VIDEO: Check out the “best of” #smokedbywindowsphone

VIDEO: Check out the “best of” #smokedbywindowsphone

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As I wrote last week, our final tally from the CES 2012 #smokedbywindowsphone $100 challenge was 30 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw.  Not all of the  challenges made it into digital shorts (which you can check out on the $100 YouTube playlist) so my team put together a “best of” video to show more of our favorite moments.  Check it out:

I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did making them!

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  • @teejnits i assume they will have more once the lte based phones come out & their lte network is fully deployed

  • Nater
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    Can care less. App market and app quality is still pretty bad, and the hardware is ba. It was no difference with ie mobile before mango it smoked the iPhone 4, then the 4s and iOS 5 released and it smokes mango browser. They will simply leapfrog Microsoft within a few months so people don't really care about that stuff. Need cheaper games and decent I refracted first party apps in addition to better third party support (still have crappy fb and twitter apps, no LinkedIn app, no decent third party I'm apps, no Skype or pandora, no scrobbling, I can go on and on).

    Also navigation is now useless here as its now illegal to use a cell phone while driving since new years.

    Need apps that can uses in the background otherwise multitasking is impossible (ie while walking an texting as you're getting directions).

    Notification system is worse than a feature phone and Needa an overhaul. Wp has the slowest push notifications ever. Compete on things the average consumer cares about and features that enhance the use experience. My mom cares if her fb notifications come in fast, not how her phone compares to something she doesn't have and probably doesn't care about.

  • This is tight. People just need to see Windows Phones compared with other smartphones. People like simplicity and speed, and WP7 wins there.

  • This video and the other I saw would be great during Superbowl.

  • This is all incredible and stuff... but please convince Sprint to upgrade their single Windows Phone OPTION.

    Thanks, keep up the awesome!

  • @ rsrblke

    It's nice to see those 710's selling well!....

  • tsrblke
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    @Rodney E. Jones

    A long time ago back on like WP radio 5 (when they still recoreded :P ) I won a HTC surround.  It died after a few months with one of those funky SD card problems.  I reached out to Winphonesupport on twitter but there was nothing they could do (since it was busted, and when you win a phone apparently warrenties are...complicated beyond mortal reasoning.)

    In any case Sietz hooked me up with a new phone and some swag (to make up for the fact that I was pretty much 100% phoneless for the few days it took the phone to come via FedEx.)  That's a picture of me after opening up the new phone and getting it set up.  I had to lose weight for the shirt to fit acutally (and green is not my color).  Most people don't even notice it says Windows Phone though.

    On to your other topic.  Indeed, get the phones in people's hands!  I personally want more insider events and better exposure to people at the retail outlets.  But that's just me.  I've taken mine out at the AT&T store to show it off before.  But then I'm the person who got angry when the AT&T rep told my wife to "stick with her iPhone" after she got that Focus S.  Of course he had a focus "out in his car" that he "hardly uses" which was why he didn't know it did live tiles.  He was a bit stunned when I showed him that.  (Actually that was my first #smokedbywindowsphone experience, I checked the weather before he got his damned iPhone past the lock screen.  Admittedly this was before iOS 5's weather integration.)

  • @ tsrblke,  hook me up! How???

    Anyways,,, Today I was in Wal-Mart and I figured I would stop and take a look at the 710, which was a great device, and only $18. The girl working there said they had sold 3 out of the 4 they just got in very fast, but she said she wasn't familiar with WP. She wanted to play with the device but could because it was a inanimate, dummy phone. I pulled mine out and showed her a few things like how apps were managed. I swear it was under 60 sec. and she said that WP was cooler than the selection available,, "Android" lol. She said, " I didn't know you could change the colors and customize the start screen" She also said that she was going to tell the customers what she saw my WP do. Also, she informed me that a few customers passed up the 710 because the color of the start screen looks dark and boring. I don't know whose idea it was to use the Gumby green accent color on the dark background, but they need a kick in the a$$. Why not red and white? or blue and black? I think some start screen colors on display phones may be turning customers away. Come on guys,, Get I Right!

  • KR
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    Please were is the app for this blog

  • tsrblke
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    Thanks, but I'm covered:

    Meanwhile, I'm told that using GNSS would likely only be a "nominal" increase over what GPS can do, unless you happen to live north. We haven't actually tested this on the Focus S (presumably by turning off the GNSS and turning it back on comparing your map each time).

    That being said my wife is pretty good on GPS theory and went into a 10 minute rant when I asked her how much better it would make things.  The "nominal" bit was when I asked her to sum it up.

  • Hey, this would be cool to have in a Super Bowl commercial. I would love watching a Windows Phone commercial next week.

