VIDEO: Watch a Galaxy Nexus get #smokedbywindowsphone

VIDEO: Watch a Galaxy Nexus get #smokedbywindowsphone

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Our first challenger yesterday stepped up with a brand-new Galaxy Nexus, which, if you’re not familiar, is the latest Android phone from Google and the first to sport Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).  The challenge was to find a 4-start Chinese restaurant nearby, then find directions to it.  Here’s how it went down:

As you can see, his voice search and my Local Scout search gave results just about as fast.  But Local Scout gave me reviews, apps to use to make reservations…and instant directions.  He didn’t have a quick way to do that on his Galaxy Nexus.

More to come from the $100 challenge.  Keep an eye on my tweets for updates the action!

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  • Hi, I have a couple of Questions. I havea Samsung Focus and my sister got a new Nokia Lumina..

    1. Why she has a different Bing behavior in her phone? I have the last update in my phone, but When I press the Search button I see the Bing page as you can see it in a normal browser.. In the Nokia Lumina it works different

    2. Why I can't perform search on Maps App? I just can see my actual location.

    3. Why the GPS function in the Nokia Lumina needs you to touch the screen to receive instructions? It should show explain the following directions everytime you reach a point in the map, but if you do not touch the screen nothing happen. While you drive is important to receive the directions.



  • Sweet! That´s great marketing! Show them what the real deal is!!!

  • This is good stuff! I just wish Windows Phone could download mp3's as good as Windows Mobile 6 did. I love the new operating system ( I.e. Without having to use Zune) am frustrated that some features were better in the past.

  • VasiS
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    I second @Nathan, these should turn into commercials. Just like 'I'm a PC' ones. I'm a WP

  • Nice! I like how confident you are. You should be! WP7 is a great product!

  • Nathan
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    if these don't become commercials you're missing a great opportunity.

  • What a great promotion!  I love this, and can't wait to see more vids!

  • Gotta love the confidence in the product.  Windows Phone 7 is a fantastic OS that really is hard to show people how awesome it is without showing them how awesome it is.

  • Now that MS owns Skype when will it be on WP 7.5 we were promised that months ago.

  • I'd love to see a video of an iPhone 4s Siri user getting #smokedbywindowsphone.