what happens.

Keep up with my tweets & and check out our $100 YouTube playlist for more videos of the action!

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  • tsrblke
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    I don't agree entirely.  Different advertising will appeal to different people.  So this isn't entirely useless.  Although you're probably right about leveraging the unique platform capabilites (which are dwindling to some extent).  But Xbox live doesn't appeal to some people I know.  Same for office.  So would you exclude those from advertising too? (using your logic.)

  • Captiosus
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    I'm sorry, but what, exactly, are these supposed to prove?

    This entire contest reminds me of the constant chest beating by Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla regarding browsers. Most users DON'T CARE which browser renders HTML5 a few milliseconds faster and they're NOT GOING TO CARE that you can check weather or save a note a few seconds faster on WP7 vs. Android vs. iPhone. All they're going to see is "Oh, Windows Phone can check weather and take notes too; I can already do that."

    Microsoft continues to drop the ball on any kind of marketing showing the compelling features available ONLY on Windows Phone opting, instead, to keep engaging in these sophomoric displays of platform bashing or one-upmanship. Meanwhile, legitimate issues by users and early adopters get swept under the rug.

  • These. Have. To. Be. Comercials!!!

  • Terablock
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    These are great promo videos, really enjoyed them. Doing these in the wild outside of CES would be great as well. As simple as they seem these could be great for helping people decide on devices. You do not see any ads showcasing other actions on devices like posting a photo to twitter, or look up destinations, edit a excel doc, etc.

  • abm
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    @BPP, why Twitter! because Twitter being the favorite SN in iPhone while WP is backing Facebook? Why not make it more natural and challenge on Hi5 or any other platform?

  • BPP
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    Don't forget that it's possible that the iPhone 4S may have completed the upload in the background. Real check would be to see which one made it to Twitter first!

  • @ Win7-Geek - I know it was a Titan (I) - that's why I said he SHOULD have been using the new one! :)

    But yeah, they're probably all on the convention centre WiFi, and it's really anyone's game with that head-to-head...

  • WinGeek
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    @ djmikebrady

    No mate his phone is HTC Titan (not titan 2) like mine, and it only works maximumly with HSPA+. no 4G/LTE.. Quite empressive. however, i think that there is an available WIFI and they all are using it


  • I'd love to know which carrier that i4s is on - since you both basically clicked upload at the same moment, carrier speed is what chose the winner...  Ben should have been using one of the new LTE Phones!!