Video: Must Have Games and more

Video: Must Have Games and more

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Circling back on yesterday’s Must Have Games announcement, this new video offers a quick look at these upcoming games and some others. Recently launched Mini-Squadron, Doodle God, and Bug Village (launched today) also get some love. Additionally, there’s one surprise - Battleship. This new and  unannounced title from Electronics Arts will be making its way to Windows Phone later this year.

Check it out!

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  • BPP
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    I complete agree also. I paid the $100 and I love coding for the platform. If you're going to preach "developers, developers, developers" (which is great), then why are we getting charged $100?!

    I know it's easy to follow in Apple's footsteps without getting criticized, but that nominal fee of $100 is like charging $35 for a service pack! Useless.

  • abm
    268 Posts

    I agree with @exglade. Developers shouldn't be asked to pay $100. When it comes to Windows Phone developers all around the globe, you should revise your business model to make it more versatile and flexible. No need to follow Apple.. they don't have legacy of supporting developer community like Microsoft does!

  • exglade
    6 Posts

    If only Windows Phone marketplace coverage is larger and there's more free good-looking fun games... :(

    The marketplace doesn't support my country, the Apphub doesn't let me (a college student) to practice my programing skill on Windows phone platform.