  • @ Trsblke, Far strider, and T Windows,,

    Thanks for the information! I guess I missed this. You guys deserve some WP T-Shirts!....

  • Nathan
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    @Roberto, for development related queries and suggestions please visit:

    For other feature requests in phone, please visit:

  • - Hello. My name is Roberto Gajardo and I have been expressing the need for a phone with WindowsPhone 7 to prove that I'm developing applications for this platform.

    WP7 I personally think that is a pretty innovative operating system completely different from what Microsoft was doing in the market of mobile telephony. This and other reasons motivated me to start small developments for WP7 considering it is a system that promises a lot. Unlike on other platforms such as Android and iOS exploited the opportunities to develop applications for WP7 have been little exploited and are therefore much more attractive in terms of originality and availability.

    I am currently in the process of designing an integrated application through which you will have access to a feed reader which also syncs all the information, content and updates from different social networks. The main feature of differentiation is that this application included in a simple intuitive interface and all the tools to consume the content efficiently can simultaneously update their social profiles and keep track of notifications generated by your circle of contacts sharing the contents that are of common interest.

    While it lacks many things to improve and optimize, I'm sure the response from users with an application like this will be good in the ecosystem of WP7. I am in Chile, I am aware that currently the Windows Market Place is not available for Latam. However, I hope that Microsoft enabled the store as soon as possible to Latin America whereas it is an excellent opportunity to expand the ecosystem of users and applications.

    For this reason I come to you to help me as much as possible with a phone, please do not tell me you can not help as no feasibility of development here in Chile. The only thing I ask is to have a phone with WP7 for concrete application projects I have in mind.

    Aware of your reply

    Best regards

  • T Windows
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    @ jubjub

    The proof is in the pudding, it seriously looks like these guys and gals believed that their dual core droids and ip4’S could get them an easy $100.00 off the Windows Phone. Just check out some of my favorite time stamps of the loser reactions to the Windows Phone wins.

    Video time stamps:

    1:34 – 1:36 – Already there!

    2:01 – 2:02 – The best one yet!

    3:45 – 3:51 – Even better!

    But again the ideal of getting a free Windows Phone is a major Win Win for us all don’t you think.  

    - Powered by Windows.

  • T Windows
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    @ Rodney

    The Glonass feature is currently a standard on the WP7 Samsung model phones as well as any phone running a Snapdragon2 processor.

    If you currently don’t have Glonass in your WP7 Samsung models, don’t worry too much for now because you can get an add-on from the Zune Marketplace to enable this feature. (High Fidelity Position app) a*k*a Glonass.

    To add the new Nokia maps for Bing will also included the Glonass enhancement, but please make a note that we won’t see this until the Apollo release.

    - Powered by Windows.

  • T Windows
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    @ ChrisLynch

    Dude I so agree about turning this into a commercial; they can either use this video content from CES or generate more real-time “Smoked by a Windows phone” contest to use in official commercials for every state and city.

    When I first saw these video’s I got so psyched - out about the concept we tried the same contest at my office; of course without the money involved but the outcome was the same in every challenge, Windows Phone won.

    Thanks again to Ben and the “Smoked by a Windows Phone Team” we hope this is just the beginning for more real-time events.

    - Powered by Windows.

  • Ben the PC guy and msft deserve credit for this.  they believe in the product and are willing to rely on it in front of everyone.  ben the pc guy got serious b_lls.  

    honor and glory to ben the pc guy!

  • @Rodney most if not all of the wp7 devices use gpsOne according to a few leaked service manuals

  • jubjub
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    I'm quite sure that after the first legit smoked guy, all the others were there for a free phone...

  • tsrblke
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    The Focus S definately has it built in, I've seen the settings.  I believe it comes from one of those "Special samsung apps" (although don't quote me on that.)

    As for how well it'd have to ask my wife, it's her Focus.

  • Has anyone heard of Glonass? Apparently some Android and iPhones have this capability built in. I think this is Russia's gps and using this in conjunction with the US SP is supposed to enhance the quality, and usability of GPS on mobile phones. I was reading about some new Sony phones that have Glonass capabilities, and it's in the iPhone 4s. Now, my question is does anybody know if WP has this capability? Supposedly, the Qualcomm S1-S2 chips support Glonass... Interesting!

  • I think these would make a great commercial or two... come on! This is great stuff, show off a bit!

  • This is awesome.  As folks have said in your other blog posts, please get some of these into Commercials.  More comparisons between products (and this is a great way of showing it) will only help dispell others that Windows Phone can't do the things their current device can, and they should consider when their upgrade time comes.